Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tiring day!

Hi peeps. Today, I went to KLCC to watch the preview of Piranha 3DD. Lame show and nonsense show I know but then well, it's free so I would just go. But then I and my dear dear fight. First was because of his work and then secondly, we were rushing so that's why we were fighting.  
I don't know about you guys but for me, if it's a free show, why wanna waste it? Save your money to watch other better movies. I'm a movie maniac. I love to watch every single movie as long as it's free.You guys might think I'm crazy watching every single movie. But well, that's my hobby.
You guys might actually notice that the name of word 'Jennifer' isn't in my blog anymore. Well, of course it isn't. Based on what happened last week after the badminton session, she's like in her own world and don't know what is fair and what's not. No one was trying to argue with her. My boyfriend was being fair to every single one of them there. Just use common sense. You use our shuttlecocks, then pay. What's so difficult. How many of you guys plays badminton and chip in shuttlecocks? I think that's the most fair thing ever and here she was after she paid, she SMS me complaining about why do they need to pay the shuttlecocks when they did not pay lastime. DO YOU WANNA KNOW WHY? Because since you guys are such a pain and we are like so lazy and annoyed hearing you guys complaining, we paid your part for the shuttlecocks but please, you guys never even spend us any money to it. And this time, just being fair to everyone, who is playing, if you use, you pay, And how much to pay? RM2? Is that even much? What can you even by for RM2? You can't even buy milo for god's sake.
They can't pay RM2 for three shuttlecocks but they can go for fancy dinner, go for anniversary in hotels and don't know celebrate how many times and also buying rings for anniversary? And also her bf buys RM400+ figurine toy? You can spend all those money for those types but when ask to pay RM2....just RM2!!!! You want to make it so difficult, complain and make it a big issue? Because of this stupid habit of hers, she thought that I wanted to bring money into this matter and both of us will start fighting. Err, excuse me, who is the one early in the morning SMS me and asking me questions about the amount of the whole badminton? I mean, if she's not trying to bring money into this, then why SMS me? And why want to start comparing about who will bring shuttlecocks nextime? Because seriously, I don't see which part did I try to bring money into this matter. Everyone paid fairly. So what's there not to collect from you guys? No one has issues with this only both of them or maybe just Jennifer.
Since she coupled up, she changed so much and I really hate her sometimes when she just don't understand and wouldn't listen to me. It's like shes under a spell or something. It happened like this too when she was with William so blinded when she was with him but then after that, he left her and she dares to come back to me. Well, if this happen, I will not, mark my words, will never and not be nice anymore to her. When she's with Jon, she has spend so much time with him and never stop and think that she never spend time with me anymore so if anything happen to them, let it be. I would not wanna care of her lovelife anymore. Since she don't even care about mine too. And just some info for you guys, I'm not trying to say I hate her. Just sad to see a person once so independent become such a pampered and spoiled girl towards her boyfriend. Well, good luck with her la. Just don't come running and crying later. The Jessica you once know has died long time ago. 
Well, it is a tiring day. I wanna go sleep already. Ciao!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother's day and what mother's day mean to me.

 Hi people. Just came back from my outing with my honey to his hometown celebrating mothers day. Well, I and him aren't in good terms as we all did fight a lot just because of mother's day. And so called religion. Well, sometimes I wonder am I even gonna last with him? He doesn't like my religion nor he wants to take interest in it. He is not even interested for getting to know what is Christianity all about.
Am not asking him to convert to a christian. I'm just asking him to change. Be a better person. You don't need to go to church just so that you can worship GOD. I on the other hand goes to church because I don't read the bible. So I just go to church to hear what the Pastor have to say. But believe me, if my dear is a christian, he definitely will be a better and a change person. He is not a better person now. He has no patients in driving car, and has a huge egoism. And he has a very hardened heart that only GOD can fix that heart of his if only he could just listen.
I was shocked to know that my mum who was a non believer became a Christian when she despise Christianity. I was really like damn shocked to hear that coming from my dad and again coming form my own mum today when I wished her 'Happy Mother's day'. I just hope that one day Felix will get to know my GOD and listen and accept him. Definitely, things will work out better in the end for both of us if he could just face that fact. 
And anyway, my definition of Mother's day all the time is a bad day for me. I don't like to see people wishing their mother happy mother's day when I do not have a mother by my side to be there for me when I needed her the most. All she cares about is money. And that's not what I picture my mother as. I don't know is she still the same now but after all I did just send her a sms and wish her saying that I love her too which is true. If she never left us, I guess I will have a complete family. But now, well, sad to say.  So my definition of mother's day = sucks.But then I tend to learn that I will still celebrate with my mum next week.
I went to Salak just now, that's where my honey's hometown is. And well, it was nice seeing his relatives and all. Although I didn't speak much. It's funny how his family and my family are really from two different worlds. Normally, a big event like this, me and my sis will bring our parents out and eat. But his tradition is, prepare food in his hometown and eat there. They don't go out and eat which I feel it is really weird. Well, maybe there's just too many people and it will cost a fortune if they do so.
Well, another boring sunday it will be for next week since he will be going back there again for his Hainan thing. Well, although I know that he likes this and happy to not go to church, I pray that he will get to know GOD one day. Got to go and sleep. Tomorrow is damn working day. Sigh. Wish me luck for not getting lost on the road tomorrow. Bye.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Embarassing and patience

Hi all. Have you guys ever have this experience that when you are trying your best but then at the end you ended up doing the same mistakes over and over again and it just makes you sick? That's what exactly happened at my working place today.
I know that I'm not suppose to write this down here on a blog but well, no one is gonna listen to me so might as well just write it down here to express out my feelings. I have been working like almost going to be 3 months. And well, my training is over and still have no review yet. Still waiting. And well, today, I made a mistake. Not a big one. It's just a small mistake and typical, this company, eventhough it's a small mistake or big mistake, they always make it as an issue that will cost our lives like that and make your day the worst day in work.
To cut a long story short, basically all I wanna say is that, why do they need to do things so damn careful? I'm not agaisnt it or anything, its just that too careful until you make your life miserable. Everything have to check thoroughly and carefully. No mistakes. And then when you make mistakes, it becomes a big issue. And why should it be an issue? We are humans,everyone makes mistakes. So like today from morning till evening, I can't take their babbling that they're saying about my mistakes and even if it's not 100% my fault, they still try to find and say it's my fault.
Well, go ahead and say that I'm sensitTalked to my dad and my boyfriend. The thing is, I don't think I will last long in this company. If they keep on monitoring me like this, I don't think I will last long. I can't take on blames and complaints everytime. I do have feelings too. I'm not like some slave that follow every stupid order you give me. But whenever I try to tell them something, it seems like they thought I fight back. They never wanna hear things from a junior. So, what am I suppose to say? And then when I cry in meeting today which was the embarassing part, they took pity on me I guess and went soft on me. Then they explained it all that they're not trying to scold me or anything but just giving me an advice. But in my mind, if you go wanna give me an advice, there are always nicer and better ways to monitor your juniors. If you keep on monitoring me like this, whose gonna stay long in your company and whose going to like coming to work? No one. And I think that's the reason why no one can stay long in this company that I'm in because they can't take the pressure.ive. So what if I am? I do not care. All I know is that, this company, takes things so seriously and everything needs to be done so damn careful and no rooms for mistakes. And then everything has to be written in the email. Whether you're going to do anything, must be in email. (Luckily we do not need to inform that we want to go to toilet through email too). I just find this company too weird and troublesome. If I keep on being monitored like this, then sorry to say I won't stay long in this company and I wish them luck in finding a permanent staff that can take this pressure that I'm in. Nothing more to write. Bye.