Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bye 2010 and hello 2011!~

Hey guys. Today is the 30th of December. And tomorrow will be the last day of 2010. Well, it's kinda sad to actually leave 2010 when things ACTUALLY turns out well. But just put aside me and Afif's situation. Am talking about my life and love life turns out to be pretty fine. Not to mention carreer wise too.
Saying hello to 2011 is a little scary,especially not knowing what's in stores for tigers. Lots of people don't believe in zodiacs and horoscopes but to me, I definitely believe in it. Anyhow, I do hope the year 2011 is gonna be great. I remember I was thrill and happy when 2010 was about to arrived. They made it big because of the number 10 at the back of the 2000. I guess this year isn't gonna be so great after all?
Me, Felix, Kok kean and some other of my friends plus Jen's friends are gonna go countdown tommorrow. (As usual) We were planning to go countdown in I-City. But we don't know where is it and the most scariest and risky part is, is there even gonna have fireworks there? If there's no fireworks there, I will be so upset.
Anyhow, I thought of going to Pavilion since the radio did annouced that there'll be fireworks plus performance. Anyway, this year, am gonna celebrate new year with my new boyfriend and I hope things turns out really well. I hope next year won't be like the year 2009. That's the most suckiest year.
Anyway, tomorrow is a holiday. A last minute holiday by the PM. So damn happy. I apply leave tomorrow, so it will be postponed to next monday half day. So weird. Lolz. Alright, I think that's all for now. Adios guys!~

Monday, December 20, 2010

Comic Fiesta and animation companies!

Hi all, Saturday was sooooooo tiring. I had a tough game on Friday night and then on Sat, I could not wake up. I was suppose to be at Times Sqaure to attend the comic fiesta event. But I went there at 1.00p.m But anyway, it was a good thing though because earlier the que for buying the admittance wristband.
I took a lot of pictures with my favourite characters such as organization 13, Final Fantasy 7,8.9 characters and Kingdom hearts characters. Well, met my previous company there too. Kinda funny though that somehow I kinda hate animation.
Sometimes I really really wonder did I pick the wrong course? I do appreciate everything especially my dad to put me in Lim Kok Wing. But then my skills isn't up to the standard that the industry wants. And the other suckiest thing is that, not even one industry can keep up to the market rate.I don't know why animation company pays so low. Kinda makes me pissed off so much, Anyway, I kinda had a bad news coming from my company. Ain't gonna blabber all out here. Another sucky thing. Sometimes I don't think I can trust anymore companies especially bosses who knows nothing about animation. Well I guess it's time to be smart.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What true friends really are.

Hey all, I guess lots of people really don't know how to be a true friend. I think the best pal in my life that stays and have the same exact ammount of frienshipness feeling is Jennifer. After when she came back from Aus, she bought all her friends souvenirs but I can see the most expensive souvenir that she bought is mine.
A kingdom hearts T-shirt? Wow. Gonna wear it this Sat. Anyway, about my title. Well, the whole week when Jennifer wasn't around. I realise who was my true friend. Jimmy and Jon wasn't with me. Never call me out. I guess they aren't really my close friends after all. I thought Jim is. Kinda dissapointed in him. I even found out a secret. But aint' gonna tell it here. The only circle of friends I have now are, Jen, Felix, Kenny, Jeremy and Afif. Others are just hi and bye and there must be a link. If not, they're not my friend.
I feel sometimes people just don't treasure us like how we treasure them. And life isn't fair most of the time. sIGH, especially Jim, how much I hated him when I found out a secret. Sometimes I really wish he could turn back and ask himself why did we break up in the first place? At least Afif knew he did something wrong. Jimmy always never do that and I think forever he will never understands. Like how much have we been through together. A slightest slash through his heart, he never even felt it.
And when he doesn't feel it, I just knew that he never truely loves me with all his heart. How can you even have feelings for another person when you just broke up with someone you love? What have I not done to make you change your heart so fast? I mean, isn't it enough, how much he had hurt me? At least I wish he could feel the pain when he broke up. Instead he falls for another girl. Sigh...But I know that girl will never love him back.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Does he?

Hi everyone. Again, its been awhile. Anyway, Afif finally found someone but the thing is, it wasn't him who decided to couple up. It's that girl.And the most funniest thing is that he told me he don't love her at all. It's just a doll to him. I know it is mean but I told him if he don't love her at all, just tell her off. He said he will and he still wants me.
Sometimes I get stressed up over all this. I know Felix is tolerating with Afif treating me like this. And I also know that Felix is very understanding over all this. Maybe he gets used to it. But seriously, I just want Afif as a friend ad a loving kor kor. I love him like a kor kor. The more he treats me like this makes me hates him even more. Sometimes I wish I didn't meet Afif.
I don't know what to believe anymore. Should I believe what Afif say or should I not?Sometimes I really wish he could change back to his normal self. Those days when all of us used to hang out. Now everyone hates him. Only me. Sigh, and Felix says I'm too kind. Even my friend, who just knew him didn't like him that much because of the way he treated me.
Sometimes I wonder. Will he ever change?