Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Planning ahead!

I feel like been ages I haven't been updating here. Anyway, I had a huge fight with my honey last week but then all has been solved. Thank goodness. Anyway, I was planning to go out with my honey this year. Go to Legoland, Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Redang, Langkawi, Thailand(Phuket), Singapore. 
I know. That's a lot of places I wanna go. But if we can achieve all this, then marrying him won't be a problem. Maybe we can take one step further and go to China or Hong Kong. Going with him here and there will be a big advanced for me in a relationship. I went to Thailand with Jimmy before. So this guy, although we're kinda struggling in financial crisis, we can always save and start to go bit by bit. Anyway, was planning to go to Legoland end of this year with him. Planning to buy the annual pass so that we can go there often to play games. Not to mention, the beauty of the rollercoasters.
Anyway, if you guys want to ask me about Jennifer, well, it's over. I haven't been seeing her for like months now. And God only knows what she's up too. I don't really give a fuck anymore about her. All I know is that seeing her writing all those comments to her friends only makes me barf. I can just clearly see that she purposely just missed out on wishing me happy birthday. So many people she wished happy birthday when she's not even fucking close with them. What a fake.
Well, I want to dedicate this song that I've been always wanting to tell her which is let this go by paramore. She'll get what it means. Anyway, my work, well, it's going quite well I guess. Soon I'll be handling lots and lots of things which sucks. I don't know can I even handle it or not. But like what my honey says, I have to try. 
Aaaaahhh! Anyway, my block nose came back. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!! Hard to breathe again. Alright, have to go eat medicine. Bye guys!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Life is pretty good without her actually.

Hi guys. I'm back with another daily blog of my life. Anyway, this time I just want to clarify somethings. Anyway, it is actually kinda sad to know that almost all my friends has gone away from me. But I still have new friends. Because actually the old friends are all coming from that girl that I hate. So I think it's time for me to mix with my own kind of friends.
It's kinda funny that my dad told me that nextime when she grows older, she will reflect back about all this and she will regret. And what my dad said to me actually is pretty true. If you guys want to say that I keep grudges, well, I do. But then on the other hand if that someone came to apologise to me, I will still think about it and give that person a second chance. Take Afif for an instance. Bloody hell. A lot of fucked up things really happened between him and me. Worst than this stupid girl. And I and him are back to being friends now. I realise that having Jennifer as a friend, I tend to lose all my kind of friends and making my own type of friends drifting away from me more. As like I mentioned on my previous blog, that I and her are unbreakable . 
Come to think about it, life is pretty good without her around right now. And like I said, each time I SMS her lastime to hang out, she will always tells me something that goes like this 'I can't tonight girl. I have chores to do. Daughter duties', or ' I don't think we all will be making this Fridays session girl. I got a lot of things I need to settle. I'm getting cranky at almost everything nowadays. Sigh..damn sien la'. This are most of the time she will tell me this shit. And well, after all the messages that I have inside my hp, I can see that her life isn't going through well. Relationship problems with bf or family problems. The truth is, she don't tell me. But like I said, she has issues. And I don't know who even brought up this problem or is she just bringing up some excuses not to go out and be in the badminton session?
Like I said, I do keep grudges. I must admit, people will hate me when they realise that I have mentioned their name in my blog because it ain't gonna be pretty. But it only can mean 2 things. Either I hate you or love you! But this case, I hate her. So yeah. If you all wanna ask me like how am I going to forgive her, well, I would just want to say like a simple sorry and really from the heart will already mend it. But then nothing and not a word from her so yeah, the grudge will still always remain there. Not forever but till she says she's sorry.
I want to end here. Going to watch some horror movie that I watched before with my baby. Since he also don't like watching movies that much, I don't care. He has too. I'm like so freaking bored right now and he's not even doing anything. Just watching his goddamn football. But anyway, hope he tolerates la.
Adios guys and well, I know, Monday blues. Sigh.Tomorrow start work. My nightmare!