Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A new beginning again.

Hey guys. Been busy for this past few months and still busy. Nothings change. Just celebrated my honey's birthday quite a few days back and heck, was he happy with the presents and the cake. I was proud at myself for one thing though that I thought of the right cake and the right present.
Me and my honey just had an argument lastnight. About his parents disliking me. Just because he stays over at my house all the time and not spending time with the family. But I''m sure of one thing though that he loves the family more than he loves me. I mean like, I don't care if he does, but I feel like I'm not even in his life. When I ask him where am I in your heart? Which slot? He can't even answer me. All I know I was frustrated. Fustrated over all the things he said lasnight.
He said he is going to be busy with his `Hainan club' thing starting from this week till next year. I'm like why? They are not even paying him for doing their stupid ticket thing. And they are taking up his free time when he can actually concetrate on his work and also spending time with me. This `Hainan club' thing that he keeps on attending with his stupid father is something which I find nonsense. Nonsense in the sense that, what benefit does it even bring?
And before you would wanna make a hustle of why I say his father is stupid. The lastime when my dear went broke, his father wanted to talk to me through the phone. But my dear never did pass him my phone number. Even if he did speak to me on the phone, I will say this to the dad. `Excuse me uncle, as far as I remember, you are the one who ask him to buy a proton waja. I just want him to have a car. But I didn't said which car he should buy. Plus, I did not want him to get a second hand car which is Proton waja. Second hand for proton are junks.' If his father were to call me, I will tell him that straight to the face. And also I will say this to him `your son wanna build up his own life and earn more money. So that's why he wants to join your company. But if you can't even let him join your company, and he has not enough money to pay things, that's the time you have to help him since you're his father'
Just now for dinner, we went back to his house and eat dinner. As far as I know, that I was showing moody face all the way. I mean, what the heck do I care? Can I even care less about the family hating me? I don't even feel welcome. But for the sake of my dear I just go on with it. And after dinner, I had a talk with my dear and tell him that I gave him one week to change himself to become a better person. For our relationship. Our relationship is already in a shit hole and I do not want it to be in another shit hole, because if it rots inside, that's the end of our relationship. We almost broke up today though.
So the conclusion is, a week, and see how he treats me. And of course I just wish and hope. Plus I pray that he will change not just for the entire week but for good. I have to stop here. Late already. See ya.