Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Roommate episode 6

Jasmine went straight home. And then turn on her computer. She saw Fillion instead of Kenny. She message Fillion.

Jasmine's message: Hey. How's Kenny?

Fillion's message: We took him to the hospital and they did bandage up his leg. Now he has a very big cast on his leg.
Jasmine's message: I see.
Jasmine thinking: Poor Kenny.

Then suddenly, she remember what Fillion had promised her.

Jasmine's message: Sooo, remember you did promised me something tonight?
Fillion thinking Oh shoot. But I'm still not ready. What am I going to tell her?
Fillion's message: Um....I got to go now.
Jasmine's message: What?'ve been avoiding me since Wednesday. Enough is enough. What is it? Do you like me? Is that what you wanna tell me?
Fillion thinking: What oh no, She has figured it out. Sorry Jasmine, but I don't have the courage to tell you.
Fillion's message: I'm really hungry. I need to go get something to eat first. I'll tell you on Monday. Goodnight.
Jasmine thinking: What the?

Before she can even answer him, he went offline.

Jasmine thinking: Hey, That's it. I'm not bothered anymore.
On Monday, Fillion was in the lift going up to the office.

Fillion thinking: Okay, okay. Calm down. It's just her. I just need to be brave enough.

When he reach the floor, he went out the lift and open the room door to the office. He went to his place and yes he saw Jasmine sitting down with her back facing him. He look at her for awhile and then turn to his computer. He turn on his computer. Then he get up and walk to Jasmine's place. He was standing beside Jasmine anad didn't say anything. Jasmine look beside her and saw Fillion looking at her. Then he she continue doing her work. She didn't say anything to him. Fillion knew she's going to be mad. Then he squat down and said in a soft voice.

Fillion whisper: Hey, Can I see you at the stairs now?

Jasmine didn't response anything and her eyes are still starring in the computer.

Fillion whisper: I'm going to tell you now.

Jasmine stopped whatever she's doing, look at him and said...

Jasmine whisper: I'm not interested to know anymore.

Fillion didn't know what to do. So he get up and went back to his place. Then suddenly, he heard someone talking to Jasmine. He turn and it was Derek.

Fillion thinking: Him again? Why does he always come to this place? Just leave her alone.

Then suddenly a lot of people making noise towards both of them. Then he turn. He was really really shocked and a sense of jealousy struck him. Derek was standing so close to Jasmine.

Derek: Here.

He gave Jasmine a folded paper rose. Jasmine didn't want to accept it.

Jasmine:Uh, what's this for?
Derek: Nothing. I just want to give it to you. I'm suppose to give it to my friend since it's her birthday but her birthday has passed, so no point in giving her. So....take it.
Jasmine: Um...Derek, it's okay I....

Without hesitating, Derek grab her hand and placed the rose on her hand and quickly dash off. Jasmine was left there stun and then she realize everybody is looking at her. Including Fillion. She was so ashamed. And then her colleagues started to teasing her.

Guy A: Wow, looks like I have no more chance to go after you Jasmine.
Jasmine: No, we're just friends.
Guy C: You sure? It didn't look like he's just a friend.
Guy B: Oh come on Jasmine. You don't need to be shy.
Guy E: Yeah, Derek is a nice guy.
Guy F: He even made a rose for you.

Jasmine couldn't take it anymore. She just dash out from the room. Fillion saw that and he knows that Jasmine is under so much pressure. He said in a loud voice.

Fillion: Would all of you cut it out? She don't like him at all.

Everyone paused and stare at Fillion a few seconds, then one guy started talking:

Guy A: Hey, chill dude. What's gotten into you?
Guy F: Yeah, we were just joking around.
Fillion: Well, to her, it's not funny. And it's not to me either.

Then he also went out from the room and he wanted to find Jasmine.

Fillion thinking: Where can she be?

Then after that, he glimpse a bit at the stairs and saw Jasmine there,. He went to her. She was sitting down at the stairs.

Fillion: Hey.

Jasmine look up.

Jasmine: Hey,

Fillion sat down next to her.

Fillion: You okay?
Jasmine: No. Sigh, I just don't know how to tell Derek that I'm not interested at all at him.
Fillion: You're not?
Jasmine: No. I don't even have a single feeling towards him.
Fillion thinking: I was right. She don't.

Fillion held out a big breath then started to talk.

Fillion: Jasmine, I.....

Jasmine look at him.

Fillion: I.....I actually like you.

Jasmine smile and hug him. Fillion was shocked.

Fillion: Um......Jasmine?
Jasmine: Shh,,, don't say anything.
Fillion: Okay.

She hugged him a few seconds, then continue talking.

Jasmine: I'm so happy. You finally say it out.
Fillion: You knew?

Jasmine pull back. And then she nodded.

Jasmine: You were always there to look out for me. And you showed your concern. That's when I knew.

Fillion: Okay. I didn't know that it was that obvious. So.....does this means that we're together?
Jasmine: Um...I actually have a few doubts?
Fillion: Which is?
Jasmine: You know, you don't have a car. And if we're going to hang out, I can't always be the one driving you around right?
Fillion: Oh that, well, I'm getting one soon. Going to see some second hand cars with my dad soon. And yes I'm going to stay with my family soon.

Jasmine smile.

Jasmine: Okay.
Fillion: Jasmine...

He hold her hand.

Fillion: I'll try my best to be the best boyfriend that you have. I won't be perfect but at least let's try this relationship. Maybe it'll work maybe it won't be at least we try. Give us a chance.

Jasmine looking down at her hand. Fillion was still holding it. She look up at him and said.

Jasmine: Okay. Let's give this a try.

Fillion face lit up and then they hugged again. While hugging...

Fillion: You have no idea, how happy I am today.

Jasmine just smile. They hugged for quite sometime.

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