Monday, February 28, 2011

A god that loves Ep.12

Love called up Rachel. He's not sure should he tell her the truth about himself.
Love thinking: If she really loves me, then she should accept whatever it is.
Then he call her up. Rachel pick up the phone.
Rachel: Hello?
Love: Hi.
Rachel: Hi darling.
Love: Listen, Rachel. I um...Can we meet up? There's something I think I've been hiding quite sometime now and I really need to tell you.
Rachel: Hiding? it something bad?
Love thinking: Not really. Only if you think it is.
Love: I can't judge by that.
Rachel: Alright then. See you later then.
Love: Alright.
Then they hang up. Love took a deep breath. Later that afternoon, Love headed his way off to see Rachel. He went straight to her house. Soon he found himself outside her house but he has no courage to go in. Once again, he took a deep breath and then open his car door. He slowly make his way up to her doorstep. Rachel was already expecting him and then open the door for him. Then both of them sit inside Rachel's house on the couch.
Rachel: So..what is it?
Love: Okay. Before I tell you this I need to know. Do you really really love me?
Rachel: Of course.
Love: More than anything?
Rachel: Yes.
Love: Even if I'm a bad guy?
Rachel: Well, that depends on how bad you are.
Love: Rachel, I'm not like what you think I am. I'm a...a...
Love thinking: Come on. Say it.
Rachel: A what? Gay?
Love: What? Of course not.
Rachel giggling: Sorry. Was just messing with ya. So...yeah..go on.
Love: A god.
Rachel was silent for awhile. Then she began to talk.
Rachel: A god?
Love: Yes. A love god.
Rachel: W-wait a minute. You're meaning the God? The one like up in the heavens? That God?
Love: Look, I know it's hard to believe but yes. I work for The Father. The master of all Gods. I was sent from him to learn about you guys. Humans basically. I did not mastered my ability and my performance as a Love God failed. So he asked me to come down here to learn what's love all about. And..I found you. I finally know how to love someone. All because thanks to you Rachel.
He hold Rachels' hand.
Love: I don't mean to hide things from you. I'm just scared that you'll leave me and I do not want that to happen. Seriously.
Then Rachel took her hand away.
Rachel: You're not joking?
Love: You think I am?
Rachel: Of course I thought you were because...this is all crazy. You think this is some sort of fantasy going on? I'm in a reality world right?
Love: Listen. I know. I know this sounds crazy. Another thing I need to tell you is that Martin. He is Satan. He is called Satan of Hatred. My enemy. He wants your pure heart. That's why I said he is dangerous. He wants to turn you to evil. Once he has your pure heart, he will kill you and take over heaven.
Rachel: Woah, woah. This is all so sudden and crazy. Stop. I can't absorb everything in one whole shot.
Love: I'm sorry. But that's the whole thing. And..I can't be with you. The Gods are all furious. We are not suppose to get close to human so what more in coupling up?
Rachel:'re gonna break up with me?
Love: Rachel. I'm just asking you to be prepare for the worst. Who knows what they might do to us.
Then Rachel nod her head. Although she think that she has gone nuts. But what can she do? Nothing. After that, they went out. They went to the shopping mall. They walk and walk. After that, Rachel needs to go to the restroom. She went in. After making her bussiness, she went in front of the mirror to straighten up her looks. But something looks wrong. Her refelection is moving by itself. She got freak out but then she find herself being drag into the mirror slowly. The funniest thing is, she isn't struggling. Outside the restroom, Love was waiting for her. He waited couple of minutes but still no sign of her coming out from the restroom. Love was beginning to get worried. A girl came out from the restroom. Love went to her.
Love: Excuse me. Is there anyone inside?
Girl: No. No one.
Love thinking: No one?
Love: Thank you.
As soon as the girl went off, Love quickly dash inside and shout.
Love shout: Rachel! Rachel!
Then Love saw a portal at the mirror. He jsut went inside then not long after that, he found himself at a familiar place. His home. Heaven.
Love thinking: This portal leads to here?
Love continue walking and saw Dionysus. God of wing. As usual. He was drinking. Love walk to him.
Love:Dionysus,where's Father?
The Father: I'm expecting you. Follow me.
Love walk up to The Father.
Love: I know you have taken her here. Where is she?
Tha Father: Calm down Love. I'm not your enemy. But I really need to teach both of you a lesson.
Love: Listen. She has nothing to do with this.
Father: Really?
Then ThE Father lead Love to a place where they call cell in their heaven. Love saw Rachel was being tied up. And she was lifeless.
Love shout: Rachel!
Love turn to The Father and said.
Love: What are you doing? You guys aren't mean. And this is not how you're suppose to treat humans. They even look up to you.
Tha Father: Yes. But if someone disobey the law, this is what that person will get.
Love: She's just a normal girl. Please. The person who disobeyed you is me. Not her.
The Father: It seems that you have learn something when you're down there.
Love: Please. I'm so sorry. Just..let her go. I beg you.
The Father: If you love her a lot, let her go. I'll sent both of you back down. And you have learn enough. After you send her off, you're wanted up here. So make it quick. And please erase her memory.
Love: Understood Father.
The Father snap his finger. Then within a flash, Love found himself on earth again at the park near Rachel's house. He saw Rachel lying on the ground. He quickly went to her. He lift her up gently calling her name. Rachel slowly open up her eyes.
Rachel: Lionelle?
Love: Yes. I'm here. Don't worry.
Rachel:Where am I?
Love: At the park near your house. You're safe now. Don't worry.
Rachel: What happened? I pictured heaven just now.
Love: That's because you're really in heaven. It's a warning just now. Look. I seriously am sorry Rachel. But I can't be with you. They already hurt you just now and I do not want anything to happen to you anymore. I'm going back up to heaven. Maybe after today, you won't be seeing me anymore.
Rachel: What? No..How am I suppose to go on. You're not by my side anymore.
Love: You won't even remember anything. I'm erasing your memory.
Rachel: Oh....okay.
Rachel was about to tear. Love wipe away her tears and put his forehead leaning on hers. Rachel close her eyes. She can smell him. Then she said.
Rachel: At least before you go....can I have a kiss?
Love nod. Then his lips and his lips slowly getting closer and soon touched. After that, Love just snap his finger and then everything went into a fog. And after a few minutes, Rachel open up her eyes, she found herself on her bed but the funniest thing is she can't remember what had just happened earlier. All she know is, she has to get ready for class.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A god that loves Ep.11

Rachel waited patiently at the park near her house. She was tapping her leg. Then she talk to herself.
Rachel: Lionelle. I was thinking lately. I and you have become closer and...I think I'm starting to have feelings for you.
Rachel shook her head.
Rachel: No no. That's too straight. Okay....sigh. Lionelle, what do you think about me? You know? Accept as a friend?
She shook her head again. Then when she turn, she saw Love. She was shock.
Rachel: Lionelle. long have you been standing there?
Love: I just came.
Rachel: Oh...okay.
Love: So..what is it that you wanted to tell me?
Rachel: You go first.
Love: You asked me to come out first so you go first.
Rachel: Fine. Um...I actually. Okay, here goes. Promise me you won't get freaked out over this okay?
Love: Promise.
Rachel: Okay. Lionelle, what do you think about me?
Love: What do you mean?
Rachel: I mean, like...accept a friend, is there anything else you wanna tell me?
Love: Um....
Rachel: Okay, I'll be honest. I feel that this past few days we're spending most of the time together and we're becoming closer. I just thought maybe you know...I mean..I kinda have that feeling.
Love thinking: Don't tell me...
Rachel: I think I might fallen in love with you.
Love: What?
Rachel: I know...Please....don't freaked out yet. I just thought that I should tell you. Maybe that's the reason why I can't accept Martin.
Love: Martin? He asked you to be his girlfriend?
RacheL: Not exactly but he did tell me he likes me.
Love: Oh....Rachel, I'm sorry. I can't be your boyfriend.
Rachel: Why not?
Love: You don't understand. I have restrictions.
Rachel: What?
Love: I'm forbidden to like anyone.
Rachel: What are you talking about?
Love: I'm so sorry. I can't tell you now. What I wanna tell you now is actually to tell you that I feel the same way too but I can't be with you.
Rachel: I don't understand why can't you. You love me the same too right.
Love: I know Rachel, but I'm sorry.
Rachel shout: Fine! Just... stay away from me then. I'm gonna go tell Martin I accept him. I knew you're gonna tell me this!
Then when Rachel wanted to walk away, Love...
Love thinking: Am I really gonna let her walk off like this?
Then Love walk to her and grab her arm. He pull her towards him and then he hug her. Rachel was stun at the moment. Then Love talk.
Love: I'm sorry. I know I'm selfish. I shouldn't say that.
Rachel sobbing: I really really like you.
Love: Me too okay Rachel.
Then Rachel look up to Love.
Rachel: Then couple up with me.
Love couldn't resist her beautiful eyes and her silky hair. He kiss her forehead and then said...
Love: Alright. We'll couple up.
Rachel smile and continue hugging him. The next day in college. Both of them as usual went to class. Time goes by. Martin is watching them each and everyday time to time. He is getting more and more angrier at Love for making Rachel coupling up with him. Now is even more harder to get her apart from him. One day, Love send Rachel home and he headed home after that. He went inside his house and then suddenly, Zeus was there.
Love: Woah. You scared me
Zeus: What the heck are you doing?
Love: What?
Zeus: Didn't Father told you...
Love: Look, I know. But please. I really really love her.
Zeus: Nonsense. Love. Have you forgotten why did you come down to earth?
Love: Of course not. I still remember. To learn about the humans.
Zeus: And? What have you been doing lately? Tackling a girl? Make her yours? Dating? We have no time to wait for you Love. Times running out. Soon, Satan will take over heaven.
Love: Look, I'm trying to save this girl. Poseidon says that she has a pure heart and Satan of Hatred is gonna take it from her and turn her to be evil. I can't let that happen. But in the other hand I also love her.
Zeus: You shall not do that. I order you by this afternoon that your love for her will fade and be gone. If not, you or her will face a terrible destruction from Father. This is a warning Love.
Love: I can't do that. I love her. I just coupled up with her. Zeus, I beg of you please. Give us a chance to be together. I....I haven't found happiness in my life. Until now.
Zeus: This is insane. That's final. Bye.
Then slowly, Zeus fade away.
Love: Zeus. No...Zeus wait.
Then Love just hit the wall. All he know was he is gonna be dead meat soon.
Love thinking: What am I gonna do now?
Love felt like whatever he is gonna do next is not gonna please The Father. He is gonna couple up with Rachel whether his people likes it or not.
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A god that loves Ep.10

They reach the rooftop. Love was puzzled what did Rachel wanted to do there. Rachel went to the edge of the rooftop and shout. Love quickly grab her hand.
Love: Hey. What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Rachel: No. I'm not. I'm shouting out my problems.
Love: Huh?
Rachel: Obviously you do not know what am I doing. Normally people will come here and shout when they have problems. It will make you feel better. Really.
Love: Are you sure?
Rachel: You can always try.
Love went to the edge of the rooftop. Same line with Rachel. Rachel look at him as he is looking out to the open air. He took a deep breath and then...
Love shout: Aaaaaahhhhh!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!
Rachel was giggling and then she follow the same.
Rachel & Love shout: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
Then both of them started laughing. Both of them sit down on the rooftop.
Rachel: I didn't know you could shout that well.
Love: Yeah. Me either.
Then they both went silent. After that Love look at Rachel and say,
Love: Rachel, thank you.
Rachel just smile and say...
Rachel: Don't worry. You did it yourself too.
Then back at the class. Rachel receive a text message from Martin asking her to join her for lunch time. Rachel reply back that she is joining Love for lunch. After that, during lunch time. They were eating together. Martin walk to their table.
Martin: Mind if I join in?
Both of them look up. Rachel smile at him.
Rachel: Sure.
Then Martin sit down next to Rachel.
Love thinking: I didn't said anything about him joining us here. Stupid.
Martin: So Rachel, I see you're quite busy with Lionelle here.
Love: is a bit down lately. I just wanna spent more time with him.
Martin: Oh..Down?
Rachel: I don't think I should be the one telling you about it. It's his problem so I do not wanna spread anything about it.
Love: I appreciate your courtesy here but I don't need your concern Martin.
Rachel: Lionelle?
Martin:Oh...don't need to lecture him Rachel. He obviously has a problem with me.
Love: I do. And if you ever hurt Rachel you're gonna get it.
Rachel shout: Lionelle! Enough!
Then Love just strom off. Rachel turn to Martin.
Rachel: I'm so sorry about that. His mood isn't good lately. I have to go after him. I'll see you other time.
Then Rachel just took off. Martin grew even more angry. Rachelle chase Love.
Rachel: Hey. Wait.
Finally she caught up with Love.
Rachel: Hey.
Love: What?
Rachel: Why do you need to walk off like that.
Love: I hate him okay?
Rachel: I didn't ask you to like him.
Love: Rachel, I hate him. Why are you being so nice to him?
Rachel: I don't know. He's good to me.
Love: He is just pretending. Sooner or late he is gonna hurt you.
RacheL;Alright genius. How is he gonna hurt me?
Love: He's gonna...
Then he pause. He remembered that he is not allowed to tell any humans about this and not to even get close to a human. As a matter of fact Poseidon was right about he is being close with Rachel now. And that's bad.
Rachel: What? Why you stopped?
Love: I can't tell you how...I'm...nevermind. Just leave me alone now.
Then he walk away from Rachel.
Rachel thinking: He is one weird guy.
Then that evening, Rachel was on her laptop. She don't see Love online. She send him a text message.
Rachel's message: Hey. Are you okay? I was thinking about meeting up.
Then after awhile, Rachel's phone made a sound. It's from Love.
Love's message: Okay.
Rachel's message: I have something I need to tell you.
Then Rachel was getting excited. She's so nervous. This few days, she's feeling that she and Love has become close and the reason why she can't accept Martin is because maybe she's just attracted to Love.
Love's message: Okay. See you at the park near your house. Bye.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A god that loves Ep.9

Love went back home after college without Rachelle. Somehow he did not have the mood to follow Rachelle to Martin's house. After Melody is taken by someone else, he felt like his whole world is meaningless. At Rachelle's, she was out with Martin the whole afternoon then went to his house to rest up.
Martin: So, shall we rest first before I send you home?
Rachelle: Sure.
Then Martin went inside his room and invited Rachelle in. Rachelle is scared. She don't know what will Martin do to her but somehow, she feels like it could not be that bad. So she went in. She look around the room observing it.
Martin: So, what do you think?
Rachelle: a bedroom. Hah.
Rachelle giggle a little. Then Martin took her hand and pull her gently to his bed. Both of them sit down on his bed, Still rubbing her hand.
Martin: You have a soft skin.
Rachelle: Thanks.
Martin: Rachelle....I really love you. I wanna be with you. How I wish I can rub your hands like this all day long.
Rachelle: I...
Rachelle thinking: Why can't I accept him? Something is really wrong with me. This guy has been paying attention to me for the couple of weeks and I have never given him a positive response. Is something wrong with me? Or do I like someone else?
Rachelle: Sorry Martin.I'm not feeling well. Can you take me home?
Martin:Oh..Okay. I'm sorry. Let's go.
Then Martin send her home. Outside her house.
Martin: Still not feeling well?
Rachelle: Yeah. I think I should get some sleep. Probably I did not have enough sleep.
Martin: Alright then. I'll call you.
Rachelle: Okay.
Then when she was about to go out, Martin said...
Martin: Hey.
Rachelle turn.
Martin: I won't give up.
Rachelle just smile and went out of the car. She wave goodbye and start to walk inside her house. At the car, Martin's smile faded and his expression change to anger. Then suddenly a black figure came from the back. It's Satan of Demon.
Demon: Hatred, you're taking your own sweet time.
Martin: I know your highness but I still need time to build up my power.
Demon shout: Curse you!
Demon: You have enough power to take on a normal humans heart. Her heart is no difference from the rest of them. You don't need enough time. If you're gonna take your own sweet time, the Gods are gonna be more powerful than all of us Satan. Even I, my power is decreasing. I need more. I need her pure heart.
Martin: I'll try to master up my skills and ability your Highness. Please, just a little more time.
Demon: Fine, but then I need you to do an extra thing. Your enemy, Love is always with her. Take him and rip him apart if you have to.
Martin: Don't worry about that. I will tear down whoever is in my way.
Then Martin's smile grew even wider. Back at Rachelle, she was changing to her nightgown. She on her laptop and she saw Love online. She smile to herself. She click on his nickname and begin chatting.
Rachelle's message: Hi. Still awake at this time of night?
Rachelle waited patiently for his reply. Then Love replied.
Love's message: Yeah. What about you?
Rachelle's message: I just came back from the outing with Martin.
Love's message: That's pretty late don't you think?
They chatted awhile and then went offline. The next day in college, Rachelle came in the class and saw Love was already there sitting down there. She went there and wave at him.
Rachelle: Hey. Feeling better today?
Love: Um...maybe.
Rachelle: Come on. What's wrong? You can tell me.
Love: Nothing.
Rachelle: Serious. It's not like you to hide secrets and not to tell me anything. Come on.
Love: Really. It's nothing.
Then the teacher came in and they start the class.
Rachelle thinking: I'm gonna ask him again later.
Then at lunch break, Rachelle was looking for Love. He spotted him sitting under a big tree. She sigh and went there.
Rachelle: Are you avoiding me?
Love turn.
Love: No.
Then she sit down next to him.
Rachelle: What's wrong?
Love: Nothing. Really.
Rachelle: Alright. Enough with that `nothing is wrong'crap. Spit it out.
Love: What?
Rachelle: Seriously. You have to tell me, if not, I won't stop bugging you.
Love: Sigh...alright. Remember the girl I said I have feelings for? She is already taken by someone else.
Rachelle: Oh. I'm sorry.
Love: Don't worry about it.
Rachelle: There's still many fishes in the sea right?
Love: I guess.
Rachelle: Come. Follow me.
Rachelle grab his arm.
Love: Where are we going?
Rachelle: To the roof top.
Love thinking: Roof top?
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A god that loves Ep. 8

Rachelle took Love home. Both of them sat down on the couch.
Rachelle: I'll get you some water.
Love: I'll be in the bathroom.
Then both of them get up. Love went to the bathroom. He calls out Poseidon. Poseidon came down and he was looking at his surrounding.
Poseidon: You could have call me in a better place don't you think.
Love: She's outside.
Poseidon: She?
Love: Rachelle.
Poseidon: Hmm, I see your relationship with her has gotten stronger.
Love: That's ridicoulous. Anyway, I want to tell you and ask you something. Do I have any special powers?
Poseidon: Of course. Every God has it.
Love: Oh. I saved Rachelle from a car accident this afternoon and then there's a shining light came from the palm of my hand. I wonder what's that.
Poseidon: Means you have mastered part of your powers and the purpose of your kind.
Love: Really? Hmm. And one more thing. I don't know what's Hatred up to. He didn't hurt Rachelle at all.
Poseidon: Because he hasn't mastered his powers as well. He can't. He needs to be powerful to transform Rachelle's heart to evil.
Love: I see.
Then there was a knock on the bathroom door.
Rachelle: Lionelle?
Love whisper: Oh no. You better go.
Poseidon whisper: Yeah. I know. Reminder, not to get close to her.
Love whisper: Yes yes. Now go already.
Then Poseidon vanish. Love open the door.
Love: Yes?
Rachelle: Are you okay?
Love: Yes, why did you asked?
Rachelle: I heard something just now. Like you were talking to someone.
Love: Oh, I was just talking to my dad on the phone.
Rachelle: Oh, I'm so sorry I interuppted your conversation.
Love: No, it's fine.
Rachelle: Come. I need to wipe some cream on your back.
Then when Rachelle open his shirt, she was shock.
Rachelle: Huh? That's weird.
Love: What?
Rachelle: I remembered you hit the curb right? But there's no scar.
Love thinking:What?
Love: Are you sure?
Rachelle: Of course I'm sure. Don't you feel any pain?
LOve: As a matter of fact, no.
Love thinking: Is this another of my power?
Rachelle: But I swore I did saw...
Love: Look, it's better this way right?
Rachelle: Hmm, yeah I guess.
So Rachelle and Love talk the whole afternoon.
Rachelle: And then yeah, you saw that part. The part where he dumped me.
Love: He's a total jerk.
Rachelle: Yeah, I agree. So...what about you? Do you have any girlfriends before?
Love: Well, no. I have someone in mind, but it's a tough competition.
Rachelle: How come? Is there some other guys after her?
Love: There's a lot but she and me are super close.
Rachelle: I see. Hmmm, the person whom I'm close with now are you and Martin.
Love: Speaking of Martin, do you really like him?
Rachelle: I don't know. Sometimes. Here and there.
Love: Rachelle, I did told you before that he is dangerous. But if you really like him then I can't do anything about it. But please, do not give your full heart to him okay?
Rachelle: I don't understand. Do you have something against him?
Love: No. I'll tell you when the time is right.
Then that night, Love was talking to Melody.
Melody: You saved her?
Love: Yeah, it was amazing. You know, I saw this shining light coming out from my palms. Poseidon said it's some sort of sign saying that I'm close to mastering my powers. That means, the time of mean seeing you is coming.
Melody: That's..great.
Then Love look at Melody. Something is bothering her.
Love: What's wrong Melody?
Melody: Love. I'm taken.
Love: Taken?
Melody: I belong to someone elses now. I'm sorry.
Melody: I can't wait for you. I'm really sorry.
LovE: I told you I'll come back.
Melody: I know but...Love...I'm so sorry.
Love: Sorry, I have to go now.
Then he off his hologram. He could not believe what he had just heard. He felt like everything has fallen apart. The next day, he went to class. He was quiet. Rachelle look at him but could not see his faCE. His face was burried with his arms. Then the teacher came in and as usual the days and classes goes on as usual. During cafeteria time.
Rachelle: What happened to you? Didn't you get enough sleep?
Love: I'm fine.
Rachelle: Okay.
Then Martin came up.
Martin:Hi Rachelle.
Rachelle: Oh hi Martin.
Martin: I'll see you after class Rachelle?
Rachelle: Oh yeah. See ya.
Then he head off.
Love: Going somewhere?
Rachelle: Going to his house.
Love: His house?
Rachelle: Don't worry. I remembered what you said. Not to give my whole heart fully. I know. I get it.
KRING! School bell.
Rachelle: Come on. Let's go.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

A god that loves Ep. 7

Rachelle: I really do not understand. Why does he keeps on saying you're a bad person?
Martin: Well, maybe he is jealous.
It was on Monday morning in college. Rachelle was talking to Martin about Love's bad behaviour.
Rachelle:Jealous? Whatsoever for?
Martin: I don't know. I'm just saying.
Rachelle: This really has to stop. I'll see you after class.
Martin: Okay.
Rachelle went off. Then she went back to her class. She saw Love there. She took a deep breath and just walk to her seat and sit down. Love look at her and then away. After class, Love wanted to talk to Rachelle alone. But as soon as he packed up his bags, putting in his books in his bag, she was already gone.
Love thinking: That's fast. Where did she go? I have to find her.
At Rachelle, she was having lunch with Martin at the cafeteria. They were at the counter ordering and waiting.
Martin: So Rachelle. I don't really see you with Lionelle recently. I do hope nothing happened between the both of you because of me.
Rachelle: Oh. Don't worry about it. Nothing happened. Just that I prefer not to be close with him in the meantime since he's acting immature.
Martin: Oh okay.
Then suddenly, there's a voice. It was Lionelle calling Rachelle. Rachelle and Martin turn.
Love: I knew you'll be here.
Love look at Martin with a fierce expression.
Love: Why did you dash off so fast?
Rachelle: I'm eating lunch with Martin okay?
Love: Rachelle, I need to talk to you.
Martin: She does not want to talk to you.
Love: You stay out of this.
Rachelle shout: Lionelle!
Love face Rachelle.
Love: What?
Rachelle: He's right. I don't.
Love: But Rachelle.
Rachelle: Just leave. I need to cool down. Things with you recently are making me more and more pissed and I do not want it to worsen. So just leave.
Love: Rachelle, I really really need to talk to you.
Then Martin just grab Love's arm to one corner where there's no one there. When they reach there, a slight pain on Love's chest begin again. The same exact pain that he felt.
Love shout: Argh!
Love fell to the ground.
Martin: Let me give you a warning Love.If you ever disturb her again and tries to bring my plan down, you're gonna be dead. You'll feel even more pain than this so don't try to do anything stupid if not...
Martin pull Love's hair. Love of course was in a lot of pain. He is struggling and grunting.
Martin: I will kill you.
Then Martin let Love's hair go and walks away. Love could not stand up first but after awhile he slowly help himself up.
Love thinking: Rachelle...Oh no.
After class, Love saw Rachelle packing her bags and ready to go off. Love grab her arm.
Rachelle: Hey.
Love: Listen. I really really need to talk to you.
Rachelle: I do not have the time. So will you just let me go.
Love shout: No!
Rachelle look at him with an angry look.
Love: I don't wanna lose you Rachelle. I'm scared when will I ever have the chance.
Rachelle: Fine. Make it fast then.
Then Love and Rachelle went to the college rooftop. Strong wind was blowing through their hairs.
Rachelle: Okay. We're here. Now talk.
Love: Rachelle. I...I don't know how to say this.
Rachelle: Come on. I don't have all day.
Love: Do you love Martin Rachelle?
Rachelle: Why are you asking me this?
Love: I need to know.
Rachelle: Are you jealous or something?
Love:Jealous? Of course not.
Rachelle: Then why are you always telling me abouT Martin.
Love: I know that he is a bad guy and I want to prevent you from getting hurt by him. Seriously me.
Rachelle: I'm not here to hear about this crap.
Then Rachelle keeps on running down the stairs. And out of the college. Love was chasing after her. Rachelle was rushing. She didn't watch out on the road when there's a car coming straight towards her. Love saw that and quickly push her away. Both of them roll on the road but Love was unlucky. His back hit a curb. He grunt again. Rachelle saw that. She was scared and worried. She quickly tries to get up and she run towards Love.
Rachelle: Oh my god. Lionelle. Are you okay? Oh no. I have to take you the the hospital.
Then Love grab her arm again.
Love: I'm fine.
Rachelle: Lionelle. That was the best thing anyone has ever done for me. You could have killed yourself but you never hessitate.
Rachelle hugged him while sobbing.
Rachelle sobbing: I'm so sorry. Please...forgive me. I'm sorry I was mean to you.
Love: No Rachelle. It's okay.
Then suddenly he saw his hands having light and was brighter than usual.
Love thinking: What is this? Is this some kind of my power? Does this mean?
Rachelle then wake him up from his dream.
Love:Did you say something?
Rachelle: Nothing. I just said let's go home.
Love: Oh..okay.
Love was still wondering what's that he just saw. He plans to ask Poseidon when he gets back.
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A god that loves Ep. 6

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon. Rachelle was getting ready for her outing with Martin. Then not long after, Martin came and pick her up at her house. Love was hiding behind a tree. Spying on them. Then when Rachelle went into Martin's car and drives off, Love followed them from behind. Inside the car.
Martin: So..where do you want to go?
Rachelle: Um..anywhere will do.
So Martin took Rachelle here and there. They went for a movie, drove to grab lunch and then went to the park. The whole way Love was following them.
Love thinking: Hmm, no sign of him doing anything to her yet. Is he really gonna do anything to her? Or...does he really love her?
Then Love quickly hide behind the bushes when he saw Rachelle and Martin walking over to his direction. Then he hear their conversation.
Martin: This is a beautiful place isn't it?
Rachelle: It sure is if you're here with a person you love.
Martin turn to face Rachelle.
Martin: Do me?
Rachelle turn to face Martin.
Rachelle: Huh? I don't mean...
Martin: Rachelle.
Martin hold her hand.
Martin: Do you love me?
Love was thinking.
Love thinking: What? What kind of question is that? They barely even know each other.
Rachelle: But Martin. We barely even know each other and... well...I...
Martin: I called you out today is because I realise that you're so beautiful and attractive. And I've heard a lot about you. I thought we could get to know each other more and maybe we could be a couple.
Rachelle: What? Um...
Martin: Rachelle..It's okay. I understand. I'll send you home.
Then Martin walked away. Rachelle feel bad but she followed him. Then Love came out from the bushes and just look at both of them and headed to his car. So Martin took Rachelle home. In fron of her house. Still inside the car.
Rachelle: Um... Thanks. For the ride.
Martin: No problem.
A sound of silence.
Rachelle: Sigh, Martin. You're really not a bad guy. You're cool.'s just...I'm not really ready for any relationship at the moment. I just broke up with my ex and...
Martin: I understand. I'll wait.
Rachelle: You'll what?
Martin: I'll wait for you Rachelle.
Rachelle: Um...
Martin: Is there someone else on your mind?
Rachelle: No...of course not.
Martin: Good. So I still have a chance do I?
Rachelle: Um..I guess.
Martin: Good. That's all I wanna hear. I'll see you tomorrow.
Rachelle: Yeah. See you.
Then she walk to her house. Martin already left. Then when she turn to her house and walk, she saw Love. Love saw her and then he get up.
Love: Had a nice outing?
Rachelle: What are you doing here? I thought I told you not to come.
Love: Well, I was worried about you.
Rachelle: There's nothing to be worried about okay?
Love: You don't know that.
Rachelle: Look, Love. I'm not a baby. I'm not your daughter and I'm nothing to you. Why are you being so nice to me?
Love: You're my friend. I'm just being nice.
Rachelle: You can be nice. But don't control my life. Okay? I told you Martin is a good guy. Stop worrying.
Love: Good guy? He grabbed you that day and you felt pain. Ring a bell?
Rachelle: Yes and he apologise okay? The whole day I was out with him, he's fine. He was okay. He is just some normal guy asking a girl out on a date. Alright? He said he loves me.
Love: He? Hah. He loves you?
Then Love laugh.
Rachelle: What? What's so funny? You think it's funny that a guy will like a girl like me?
Love: I didn't say that. It's just funny that he can love someone.
Rachelle: Look, I had it with you. I'm going home.
Love: Alright. I'll see you in class.
Rachelle didn't say anything and head home. Love then walk to his car and drives away. When he reach his house, he was confuse. Why didn't Hatred did not make any move and hurt Rachelle when he had the chance to?
Love thinking: Did he knows I'm there?
Then next day, in class. Love was waiting for Rachelle at her seat. Then she walk in and a person was walking beside her. It was...
Love thinking: No. Martin?
Then Rachelle came in the class. Martin walk by the class and was looking at Love. Martin's lips grew wider giving Love an evil smile and walk away. Then Rachelle came sitting down on her seat without looking at Love.
Love: Good morning.
Rachelle: Oh...morning.
Love: Rachelle, look. I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry if I upset you.
Rachelle did not response.
Love: But Rachelle. Really, I'm telling you that Martin is a bad guy.
Rachelle: Look, I appreciate if you wanna apologise to me but not telling me who is good and bad. I will know it on my own thank you.
Then she gets up from her seat and walk out from the class. Love just sigh and he knew that he is gonna lose her if he don't act fast.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A god that loves Ep. 5

Rachelle: Are you sure you're okay?
Love: Yes, I'm fine.
It was a Wednesday afternoon when Love just met Saitan of Hatred.
Love thinking: What does he meant by Rachelle is his? I better ask Poseidon.
After college, Love went back to his house. He tries to call out Poseidon. Poseidon heard his cry and came down to see him. Love told Poseidon everything there is to know about what the Saitan of Hatred told Love.
Poseidon: They want that girl.
Love: Why?
Poseidon: Love, you see. In this world, there are good and evil. Rachelle is a good girl with a pure heart. Hatred wants to bring her to hell. He wants to transform her to be evil like them. Once a pure heart has sucessfully transform, things will turns out ugly.
Love: How ugly?
Poseidon: Very. They will become powerful. They may even take us down because they have a pure heart with them.
Love: Really? Then, I have to protect Rachelle?
Poseidon: I'm afraid you alone won't do.
Love: What do you mean by that? Come on. I can take Hatred down with just a snap of a finger.
Poseidon: Listen Love. He is just not some normal demon that you can defeat with your ability. You have not mastered your ability fully yet.
Love: I am gonna do that now right?
Poseidon:Even so, you can't defeat him.
Love: I will.
Poseidon:I'll inform Father. By then just be by her side.
Love: Don't worry. I'll protect her.
Then Poseidon vanish. Love plop down onto his bed facing the ceiling. Suddenly a flash of Hatred's face just shows up at the ceiling and again that pain on his chest came back. He hold his chest again and breath heavily.
Love thinking: This is bad.
The next day, Rachelle was getting ready again for another day in college. She went to her locker. She opened it. Suddenly a voice talk to her.
Voice: Hey.
Rachelle turn. It's Martin again.
Rachelle:'s you.
Martin: Yeah. Listen. I'm sorry about yesterday. I...I was too hard on you. I just want to hang out with you that's all. You know, getting to know you and such.
Rachelle: Oh...well. You'll have your chance okay? I'm just not free at the moment.
Martin: Is it because of that guy you're always hanging out with?
Rachelle: No. And his name is not just `that guy' . His name is Lionelle.
Martin: Sorry. I was just hoping that you could hang out with me.
Rachelle: Don't worry about it. You will.
Rachelle wanted to walk but Martin again grab her arm. Rachelle look at his hand. Martin realise thAT and quickly just let her arm go.
Martin: Sorry. Please just...this Saturday?
Rachelle: Martin I...
Martin: Please?
Rachelle just sigh and said...
Rachelle: Oh all right.
Martin: Thanks.
Rachelle: Just this once okay?
Martin: [Promise.
Rachelle: Alright. See you around.
Then she walk off. Martin smile at himself.
Martin: Anytime now Rachelle. Hehehe.
Back at Rachelle's class. She saw Love sitting down at his place. She smile. Somehow she felt so relieve seeing him. Then she make her way to her seat. She sat down look at Love and said...
Rachelle: Hi.
Rachelle look at Love. Observing his face.
Rachelle thinking: Is he okay?
Rachelle: Lionelle?
Love: HUH?
Rachelle: Is something bothering you?
Love: No. Nothing.
Rachelle: Oh..okay. Anyway, remember that guy Martin?
Love look at Rachelle.
Love: What about him?
Rachelle: He asked me out.
Love: What?
Rachelle: What? Are you jealous or something?
Love thinking: I should act cool.
Rachelle: He asked me out and I said yes.
Love: Are you sure you wanna go out with him? He looks dangerous.
Rachelle: Don't worry. He can't do anything to me.
Love thinking: That's what you think.
Love: Rachelle, I don't think you should risk yourself to go out with him.
Rachelle giggling: Relax Lionelle. It's just an outing. Nothing much. Don't worry about it.
Love: I'll come with you.
Rachelle: Nah. I'll go myself. I don't want him to get the wrong idea. Just relax okay? I appreciate you're worried and all Lionelle but I'm not a baby and I can take care of myself.
Love thinking: Fine.
Love: Okay.Just be careful.
Rachelle: Don't worry.
Love thinking: I think I'll follow her from behind on that day.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A god that loves Ep. 4

Rachelle's eye's move. Then she slwoly open up her eyes. She look around and slowly work her way up. And she look around again.
Rachelle thinking: Isn't this my house?
Voice: Oh, you're awake.
Rachelle turn and she saw Love.
Love: I brought you some porridge. I thought maybe you need some.
Rachelle look at Love and the porridge then to Love again.
Rachelle: Um, why aren't you wearing your shirt?
Love: I took it to the laundry since you know, you vommited on it.
Rachelle: I what?
Love: You don't remember? You vommited on it.
Rachelle: I did?
Love: Looks like you don't.
Rachelle: Sigh, I'm sorry. I don't know what has gotten into me. I....sigh..I'm sorry.
Love: Don't worry about it. Now, the porridge.
Rachelle: Thanks.
Then Rachelle took the bowl but it is hot so she quickly let go of her hand.
Rachelle: Ouch.
Love: Careful. Here, let me help you.
Then Love pick up the bowl. He scoop up the porridge, blow it and feed Rachelle. Rachelle look at Love.
RachellE thinking: He's so sweet.
After everyrthing was done, Rachelle still sitting on the couch waiting for Love to finish washing up the plate. Then Love came and sit down next to her.
Rachelle: Lionelle. Thanks for everything. I appreciate it. And...sorry...for your shirt. Come, I'll lend you my shirt.
Love: No, Rachelle, just sit okay? Relax. I'm fine and don't worry about it.
Rachelle: No really. I feel horrible. I made you worried and I'm not even close to you. Really sorry.
Love hold Rachelle's shoulder with his two hand.
Love: Seriously. Stop. You are making things hard on yourself.
Rachelle smile.
Rachelle: You know, you're a sweet person. I'm sure a lot of girls would fall for you.
Love took his hands away from her shoulder.
Love: Seriously?
Rachelle: Yeah. Well, I took care of me and did so many things. I barely even know you.
Love: Well, didn't you did the same thing to me? You be friended me since the first day right?
Rachelle: (Giggle) Yeah, I guess.
Love: Thanks for that.
Then they both begin to talk more and more. That night, Love was talking to Melody again.
Love: Maybe, I could go back to heaven earlier. I feel like I'm beginning to learn what's love is all about after all. I mean, how much longer do I have to stay here and learn?
Melody: Maybe a few more days. Who knows? Why are you so eager to come back to heaven anyway?
Love: Why? To see you of course.
Melody just kept quiet.
Love: Melody?
Melody: Yeah?
Love: I really really wanna be with you. Will you give me a chance?
Melody: Oh Love, I really don't mind but, you know how the other Gods are about this. You need to learn and master your own ability.
Love: I know. When I get back I'm already fully complete. So, by then, I can be with you.
Melody: Hope so.
Love: Please. Wait for me okay?
Melody: I...
Love: I take that as a yes.
Melody just sigh. Somehow she can't promise him anything. The next day, Love was usual at his seat. Same goes for the other students. Love look at Rachelle. Rachelle look at him too and smile. He smile back at her. Then during lunch time, as usual, Love and Rachelle were eating and hanging out together. Then there was this guy came to their table.
Guy: Hi.
Rachelle and Love look up.
Guy: You are Rachelle aren't you?
Rachelle: Err...yes.
Guy:Hi, my name is Martin. I was hoping if you would consider my offer. Can you hang out with me after college?
Rachelle: Huh? Err. I dont' even know you.
Martin: Why, you will know me after college then. We can get to know each other very well.
Martin was grabbing her hand. Rachelle felt that Martin was rough on her.
Rachelle: Hey, let me go.
Love was angry at Martin so he took his hand of her wrist.
Love: Hey, you're hurting her.
Then suddenly, a slight pain piercing Love's heart. He put his hand where his heart was. Gasping for air and his face has an expression of torture. Rachelle was worry about him.
Rachelle: Lionelle. Are you okay?
Martin smile to himself.
Love thinking: What's this I'm feeling?
Then Love, look at him. Martin was still smilling. Then suddenly, Love can hear Martin's voice in his head.
Martin's voice: Listen here Love. I know who you are. I'm Saitan of Hatred. Ring a bell?
Then Love's eye grew bigger. He remember Poseidon told him to stay away from him.
Martin's voice. I suggest you stay away from this girl. She's mine. She has a very pure heart and I'm gonna take her heart away from you Gods. She's gonna evil like us.
Then a wicked laugh repeating in Love's head which was driving him nuts. Then he grunt and fall to the ground. Rachelle was shock but still holding him.
Rachelle: Lionelle. What's wrong?
Then Marting just walk away. Love look at him when he walks away. Then he has the energy to get up. Rachelle help him up.
Rachelle: What happened?
Love: Sorry. Suddenly I felt pain. But don't worry about it. I'm fine now.
Rachelle: Oh my god. You got me so worried.
Love: Sorry.
Love thinking: I better keep an eye on him. Saitan of Hatred? This is bad.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine experience for the year 2011.

Hey everyone. How was your Valentine? Lolz. Sorry to those who were lonely and felt as if Valentines day are just a piece of crap but it is actually a wonderful thing when you have a partner you know?
My Valentines day wasn't much comparing to what Jimmy got in store for me but it could also have been worst. Lolz. All I'm trying to say is this. I don't really need a fantastic Valentines day since it wasn't even that great when it's a working day. I need the love of my boyfriend. But I will even let you guys know in order. Here goes.
First off, he drop me off at my house and rush off to do something. I went and get ready. I took my shower, straighten my hair and get all dressed up. Not long after that, he came in my house and also get changed. After that, we all went into his car and head off to the dinner location which was the exact same place and restaurant where my birthday in 2010 was. But I did not realise it at all. Hahaha. When he parked his car, I was getting ready to go to the restaurant but he was a little nervous. I as a matter of fact have no idea at that very moment on why is he acting all nervous and weird but then I got the slightest idea after a moment of silentness between him and me. He then asked me to hold on a second and open his boot. He asked me whether do I want to see it myself or I would want it as a surprise. I said I was nervous as well. So I closed my eyes and he swing his hand with the bouquet of flowers in front of me and said 'happy valentines day darling'. I opened up my eyes and there it was. 6 red roses in front of my eyes plus my favourite chocolate ferrero roucher. I was so amazed by it because I thought I would be receiving a much smaller bouquet of flowers. Then we head to the restaurant. As we sat down and waited for the waiter to come, there were no service at all. The whole thing went wrong during the dinner because of the service. I was happy that he made reservations as well.
After that we just well, go ahead with everything. The dinner ended up at 11 something which it wasn't part of the plan because I heard that he wanted to take me to the movies but well, it waS too late. And the other part was, the dinner, it wasn't feeling and it's like so damn expensive. Really not worth that amount at all. Don't really understand what was going on cause during my birthday, it was fine. Maybe they're lack of staffs. So we went to eat supper at mamak just to fill up our stomache and head home. And then time to open up the pressies. He gave me a fox plushy and a necklace. I gave him a valentine day card, an oscar saying the best lover, a lover plant tree and a box of decorative chocolate. So that wraps up that day. But the next day, it was a holiday so we went and catch a movie and watched 'no strings attached'. It's a really nice movie to watch if you're in love. Hahaha. He like it too. Alright. Have to stop now. That's basically what I did. So I hope you guys had fun too. Don't forget...Valentine day is not just about going out with someone you love or mainly just for couples. It's for everyone too.Happy belated Valentines day again!