Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hate this person in my life!

I really don't know why I'm in this stupid fucking relationship which I know can never last. I have it with this fucked up dude. I went out with my sister today in starbucks and she gave me advice to ask my boyfriend to move back to his own house for a week to give both of us time and space. Actually that's a perfect thing to do but that's if you have friends! And that's also great if you have things to do!
My problem is that maybe she's right. I've been clinging onto him most of the time. Even when he's in my house we don't even talk. We do our own thing together. So that's the whole point. Maybe my fucking problem is that I can't be alone for myabe two seconds. I need a company. The most thing that I do hate is that he is not following me to Penang where my sister and her boyfriend is planning this trip.
You know my fucked up boyfriend is really a fucker. When you asked him a question, he doesn't response, he doesn't respect and plus he don't tell me where he goes. And when I asked him, he said must I know where and what he is doing? Oh for crying out loud I'm his fucking girlfriend. Either he gets that or not that's his fucking brain. Before you guys reads on, sorry for all the 'F' word because I'm really emotionally and not stable right now. To many things for a day. My sister literally told me today that he should respect my dad whenever we are eating together, he should not show any fucked up face. 
Sometimes I do now know is it because of his financial that he acts this way? So I'm giving him time until he finds a job. And if hestills act this way, I give up and will definitely leave him. I actually can already leave him now and couple up with another guy I have in mind but not until he finds a job first. If he still acts like an asshole after findina  job, then it's a bye bye. After 5 years of relationship, he can go and eat shit and fuck off. If you think I can't bare to let this relationship go it's true but no use to cry over spilled milk because if that person never change then no point. I can't change him and he can go and marry his mother for all I fucking care. That's the only person he will ever cherish and love so go and marry her and I wish you happy with your mum. She won't be able to live that long to see you grow old. Good luck man!