Saturday, October 13, 2012

There's really people that I hate in this world. Really!

Hey all. I don't know why am I bumping into such idiotic people in my life. I was actually planning so much on celebrating my boyfriends birthday with his "so called" colleagues. Just imagined. All planned, all arranged, and all booked. Last minute on that day itself, 1 hour before the party starts, tells me that ALL OF THEM ARE NOT COMING!! All his stupid colleagues! One of them I don't mind since he has something important to do and told me today which is in the afternoon.
And then one hour before the party starts, one of them in my GYM called me up and then told me that one more person want to cancel because he has a VIP ticket to watch show? And then the other bitch, ( I don't like her at all) just because two guys not coming then she has no mood to go. And then of course, the guy from my GYM, because no one is coming, he don't feel like coming at all.
At the end, only his lastime leader and my friend Kok Kean is coming. And I am really really fustrated with his colleagues. And the guy from my GYM ask me not to get angry? Who gives a fuck man? You tell me last minute. I went through all the shits and you tell me not to get angry? What the hell? I give you this. FUCK all of you la! I never want my boyfriend to ever go with you all to any hiking. Go yourself. And the bitch, ( I fetch her to work before), nextime I see you on the road, go ahead and walk yourself. If someone invite you to a birthday party, it is not for you to see your friends there. You go there for the sake of celebrating with the person who is going to blow the candle. Dammit! 
Anyway, I really really wish that Felix will be happy today. I hope he'll be. But after today, I will seriously let him know about his fucking friends. Bye guys. Need to go now. Haiz! I got no mood also now. Thanks to them! Fuck!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Another meaning of friendship!

Hey guys. Been how many months since I have updated? Anyway, just came back watching show from Taichi 0. Anyway, I have been really close with a person name Peter in my working place. He is really kind and sweet. We just went out for lunch together last Friday. Well, I wouldn't want to type out all out here about what me and him have in common about the company which both of us are working since INTERNET is a very scary accessory to find out information.
Anyway, when I was out with my dear tonight, we went to ss2 'Hailam Kopitiam'. Hehe, I love my dish. I ordered 'Black Pepper Lamb chop' and my dear paid it all. Thanks sweety! I know you don't like to pay those amount but you're getting better every month. Really appreciate and proud of you. Anyway, back to the title. 
Peter and I really have been close friends ONLY in working place. It's kinda hard to find someone in my working place that has the same thinking as me. Well, we have our reasons why. This is a secret only between him and me. And of course, not to mention the lunch that I had with him is also a secret among our other colleagues. Well, thanks to the 'buka puasa' dinner that brought us close. Cause he send me home that night and from then onwards, we began chatting and becoming more intimate in thoughts.
I finally learn something from this life that I have. Especially friendship. When you are becoming closer to a friend that you thought is the same gender and could bring you total happiness then you're wrong. I totally trust that so called B**** and I got hurt. Not to mention that they wanted to put another police report on me. 
Well, I learnt that eventhough they feel that way about me, I know that Jennifer will never understand and know what it 'true friendship' about. I saw when I was out to dinner with my honey just now. I saw one group. Three couples in one group. And I can see that they really mixed well. But while I was observing their moves, there's one girl and another was bestfriends. Just like me and Jennifer were. Really close and the boyfriend, let her and the bestfriend seat together. I don't understand. Actually, more like I was thinking back what really made Jennifer change and felt this way to me. The answer was there all along and I always trusted Jen that's why I never shared this out, or even want to say it out because I knew it would hurt her. But since right now, she already deleted me and has no connection,(although there's still a spy whom I know), it's time for me to say it out. It's her so called lover. Never even think they would get married anyway.It's just my thoughts.
Her boyfriends last message were hilarious to me and I just ignored it. The person whom I really want to confront is Jennifer. I never really want to hurt her. I never really want to end the relationship. It's the boyfriend who made this all up.And I'm not surprised that he is the one manipulates Jen's mind to file a police report against me or whatsoever. Jennifer, if you're reading this, is not that I want you back. I just feel that it's a waste that you have known me and I have known you. Thanks for showing me that you cared all those wonderful years. I will cherish them. Don't worry. But I know, now, you wouldn't want to remember any of those. If those were your thoughts then, you really are childish and have no hope to have and know what's true friendship really is.  Anyway, whatever I did to you, is not to hurt you but for you to become more wiser than your childish boyfriend whom you have always follow orders from. But eventually, if you become smarter, I will personally come talk to you. But I guess that will never happen now would it? I promise a person that I will let this go. I couldn't do it. As it really hurts me as hell. But then I wouldn't hurt you. I guess you know that. Some childish person will not know that that's why he wants to put a police report against me. But you, if you're much more wiser, you will know that I wouldn't do such things to you. And last but not least, please do not spy on me anymore. Ask Susan, Xiong to delete me off. I do not want them in my friends list. Even in DA. Since she is a spy, and your bestfriend now, I wish you four, all the best and begon from my life forever. It brings tears to my eyes as I was letting you go that day. I bet you have never shed a single tear the day you have gone beyond the line. Sigh.
They can pretend all they want for not spying on me.  But please, I'm not a fool. Anyway, my work, isn't going too well. Not too sure how long will I even going to last there. Pray that I will survive this and pray that I could last quite awhile there. Sigh, I wish that everything will turn out fine. Hey Peter! Let's go eat the fried rice okay!? Haha! Alright, late already. Tomorrow have to go church. Bye guys! Nitey nitez!~