Sunday, July 26, 2015

Reflect on 2012 and now

Bingo! Hi there. Once again. I have never been away this long have I? Anyway, yes, what's with the title up there you say? Well. Hard to say. But I will just write it out here anyway. Although I know someone is checking out on me. thoughtful.
I went out with my long time high school friend the other day. Well, all I can tell you it was really really a nice catching up to do, although we have been to movies together and concerts, the thing is we didn't really have the chance to talk. So that day, having a good coffee session with her was awesome. And well, we did share a lot of "stories' together. 
I actually feel sorry for my friend. This friend that I went out with. I remember that we fought once back in 2009 or 2008 over another friend. And because of that stupid friend of mine, I and my high school friend became just a normal friend. I would like to keep this just on the surface. Surprisingly now, that I and my high school friend are still as close as ever and I'm ever really sorry of that past time where me and her fought via the phone. 
Maybe I was just being naive back then. I knew a friend and I did write about her in my 2012 blog. Calling her names and all that (which is true about her). She was once knew my best friend and no one can ever break us apart. I wouldn't want to bring this up but enough is enough. Maybe I do have a horrific temper, I swear a lot and all those shits, but excuse me, who don't? If you don't swear then what, are you perfect? No one is. Everyone in this world sin. Anyway, enough with this crap. All I know is that, that so called 'best friend' of mine (which we are no longer are and I'm so glad), have been trash talking about me behind my back and Oh my God, I was really extremely shocked when she of all people haven't gotten over me for this past 3 years? Why still talking about me? Why still checking out my photo's? Actually I feel this is really really pathetic. I mean, she talk so much about moving on and forgetting about me and she is awesome and whatever shit it is but the way I see it, she isn't.
Sure she can show up in FB looking fabulous,awesome, having friends around her looking happy with her beloved but on the contrary no one really knows what is in her heart until she have personal conversation with some of my friends. Not to mention, she has already chosen to blew up our friendship and deleted me as a friend in FB but she's still keeping friends with my other closest friends like example, my sister, my boyfriend, my good friend. So many. Why still keep them in the friends list? She isn't even talking to them, then just unfriend those people. It doesn't bother them anyway.
I admit, after 2 years of our argument, I did try to contact her by sending her message in FB and whatsapp but I guess she changed her number but to no avail. Obviously, she's not replying me. It didn't bother me. And I also did send her a message in FB just recently to tell her that hope she's enjoying her trip in Vietnam. The fact is, I told her to let the past be the past and now is now. I don't intend(and never want to) be her best friend anymore. Just a friend instead of being enemies. But I was just too stupid to think that after I knew about a fact that she actually is a person who keeps grudges, and she can't make her own decision. Everything comes from her boyfriend's mouth and there she goes. Backstabbing people from behind. She is talking trash about me STILL! After 2 years. And I was the one being mature asking her to let it go and messaging her. That's a really big step and what did I still get in the end? Thanks to my friends for letting me know this if not I will continue being stupid.
So if she is still not moving on then don't claim that she is. All a fake. All pictures of her smilling is a fake. And now that I realise, her friends keeps on changing all the time. I don't think she really have a friend that will stay with her after she has a break up session with her boyfriend. I have friends whom from Cheras all the way come to me when I break up with my boyfriend. Seriously! Who will do that for her? I have true friends and I can tell you guys she is not one of them. If she can say things about me and not happy over the past few years we were best friends, then she is just a fake throughout the entire time. I can't believe I actually wasted my effort, my friends and money on her before and all sums up to this. I was really sad that she still thinks about me that way after what I messaged her.
Well, now that I know all of this, I actually feel that I'm the mature one. I didn't hold anymore grudges. And the fact that I'm much more mature makes me more A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I don't exepect her to read this.(Which I know she will and who knows, her friends will keep on messaging me asking me to stop). Well, why can't I write stuff down here? She's not in my contact list anymore. She wants to continue writing things about me then go ahead. She wants to keep on stalking me and thinking bad about me then go ahead. She wants to trash talk to my friends about me(which is really a stupid things to do) then go ahead. For all I know, her actions are worst than a kid. Why bother letting my friends know about my attitude.They know me more than you do and also they woudn't even bother about our so called arguments plus it was really a long time go. So you see that folks? I was the one who moved on and I thank her for allowing me to do so. was my 2015, first of all, I'm so happy that my dear dear has finally find a job. Finally! And he isn't staying with me often just on weekends and yes, things are starting to fall into place now. I also meet a lot of people online. One is Teng and another one I just recently met is Marcus. Although I have not seen Marcus yet, well, let's just see how that turns out ya? Anyway, Teng and I are quite close, we met once for a movie and well, there are more to come. He is following me to the orchestra place next year. Now, me and my friends are all into boardgames as well. Now I'm working at theSun and things there are quite peaceful.Going back on time and laughter is always the best place to work but wish me luck guys. My extended probation is up till August. So.....wish me luck. Oh yeah, by the way, I just gotten myself  new phone! Asus Zenfone 2 so that's why I really need my job. Please confirm me la!

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