Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why working in Malaysia is like a hell hole?

Hey all. Man, how long has it been? Lolz. Anyway, I'm still working in the same company which I find it a little depressing now. Not just depressing but the feeling of dissapointment is starting to grow.
I thought when I came back from US, the job is gonna start soon. Now is already November and nothing is starting. No job at all. And sometimes I do not know what the heck to do when I come to work.
The other thing is that I kind of feel that the management is bad. Felix and I have been working really hard for our relationship in this company. As a profesional. Some people don't realise that. Now, again I've been hearing rumours and gossips about me and Felix. I mean, what is there to gossip? It's not like they have not seen any couples in their lives? I know that Felix has not been working well after coupling up with me but at least he is really trying his best to mantain steady. Mantain his relationship and mantain his carreer. Now I'm hearing he might lose his position? What? Just because of the issue of coupling? That's like so ridicolous. So does that mean there's no such thing in coupling up in this place? Man, don't tell me its another Inspidea like.
Me, working 2 months in this company. I really felt ashamed. After knowing that all this shit is happening. I feel pity over Felix. He is not just stressing up just because of me. The work is killing him too. I don't know why is it that all the time, working is always like this? Shit hole? Man, can things really get any better? I seriously wanna settle this thing straight once and for all. I mean, who the heck start up this gossip? Seriously? I really feel like it's all so fucked up.
Since the work isn't gonna tolerate. I will. I will let Felix do his work(which I let him do), but seriously, asking a person to do something which the person isn't good at is called FORCED!
I have been working at Inspidea for 2 fucking years. And that sucks to the max. Issue of coupling up is like so damn hot. The topic. Its like wow, you wake up in the morning and there it is on the newspaper headlines. And the title will be ' this guy and girl found hand in hand during working hours', or ' this guy and girl working side by side with each other, need to change their places'. I mean like WHAT THE FUCK LA! Is this a school? A prison? Where are we? In Pakistan? No, we're in Malaysia and we're working. As long as you get your shit done in work is all that matters. DON't just jump into conclusion because of coupling that's the whole reason why that particular person can't finish? What type of crap is that? I bet if me and Felix ever break up, he will be devastated and will breakdown. He won't be able to do his work. EVEN MORE MAN! So whoever that shit person was, stop gossiping and start gossiping your damn self. I already suspected someone but ain't gonna say out the name. But seriously, gossiping? That's just sooooooooooooooooooooo childish. Don't even make me founf out who that person is. Bye!