Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Training position ending soon.

Hi guys! I know I know. Where have I been? Well, nothing much. Just kinda tired nowadays due to work. I don't even wanna write any blog because am tired. I don't even watch trailers now and kinda outdated in music. I know. Sucks right?
Anyway, I don't really care how's my work like right now. Although, sometimes when I go to work, I'm like so scared to face that scary woman/ even to write worklist every single damn day. Sometimes I don't even know why do they even want to have this worklist system. I know is to keep track on what are we all doing every single hour and minute but please la, it's not like we will know what will happen till the day ends. I know its to make your work more sufficient and plan out your work well. But sometimes I just feel like it just won't make sense because the fact is, that you're writing all that its more like just a guess on what you're gonna do or even just assuming what you're gonna be doing when at the end of the day, you won't be doing that.
I'm not complaining but this thing just makes me nervous coming to work. Its like I have to planned out my whole day on what to do and I have no idea what to slot in when I have extra time. Seriously. And that makes me even more nervous to come to work everyday. What if I don't know what to do then what? I thought I was getting used to this until today they mentioned that we have to go to the meeting room to do our daily morning discussion which means that we have to discuss on out daily worklist on what are we gonna do the whole in the meeting room with the projector and all that EVERYDAY starting from tomorrow. I feel like it's really a total waste of time and all. It's really really stupid to do that. I mean, we are fine with the way we are now. Doing a normal simple morning discussion in the morning is fine. Why must we do it in a meeting room, and ontop of that, we have to bring out the laptop and projector. Just a total waste of time and unnecessary.
But whatever it is, just have to see what's gonna happen tomorrow. Well, I'm off now. See ya guys.