Friday, January 14, 2011

The year 2011

Hey all. I feel it's been weeks since I last wrote. Anyway, the year 2010 was fantastic and great. I found a job and a new boyfriend. Sometimes I'm really lucky to find Felix. Felix is a great guy. He will never try to make me sad. Even if it is, it's unintentionally. It's not on purpose. All I know is that he will never leave me.
I love him so much and I feel that when he's with me 24/7, I feel like I'm the happiest girl on earth. I really feel likeI'm in a fairy tale world sometimes. But, that was in 2010. What lies behind 2011? Things starts to bother me and bad luck keeps on occuring to my friends and also to Felix yesterday.
Jennifer has lost her handphone and she's really sick and I mean terribly sick a few days back. She' not fully recovered yet but slowly recovering. And Felix knocked a car yesterday on the way going to work. I mean, what's the meaning of this? 2011, is it really a bad year?I do not wanna think like this. Everyone told me the year 2010 isn't over yet since Chinese New Year isn't here. I agree but it's close. These signs are really scary. It's like trying to warn me.
I was really moody yesterday in work during 1 something till 6p.m I was thinking about my future with Felix. Will I ever be happy with him? I know I am selfish at times. I know that I make him spend money on me. But why? Because I wanna know can he support me? With this type of salary, he should be able too because Jim did before but then now when I think back, Jimmy could take it because he never pays for my lunch and dinner. Only when we meet up then he'll have to fork out his money. But that isn't everyday. And this makes me loving Felix more because he is capable.
Another problem I really want now more than anything is to run a business with Felix that he and me wants and likes plus enjoy doing. I want to be famous. That was my goal since I was young. I thought I wanted to be like Britney Spears and that's why I formed a band. But now, I feel like my band members are not putting much effort into this band and I should just burn it. But I still don wanna give up hope in this. I have a problem with Afif too. This week is the first week I never seen him for a week. Probably because I need a break. Each time when I see him, I'll act moody and angry. I hAVE no idea why. But when I want to spend time with my friends, my friends have to tolerate with him. I really wonder why he can't seem to communicate with others when he's the one telling me that he has no friends. So weird. If he is complaining, please communicate when I bring friends to him. He is so picky and also difficult.Even the friends that he once was so close too, he ditched them and hate them. I feel like he really need some medical treatment.
Anyway, I wish, hope and pray hard that the year 2011 will be a much better year than 2010...although 2010 is already great and wonderful but I pray that 2011 will be much more greater than 2010.I wish all of you a Happy Chinese New year and will the year give all of us joy and prosperity. Gotta dash. Bye.