Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Several days has gone by and my environment is changing to be more suckier!

Hi all. It's been such a long time that I haven't beem writing in my blog. A has been happening around here lately. My new working place. Somehow it's gonna be more like Inspidea! The person that I told you about who is greedy for power is changing this company to another hell hole!
So, I was thinking, how can it be? He slowly brainwashing one by one. He don't get it that people in Inspidea hates him so why is he bringing all this up again? How many more people he wants to make to hate him? I personally hated him since the older days. And it's starting to get on my nerve.
Since I came in this company, I felt peace and harmony. And since he came in, things started to shatter. I hate it! I run away from my previous company just to find another shelter where I can fit in. Looks like that fucker found me and it's turning to be another shit hole! I wish that he doesn't need to do this. I thought I could get away from that bastard. All I want in life is just to be where I want to be and not get into people's way and also work in a healthy environment.
Remember Felix? He and me are getting serious in relationship wise. He and me gonna be officially together tonight. He is staying over my house tonight and that's when we're gonna start to be more official. Well, looks like I'm gonna get ready for another adventure. Being in a relationship again. My last one. Final. I do not want anymore break ups. Is he the right one for me I don't know. I just wish he is. Amd sometimes I am scared that he might break me and Felix up. Anyway, I have to start to do my work. I have to go now. Adios!~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Felix? Wow!

Hi all, remember in my previous blog, I said that no one in my company likes me? Well, Felix does. On friday he just confessed to me that he likes me and I was like wow. Impressed by it. Because I don't ever and even think the slightest idea the he likes me. I was like, how can this even happen? Is this a miracle?
Although me and Felix are not officially together. I somehow rather love him already. He is trying his very best to study english and I am teaching him english. I know he loves me like anything that's why he is willing to do anything for me. I know every girl will be happy having a boyfriend like him. Every girl will be lucky. Eventhough he is a noob, I know he is much more better than Jimmy. I think 10X better. He knows how to treat a girl good. Only the financial and the car is the problem. Sigh. I don't know am I gonna be happy with Felix during the long term but I think I will be if he keeps on treating me like this. I feel so happy when he is around.
Now, we've already shifted to the new building and there's a lot of new environment. Not too sure whether will I be using computer or not. I got a bad feeling. Its like I won't be using computer. Now am sitting next to Felix and I feel so happy. But if we are couples and suddenly break up, it will be awkward sitting with him. Lolz. I told Felix to give me time to think about being together with him. And he was fine with it.So have to see how first.
Anyway, there's a stupid devil in my office now that's crazy about power. He wants to take over the leader's position and I was like what the fuck. I mean, how can you even do that? Who the fuck do you think you are? If he don't watch out and gonna ruin my carreer, I will definitely kick his butt and fuck him straight and chop of his dick. I hate people who is so selfish with power plus greed. I feel like this type of people should go and die. Anyway, I hope he will go down and everyone will fuck him too. Alright, that is all I wanna say. Bye bye.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sick. NO!!!!~~

Hi all. I feel so dreadful now cause I'm sick. Having flu now. Not too sure whether am I gonna get a fever soon or not or sore throat. That'll be the worst. Anyway, about feelings towards Felix well, it's getting stronger but I do not want it to develope. The lastime I had with that guy, is enough.
If I were to fall for another guy one more time, is when the guy comes and likes me naturally. In my company, I think there's none. Until something really big happens to me. Felix isn't really doing a good job in taking care but he shows concern. He just teach me on how to do flash software just now. I really wish he could talk english well, and has a car. If he does have all those, I think my problems are settled. I don't need a really brilliant english speaker dude but I just need someone whom I can communicate well and teach me english too at the same time.
Well, just hopefully I won't be able to fall sick at all. I feel really really awful now. Really wish someone can warm me up now, My leg and hands are pretty cold now. Anyway, nothing to do now in the office. All retakes are done and now I have no idea what to do so that's why I'm writing this blog. Anyway, I think falling for guys in my office won't be happening since no one here is interested in me. Well, I surely do hope that someone comes along the way now. I feel so lonely. Sigh.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Going singing tomorrow with mah dudes!

Hey peeps. I think I'm over Jeremy yay! He never came to work yesterday. I feel like I don't think I need to cling onto him anymore. I thought we could be good friends but I don't think I want too anymore. Well, of course now Ding is so much happier since he likes me in a way, but when I feel Felix beside me, I feel secure. Don't know why.
Anyway, now what am worried about is who will be my boyfriend? ROAR! I feel so sad. So lonely at times. But I don't feel so much that lonely because I have friends with me in work which are all guys. Guys that I see everyday. Okay, maybe, just maybe am starting to fall for Felix. I don't know why. But I can't. Communication wise. Felix like I said, has the looks.
There is another guy but that guy, well, his english is better but he is not handsome. But I don't know. I just feel that you know, I do have feelings for Felix. I feel kind of shy in front of Felix at times but then again I keep on thinking to myself no no no. Felix treats me nice. Always teman me here and there. I feel he has nothing as in like to hang out with me. Well, better than Jeremy who always can't hang out with me. Well, Jeremy has his friends with him all the time so obviously, he likes THAT girl in cyber, so he will spend time with her. Who would wanna spend time with me when he doesn't like me right? Obviously, I knOW Jeremy has lots of friends comparing to Felix and the others.
Anyway, tomorrow, I might lose my voice due to singing. I'll be singing in karaoke and be singing in jamming sessions. Lolz. Well, good for them, now I can spend time with them more and I just need to spend time more with Felix tomorrow. Well, if only Felix can talk better english and has a car I will definitely fall for him. Alright, wanna go sleep now. Still in office. 2 more hours to go. Wanna go sleep. Bye.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Nothing much. No more feeling I guess.

Hello allz. Well, as you guys know so well, my previous blog said that I and Jeremy hasn't been going on good terms and I hate him and all right? Well, I still do hate him in a way. But not as much as that time. Me and him well, we did went back to be good friends. He made it up to me that day. And we went on with the plan on staying at his house and hanging out and stuff. I and him had fun especially during the yarm char event.
Well, now we're like normal. But I don't know judging by the way he treats me, sometimes I
feel that he does have a little feeling towards me. According to Jen too. But anyway, remember that guy I mentioned about? Felix? I did say that I do not want him as my boyfriend right? And that still stays the same way. But Jeremy is trying to match make him and me I guess. Lolz, and it ain't gonna work. Come on, I need a guy who is smarter and has a car, and the most importantly communication. Well, Felix will be tagging along to the trip, so yeah!Happy!
The more the days pass by, the more I do not feel anything towards Jeremy anymore. Its' like automatically gone. Probably in my heart I really do not want anymore hurts from guys. And especially falling for a guy that I used to like. Well, whatever it is, all I can say is that Jeremy has his lost. He lost me, and I know there'll be really one guy out there whom will cherished me. Like what Afif always tell me that there are, better fishes out there. All I need to do is waiting patiently and fish quietly until the fish will get tangled on my fishing rod.
Well, Felix has been nice to me lately, not till I scared him yesterday. I think I have to really slow down my emotions and also slow down my acting if not people might think I'm a playgirl. But, somehow, too many guys in the company is kinda hard to share things. I really do hope I can share at least to someone about my problems that I'm facing in the company but there's no one I can talk to. I mean, girl. Well, there is Mario but she her ownself considered herself as a guy so, yeah...you guys get what I mean.
Well, am off, nothing much to write, just trying to say that me and Jeremy are nothing anymore. Really no more. Just friends or good friends, which ever you name it. Okay, ciao.