Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Problems and toubled.

Hi all. Me and Felix right now struggling to get more cash in our lives. I want to get a lot of things in my life. Like a car, a PS3,buying sport shoes and getting a bicycle.

I really don't know should I even consider working where am I working here. Furthermore, the pay is just too low to even start with. Everything in the market now is going up but our salary just don't seem to go up. Anyhow, I do not know is the animation industry in Malaysia are cheap or is the boss just being cheap?

For some reason, I do know that I would want to earn extra more cash. It doesn't matter do I need to work in a different line. But of course I would prefer working in a comfortable evironment. Am turning 25 soon and that's not young at all. I'm agingin. Everyone is. I'm worried about my future. Like would I become successful? My love life withi Felix is still strong. But in the sense of financial, we are struggling. I hope someone can really help us in this. I would want to try something new like being an animator like I always wanted but I still need lots and lots of training that no one wants to train me so what can I do?

If anyone out there knows where I can earn extra cash/income please let me know. RM2000+ should be more than enough for me and Felix to survive. Well, I mean RM2000+ each.Not both of us. Alright. I doubt anyone would even read this.Sayonara!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi all. Right now I'm like so bored. Do nothing in work. Hmm, anyway I was just wondering. Am I getting sick or what? I feel like I'm not healthy. Hmm....later have to go to doctor and do some check ups. Sigh, I feel like I'm so sick right now.
Anyway, about me and ny boyfriend. Things have been going quite strong now between the both of us. Of course our love has gone down lesser. No more love crazed as before. But anyway, we're both doing good.
But I've been hearing some scary news about my company. Sigh, really wish that all this shits isn't gonna happen. Anyway, I really feel that this year really sucks to me. Things are not getting any better. Alright, have to stop here. Really sleepy now. Shit.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A god that loves Ep.19(Last Episode)

Rachel went to the kitchen. She was washing the dishes. Then Micheal came in.
Micheal: Need some help?
Rachel: No, it's okay. I'm fine.
Micheal walk nearer to Rachel.
Micheal:Rachel, I didn't know that you have to go through all this.
Rachel: Nah, it's normal to me anyway. Doesn't matter.
Micheal: Seriously.
Rachel: Well, don't worry about it.
Then Micheal slowly walk towards Rachel and then touch her waist. Rachel realise that. Although she don't feel comfortable but she still feels like she wants a guys touch. Then not long after that, Micheal begin kissing her on her neck. Then she turns her head around and then both of their lips touched. Suddenly, Rachel pull herself away.
Rachel: No, I'm so sorry.
Then she quickly went back to washing her dishes.
Micheal: Rachel, I can take care of you. Don't you want to be with someone?
Rachel: I do.
Then, there was a moment of silence. Then Micheal start to talk first.
Micheal: I think I should go.
Rachel: Yeah, you should.
So Rachel escort him outside. When they were outside.
Rachel: Mike, that didn't mean anything okay?
Micheal: I know. I know when you kissed me. I felt something. Like there's still someone else.
Rachel: Hmm, there is.
Micheal: I'll see you.
Then he drove off. Rachel sigh, As she turn back and wanted to walk, she saw a figure. Could it be?
Rachel thinking: Love?
The figure walk towards the light. And there it was Love.
Rachel: Is that really you?
Love:'s me.
Rachel: Ahh...I mean...what...what are you doing down here? And...
Love: Did you really kissed him?
Rachel: What?
Love: That guy. Did you?
Rachel: I...I did...but...I pulled away. I can't stop thinking about you. I....I thought I could move on..but...everyday..I kept on thinking about you.
Love: WhY Rachel?
Rachel: Because I have fallen madly in love with you. I can't let you go.
Rachel threw her hands around Love's neck and she burst into tears.
Rachel: I can't let you go now. I love you so much. Please...dont' leave me this time.
Love: Rachel I...
Rachel: No.....don't say it. I don't want to hear it. I know I can't be together with you and all that. Just let me embrace you for awhile.
Love: Rachel,...
Rachel: Hold on.....just hold foro a moment.
Love just sigh. Then slowly when Rachel pull herself back, and she took a deep breath.
Rachel: Okay, what you wanna say?
Love: I...I just wanna tell you that...I'm gonna stay with you here forever.
Rachel was stun for awhile.
Rachel: Are you kidding?
Love: No, I'm not.
Rachel: Wait,
Love: I talked to the Father. He clearly sees hwo much I love you. So....he transform me to a human.
Rachel: What? No, can't do that for me. I mean, this God thing. It means so much to you doesn't it?
Love: Well, it does...but I want you. I haven't found happiness until I've met you.
Rachel: But..Love...
Love: Don't worry about it. I can see how much you love me too. From now onwards, call me Lionelle.
Rachel eyes became misty again. Then she was crying and hug Love again.
Rachel sobbing: Oh Love. I mean, Lionelle. I love you so much!
Love: I love you too. My dear angel.
Then they kissed. So Lionelle went back to college and he was happier now that he could finally find someone who loves him and treasure him. Although he has lost his powers, but nothing matters anymore. He had shown both parties that he is capable in doing so many things. He has mastered his skills plus protecting the girl he loves. And at the end, the reward is getting the girl he loves and being with her forever.
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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A god that loves Ep.18

Rachel went out of the class and went to the cafeteria. Suddenly, a guy came and sit next to her. He smile at her and she smile back.
Guy: Alone?
Rachel: Yeah.
Guy: You always eat alone?
Rachel: Not really. I mean, there's this guy I'm actually waiting for. But....I don't see the the point of me waiting for him anymore.
Guy: Oh..I see.
RacheL:Oh my..I'm so sorry. I know that I shouldn't blabber out all this. I don't even know you.
Guy: Don't worry about it. My name is Micheal. Mike for short.
Rachel: I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you.
Micheal: Yeah, you too.
So Rachel has met a new friend. Good for her. So they talk quite a lot this past few days. After class, Micheal will already wait for her outside her class. Then after lunch Micheal will excort her back to her class and also hang out after college. Their like becoming much more closer like best friends. It was a Sunday afternoon when Rachel was watching her favourite Tv show. Her house doorbell ring. She stand up and went to open the door, wondering who it is. When she open the door, she was shock to see Micheal there.
Rachel: Hey.
Micheal: Hey.
Rachel: What are you doing here?
Micheal: Well, I thought I'll drop by.
Rachel: Okay. Come on in.
Then they sat down on the couch.
Micheal: So..what are you watching?
Rachel: Oh, just some drama show I've always been watching. When I was a kid, I already started watching this. Can't believe it's still on. It's been so long.
Micheal: Hmm, that's cute.
Rachel: Hve you seen this?
Micheal: Nope.
So they quietly watch the show. Then after the show ends.
Micheal:'s quite an interesting...
Then Micheal look at her and she was sleeping.
Micheal thinking: So much for her favourite show.
SO Micheal carry her up to her bedroom and put her on the bed.
Micheal thinking: Phew. Never knew a girl like that could weigh a ton.
Rachel was dreaming. She was up in heaven. And then she saw Love. She was running to Love calling out his name but nothing came out. It's like she has lost her voice or something. Love turn to her and said this...
Love: Don't be afraid Rachel. I'm coming back for you. Wait for me.
Rachel thinking: How? How?
Then she slowly drifting away from Love. She scream his name but nothing came out. Then she suddenly wake up screaming.
Rachel shout: Love! Love! No!! Don't go!
Micheal awake by her scream. And then he hold Rachel's hand stopping her from struggling.
Micheal shout: Hey! Rachel! No! Stop!
Rachel: Ahh...uh.....
Micheal look at her and she was trembling still with her eyes close. Micheal held her close to his chest.
Micheal: Shhh, it's alright. It' just a nightmare. Shhh. Everything is gonna be alright.
Then that night, they are having dinner at Rachel's house.
Micheal: You normally eat at home? Isn't your parents around?
Rachel: Oh...well, usually they came back late so it's just me.
Micheal: You must be really lonely.
Rachel: Now I am.....but, since you're around, I guess I won't be anymore.
Micheal: Okay...let's eat shall we?
Rachel: Yeah.
Then Rachel and Micheal eat. Halfway through it...
Micheal: Hey....Do you always get nightmares like this?
Rachel: Oh..I'm sorry. Not really. I was dreaming about...
Micheal: About?
Rachel: That guy I was talking about.
Micheal: Oh....
Rachel: Are you done? I'm done.
Rachel stand up and took some dishes into the kitchen. Micheal just look at her.
Micheal thinking: Sigh. It must really be painful for her to go through all this.
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Monday, March 07, 2011

A god that loves Ep.17

Love walk to Rachel. She was looking at the ground.
Love: Rachel?
Rachel sobbing: You''re gonna leave are you?
Love: Sigh. I have to. I've mastered everything. My powers. My mission is to learn how to love. And I did. All thanks to you.
Rachel sobbing: Doesn't mean that you have learn things from me and that makes you just turn away. And walk away. That's not fair to me.
Love: Rachel, I know that you're angry.
Rachel sob & shout: If you're a God, where's your compassion? Where is it? I belive in Gods but I never pictured a God will be like this.
Love: Rachel, I do love you. Seriously. A lot. But I...
Rachel: Forget it.
Love: Rach, I'm gonna leave soon. I don't want us to depart like this. I'll always be watching over you. Don't worry. I'll always protect you.
Zeus: Love, we have to go.
Love: Just.....give me a minute.
Love turn to Rachel.
Love: Rachel. Please.
Rachel: I know. I get it. Just go.
Love: I know I can't be doing this. But...
Love just straight away put his lips on Rachel's lips. Rachel's eyes grew so wide. Then she response to the kiss. Zeus wanted to stop them but Poseidon just grab Zeus arms to tell Zeus to let them be. Then they stop kissing. Rachel open her eyes slowly.
Rachel: Are you allowed to do that?
Love: No. But I want to.
Rachel: Lionelle...
Love: Don't call me that. Call me love.
Rachel: Love...I...I love you.
Love: I love you too.
Then they kiss one more time. After that he turn away from Rachel. Rachel look at him walk towards the light. When he stand in the light, he could see Rachel crying. Then he slowly rise up to the sky together with Zeus and Poseidon. And then when they are nowhere to be seen, the light just disappear. Rachel could not believe if whatever happened to her is real or not but one thing she knows it's real is the kiss from Love. She went back home after that to get some rest. The next day at college, she was sitting at her seat.
Rachel thinking: I wish, he could come and sit with me like old times.
The whole time, the class, Rachel could not help thinking about Love. All she knew is that she love him and that now without him, she is very lonely. Up in the heavens, Love was watching her.
Love thinking: I wish I could be there for her. She looks so sad.
Then Melody came.
Melody: Hey.
Love: Oh...hey.
Melody: Still mad?
Love: About that day. I'm sorry.
Melody: Hmm, don't worry about it.
Love: Okay.
Melody look at the hologram.
Melody: Still concern about her huh?
Love: I just want to see how she's doing.
Melody: You really really love her do you?
Love: Of course.
Melody: Lots of Gods don't get that. Father will be so unhappy if he knew.
Love: Oh, trust me he knows. But well, he is not doing anything about it.
Melody: Really? Hmmm.
Love look to the ground. Melody knows that he is very sad.Then she snap her finger.
Melody: Why not you try and ask Father a solution?
Then that night, Rachel was so bored. She on her laptop to see whose online. As usual, Love wasn't online at all. She right click on his nickname and delete it off from her contact but then something was wrong. She click to delete it but it won't go off. She tried several times.
Rachel: What's going on? Why isn't it deleting?
Frustrated, she just turn off her laptop and went to bed.
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Sunday, March 06, 2011

A god that loves Ep.16

Love shout: No!
Love push Demon away. Love went to Rachel.
Love: Rachel. Are you okay?
Love took out a dagger and cut Rachel loose from the vines. Demon saw that.
Demon shout.: No!
Love carry Rachel and put her down to the ground. Then Love saw Demon flying closer to him. He quickly move away.
Demon shout: How dare you ruin my plan!?
Love: I want to protect everything thAt I own. She and heaven is one of them.
Demon: I see. So you'll sacrifice yourself hah?
Love: I...
Demon: Then go ahead and die.
Demon suddenly vanish and teleport himself at the back of Love and then grab his neck. Love could not do anything. His hands all are all grab by Demon.
Demon giggling: So....ready to die?
Love grunting: I.....ugh.
Demon giggling: Hahaha. Don't bother to struggle. You're gonna die any minute.
Rachel Open her eyes slowly. Then suddenly, she heard Love screaming. She look up.
Rachel: What? Is that Lionelle?
Then back at Love. Demon's palm went straight right into Love's body.
Love shout: Ahhh! No!. Ahhhh!!!.
Demon laughing: Hahahahahaha! Die Love. Die. Ahahahaha!
Love thinking: I need to do something. At this rate I'll die if I don't.
Then there's a rock hit Demon's back. Demon look down and it was Rachel. She looks angry.
Rachel: Let him go now.
Love thinking: Rachel?
Demon: Hmm? Oh..this is interesting. A human helping a god?
Rachel shout: I said now!
Demon: And why should I listen to you little girl?
Rachel: Little girl? Who are you calling little.?
Demon: What are you gonna do to me? Crush me?
Demon laugh: Hahahaha!
Rachel thinking: Why you...
Love shout: No! Rachel! Get out of there...Go!
Demon: Shut up.
Then Demon stab Love with a sharp claws that came out from Demon's fingers.
Love shout: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Rachel shout: No! Lionelle!
Demon then throw Love down to the ground. Love smash to the ground. Rachel run to Love.
Rachel shout: Lionelle!? Lionelle!? Wake up...please!
Love: R-R-Rachel?
Rachel: Lionelle. No....
Then her eyes. Started to get misty. She's gonna cry.
Rachel sobbing: No. Please. Don't leave me. Please.
Love: Rachel. You remembered.
Rachel sobbing: I know. I don't know how but when I was tied up there all I could call out was this name. Suddenly I remembered who you were and who told me that I would be in danger. Please. Don't go.
Then suddenly Demon throw billions of sharp needles heading towards Rachel and Love's direction. Rachel turn and just scream. Then Love went straight in front of Rachel and he was the one got stab with billions of needles.
Love shout: Ahhhh!
Rachel shout: No!. Love! Get out of the way! NO!
Demon laughing: Hahahahaha! Is that all you got Love? Just protecting?
Love thinking: At this rate. I will just die. If I die, whose gonna protect her? I need to do something.
Rachel sobbing: Lionelle. Please.
Then Love let out the exact same light again. Demon could not see anything. Then a set of light of beam came up from that light and speed up to Demon. It went straight to Demon's heart.
Demon thinking: What? This can't be.
Demon shout: No!!!
Then Demon became a statue and slowly break into pieces. Rachel look at it and then to the light. It went dimmer and then she finally saw Love. After the light vanish, Love fell onto the ground.Rachel run to him.
Rachel: Lionelle? Lionelle?
Love: Rachel?
Rachel smile.
Rachel: You're alright now.
Love: Did I kill him?
Rachel: I guess you did.
Love: I'm glad.'re safe.
Then a light from the sky light up the ground. Zeus, Poseidon and The Father came down from heaven. Rachel saw that but she could not believe her eyes. The Father walk closer to them. Love saw him.
Love: Father.
Father: Shhh. You're hurt. Well done son. I'm sorry I could not send anyone to help you.
Love: I did it myself?
Father: Yes, and I think you have grown stronger.
Love: Thank you Father.
Father:'s the time to go back.
Father look at Rachel.
Father: Thank you. Because of you, he has learn a lot on how to love.
Rachel: Huh? I didn't do anything.
Father: Humans usually say that. But in their hearts they know what I really mean.
Father turn to Zeus and Poseidon.
Father: Help Love up and we will head to heaven now.
Zeus and Poseidon help Love up. Then Love stop walking.
Love: Wait. I wanna say goodbye.
Love turn and face Rachel. She was crying.
Love thinking: Oh Rachel. This is gonna be hard.
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Thursday, March 03, 2011

A god that loves Ep.15

Poseidon: You sure about this?
Love: Yes. Am sure.
Poseidon: But have not mastered...
Love: I know that Poseidon. But I can't just sit here and do nothing. Another thing is, who is gonna stand up for this place? They'll be more powerful than us if we don't do anything. I just need to save her.
Poseidon: Alrigh then. careful.
Love then just vanish and found himself on earth. It was so windy and dark clouds were all forming together.
Love thinking: What is this? Some sort of evil force.
Voice shout: Aaaaaahh! No!!!!!!!!!
Love thinking: That sounds like Rachel.
Love shout: Rach!!!. Rachel!.
Love make his way through the strong wind. Then from a distance with all the mist, the strong wind and darkness, he saw Rachel. She's being electrocuted.
Love thinking: What the heck?
Love shout: Hey you!
Hatred and Demon turn their heads and saw Love.
Demon: Finally, you have shown yourself Love. Hatred, deal with him.
Hatred: Yes your Majesty.
Demon: While I finish off whatever I'm suppose to do.
Love shout: You better not touch her or I'll....I'll
Hatred: Or what Love?
Love thinking: Exactly. Or what?
Love: I'll crush you.
Love thinking: I didn't just say that did I?
Hatred laughing: You'll crush me? Hahaha. That's the funniest thing I ever heard.
Love shout: Stop laughing at me! Argh!!
Love run towards Hatred. Hatred just stand there. And when Love is getting nearer, Hatred just put his hand out and a force of strong wind just punch Love away and Love fly back and hit a wall.
Hatred laughing: Hahahaha. You can't defeat me. You have nothing to protect yourself love. All you can ever do is learn to love. Hahahaha.
Love shout: That's not true!
Hatred: Why do you think your parents died and leave you? They aren't strong enough. They are upset that they have this stupid powers and under this category. They could not face the fact. So that's why they left you and they could not fight harder for themselves.
Love shout: No! Stop! I don't wanna listen to it! And that's not true!
Hatred: Oh...but it's true. You know deep down it is true.
Love fell down covering his ears. He feel weak. He couldn't get up. Hatred is poisoning him with his words.
Love thinking: I...I ......have
Then sudenly...
Voice: Li...o...nelle?
Love thinking: Huh? Rachel?
Love look at Rachel being tied up. He can only see her lips moving but can't hear what she says but.....he can hear her.
Love thinking: How come I can hear her?
Rachel's voice: You can do it. Please. save me.
Love thinking: Rachel? I....
Hatred shout:'re mine!!!!
Love wake up from his day dream and saw a fast pace strong force is going to push him away again. Rachel from a distance saw that and she scream in his Love's mind.
Rachel's voice: NO!!!!
Then a wide and bright light lit up.
Hatred: Aaahhh. What is this stupid light?
Demon: Oh no. I better hurry up. Love has mastered his skills.
Demon turn to Rachel who was still tied up and lifeless. She turn her head a little bit to look down. She saw Demon is walking closer to her. Demon fly up to her. She was scared of course so she turn away. Demon grabs her face and turn her face to look at him.
Demon: Soon. You won't feel anymore pain my dear.
Rachel trembling: No....please...don't hurt me.
Demon: Oh.....shhh...don't worry. I won't.
Then slowly, Demon suck her soul slowly. Rachel could not struggle anymore. All she know is that she's gonna die. Back down, the light grew dimmer and there it was. Love with his wings and he is glowing. A barrier like with lighting is over him. He was standing there with a fierce expression.
Love: dare you insult my parents? I knew what happen to them. And the person who killed them are you and Demon. I won't forgive you guys.
The light around him begin to glow more. And then he let out his palm.
Love shout: Ahhhhhh!!!
Hatred: What?
Hatred also let out his hand. Their powers both clash at each other. Pushing. Both of them gritting their teeth.
Hatred: I won't lose to a pathetic God like you.
Love shout: Oh you won't!? At least..I'm much more powerful than you!
Hatred: What?
Love let out another set of his power light to Hatred. Hatred could not do anything but just shout.
Hatred shout:!!!
The light consumes Hatred and then vanish. Love then bow down. He felt weak. He was breathing heavily.
Love thinking: I....(huff puff)....I did it?
Rachel shout: Lionelle! Help!
Love then look up. He saw Demon doing something to Rachel.
Love thinking: Oh no. Demon.
Love fly up fast.
Demon laugh: Hahahahaha. You're dead girl. One more last suck and your soul is gone. Hahahaha.
Rachel thinking: Lio....nelle....I...I
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A god that loves Ep.14

Rachel was watching television with one of her favourite drama. In the middle of her drama, her cell phone ring. She pick it up.
Rachel: Hello?
Martin: Hi Rachel. It's me Martin.
Rachel: Oh....hi.
Martin: Am I bothering you?
Rachel: Um...kinda. Well, I'm actually watching my favourite tv show right now.
Martin: I see. Can know...drop by?
Rachel thinking: Huh? Should I say no?
Rachel: Whatsoever for?
Martin:Well, you know....I'm bored. So...yeah.
Rachel thinking: Well, inviting someone over won't hurt anyone.
Rachel: Sure.
Martin: Thanks.
So after 2 hours, Martin has arrive at Rachel's house. There they were. Laughing and all.
Rachel: Would you want something to drink?
Martin: Plain water will do.
Rachel: Alright.
Then up in the heaven, Love was just lying down on his bed. He keeps on thinking about Rachel. Nothing but always her. Back down on earth, Rachel was in the kitchen preparing drinks for Martin and her. Martin came in.
Martin: Need any help?
Rachel:'s alright. I can manage.
Then Martin stand at the back of Rachel. Touching her body and slowly make his hands down her hips. And slowly kiss her neck. Rachel didn't struggle instead, she let Martin get a hold of her body. Then Rachel make her lips to Martin's lips and they were kissing. Up in the heavens, while Love was lying down on his bed, a sense of pierce pain came to his chest. He grab his chest with his palm shape into a fist and grunt a little. At earth, while Rachel and Martin were making out in the kitchen, Martin knew it's the best time to attack her.
Martin thinking: So long Rachel.
Martin poke something sharp into Rachel's body. Rachel felt the pain and stop kissing Martin. And then she slowly fell to the ground. Martin let out an evil laugh and then said...
Martin laughing: You're mine now Rachel. Hahahahaha!
And then vines started to appear out from Martin's wrist and his body. The vines went around Rachel and tie her up. Rachel slowly open up her eyes and then struggle. She was frighten not knowing what will happen to her.
Rachel shout: What! What's the meaning of this! Help! Someone help me!
Then Martin electric shock her and she scream of pain.
Rachel scream: Aaaah!
Martin laughing: Hahahahahaha! Where's your little friend now Rachel!?
Martin: Do you wanna see my real form? Hahahahaha!
Rachel continue screaming since she was in a lot of pain. And then the electric shock stop and Rachel pass out for a moment. Then Martin change to his true form.
Satan of Hatred: My Lord. I have her in my hands now.
Then Satan of Demon appeared beside Hatred.
Demon: Well done Hatred. Now just to get her pure heart inside her and kill her. Then we can take over heaven. (Evil Laugh)
Meanwhile at heaven, Love felt something was absolutely wrong. He felt that exact same pain when he was at earth. He quickly get up from his bed and went to the eye where they can see humans. Then he made his way there and to his surprise, he saw Hatred and Demon withi Rachel being tied up.
Love shout: No!
Love quickly went to The Father's room. He just went in without asking permission. The Father saw Love.
Father: What are you doing here and barge in without my permission?
Love: I have to get back down there.
Father: I'm afraid that's impossible.
Love: Look, she's in trouble. Demon and Hatred is attacking her. Do you want to save this heaven or not?
Father: Who are you to question me this...
Love shout: Do you!?
A shock of expression is shown on Father's face.
Love: I'm sorry. But honestly. Please. Let me deal with this. I love her Father. I don't want to see her get tortured and killed. If I fail to protect her, I'll never forgive myself. I want to do something. Please.
Father pause for a moment and then said...
Father: Alright. I'll allow you.
Love: I'll come back up here as soon both of them are vanquish.
Love walk away...
Father shout: Love!
Love turn around.
Father: I'll send out some back up.
Love smile and then walk away.
Love thinking: Hold on Rachel. I'm coming and I won't let them take away that pure heart of yours.
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Some friends really...I can't take it anymore!

Hi all. So like Jennifer found a job. Yay! Yippiie! Everyone gives her a clap. Bravo! But at the same time I hate when she's having a new job. First of all. She has no spare time to spare. And she never replies messages.
I have problems with my boyfriends recently. Jennifer was very supportive. And I thought she will always support me with Felix. But then right, I feel like she's being not supportive just right after she has a new job.I seriously don't understand her. The more I get to know her, the more I feel she's getting to be a ...I do not wanna say the word.
Right now, me and her are fighting. In msn. I seriously don't know why this year turns out to be a fucked up year. Kinda miss 2010. Seriously. Okay, I I think Felix is ready to go. Gotta run!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A god that loves Ep.13

Rachel walk up to her locker. Open up her locker and put her stuff in. Then there was a tap on her shoulder.
Martin: Hi.
Rachel: Hi Martin.
Martin: No Lionelle today?
Rachel: Lionelle? Whose that?
Martin: Whose that? Your so called boyfriend.
Rachel look puzzled.
Rachel: I have a boyfriend?
Martin face Rachel with a confuse expression.
Martin: Are you okay?
Rachel: Yes. I'm practically fine.
Martin: Well, you look like you can't remember anything.
Rachel: I do remember. But...I don't think I've met a guy called Lionelle. Not to mention he is my boyfriend. That's just so weird.
Martin: Erm...okay. Come...let's just go to class.
Martin thinking: What the heck is going on here. And where's that pesky little God.
Then Rachel departed with Martin after she reach her class. She sat down at her seat. After that she look at the empty seat besisde her. Suddenly she felt headache. She rub her forehead for awhile. The slight headache she had make her feel like a flashback.
Rachel thinking: Man. That's weird.
Then the teacher came in. The teacher put down her books and made an announcement.
Teacher:Good morning students. Just to inform you that Lionelle has stopped college. He is moving house so he has to go. He feel much regretted not to say goodbye so he passed on a message to all of you. Alright, enough said. Let's just move on with our lesson.
Rachel thinking: Lionelle? Again. How come I can't remember him? That's not fair. Everyone seems to know him accept her.
At lunch time,Rachel wanted to find Martin so badly. She wants to know who exactly is this Lionelle guy. She finally saw Martin eating alone. She went up to him with her tray.
Rachel: I need to talk to you.
Martin: Be my guest.
Rachel: Look, can you please tell me more about this Lionelle guy? Really.
Martin: What do you mean? Seriously you can't remember him at all?
Rachel: No. I tried to but I can't.
Martin: He's your boyfriend and dislike me. Ring a bell?
Rachel: my boyfriend? Dislike you? Oh my God. This is seriously killing me. Ahhh!
Another slight pain on her head. Martin look at her.
Martin: Is everything okay?
Rachel: Yes. I'm fine. Don't worry about it.
She then get up from the chair.
Rachel: Suddenly I lost my appetite. Have to run.
She went back to her locker and open it up.
Rachel thinking: What's happening to me. It feels weird. Someone told me to stay away from Martin. But who? And....Martin is the Satan of Hatred. I can remember all that but I can't remember who is the one told me about it. Lionelle. Who are you?
At Martin at the cafeteria. He was getting more and more angrier. At this point of state, Satan of Demon isn't going to forgive him.
Martin thinking: I need to change her fast.
Up in the heavens, Love was watching over Rachel. He was really sad. He wished that he can be with her.
Love thinking: Oh Rachel. I'm so sorry.
Melody saw Love. She sigh, then walk to him.
Melody: Love?
Love look at her and then turn away.
Melody: Look. I know you hate me now. You may feel that way. Anyway, congratulations.
Love: Congratulations? In what?
Melody: Suceeding in your ability.
Love: So what if I did? I could not get the person I love. One is you and the other one is down there. And now, she can't remember who the hell I am.
Melody: Love.
Love: I don't care anymore about my ability. I really love her. She's not here with me. Same goes for you.
Melody: Love I..
Love: Just shut it.
Love then walk away. Melody sigh. She knew that Love will not forgive her. Then at Love's room. He was sitting on his bed, facing the ground. Then Poseidon knock on his door. Love look up and then to the ground again. Poseidon came in and sit on his bed as well.
Poseidon: I saw your conversation with Melody Love. That wasn't very nice.
Love: I....
Poseidon: I know Love. Leaving someone is hard. But I did told you so not to get close with a human.
Love: Look Poseidon. It just happens. I love her, she love mes. All of that. It just happens. Love...this thing. We can't control it. Martin. Satan of Hatred is still out there. How am I suppose to protect Rachel if I'm up here only watching over her?
Poseidon: Sigh. I don't know Love. But right now you just have to obey Father okay? I have to go now. Get some rest. I;m sure Rachel would want that for you too.
Poseidon left his room. Love then felt a drop of water on his lap. He was tearing and that's the first time ever he did shed a tear for a human.
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