Thursday, September 03, 2015

My life and Felix Life

Hi all. wow. I think it must have been months that I've never posted anything.

The title up there says it all. Felix has just found a job 3 months ago working as sales. But this sales is better than the property agent. At least he has income every month. Salary. He iss't staying in my house everyday now. Only on the weekends. Sometimes he might just stay one day on weekday whenever he feels like it.
Well, as you guys must know that I'm already 29 years of age. That's very very old. And me and Felix life aren't stable yet. That's very scary if you know what I mean. I really wants to settle up my life but our salary is not cut out to have a family. I know and very certain that if Felix and I have enough salary, we will be married by now but I don't know until when.
Another thing is that my sister. She and her boyfriend has been coupling up for 3 years I think and now there's another guy comes in the way. Actually, my sister was planning to get married with her current boyfriend. Just because her current boyfriend isn't a Christian and he doesn't want to follow the Christian way, my mum don't want to accept him. And yeah, he has a couple of flaws too.
But this current one, is actually better in terms of attitude wise but who knows? This are all beginning signs. When a guy has not gotten the girl yet, he will do whatever it takes and this guys is just waaaaaaaaayyyyy to serious and I can't tahan it.  I sometimes really hate my sister for not knowing how to make her own decision. Now another thing is that like now that new guy and my sister can't stay away from each other even for one day. Every single fucking day, they have to see each other and that's not the problem. The problem is, when it comes to a Sunday, it's a family day la. Be home la. And she always comes back late for dinner and by the time we go out, everything is close. Puuuhhhh!!!! I really hate this guy for doing that. If he really wants to impress me, he should start using different tactics. Not belanja me. Belanja me is for my boyfriend to do. Not you!
I really wish my sister can settle this thing soon cause it's really driving me nuts!