Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas time!

Hey guys. Phew, Been decades since I lost came here. The lastest update was I have a ganglion on my wrist. Now I'm putting bandage to prevent it from growing bigger and also lessen my usage of my right wrist. It's getting better now. Smaller. But the lump is still there. Still wondering when will it ever go away.
 Well, like the title stated up there. Christmas is around the corner and it's the time and spirit to be jolly. Tomorrow my company is having lunch. Christmas lunch and we're going to exchange gifts. Oh man. Getting nervous. I got my leader Joyce and I wasn't willing to buy for her anything. They want us to spent RM20 (minimum). I mean, from what I heard from my colleagues and how she treats me and gossip, I kinda have this sort of feeling of not spending any money on her. Oh well, I bought for her a mug. Hahaha.
Anyway, I have to go sleep now. Will give you guys update on how it went. CZ12 is coming by the way. CAN'T WAIT! Oh wait. It's tomorrow. Haahahaha!