Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Don't Understand

Hi peeps. Been decades I haven't been in here. Well, looking at my last posts, I have no updated so much and lots of things has already happened. Well, this is going to be a long long blog.

First, my ganglion is gone. Woo hoo! How? Well, I don't's just gone by itself. Thank you God! Anyway, I'm now working with my boyfriend Felix Chan as a property agent. I can't help but thinking to work with him when there was so much conflict not working the same company and job as he is. The reason I'm working with him now is because he and I has been fighting with each other so much because he said that I don't understand him. Well, fine. So I decided to work with him so that I can understand him and the work better. After working with him a few months which is up to 9 months now, I'm not happy. First of, his dad treats me and him like a total fucked up loser. Secondly, this job, well, you need to be some bloody rich bastard to be in this line. Every single thing you have to pay. So terrible. Petrol, becoming a property agent, name card, courses(classes) and booth. Everything! Well, sorry, but I work to earn a living not to throw all my past hard earn money away. And the worst thing is, even after you have spend all those money, you might not be able to get that money back. Sure you make back by earning commission but do you know how long a commission comes? Let's say you closed deal on January, your commission comes after 6 months. How am I going to survive within that 6 months time? I was wrong to listen to my boyfriend to join this stupid job and what I told him before which is "you can't earn money/survive" is soooo true.

Anyway, it's time for me to move on to another level. No more slacking in jobs and slacking off time. I'm actually just wasting my time here. I'm sending my resume next month to my friends company working as a 3D graphic designer and hopefully I'll be hired. Sure, I won't be as free as now but what's the point in being free but can't earn anything? Sucks right? 

My boyfriend on another hand, I have no idea what he wants. I have no idea what he truly wants. He said that he doesn't wanna quit this job just because he feels he don't wanna screw away this knowledge. Well, you won't screw away this knowledge. You can still work as partime but he still is going to continue. Probably is because his dad has been paying for him all these courses and property agent fees. And has spoon feed him in becoming a property agent. Well, fine but not for me. If he can't survive this few months, then sorry. I got nothing to say. I already told him to find another job but he is always avoiding that question.

Anyway, our anniversary is coming up. I got a feeling he will do nothing for me since he is low on financial. Sigh, I seriously wonder, when this fate will ever change? Since lastime till now, things never gets better for him and me. In financial.

Anyway, hope that my interview will turn out well and I will get the job!!!! Pray for me.