Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life and also listen, listen, listen.

 Hey guys! I know, I know. Long time no updates. Well, there is some that I'm about to share.
 First off is my work. I won't be handling sales and marketing soon as my "beloved boss" pushed me or more like force me to go to another new department which is called the ' Content Acquisition' department. Just started to learn how to download trailers and a little about movie materials stuff but well, you guys don't need to know about that.
Remember my leader Joyce? Well, the way I look at her now is that she really need an assistant as I can see that all my interns aren't doing a very good job in helping her. My boss as usual is too blind to see that. All he ever sees me as a troublemaker. Well, a first time in my life(all the time I've been working there), I have never seen Joyce made a mistake when it comes to calculation. This just means one thing. Which is stress!
Now, enough about my leader. The next thing I just found out is actually ' that burden in my life that's been haunting me' quite sometime. I found out that she wanted to wish her fellow peeps a new year greeting. Well, that's nice, not until I saw her posting about me. Well, I did post up something after I saw her posts but then someone asked me to take it down so I did. But then as I think back, why want to take it down? Just because people will look at my image as I am in the wrong? Yes, correct, I do not wanna give a shit about that girl, and her boyfriend ask me yo back off but it looks like they don't mean what they say don't they? Sorry, maybe THE GOD isn't on their siDe and I happen to just find out.
You ask someone to stop posting stuffs but then you can't even let it go your damn self. So pathetic. Why wanna bring it up if you at the first place ask me to stop? Take a look at what you're doing first instead of asking people to stop. If you're going to show a bad example, let me double that up for ya huh? What do you say? Damn sad man wei, this people.
Anyway, this 'listen, listen, listen' thing has becoming the talk of the city right? At first, at my office, I saw this Nando's commercial and I wonder what in the world are my colleagues all talking. I just saw the video and I was actually pissed. But after seeing Nam Wee kutuk about that? I just laugh. Because well, it's really damn hilarious and make sense though. I don't know, I just feel that this election is going to  be a big one and well, I just hope after results are out, nothing, nothing , nothing happens!!!! Please!!