Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Roommate Ep. 3

Jasmine head back to the office. She went in and saw Fillion sitting there alone doing his work. He look behind to see who was is that had come in and then turn back to his computer after knowing it was Jasmine. Jasmine walk closer to him.

Jasmine: Hey.

Fillion did not response back.

Jasmine: Are you okay? What has gotten into you today?
Fillion: Ask yourself.
Jasmine: Ask myself?
Fillion: If you don't know then just forget it.
Jasmine: No, no I won't. This is getting ridiculous. Are you mad at me?

Fillion just kept quiet

Jasmine: But why? What did I even do to you?

Fillion stopped whatever he was doing and turn to face Jasmine.

Fillion: Okay, let me tell you then since you don't know anything. Remember that I went and get the umbrella for you yesterday? And when I get back, I saw you already went off without waiting for me.
Jasmine: Well, Sean offered me an umbrella, so I took it and went off, but I did tell him that I'm waiting for you. He insisted on me to just go one and he'll wait for you. Didn't he told you?
Fillion: Whatever.
Jasmine: Fillion, I swaer I would never...

Then the door opened. Both of them look at the door. It was Gary. Gary also was stun seeing both of them.

Gary: Did I came in a bad timing?
Fillion: No not at all.

Then Fillion face back his computer. Gary walk back to his place. He turn to Fillion and said.

Gary: Wanna go now?
Fillion: Yeah.
Jasmine: Where are you guys going?
Fillion: None of your business.
Gary: Um..the bank.
Jasmine: Okay. I wanna go too.
Fillion: No you can't. Come on Gary.

Gary just ignored what Fillion said and...

Gary: You want to come?
Jasmine: Okay.

Then three of them head off but Fillion was already in the lift waiting for Gary. Then Gary went inside the life first. Jasmine was about to get in when Fillion...

Fillion: Sorry, you're not coming with us. I already told you.
Jamine: Why are you being so mean to me?
Fillion: Because you were mean to me first.
Jamine: What?
Fillion: Bye.
Gary: Hey.
Jasmine: It's okay. It looks like he really hates me for unrational reasons. You guys go ahead.

Then she just walk away.

Gary shout: Hey, Jasmine.

Then Gary look at Fillion who was acting normal.

Gary: Why did you do that?
Fillion: Do what?
Gary: That was really mean.

Then the lift door open and while walking back to the car Gary said...

Gary: Seriously? You didn't think that you were the least wrong just now?
Fillion: No.
Gary: I don't know what has she done to you that make you so mad at her but whatever you did just now was totally unacceptable.
Fillion thinking:Maybe I was really too hard on her. The look on her face. She was really hurt.
Gary: Go and apologise to her when we get back.
Fillion: Yeah, yeah.

Then they head to the bank. When they got back, Fillion went to his seat. He saw Jasmine of course at her place. Then he walk to her. Jasmine look up.

Fillion: Hey.

Jasmine just stare at him not saying anything. Then Fillion realised that her eyes were a bit redish.

Fillion thinking: What the? Did she just cry?
Fillion: You okay?
Jasmine: What do you want?
Fillion: I just wanna apologise to you. That's all. I'm sorry.
Jasmine: Forget about it.

Then Jasmine faced her computer. Fillion bend down and said...

Fillion: I'm really sorry and I'm not going to leave your place till you forgive me. We are working at the same place. Kinda hard if you're going to act like this right
Jasmine: You shoul tell that to yourself before you started getting angry at me.
Fillion: Look, I know I've been an ass. That's why I'm here apologizing. Please?

Jasmine look at him and then finally she said...

Jasmine: Fine.

Fillion face lit up.

Jasmine: No more being like this to each other okay?
Fillion: Promise.

Jasmine smile and then she went back doing her work.

Then Fillion also went back doing his work. He was feeling happy.

Then after working hours, Fillion said bye to Jasmine. Kenny saw Fillion waving to her and he walk next to him.

Kenny: Hey.
Fillion: Oh, hey man.
Kenny: Ready to go home?
Fillion: Yeah soon.
Kenny: I'll see you soon. I have to go pick up some stuffs.
Fillion: Okay.

Kenny and Fillion are housemates for quite sometimes but they aren't really close even though they are working at the same place and staying at the same place. So Fillion went back home. He took a shower and cook something for him to eat. While he was cooking, Kenny came back.

Fillion: Hey.
Kenny: Yeah.
Fillion: I'm cooking dinner. Want anything?
Kenny: Nah, I'm good.
Fillion: Okay.

Then Fillion just finish up cooking his vegetables and placed it on the table.

Fillion: Kenny?
Kenny: Yeah?
Fillion; Come here. I want to talk to you.

Then Kenny sit down at the dining table.

Kenny: What's up?
Fillion: What....do you think about Jasmine?
Kenny: Huh? Why all of a sudden?
Fillion; Please, just tell me.
Kenny; Well, she's cute, smart, funny.
Fillion: Hmm..okay.
Kenny: Why? You want to tackle her?
Fillion: What? Of course not. I don't even know if she has a boyfriend.
Kenny: Why not just ask her.
Fillion: Huh? Seriously?
Kenny: Yeah. why not?
Fillion: Isn't that rude?
Kenny: I don't think so.

Kenny was observing him.

Kenny: Look, if you're scared, I'll ask her for you.
Fillion: You'll do that for me?
Kenny: Yeah, sure.
Fillion: Thanks.
Fillion thinking: Hmmm, Kenny also feels she's cute, fun and smart. I too feel the same way. That doesn't mean I like her right? Yeah. I don't like her. Or do I?
                                                                     END OF THE ROOMMATE EPISODE 3
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Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Roommate Ep. 2

Fillion: Here. Have a sit.
Jasmine: Thanks.

It was lunch time and Jasmine and Fillion went to the place usually their whole company have lunch.

Jasmine: Wow, do you guys always eat like this? It's like a whole on stretch table. I have never eaten like this in any of my other companies before.
Fillion: Well, we are like family here so we always eats in one whole group.
Jasmine: Right.

Then suddenly, a guy approach Jasmine. Straight away sit down next to her and said...

Sean: Hi. The name is Sean.
Jasmine: (Giggle) Jasmine.
Sean: Hi Jasmine. You're lucky today. You know why?

Jasmine shook her head.

Sean: I'm about to introduce you to the most handsomest guy in our company.
Jasmine laughing: Is that so?
Sean: You judge. Behold the most amazing and handsomest Kenny.

Then Sean step aside and there it was. A guy name Kenny was behind Sean but he has that weird face on his expression.

Kenny: Oh please. Why must you humiliate me in front of our new colleague?
Jasmine laughing: Don't worry it was actually quite entertaining. Anyway, I'm Jasmine.
Kenny: Pleased to meet you although I don't really need to introduce myself anymore.
Jasmine laughing:It's alright. I can remember.How come I don't see you in office.
Kenny: Oh, I am. It's just that I'm on the other side. Just accross. I'm doing the education side. So we're not in the same room.
Jasmine: I see. No wonder I don't really see some of you in the room as ours.
Fillion: Um...Jasmine?

Jasmine turn to face Fillion.

Fillion: Would you want to go and order some food now?
Jasmine: Okay. Let's go.
Kenny: Yeah, you guys go ahead first.
Jasmine: Okay. Come on Fillion.

Then after lunch they went back to work. During work, Jasmine was having a hard time animating her scene.

Jasmine: Sigh.

Fillion heard that but he didn't really bother much. Then his colleague sitting next to Fillion said to him.

Gary: Hey.
Fillion: What?
Gary: Seems like your girl is having problem with her work. Why not you help her out man? That way you can get closer to her.
Fillion: Excuse me, this is work. If she wants to get better, she has to learn it by herself.
Gary: Oh My god, why are you so dumb? This is why you can never ever find a gilfriend. Your personality has to be changed.
Fillion: I'm okay with my own personality.
Gary: If you don't teach her, some other guy would. And didn't say I didn't warn you.

With that, Gary just continue doing his work. Fillion just shook his head. Then he stop for awhile and turn at his back looking at Jasmine. Her face was really into a lot of stress. And her head is shifting right to left,left to right.

Fillion thinking: Maybe Gary is right. I should help her. She seems kinda cute anyway.

Then Fillion slowly get up. When he was about to walk to her, someone came in the room with a loud voice. It was Sean.

Seam: Don't mind me, don't mind me. I'm just here for no reason.

Then Sean walk to Fillion who was standing up.

Sean: Oh, where are you going?
Fillion: No where. 

Then Sean look at the back and saw Jasmine looking at them.

Sean: Oh I get it. You wanted to talk to Jasmine hah?
Fillion: No. That's crazy.

Then he went back and sit down and put his headphone on.

Sean: Sheeeeish, what's your problem?
Jasmine: You made him angry Sean.

Sean turn to Jasmine and then went to her. Sat down next to her and talk.

Sean: Enough about him. So how's your work getting along?
Jasmine: Not good. I can't seem to animate this scene. It's so tough.
Sean: Come. Here, I'll show you.

Then Gary saw Sean was really close to Jasmine teaching her. Then he tap Fillion and pointed towards the back. Fillion turn and saw that the both of them was really close and can see that Sean obviously was trying to tackle her.

Fillion thinking: Fine. Whatever. I don't even want to have a girlfriend anyway.

Then with that he continue doing his work. After work around 6pm, Jasmine was packing her stuff, ready to head back but then sudddenly the sky was glooomy and is started to pour. Jasmine was at the entrance of the office.

Jasmine thinking: Oh shit. I don't have any umbrella. Awww, how am I ever going to get home now?

Then Fillion was walking and saw Jasmine from a distance. He went to her.

Fillion; Hey.
Jasmine: Hey.
Fillion: You need an umbrella?
Jasmine:  Yeah.
Fillion: Here.
Jasmine: But how about you?
Fillion: Let's share this.
Jasmine: Share? But it's really heavy. Both of us might end up getting wet.
Fillion: You're right. Oh, I remember that in the office, there's an extra umbrella. Why not I go get it for you? Tomorrow you can return it.
Jasmine: Really? That's great.
Fillion: Okay, you wait here. I'll go get it.
Jasmine: Okay.

Then Fillion went ahead to office. While Jasmine was waiting for Fillion, someone came with an umbrella and cover Jasmine's head. Jasmine notice someone was behind her. She turn.

Jasmine: Sean?
Sean: You need an extra umbrella? Here. I have another one. 
Jasmine: It's okay. Fillion is bringing for me an umbrella. 
Sean: It's oaky. Just take it. Now go.
Jasmine: But...
Sean: I'll wait for him. Just go now.
Jasmine: Okay. See  you.

Then Jasmine went off. Fillion reach there and saw Jasmine going off. His face from normal grew sad when he saw her left with an umbrella. Then Sean saw him.

Sean: Oh, there you are. I gave her that umbrella. You can just return that umbrella to office tomorrow. Come, let's go home.

Fillion didn't say anything. He just knew he was quite angry.

Fillion thinking: Why am I even taking her seriously? Why did I go through all the trouble to get for her this stupid umbrella? Sean will be the one protecting her. Ahhh, just forget about her.

Then he went off. The next day in office, Fillion was completely quiet. He didn't want to face Jasmine at all. Jasmine came to work a little late. Once she came in, she greeted everyone good morning. As soon as she reached her place, she said...

Jasmine: Good morning Fillion.

Fillion heard it of course but didn't answer back. Jasmine felt weird. Then she look at Gary who was sitting beside him. He looked at her too and response back.

Gary: Good morning.

Jasmine smiled at him and then she has a confused look when she on her computer.

Jasmine thinking: What's up with Fillion? I'm pretty sure he heard me.

Then during lunch time, Jasmine finally finished up a scene and wanted to head to lunch. When she turn to where Fillion was sitting, no one was there.

Jasmine thinking: He left?

Jasmine off her computer and wanted to head off. When she open the door, someone was already in front of the door and she nearly knocked onto him.

Jasmine & Kenny: Wooooah.
Jasmine: Sorry.
Kenny: No worries.Hmmmm, no one inside?
Jasmine: Nope. I think they are at the same place. You wanna go there?
Kenny: You're going there?
Jasmine: Yeah. Wanna go together?
Kenny: Okay.

Then when the finally reach that place, Fillion saw her with Kenny this time.

Fillion thinking: She's such a playgirl. How many guys does she wants to flirt with? Every single one here?

Sean: Hey Jasmine, come and sit here. I save a sit for you.
Derek: Come here. You also can sit here.
Jasmine: Um....

Jasmine was looking for Fillion and spotted him but there's no space to sit. Then Kenny waved at her. He was siting opposite Fillion facing him and there's a sit next to him.

Kenny: Wanna sit here?

Jasmine smile.

Jasmine: Sure.

Then she head there and sat down. After a few seconds, Fillion stand up.

Fillion: I got to head back first.  There's a lot of work I have to settle. See you guys later.

Then he went off. Jasmine was looking at him in disbelief. Then Gary said.

Gary: Hmmm,  I really wondering what's wrong with him the whole morning. It's like something is bothering him.

Jasmine thinking: What's going on? I'll eat my lunch fast and asked him instead.
                                                                     END OF THE ROOMATE EPISODE 2
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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Roommate Ep. 1

Busy busy busy. In our everyday life, things are always about work and study. No fun at all. There's a guy name Fillion. He is a quiet person. Don't really talk to people and really shy among people he don't know. Not a very talkative person. One morning, he woke up late for his work.
Alarm clock: Kring!!!!!!!!!!

He woke up and stop the alarm still looking very blur. And when he faced the clock, his eyes grew wider.

Fillion: Oh no!

He quickly get up from his bed and went to get ready for his work.

Fillion thinking: Oh no. I'm going to be so late for work.

Then he rush downstairs and just grab his house keys and went off. Sadly for him, he doesn't have a car, so he still have to wait for a bus to come but unfortunately for him, when he was about to reach the bus stop, the bus was already there and ready to go off.

Fillion thinking: Oh no!
Fillion shout: Wait!

The bus was starting to move away. Fillion knew and he quickly run as fast as he could while shouting.

Fillion shout: No! Wait! Hey!

But the bus continue went away further and further and Fillion could not catch up with the bus anymore. He stop yelling and just let out a big sigh and waited for the next bus. Finally when he reach the office, he was of course late for 15 minutes. He went to his seat and sat down feeling tired.

Fillion thinking: Oh this is just great. What a great day to start my morning. I have not started my day at work and I'm already exhausted.

The guy next to Fillion knew he was tired.

Guy: Hey. You look terrible dude.
Fillion: Yeah, whatever.
Guy: Haha, hey, don't get so worked up about it. You want to know something?
Fillion: What?
Guy: I heard that there's a new girl in our working place joining us today.
Fillion: Oh. Really?
Guy: Yeah. Get to know her.
Fillion: You know how sucky I get with a girl right?
Guy: Don’t tell me. You haven’t have any relationship with a girl before?
Fillion: Nope.
Guy: Then, this is the best time to be having one. I’m not asking you to be with this girl but just you know, be her friend. Always starts with a friend.
Fillion: Whatever. Not interested.

Then the manager of the company walks in and make an announcement.

Manager: Okay listen up everyone. Good morning. Today we will have a new colleague joining us today. Come over here.

Then a girl long hair with light brown hair walk from behind to the front. Every guy was just staring at her. She smile to everyone.

Manager: This is Jasmine. She will be joining the animation team which is this room. So if she needs any assistance, please do help her. We welcome you Jasmine.
Jasmine: Thanks.
Manager: Alright people. Back to work. By the way Jasmine, you’ll be sitting right there.
Jasmine: Okay. Thanks.

So Jasmine walked to where she was placed. She sat down and immediately all the guys approach her.

Guy A: So Jasmine right?
Jasmine: Uh-huh
Guy A: Where do you live?
Jasmine. Um…PJ
Guy B: PJ? That’s a little far isn’t it? To come all the way?
Jasmine: Well, about 45 minutes with the jam. It’s fine.
Guy C: Hmmm, independent girl I like.
Guy D: So, what time do you depart from your house?
Jasmine: Um. Like about 8a.m I guess.
Guy A: By the way, are you single?
Jasmine: What?
Guy B: Hey, that’s not fair. I was about to ask her first.
Jasmine: Um…
Guy C: Would you like to go out with us for lunch later?
Jasmine: Huh? I …er..
Guy D: Would you like to go out with only me for lunch?
Guy E: Hey, that’s totally cheating. You can’t ask her out personally.
Guy D: Hey, you shut up alright?
Voice: Hey you guys!

Everyone stun and turn to the direction that voice was coming from. It was from Fillion. He wasn’t facing them and said.

Fillion: Leave her alone. Can’t you see that you’re freaking her out? Take it easy guys and get back to work. We have a deadline to catch.

Then everyone look at Jasmine. And smile. Then they went back to their places. Jasmine was curious that the only guy never take any interest in her was Fillion. She look everywhere and not even a single female is in the room. So maybe that is why all the guys was so interested in her. Anyway, she stand up and walk to Fillion.

Jasmine: Hi.

Fillion turn and could not believe that Jasmine was standing right in front of him. He quickly get up.

Fillion: Hi.
Jasmine: Thank you. For…saving my ass back there.
Fillion: Well, sorry about that. They usually acts like this when there’s a girl show up. I guess you already get it that there’s not girl here. There used to be a girl here before and she resigned. So you were the next. Not a lot of female would wanna take up this job.
Jasmine: Tell me about it. Anyway, my name is Jasmine and you are?
Fillion: Oh sorry. Fillion
Jasmine: Right. Okay Fillion, it was nice to meet you. I think I beter get back to work.
Fillion: Yeah.

Then Jasmine turn and wanted to walk away but Fillion call after her.

Fillion: Um, Jasmine?
Jasmine: Yes?
Fillion: Would you want to have lunch with us? I mean seriously.

Jasmine smile.

Jasmine: Sure. I’ll see you later.
Fillion: Okay. See ya.

Then she went to her seat. Fillion sat down and smile to himself.

Fillion thinking: Hmm, maybe making friends with a girl is not that hard after all.
                                                                 END OF THE ROOMMATE EP.1
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