Friday, December 02, 2016

The Roommate episode 5

After work. Jasmine was so eager to meet Fillion and get to know what's all this secretive thing is all about. She's getting all worked up for it. Right after the clock struck 6.00pm she packed her bags and went off straight and just waited for Fillion to come. She waited about 15 minutes and still no Fillion.

Jasmine thinking: Hmm. Wonder where is he. I shouldn't come here so fast. I'll wait a little longer.

Then she waited until it was 6.30pm, still no sign of Fillion. She took out her phone and there's not even a message from him. She wanted to text him, when she stopped and thought to herself.

Jasmine thinking: Wait, why do I even wanna text him? He was the one asked me to wait here and he is the one late. Shouldn't he be the one informing me? This is getting ridiculous. I'm going home.

So, she started walking then suddenly, a voice called her name.

Voice: Jasmine!

Jasmine turn. It was Fillion, finally. Instead of being happy, she went straight to his direction.

Jasmine: Where were you? Why are you late?
Fillion: Sorry. I got held up with work. Come, I'll buy you a drink.
Jasmine: No, you owe me a drink and an explanation. I can't go for a drink now. I have to get home. But what's with meeting you here?
Fillion: see.
Fillion thinking: How the heck am I going to tell her?
Jasmine: Hey, quick. I have to get home you know?
Fillion: You know what, since you're in a hurry, we'll do this another day.
Jasmine: No. Now.
Fillion: Sorry,it takes a lot of courage to say this and I'm not ready.
Jasmine: Courage? Hmm, this is getting really interesting and makes me even want to know more.
Fillion: I promise. I'll tell you this Friday. Make yourself free on Friday/
Jasmine: Why? What's happening on Friday?
Fillion: Well, we are playing futsal with some of the gang and I'm inviting you.
Jasmine: Hah, I'm not into futsal.
Fillion: I mean, just come and watch.
Jasmine: Hmmm, alright.

Fillion was so happy and his face lit up. Jasmine noticed it.

Fillion: Alright, I'll tell you on Friday, I promise.
Jasmine: Okay. See you. Bye,
Fillion: Bye.

They waved bye at each other. When Jasmine was already miles away, Fillion was so frustrated with himself for he can't tell her how he feels.

Fillion thinking: I'm such a chicken.

That night, he was in front of the TV again but he wasn't paying attention to the TV at all. He was thinking about Jasmine. Kenny, came back and saw him staring at the TV.

Kenny: Hey

Fillion didn't response. He was just blankly staring at the TV. Kenny look to him and to the TV and to him again.

Kenny: Fillion?

Then Fillion finally woke up and faced Kenny

Fillion:'re back.
Kenny: Yes. What's up with you?
Fillion: Sigh, I wanted to confess my feelings towards Jasmine today but I chickened out. So I told her that I promise to tell her what I wanna say on Friday. Speaking of which, this Friday is your birthday right?
Kenny: That's right.
Fillion: Let's celebrate.
Kenny: I don't think so, I got to work.
Fillion: Oh come one Kenny, it's just once in a blue moon. Come on. We're playing futsal. You should try.

Kenny thought for awhile and then said...

Kenny: Okay, I'll join.
Fillion: Great. I'll go book the court.

So after that, Friday came, Kenny, Fillion and the others was at the futsal court. Jasmine of course was sitting outside and just seeing them play and she did enjoy herself too. Before the game ends, Kenny was injured. He was trying to get the ball from another player, and that player accidentally kick his ankle. He was shouting in pain and all the colleagues gather him and try to pull him up. They led him to the bench and open up his socks just to see his ankle was really swollen.

Fillion: Hey, I have to bring him to the hospital.

Fillion look at Jasmine.

Fillion: Sorry Jasmine, I can't send you back to the car park.
Jasmine: It's okay. I'll ask William to send me back there.
Fillion; Okay. Sorry about that. Alright, hey help me with him.
Jasmine: Be careful boys.

While some of the boys was leading Kenny to the car, Jasmine was starring at Kenny. She did forget about what Fillion had promised her. She was too concern over Kenny more.

Jasmine: Oh Kenny. Please be alright.
William: Hey Jasmine. You coming?
Jasmine: Oh sorry. Yes. 

Then she just went inside William's car and they drove off.

Jasmine thinking: I need to message Kenny later and asked him is everything alright.

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