Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My 25th birthday celebration 2011.

Hi all. Am back for another interesting event happen in my life again. Well, first of all I would like to say that I already turn 25. T.T. Sad. Getting older. And well, my birthday celebration wasn't really as great as before. Maybe because the fact is that she has not enough time now since she have a boyfriend. Oh well, what the heck. At least she did something.

Anyway, yeah, it started off at 3 something where Kok Kean arrived at my house and Felix brought us to the curve. I knew something was up when I overheard Kok Kean revealing something about singing. So I guessed it. We went to karaoke and sing. That lasted till 7.00 p.m and then we head home. I don't know where did Jennifer went anyway.

We as in Felix, Kok Kean and I went back to my house as I was suppose to get ready. I decided to look good and apply some make up on my face which took like forever to do so. Well, I suck at it. What the heck. Anyway, let's move on. Felix came upstairs telling me that Jeremy is already in my house downstairs and everyone is waiting for me. So yeah, fine. I try to speed up a little bit but failed. At the end, the boys came up to my room while I was busy putting on make up. They played XBox for awhile while I get ready. Then after I'm done, we were on the way when Jennifer and her boyfriend decided to come to my house. Wonder why also. Anyway, after they reached, they direct us to Bangsar shopping mall. That's where the dinner is held.

And then we were at the dinner called Tapaz. It's a spanish restaurant. It's something like itallianies kind of environment. Dim lights and all. So I ordered my favourite which is pasta with seafood. And chilly flakes. We took loads of pictures here and there. Jim arrived after that. Then I went to take picture with my darling after the dinner. The moment I came back, I didn't know why did Jennifer asked me where did I go when I knew that she knew where I went since they can see me from afar taking pictures. But then to my surprise, they sang happy birthday song to me and the cake was behind me. And the most shocking part is, the cake is pink and there were 6 disny princesses stickers on it. I was like so embarrased by it but what the heck. It's still pretty.

Then after everything was over, it's time to open the pressies. I opened Jennifer's personal present and it was a plain red T-shirt with writing on them saying `I'm just a girl not yet a woman'. Then Felix's personal gift is a Hello Kitty watch. It was nicely wrapped and it's from Japan. It must have cost him a lot. And then, from all of them was the biggest present ever. I opened it at home though. It was a Final Fantasy lightning package! The one that I always wanted. It has the game inside.Final Fantasy XIII Controller AND THE SOUNDTRACK! I almost teared and I did scream when just saw the outside. And that concludes my birthday. I wanna thank everyone who remembers my birthday and the present from all my friends. Thank you again!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Starting anew

Hey guys. I finally realise something lastnight. This Sat, I only have an outing with my baby. I went out with him lastnight because I was staying over at his house, we were hanging out in a place wish I have never been to lastime when I was with Jim. It was Pavillion. And of course Bukit Bintang. And he was driving me through the streets of Bukit Bintang.

Just for me, I wanted to see how grand is Pavillion GSC is, we take this opportunity to watch movie there this coming Sat since no one is gonna join us for movie. Normally, when my friends can't join me for a drink session, I will get all whinny and such. But on Monday, when Jennifer told me that she can't see me lastnight, I somehow just had this in my mind which is `well, typical' and `Figured'. What came out from my mouth towards her is `Okay'. Unbelievable. Probably is because I don't really wanna treat her someone very special in my life anymore. She has betrayed me, many many times especially when she's with this new guy that has been creating borders and casting love spells on her. So yeah. Anyway, if she's gonna read this, I'm sure she's gonna get all angry again. Well, who cares anyway? When I'm angry, she never really care so yeah, it's fair. Since I have no bestfriends anymore, my blog is my bestfriend. Anyway, back to my story.

We went to the cinema which we lost our way because we have no idea where the cinema is. At last we found it and I was so amazed by it. I have always been thinking what's so nice in Pavillion and how grand can GSC get in Pavillion. My baby said that there was a red carpet at the entrance which I'm not so sure about that. But all I know was that I like the entrance. It's so grand. And when we wanted to buy the ticket at the golc class counter(because I was using EON credit card), he never asked me anything but straight away access me to the GolD Class price and I told him that I want the normal version. It was funny though.

After that's settled, we went down the escalator and walk around Pavilion. Saw some figurine of DC comics characters and a model figure of Green Lantern. Then we went out to the cafe side because I was very happy to see fountain and all the disco plus pubs. All I know was that I told my baby it reminds me of US. Then we walk pass gelato ice cream stand and I told him that I wanted to share with him money to buy one and share with him. He told me that on Sat we will do that.

After that when all the shops are starting to close, we just went back to the car. And that's when he wanted to take me to a beef noodle shop to eat SUPPER!OH NO! FAT! But anyway, on the way there, he was driving on the road at Bukit Bintang. It just reminded me the lights in Las Vegas. Yeah, the parking in Pav is really crazy. RM6 for not even 1 hour +. Anyway, yeah I saw a guy covered in glittered dust on the street. I think he is an entertainer. But still haven't seen one before. At last when we reach the beef noodle store, we ate and headed back to his house. But when we were in Pavillion, I hugged him and tell him `thank you' for him to bring me to a high class place. All I know that I seriously love him and do not want to leave him and hoping that he'll never leave me too.

As for my friendship status isn't really going smoothly for I know that Jen is already out. So yeah, that's about it. Not going to believe in a lot of things she says now. She can go ahead always making plans and failing them towards me. I won't really care much anymore about this. Because she isn't my bestfriend. I don't know about how she treats me but when I was there and still hanging around with her that time, she took advantage and just ditch me aside so why the hell for should I stick with her again? So I guess this doesn't really matter much to her anymore. Alright guys, all I wanna say that I'm starting to feel the sparks again between my boyfriend and me and hope that this time, nothing break this sparks up.