Sunday, August 19, 2012

I saw her. Disgusted!

Hey guys! I'm like so sorry that I have been abandoning this blog recently. Because there's nothing interesting to write. But as I recall few days back that I saw that bitch when I was on my way back to work from lunch. Since it's puasa now, so I drive my own car.
It was last week when I saw that bitch. I was driving my own car and then I saw her, Susan, Susan's fiance and a couple of other of their gang/colleagues walking to the restaurant. I stopped my car for a split second to really make sure it was them. And stop and behold, the bitch was there. Man, she really did put on some weight eh? Well, of course she will. With all the luxury and money that she has. She will sure spend it all. And not to mention RM2 for a shuttlecock too much of a big deal to her.
Anyways, I have nothing to say. All I know is that when I saw her, fire was boiling again. And again I would like to point out. Maybe Susan has nothing to do with her or maybe she has. Recently when I and that bitch aren't friends anymore, Susan and that bitch ever since has been building their friendship together. Not to mentioned even Jonathan started to build up his friendship with Susan and her fiance as well. But then I was thinking, maybe Jonathan never really liked me at all from the start. 
Oh, I also forget to mentioned that she called up my friend to ask about the philharmonic orchestra for details on how much is it and all. I mean, like mind your own business la bitch. Why must you called up my friends? If you're really not friends with me, whoever is my friend aren't friends with you. You're already out from my damn life so why are you still calling up my friends and all? I thought you are the smart one? Everything updated with your damn good number one boyfriend that you don't need help from your pitiful friends. Why call them now? Even worst, my friend!!
Like I said Jennifer bitch. If you think that breaking off with me is a good thing and be friends with Susan and make her your best mate(which looks like it), then you ought to be ashamed. You used to criticize her on how weird and creepy she is with her dolls. On how boring is she on the emails. And you used to even say things like she always clinging to her boyfriend. Everything is just her fiance, fiance, fiance. Well, aren't you the same as well? You think keeping things like this from her will not be revealed? Guess what. It's already revealed. Good luck to your pathetic life. Hahaha!~
Hahahaha..I'm so sorry guys. It's just that my blog from now on will always be about heR. And you know what's funny? I don't go by her name again. Whenever I talked to my dad, my sister and Felix about her, I will relate her as a bitch. Or 'that lousy girl' kind of thing. Because that's the fact. Anyway, have to start cleaning up my room now, Gotta run! Adios!~