Friday, June 29, 2012

Not friend with her!

Hi peeps! Before I would like to go on any further, Just a warning that this post is going to be full of rage and bad words. So those who are under 18 or those who knows what am I about to say should just leave right now. 

Oh well, you chose to stay. Ok, here goes
Well, the title up there refers to this person name Jennifer Teh Yinlin.
As I recall, of remembered according to this *****, she said that I and her are bestfriends. This happens back in 2006, where she told me that nothing will ever break this chain of friendship. We were like the best sisters and friends ever. We all never fight and all. We really cherish each other like anything.
We went through hardships together. Anybody who tries to hurt us, we will standby each other and all. Those were like really the time that me and her loves each other. Even hell of a lot of people said that we were unbreakable and I too was so stupid enough to think that I've found a true friend that I can truly depend on in times of shitness.
When she came back from Aussie, we were so happy in order to see her again and spend time with her like nobody's business. We did. And then apparently, I understand that everyone will have a boyfriend one day. So she did. And forget to mention when she was always spending time with me, I too have a boyfriend, BUT, I DO NOT NEGLECT HER! I will always ask her to come spend time with us. Watch movie with us. And ask her to stay overnight in my house and all that.
And then, when she has a boyfriend, she neglect me, push me aside, don't pick up my calls and NEVER EVER SPEND TIME WITH ME AT ALL! Her first boyfriend, was a disaster. She and him never did make out. They broke up and she didn't have the guts to tell me that they have broken off. Of course. I would have laugh my brains out if she did. But in the end, she told me and burst our crying and said that she was sorry and that guy was a jerk. Oh well. (Whatever Jen).
Years rolled by and we were back like sisters again until she found another new guy. This guy at first, I didn't like him because he was so ignorant and always like to go expensive places and such. He always shooting me which I really hate it. And when she wanted to couple with this guy, during my birthday month, she was like fighting with me over this guy. Over a guy that shoots her own bestfrienD. Oh what the fuck la. So fine, let her. So I let her. I thought she won't neglect me where she already said she won't during the lastime. But guess what? She did it again.NEVER EVER EVER SPEND TIME WITH ME AT ALL! And this time, is even worst. We never see each other and she don't stay in my house anymore. Never watch movies with me anymore and never have a drink with me anymore.
I'm feeling like what kind of bitch is this? If you really treat me as your bestfriend, so called, you won't treat me like I'm your second hand or something like that? You will at least called me. And do you guys wanna know something? We have this badminton session that we use to play every single Friday. And then she and her bf used to come and play. There was one incident where she was not pleased with how we count the whole fees of that session where we charged everybody the shuttlecocks. I mean, come on. Use your brains. If you use something, then pay. Don't you think I didn't pay for the shuttlecocks? I also pay for it. So why should they be so different from the others? It's not like she's any special to me anymore.
And then after that, she made a big issue out of it. So I just told her that why not she just bring her own shuttlecocks nextime if they prefer it that way? And the next previous session, she didn't come. Never pick up my calls, never send any reply through SMS. Clearly stated that she wants to end this relationship. But I was thinking, why would she want to be still friends with me in FB, if she's doing all this? So I gave her another chance. Which is on 26 June 2012. My birthday. I thought she will wish me. Guess what? Nope. Nothing.
And then on the other hand, she's be friending with a girl name Susan Gan. In my previous company. She told me before that Susan was weird and all she ever do is cling on to her fiance. And then she told me that Susan can never speak anything though emails and she's bored in emails. But now, wow, I'm seeing her so close with her. Susan even have her profile picture together with that *****. So I was like thinking. I pity Susan for not knowing all this and thinks Jennifer is a nice girl? Hahahahaha! Like I said. She is nice, AT FIRST!
So, as you all now know that there is a person who name is Jennifer. Who would just let go everything just for a guy that's not even going to confirm that he's going to marry her. And she will just be another stupid girl who will let go 6 /7 years of friendship just like that.
 Anyway, I will write about my birthday celebration woth my honey nextime. Have to go now. Hungry leh. Ciao guys.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

 Hi guys. I know it's a little weird but then I just watch this show called 'A little bit of heaven' starring Kate Hudson. It's about this girl dying and she is really strong throughout everything. Before she dies, she never believed in any guys since she has a bad childhood experienced while her mum and dad split up and her father was never really a father towards their family. And then just before she's going to pass away, one of her really good friend went into a fight with her. Sort of reminds me of Jennifer.
But at the end, before she dies, she did everything. She apologize to her friend for being rude but then again in my opinion, the friend really think about herself. I mean like hello, your friend is dying and you're making a distance away from her. Instead of spending more time with her, the friend rather spend time with others. Really really reminds me of Jennifer. I mean like, she never spend time with me. After that incident about the badminton thingie, at least I did my part in SMSing her and asking her if she and her boyfriend ever want to join badminton, can always tell me but of course bring their own shuttlecocks to not create any commotion. But do you know what reply I get from her? Nothing. She never replied anything. More like she's tired of me and have enough. Well, I on the other hand always treasure my friendship unlike her. Once she has a boyfriend, there she goes dumping away all of her old friends.
I don't wanna be the judge but as far as I can see, this is how she repays a friend and 'sort of' being there for a friend. Jonathan, her boyfriend on the other hand, I can see that he treasure his friends. He will make an effort calling his old buddies to hang out. Not all the time but once in awhile. All I can tell you is that I don't think that Jon ever tell Jen not to mix with me. More like Jen make her own decisions to not spend time with me and rather just spend time with her boyfriend. The way I think about it, she's like too clingy and really falling madly in love with this guy toooooooooooooo damn much. She's the one loving him too much. Not him. And when I tell her that, there she goes, saying no.
Like I said, I hate to judge people, but since she's not replying my calls and SMSing me back, I just got to say it out here. I know she's reading this anyway. I did my part. Calling her, smsing her but no replies and feedbacks from her. So JEN, incase if you're reading this, I learn from the movie I just watched. I apologise if I ever said anything harsh but then again, I can't forgive you in whatever you sent that day. Regarding about the badminton. Seriously, it's just a small matter that you just have to make it a big issue and you just don't wanna reply through my messages.So it's fine if you ever wanna see me again or if you never wanna hang out with me again. Seriously. I'm fine with it. It's not me who is throwing away this friendship. You know me too well. I will always treasure my friendship. A small incident like this can just break our friendship. You should know well now that I don't need your company anymore since you're not even contacting me at all. 
If you don't bother, I will too not bother. I did my part. Now is your turn to do your part. I will end here. After this blog, I will wait for your call. If I don't receive any call within a week after this blog, which means that you don't want my friendship. Cause I'm tired of being treated like a fool in your eyes. So..bye my friend.
Well, gotta go sleep. Nice to sleep since it's raining. Bye ya'all.!~
-Signing out-