Thursday, September 29, 2011

Work work work. Sienz! Hi guys. Guess what I've been doing for this past few weeks. Nothing but work. Somemore on a saturday. What's that? Sucks you say? Duh! My boyfriend always wanna go back on Saturday to do work. But I do not wanna go back this coming Sat. Need a rest since I'm already sick.
Nothing much happen actually. The same thing as usual. My boyfriend and me are going steady. Jennifer and her who cares anyway? She and her boyfriend is her own damn problem when she don't even give a damn about me.
I haven't seen Jennifer like almost a week now. You know why? That's because she's just to cheecky to hnag around with her boyfriend rather than her friends. You know, more like saying this to her friends `buzz off, we're growing up. We all need space and you all should understand that' You know what? I'm kind of sick with her bullshiting all this "growing up stuff". It kinda gets on my nerves and she as always will never see her fault. Always neglecting her friends just for a boyfriends sake? How selfish can you even get? I don't go GAGA over my boyfriend if I were to spend time with my friends. I need space too to hang out with my friends. But she is like 90% spending time with hers When I remember she used to say to me back then is that 'I don't need my boyfriend to be always there for me and I do not want to see my boyfriend EVERYDAY!" Hahahahhahaha! Isn't that funny? Looks whose the one talking there? Now I bet she will take her words back.
I mean, who is she kidding? Telling me that I and my boyfriend needs space? I don't need to take advice from her just because she has a second boyfriend wheN I on the other hand has many experience than her. Just because this second relationship of hers last longer doesn't mean that she's any better in it. She's not because she don't know how to mantain a relationship at all. She just broke a 5 years of frienDship for a guy. Like she said lastime, that no one can break this chain of friendship. Hahaha..Now I know whatever comes out from her mouth is all a lie I guess. Oh well, I got to go sleep now. So see ya.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's not happening again.

Yo' what's up peeps? Anything interesting been going on in your daily lives? Well, I have. But of course its not great nor awesome. It sucks. Well, remember my last update was about my honey going TO JB and I'm gonna miss him here? Well, all that I went through. Now, it's about his financial state.
I know it's not good and not nice to share this to the whole world. And I know that he would mind this if he were to read this. But I just couldn't help it just to act as if everything that's been going through our lives is fine. He, his brother's friend, his brother and I went to see some foreign guy yesterday to sell away his precious Xbox. Before this, I was furious on his decision to sell away his Xbox just because I wanted to play his Xbox and another thing was he promise that when I get my PS3, he and I can share the games that are not in PS3 and he can share the games that are not in Xbox but all that is nothing now since he is selling away his Xbox. I was sad. And I have this slight pierce in my heart saying that is it me that brought him to this hardship? Is it me that leads him sell something so precious that he loves it but just have to sell it away with such a low price?
After selling, I showed my angry face towards everyone I walked pass by at the mall. He was trying to calm me down by holding me by the shoulder and asking me if I was scared with the situation just now. All I could reply was I wasn't scared at all. Then I don't know is it because of he selling away his Xbox, he was nicer to me lastnight. He and I went to Penang Express in Cheras and ate chicken chop and fish and chips. It's like the first time in our lives he ordered something which is more than RM10 and he is eating his own portion. I was happy that he actually did that. I didn't expect him to order fisn 'n' chips. Usually he will go for something cheaper or chinese. Anyway, after dinner, we went to shop for my simple plan cd. He asked me if the dinner nice? I was shocked. However I just told him it was okay. Probably he really wanna do something for a change since selling his Xbox was a big impact on me.
Then we head straight to one Utama. We have a movie to catch. Another shocking thing was, I asked for a mash potato. As usual, it wasn't available. Then out of the blue, Felix said `what about sweet corn?' Normally, when there's no mash, that's it, we just order drinks. But lastnight it was different. He asked the counter for sweet corn. Maybe another thing he wants to do for me again. Everything was going fine lastnight. Until, today. Things went back to normal. The old stupid attitude again. The one that's nto caring about me. The one that's not pampering me. The one that's not calling me honey and all. I feel like whatever I do, or whatever he do that hurts me, and for him to love me sooooooooooo much back it's a big big thing and then he will love me back like anything. And I don't like it. What I mean with the title up there is that, he hasn't changed one bit. He still the same old person that I don't want him to be, What I mean by that is, he is the same old unromantic guy. Not a boyfriend material. I don't know what I can do anymore to change him. More like I can't anymore.
So, this relationship, I find it meaningless. Seriously. I feel like he can see it in movies, he can cry in movies but he can't cry in reality. So weird. I hope God will grant us mercy and will always stand alongside of us and always will help us when we are in deep depression or in the state of danger.