Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Again..Never change.

I don't know. Is it just me or my relationship and my dear cannot be saveD? Everytime, just like the week I told you that I gave him to change? He did. Change for a week. We tried not to fight but in the end we fought on monday and settled it on tuesday night. Although we did settled down but the bitterness is still there because I was always the one dropping my ego all the time.

I don't know why is it so hard for him to really change and love me much. He wants his space. And I want his love. Each other gives each other what they want, and both of us will be happy but why can't he gives me what I want? I will just give him his space later on when I know that he really loves me back again. All I care is just this relationship.

Everytime I'm the one dropping my stubborness and say sorry to him. Why can't he say sorry when he was the one hurting me and always gets moody all of a sudden? He has mood swings. Just suddenly turn into a hard shell. He has attitude issues to solve. And a huge tempered problem. He needs to learn that in relationship, if you're a guy, you can never say you're right eventhough you guys are. It just makes the whole situation wrong. I gave him an article that I found on the internet about relationships and what girls actually wants. All stated the same. But well, as usual he didn't bother to open up his email and read it.

Well, it's either this relationship will late or it will end. I really feel that we're gonna last the past few months back but then after I see that he can't comfort me and really say sorry when he was in the wrong, not to mention his huge hot tempered character and hsi mood swings just controls him right away, I don't think we can. He keeps on saying that I have a problem for can't stay alone. It's not that. I just want him by my side like when I wake up in the morning, he's there. But he will never understand that.

I'm in work now. So he is right beside me. Obviously he knows am writing a blog. No work now. Damn bored. So have to stop here anyway. Bye bye.