Sunday, April 24, 2011

Depressed and down from now onwards.

Hi all. Yes again I'm gonna be repeating myself that I haven't been updating here for awhile. Anyway, things in work right now is getting worst. Not for me. Apparently it's my boyrfriend. I really wish I could let him go sometimes.

I was watching enchanted lastnight with him. I really wished that this whole world could be a world that everything becomes a fairy tale.Relationship with him isn't like how it used to be lastime. No more happy and smiley faces. No more lovey dovey. More like being cold to wach other most of t he time in a playful way and also not spending much time now.

Have you ever felt like when you need someone so much. Or even when you love someone so much that you have to be with that person every minute and second? I think I am that person now which is bad. It's bad and sucks at the same time. Not only people will talk shits about you but you'll also hurt your ownself. I don't know until when will this workload of his gonna last? It feels like it's gonna last forever.

I told him that its crazy finishing 2 episodes per week. Further more, adding two people tired coming to work and burning more and more petrol. Sometimes I think that this boss is becoming more and more insane. This just reminds me of my previous company . Things aren't good now for him. As for me, I'm just fine in my work. But, I feel like I'm gonna start of the single life again.

Going home alone, driving home alone, eating dinner alone. Everything. I feel like I wanna kill the boss for ruining so many things. EspeciALLY my happiness. Now, it's so hard to ask him anything regarding to work. I JUst have to follow everything that he wants and everything is just work. What about me? When it's gonna be me?

I don't see ginving him his time to stay back, ginving his time alone is gonna solve anything. He told me not to worry last week about this staying back thingie. But he is gonna be doing it. And what? He wants me to worry about it now?

I think I'm gonna be drained out with teats starting from today and tomorrow. I just know that this is gonna happen and he is not gonna fix the problem but just sty back to fix his stupid problems in work. I've just lost him in heart. Looks like my love for him is gonna decrease and I know nothing like lastnight is gonna happen again. I just wish that magic will never fade away. Looks like it will.

Felix, if you are reading this, I just wanna let you know that I've loved you so much. But I just can't let you go right now not straight away. I know you have love me lesser since you're not paying me much like what you promised me. All I wanted you to do was like before but looks like you can't. Just pray that you will not lose me like how Jim lost me. Bye.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Free and relaxed for awhile

Hey guys. I haven't been updating here I know. Been really busy mantaining love relationships and also mantaining my games! Man, in order for me to get a PS3 is depending whether is my contract ever gonna get renewed. Kind of scary though. Anyway, I wanna get so much things in life!

I wanna get my gym shoes(brand sketches), PS3,MYvi, japanese school uniform and japanese lollita. Anyway, I hope I can get all those! Maybe the car I will get it later. Still no budget.

Well, I just need to wait until this June and see how's my contract. Is it gonna be renewed or not. Sigh, I definitely need to get a higher pay. Alright guys, I have to go now and eat lunch. Bye guys.