Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She's back!

Hey all peeps. Haven't been updating because I'm like so busy and packed this few days. Well, I have a new close friend. His name is Peter. We have a lot of things in common. More than me and 'she' has. Whenever I'm with him, I feel relaxed and comfort. He always knows what's the right word to say to comfort me whenever I'm down with a broken heart.
He is nice and sweet/ Anyway, my leader went on a holiday and tomorrow, she's back to work. She went on a one week holiday. And trust me, I thought I was going to die when she's going on leave. But everything seem to work out pretty fine. I manage to handle my team well enough. 
Tomorrow, she's back and I'm wondering could I handle her coming back to work again? It's like all of a sudden I don't want her there. Maybe when she's not there I feel peace and no one is actually watching me doing things behind their backs.
Anyway, I want to go play my final fantasy game. I'm going to finish the game soon. Can u believe that? I never thought I will after all this years. Okay. Have to go play and sleep early. Got meeting tomorrow. Damn sien. Okay folks. Bye!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Her birthday and my work!

Hi all. I practically forgotten her birthday was yesterday if my dear didn't tell me about it. Anyway, I saw her pictures and the comments that her "so called' new bestfriend gives her just disgust me. Its seriously like whatever me and her always comment about each other. Anyway, she's already 26 years old and guess what. Yup, you guys guessed it correctly. This year is the first time both of us never wish each other and never celebrate together. Thanks to her boyfriend who has already brainwashed her. Once he stepped in, I can see that I'm going to lose even from the start. My standards are always no match for someone rich like him.
Anyway, when I saw her celebrating with her peeps, I felt something was wrong. How come there are so little people came and celebrate with her? Last year was more, because I, Felix and other friends were there. All I know that, maybe her circle of friends are getting lesser. Even the cake is getting smaller. Haha. Um, don't get me wrong. I just felt weird. Since he is so rich, I thought he could do much more better than this. Well, who am I to know anything about their life right? 
Anyway, enough about her and about my work instead. Sigh, I'm really having a fucking hard time with my work. I don't know. Maybe the boss don't like me just because I work there like more than 6 months and he wants me to be like the seniors there. I mean like, helloooo~~ HOW CAN YOU POSSOBLY WANTS ME TO BE LIKE THE OTHER SENIIORS? I don't major in that line man. And when I'm improving, there's not compliment from him. Only like to find my faults. 
When I first joined this company, I thought that this company could be my last company that I'll fit in and will never change. Maybe it's time for me to settle down in one company. But then after working here longer and longer, I just can't accept the company's policies and all those templates and their maniac brains of a robot. Everything they follow their own standard procedure which some of it, I find it ridiculous. And their acknowledgement of an email is what I hate most. Every single thing, we have to acknowledge it? Oy my god! Anyway, today was like hell. Once my senior is not there, I'm the one taking place there. And my boss is like depending onme so much that I know that I'm going to disappoint him in a way. I don't want him to depend on me. Well, AT LEAST NOT YET LA DAMMIT!~~~
Sometimes I wish he can just wait for me to do my work instead of pushing me to do my work. If you do that, how the heck am I going to do my work properly? Haiz, sometimes I just wish that I can find another work that suits me back again. Or maybe, just maybe I don't want to work anymore. Working life really sucks. I know I won't last here long and that's it. Anyway, sigh I wish Peter will give me his answer about sending me home from work tomorrow. Well, one more day through hell and the temporary paradise is here. Haiz!~