Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A new life I hope

Hey. Sorry, sorry. Been busy with work, life and catching up with long time friends. Anyway, I'm starting work as an insurance agent. Not really doing well. Don't know how my performance is like though. I mean, I'm not getting any proper training so don't expect me to learn up things fast.
As for my honey, he is stoping work and going to work with his dad which I practically find it is a bad thing. Firstly, he don't know how much will he earn working there. Secondly, he has to work on weekends. Thirdly, he won't be seeing me often. So in this sort of cases, surely, it will make me pissed off because he isn't not thinking about the future for the both of us. Lastime, I really hated him to work with his dad but then when he talk to me into it, I let him go and really trust him that he made a right decision.
He told me that it will make our relationship better. As in the future. Like he could have more savings. I don't see how it will turn out that way since now, not knowing how much his dad will even pay him and not to mention, his dad is a very stingy man.
Sigh, starting from after father's day, he is starting the new job. I'm not happy and not going to support him until he shows me that I'm wrong. Seriously, I don't see anything good coming out from this job of his. Okay. Better get back to my trailer viewing. And sleep!!!
Ciao guys.