Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sigh, getting sick of this shit!

Hi all. I'm in my office now. Going to US in another week from now. Man, that's like really damn fast. Anyway, me and Felix are together as a couple already. Official. Not too sure is this relationships gonna last or not. But all I know is that I really want him in my life now. Although he's english isn't good, I can see that he is trying.
Am gonna miss him once I'm in msn. No more seeing him in work, no more seeing in webcam and no more going online. Sms and phone call also can't. Anyway, me and Jim are history. It's like he doesn't bother anymore so I also don't want to bother too. Although Felix is not as rich as Jim but I know that he will find his way one day.
I feel secure with Felix now because he can take care of me. Afif also sees that and he is happy that I fouond this guy. Surely there'll be jealousy and sure that there'll be boundaries between him and me now. But all I know is that Felix, he is trying his best to rock my world. I can see that through his actions.
Alright, now back to the title up there. I'm really getting sick of this shit. I mean, Allan, that guy, is turning things upside down. He said he hated Inspidea so why is he turning this place to be another Inspidea? Majority people here hates whatever shits that he is doing. And he wants to take over my baby's place as a leader? Who the fuck he think he is man? Some diploma holder wants to shit around in this peaceful company?
He even gave that opinion about banning internets in this company so that we can concetrate more on our work? That's bullshit. I heard from my seniors who has worked here more than 6 months. They said they use to be bloody busy back then but there's still internet around. So whart's the point in banning internet here? And he is so smart. Ban's every staffs internet but leaders can have internet? Fuck him la.
And now, I'm upstairs. I can't get to see Felix often but he still comes up and find me. The latest news I heard about this company is, one person resigning and it'e due to issues with a Korean guy whose name is Lee and Allan la. And Lee thought that he is right? Oh my gosh? Are you blind or what? All I know is that, I hate the environment now because things are becoming worst than Inspidea. Fuck la! But Felix told me that everything will be okay. One of my colleague also said that. Well, have to wait after raya I guess. Alright, have to go upstairs now. Sigh. BORRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG~~!!!