Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentines was awesome and I love this year!

Hi again peeps. As the title states up there, well, valentine was awesome. I love the gifts and the dinner. Everything was planned out well. Especially the dinner. He suprised me with a pink rose and a heart shaped box of ferrero rocher chocolates which is one of my favourite at 12 something midnight. And then we went to sleep. The next day was already valentines day. Around 6.10p.m he called me up and asked me to get ready.
I was trying my best to dressed up as high class as possible and then he came and took me to d' italian kitchen restaurant in Sunway Giza. It was really cool. The whole place was greatly decorated with heart shapes and pink balloons. I thought at first he didn't book any table which he told me he didn't but it was just a lie. He actually booked the table for me already and well everything turns out well. We ordered one valentines set and one ala carte. I had my steak and spaghetti on that day and it was all thanks to him. Both of my favourite dishes of all time.
The dishes were soup and appertizer, followed by the main course and then dessert. The desser was lovely too. It was heart shape cake. And then when we went home, we opened up our presents. He bought my a panaroma jigsaw puzzle. He told me it is meaningful because we get to do it together. I didn't thought about it that way but since he has that thinking, I though it was touching and romantic too. So yeah. And the most expensive gift is the frame for the jigsaw puzzle which I don't know how much but he told me that's the most expensive one. My gift to him was a valentines day card, a necklace and a heart shape chocolate. We just ate the chocolate yesterday. Haha.
Anyway, my honey already found a job which is so near my place. So now, he saves his money by walking to work. No need to worry about the jam and petrol. So he should save lots of cash. So my dear already found a job. Has his salary higher than lastime. The next stop is me. I need to show my honey that I also can do it in cinema online. One more week to go and I'm off to work. So wish me luck. Alright, raining now. Gotta run. Tata~!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Found job and now on freelance. Happy valnetine days people!

Hi again peeps. Another time free to write my journal down. Anyway, I found a job. It's cinema online in kelana Jaya. Well, the year of the dragon has been really good for me. I found a job and well, although the pay is lower than my current one but nevermind who cares? At least I just need to perform well and work hard to achieve my RM2000.
I'm in the sales and marketing section. So am not so sure will I get to earn a lot during 1 year of service there. But within this 2 months, I won't have any EPF and Socso. Well, I just need to bear with it. Public Bank on the other hand also called me up to go for their medical check up before I'm sure I can work there. But then going through all those steps really makes me uncomfortable. Because, there's so many procedures that I need to follow up. Plus, am not so sure which position am I in. I don't even know how much the pay will be like. If they can offer me RM1800, I don't mind taking it but to get an answer from them, its like waiting forever. I'm running out of cash soon. I really need a job by the the beginning of March.
Well, as for my honey, he's having an interview this coming wednesday. So wish him luck and good luck to me too.
Anyway, valentines day is just around the corner. I do hope he has something planned up his sleeves. Although I don't see it. Well, I do hope he does something, if not I will definitely scream! Alright, time to go. Quiet tired right now. Okay. Ciao guys!