Sunday, June 27, 2010

My birthday celebration was a blast!

Okay people I just turn 24 years old. Lol! Anyway, yesterday I went to cosmo world theme park. But first Me, Jennifer, Jim, Afif, Farid and Johnathan, we went and ate lunch in very Thai in Times Square. Wow, everything was great and awesome. I love their tom yam soup man. It rocks. (Because it was spicy) Hahahahahahahahahaha! Anyway, yeah, we went there and after we ate, we took a walk a little to digest the food in our big little tummy's and headed for the theme park. It's called Cosmo World but unfortunately, Farid and Afif did not joined us for that so it was the only four of us.
First we sat the ride, that goes up and spins around. And then we sat on another ride that goes up and down. Well, Jennifer was screaming on that ride and it got me laughing like mad instead of making me scared. Hahahaha. Then followed up by another spinning vehicles that turn so fast that the person on the right will slide down and the person who sits down on the left will get squashed. Me and Jennifer sat on one vehicle where else that Johnathan and Jim sat on one vehicle and Johnathan was so confident that he will hhold onto the handle and will not fall. I tried that too. Jennifer also. And I did not succeed because I was trying to pull myself to the right when the vehicle full force pushed to the left and my leg slipped and I could not hold on much longer. Jennifer and Johnathan suceeded though.And after that, we sat on the rollercoaster. And we sat twice. The roller coaster is the one that I love. It has ALMOST the same standard as Australia. But of course, they could make it longer and also TIME SQUARE THEME PARK, PLEASE BOOST UP YOUR SPEED TO OPERATE YOUR RIDES MAN! And after that, it came dinner time which was the biggest event.
I still don't know where's that place. It was in kelana jaya. We picked up Marrissa. Johnathan went back because he has something else to do. So the person attended the dinner was Bryan Foong, Jimmy, Jennifer, Afif, Calvin, Marrissa and Reney. Well, I was very happy that Bryan and Calvin get to come. I don't expect them to come because both of them are both busy people but I felt so flattered when they come. Everything went well. Bryan was extra nice. Ahahaha, he wanted offer me food annd drink. I think his attention was to make me drunk? Hmmm. I think so too. Then after that came Flaming Lamborghini. I was like, what? No!! But too late, it came and I don't even know what the hell is that even. Well, it's like a tower, and they fired it up and the drink is down there. I'm drinking the drink plus the fire. Oh my god. But seriously, I almost vomitted but, luckily, I didn't. I was coughing. Bryan!!! ROAR YOU!!!Obviously, it was my first. Ahahaha...but thanks guys. Good experience though. But I do not want it for a second time. Hahahaha! Then after that, after all the meal was finished, they sang a birthday song and there is was, the birthday cake. Lol, they sang twice somemore. Apa la. I don't know what type of cake is it but I surely love it. It's pink too! Lol...Anyway, yeah, that was about it. Jen ordered red wine. And she her ownself went drunk. Lolz. Calvin, Reney, Jennifer and Jim gave me present. Lolz. I don't know about Afif and Bryan. Lolz. They said they have present for me? Hmmm? Let's just wait and see. nThen after that, me, Jen, Jimmy and Marissa went to watch movie. Knight and Day. After that, we send Marissa home and we went home. I opened up the pressies and yeah, it was tiring opening up Jen's one. Lolz. Let me reveal their pressies okay?
Reney's one is two pair of earings. Lolz. And then Calvin's one was simple plan tour plus live mtv. I don't know how to describe it but THANKS! Jimmy's present is, a handbag from girls and the other one which costs him was FF13 walkthough book. Wow!! Thanks a lot bie! Well, it's going to be good if I were to have a PS3 now!! ROAR! And the last present was from Jennifer. She bought for me a 300 pcs of Kingdom hearts II jigsaw puzzle. And the frame for it. Girl, I so love you! Actually, I wanna say this, THANKS A LOT YOU GUYS. IF IT'S NOT FOR YOU GUYS I FEEL THAT MY BIRTHDAY IS GONNA BE BORING! LOVE YA GUYS TONS! And not to mention that there'll be a trip next week. Hmm, wonder where it is. Lolz. Okay, guys, So I guess that was it. See ya. Adios!~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Such a fucking loser!

Hi everyone. Like I said, I think someone really did throw something towards me. Put a curse on me or something? Lastnight I just found out that my boyfriend wanted to break up with me after my birthday. Which I think he is an idiot to not keeping this shit of his to himself. He said he wanted to talk to me. I was like asking him to tell me what is it. He hessitate on telling me stuffs. At the end I guessed it out for him and he said that's right.
Ever hated or have experienced anything like this before? A guy told you he is going to break up with you on what specific month? No right? Well, this guy is an idiot that's why. I feel sad lastnight, probably because I was having problems with my other guy friends and then comes this problem. Of course I can't handle everything. I can't handle the tension and the pain that is causing me already.
I hate my boyfriend for being this way! PLANNING TO BREAK UP WITH ME! WTF IS THAT LA!!!!!!!? I thought to give him time to change. Looks like he won't change and good luck in finding another girl la in his life. I have enough of this shit. I can't go on like this. Why can't someone love me? Why can't someone love me the way how I love him? Actually the problem is, he is not being a good boyfriend.So I do not care about it anymore. Why do I want to whip over this shit guy when he is not being a good boyfriend 4 2 years? This year is the most worst year ever. Me and him has been together for 3 years, out of all, this years is the worsts. Anyway, tonight I will talk to, let's just see how.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Betrayer!!! Liar! I hate you!

Hi all to humans who lives in pain. This blog are only meant for people who wants to read this and only meant for people who are hurt and in pain. If you're soooooooo happy and a go lucky person, REFRAIN FROM READING THIS ARTICLE! #%$&!!Anyway, I somehow wanna express my feelings out here when I know that blog are like world wide. People tends to gossip and everything. Ahhh, screw that. I hate it to keep inside. I hate to not say anything right now. I'm damn hurt so why should I fucking shut my feelings?
My bestfriend told me that I'm getting more and more angrier. I'm losing friends. I feel like, maybe I am, but seriously, what had they been doing to me lately? Like the title said up there, these two 'liar and betrayer' can you like and friend someone who is like this? There's this small brother of mine. (NOT BLOOD RELATED, JUST A CASUAL SMALL BRO), he and me used to hang out so much. And he was interested in me for the past few months. He did a lot of things for me, sometimes even sacrifice his own finance for me. He did a lot of things which makes me love him. Which got me attracted to him. Which also got me to be a fool to FALL FOR HIM!! FUCK! And, then you know, he said to me once this sentence 'if you ever shut me off throuh the phone, or I make you mad, I won't wait another second. I will come call you straight. EveN If you won't answer my phone, i got no choice but to go to ure house.The sms, he said this to me 'u will always b d cute girl in my life. N u taught me a lot of things...n i luv u 4 that, ure the best girl i've ever met..'and there's one sentence he said which is ' like you said, there's nothing wrong to love more than one person ..n 1 of the person is you'. I was like, I know I said that, but, when I love someone else, there's always only one person that I love most remains. And I will never ever ditch anyone just to go out with the person whom I think it's gonna make my world? What bullshit is that? He once told me, I was cute. The most cutest girl ever. He even wrote it in the sms. And somemore, he once told me that he doubt he will ever met another loving sister. Trust me, he don't love me like a sister. Much more than that. Same goes for me. The reason why I'm writing this blog, is because I can't believe, him, of all people, would hurt me. I'm dreadfully hurt. Stressfully hurt, emotionally + physhically hurt. Mentally hurt. And when all this sums up, I feel like I want to strangle him to death. I called him more than 10 freaking times. I sms asking him where is he? He replied back and said he didn't realise that the phone was ringing and he said he will call back.This is how the conversation went.MY PHONE RANG AND I PICKED IT UP.
Me: Hello?
Him: Hey sis?
Me: Ya?
Him: Ya?
Me: Where are you?
Him: At giant.
Me: Doing what?
Him: Tengah makan.
Me: Oh...with?
Him: With friend.
Me: Yesterday and today you went to giant with that same friend?
Him: Ya.
Me: Your friend got no name wan ar?
Him: Got.
Me: What's the name?
Him: Um...TOOT!(I can't say it out here but it starts with 'd')
Me: Oh..a girl.
Him: Ya.
Me: So..later you're not seeing me rite?<
Him: Tak kut.
Me: Why ar?
Him: I got something to do.
Me: And, what's the something?
Him: Um...jalan-jalan?
Me: With her is it?
Him: Um...ya...
Me: don't think you're doing anything wrong to me?<

Me: No? I ask you again. you don't think you're doing anything wrong to me? You don't even have the slightest idea that you're hurting me? You don't even know what wrong are you causing now?
Me: I tell you ar, nextime when you wanna write your journal ar, .....
Then the line cut off. Must be due to his lifestyle which is no more credit. And remember what I stated up there? When the line cuts off or something like that, he will do whatever it takes to get me back to talk to him? He didn't do it lastnight cause he was busy dating some girl that he barely even know and he has practically forgotten about me. And also I guessed for the first time 'HE DON'T GIVE A SHIT!' Well, obviously, writing in blogs like this won't hurt but I hope HE F****** reads this and get the clearer picture why. And thanks to him, I thought his last days of working, I wanna hang out, spent time like crazy. Looks like he rather spend it with dila. Opps? Did I say out the name? Well, oops,guess what? I just did. My bad. Well, I wish now, I can just dissappear. All guys are just the same when comes to this love love love thing. There's no loyalty. Another girl comes along the way and....'oh my god', she's so pretty, 'oh my god, she's sooooo cute'. Well, and in the sms he said I'm the most cutest girl he ever met? BULLSHIT LA YOU!!!
Anyway, like I said, I need comfort comments. Not all those comments who are gonna say things which are only gonna hurt me. Cause I think I'm hurt more than it is already. And, THIS MONTH IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!WHY ALWAYS LIKE THAT!! FUCK LA!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Some people!

Anyway, hey guys, judging from the title up there is actually, I mean some people that has nothing else better to do. Talking about my ex guitarist. He actually left my band few days ago. The way he left was soooo wrong. I'm the leader of this band. He just left my band leaving my drummer, bassist and lead guitarist all keen on playing a session that day. He send an email saying this "I wouldn't want to be seen playing with an immature singer with an equally immature voice" <--------this is so fucking rude. Come on, who would like that. And the worst part, is, he said it to all my other band members and don't dare to send that email to me. Cause he's too chicken to do so.
So I send him one nice message to him in email. Scolding him in foul languages. And there he went with his childish attitude posting it up in FB and everything. Not only FB but in blogs too. I got so mad. Not only is he blacklisting my name but also blacklisting my band's name which also makes my band members hates him. So yeah, I constantly screwing him up because he don't get the slightest idea that my band members will hate him if he will to do that.
As I can see, my band members will never support him no matter what he is trying to pull. It's all over now for all I can see but he still haven't clear out my name in his blog and all so am not gonna remove anything just yet. I'm gonna wait, whether he is gonna remove EVERYTHING, including his wall post, and clear my name. If he is not gonna do that, then I won't be doing anything. I'm a type of girl, you mess with me, I'll mess back with you.
He send me an apologise sms lastnight and ask to be friends back with him? How stupid can a sms like this makes me forgive him fully 100% after all the shits he had put upon me? Imagine, 40 over people saw that post of that jerk and commented shits about you. Crticizing your private parts also. It's sensitive for girls. And yeah, with one single apologise sms like this you expect me to forgive you then you can just forget it.
Too bad, I sent him back a sms saying 'I agree on putting things behind us. But being friens, time will tell. It's hard becoming with you since you brutally blacklisted my name in public putting a scar in my heart.'He replied back 'sorry, now let me enjoy my dinner. Cheers.' <--------Care or not? I don't give a shit. Seems to me if you really wanna apologise, you'll meet up and see me in person. This sms was just a beginning. I want more than this shit. Sms, so what? Everyone can do it. I need something more than this to make me see what he can do after the mess he has caused.
Anyway, what about you guys? What are you gonna do if you were in this situation? For me? I will live this matter be, but putting down my notes will not happen, not right after what he has done towards me. No doubt he took it down but some minor posts are still up...I can't tolerate. Not until everything is gone. Demanding you say? Then you got the wrong idea. It's called clearing up the mess you just made. Every single actions or words you say, leads to consequences, and when things goes wrong, do not blame it on others but yourself and clear up the mess you made. That's what this whole thing is about. Alright, let you guys be the judge of this. Tata!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 49(Last episode)

Running so fast.
Carl thinking: Man, it's far. And I'm wearing my wedding outfit. Man. I'm burning in here.
Carl was running down the road. And then he turn right. Finally he reach the flower shop. He take a peek inside the shop and saw Alex and more more person in the shop with her working. So he stepped inside.
Worker: Welcome.
Carl smiled at hER. He then take a look at Alex. He went nearer to Alex.
Carl: Kelly?
Alex was stun for a moment.
Alex: Huh?
Carl: You're Kelly aren't you?
Alex: You're...
Carl: It's me Tim.
Alex: No, you're not. You're Carl. I know who you are.
Carl: guessed it right.
Alex thinking: What? How about his wedding?
Alex: I thought you had a wedding?
Carl: I did. It just ended earlier.
Alex: Uh-huh.
Carl took Alex's hand.
Carl:I didn't marry her.
Alex: You didn't?
Carl: Nope.
Alex: Um...
Carl: Because I can't stop thinking about someoen and you should know who is that.
Alex: I don't know. And Carl, why did you...
Carl: It was you.
Alex: I don't know what you're talking about.
Carl kneel down. The worker and customers were all watching Carl.
Carl: Alex, I'm kneeling down now. I want you. Please. I can't get you off my mind.Seriously. I know you also need me.
Alex: Is he really on his knees?
Worker: Yup. Everyone here is looking.
Customer A: Go ahead.Accept him.
Customer B: Yeah.
Alex face back to Carl.
Alex: Carl, please get up.
Carl: No I won't. Not until you accept me. Please Alex. Will you marry me?
Alex: Oh Carl. Who am I kidding? Of course.
Carl smile and then hug her and put an engagement ring on her fourth finger.
Alex: Um...did you buy another ring for me?
Carl: This ring? This ring, I bought it way before I bought another one for Bridget. Because I want that person who wears this ring is the person who is gonna be the love of my life.
Alex face lit up and her eyes were misty. She threw her hands all around Carl's neck.
Carl: I love you Alex.
Alex: I love you too. Thank you in believing in me.
Carl whisper: Of course I will.
Then everyone in the shop clap to congratulate them. Alex and Carl didn't realise that they were in the middle of the shop. They stop hugging and turn away with embarassement. After that they laugh. So, that was it, Carl propose to Alex and they set the time and date asking everyone to come for their wedding. One day before the wedding, Miss Lim called up Alex.
Miss Lim: Alex?
Alex: Yes? May I know who is this?
Miss Lim: I have great news for you.
Alex: What is it?
Miss Lim: I found a donater for you.
Alex: Really?
Miss Lim: This guy, he has no hope in living anymore so he said he don't mind doing it.
Alex: already talked to him?
Miss Lim: Everything is done...So when can you come to the operation?
Alex: I'm not sure. Make it after my wedding.
Miss Lim:'re getting married?
Alex: Yeah.
So Alex and Miss Lim were discussing on what date and everything. So during the wedding day, everyone was there. Untul dinner time.
Lee: Excuse me everyone. I would like to make a toast to my bestfriend.
Lee held out his glass of wine filled inside.
Lee: This is to my bestfriend. Although now you have your own family, don't forget your friends.
Carl: Don't worry about me. I'll always be your friend Lee.
Lee smile.
Lee: To Alex and Carl.
Everyone: To Alex and Carl.
Then Alex stand up.
Alex: I to want to make a toast. To my husband. I love you because you're my all. I know that this marriage will work out and I can tell you that I'll always be by your side. Please, remember, that I really love you and the eye that I sacrifice, shows and resemble how much I love you. And Lee, I love you too as a friend. You have helped me in a lot of ways. I'm so sorry if I ever been mean to you.
Lee: me.
Alex smile.
Alex: Okay, to me and my husband.
Then all of them shouted the same thing. And drank. After that, everyone started to get drunk and went and part at the dance floor. Alex went to the balcony. Lee saw her and went towards her.
Lee: Hey. It's me Lee.
Alex: Oh..hi Lee.
Lee: I heard about your donater.
Alex: Yeah, looks like I'm lucky after all.
Lee: Yeah.
Alex: Lee?
Lee: Yeah?
Alex: Do you still like me?
Lee: Well, of course but..well, I do not care anymore. I mean, if you and him is happy, I'll move on with my life.
Alex: I think you don't need to worry so much about that.
Lee: Hmm, but please tell me if he treats you bad.
Alex: Wel. I think after what happened, I don't think so anymore.
Lee: I too think so too.
So after the wedding, Alex went to the operation and of course everyone was worrying whether or not the operation is gonna be a sucess and yes it was. Everyone was overjoyed and Alex was thrilled to be able to see again. She thank that boy who donated to her although she's sad for him but he insisted. So after a few days, she was able to see. 1 year later, Carl and Alex got 2 child at the age of 8 years old and the youngest is 5 years old.
Alex: Hey bobby, come and eat. Dinner time.
Bobby is her 8 years old son. He came running down and he sat down on the table. Rachel is their 5 year old daughter who was already sitted down waiting for the food. Not long after that, Carl came back from work.
Carl: Honey, I'm home.
Bobby & Rachel shout: Daddy!
Then they both ran to Carl. Carl hug and kiss them.
Carl: were you guys today? Did you listen to mum ha?
Alex: Hmm, looks like I'm not the first person to get kissed from you anymore ha?
Carl went to Alex and said...
Carl: Who say so?
Bobby: Ewww, come on Rachel, mummy and daddy needs privacy.
Then Bobby push his little sister away from there. Alex giggled. Then Carl french kissed her gently.
Carl: I love you my wife.
Alex: I love you too.
Conclusion is, they live happily ever after.
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- Jessica Tan -

Thursday, June 03, 2010

SacrifiCE episode 48

The next day. Finally, a wedding day. Carl's big day with Bridget. Carl getting all ready with his tuxedo and all. He called up Alex, no answer. Back at Alex, she was as usual, working. She realise that her phone was ringing. She know it's from Carl and she don't want to answer it. She already made up her mind on not going to the wedding means she won't. Back at Carl, Carl keep on calling then Lee came in to his room.
Lee: Carl, come on. You're gonna be late.
Carl thinking: Damn.
Carl: Alright.
Carl walk towards Lee.
Carl: Do me favour.
Lee: What is it?
Carl: Try getting her to come here.
Lee: You mean....Alex?
Carl: Yes.
Lee: I'll try.
Carl: Thanks.
Then Carl followed Carl to his car. Wedding is about to start. At Bridget, she was already there at the bridegrooms room. Getting ready. She look herself in the mirror and looking at the engagement ring.
Bridget thinking: Sigh. I just hope and pray that everything is gonna run smoothly.
Then in the wedding car, Carl was feeling sick. He is not feeling well emotionally, not phisically. Lee was looking at him.
Lee: Are you okay?
Carl: Um...I'm nervous.
Lee: Well, that's normal. Usually your wedding'll feel that way. It'll all be done soon.
Carl: But...Um...nevermind.
Lee: Hmm? Got anything you wanna say?
Carl:, let's just get this on with right?
Lee: Hmmm, okay.
Then not long after that, they reach the church. They went in through the back door. They were still early. So some of the guests saw him and greeted Carl. Lee was just standing at the corner and looking at Carl, and then the time. He went somewhere quiter and called up Alex. Back at Alex, she was carrying some boxes when her handphone rang again.
Alex thinking: How many times does he want to keep on calling me?
She put the down the boxes and then took out her handphone from her pocket and realise that actuallyit was Lee who is calling her. She pick up the phone.
Alex: Hello?
Lee: Hey.
Alex: Hi Lee.
Lee: Um...Carl's just wondering. Are you coming?
Alex: No. I can't. I'm working.
LeE: Don't you at least wanna see him?
Alex: Um...I...
Lee: Come on.
Alex: I can't. I'm working.
Lee: Well, he's gonna be upset then. Okay, I'll tell him.
Alex: Okay.
Then he hang up the phone. Same goes for Alex. Alex was sad, surely. But she just wanna hide it. Then back at Lee, he went back to the hall. He walk towards Carl and whisper to Carl about Alex. Carl just let out a dissapointing face and sigh. Then at Bridget, it's almost time. So she get up from her chair, let out a big breath and continue walking. Everyone was at their places waiting for the bride. Carl was already waiting down the aisle.
Carl thinking: Please, please. Get a hold of yourself.
Then immidietly, the wedding song played. Everyone stands up to show respect. Carl was looking straight ahead. And then he was smilling and saw Bridget in the wedding gown that he bought of her. As she was walking down the aisle with her father beside, Carl was looking at her and realise that she is so pretty. Prettier than Alex. She was smilling at him from a far distance. He did the same. Then when she reach a certain distance, Carl took the father's place. And the began walking the few steps away to the front.
Pastor: We are gathered here today to share the happy moments for this two lovely couple. Carl and Bridget.
Carl thinking: Oh my god. Must we go through this?
Pastor: Marriage is the union of husband and wife in heart, body and mind. It is intended for their mutual joy and for the help and comfort given on another in prosperity and adversity. But more importantly it is a means through which a stable and loving environment may be attained.
Do you Bridget take Carl to be your lawfully wedid husband,to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?
Bridget smile and said...
Bridget: I do.
Pastor: And do you Carl take Bridget to be your lawfully wedid wife,to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?
Carl paused for a moment. He was looking at the crowd. Not a sign of Alex. Bridget was confuse on why is he looking at the crowd.
Bridget whisper: Honey?
Carl whisper: I can't.
Bridget whisper: What?
Carl: I'm sorry. I can't.
Noises were started to form. Lee was shock and also afraid what's gonna happen next.
Lee thinking: Oh no Carl. Why now?
Carl: I....I can't lie to anyone else anymore. I love someone else and I think she needs me. Even if she, her ownself denying it, I know she needs me.
Cark turn to Bridget who was looking awfully stun and hurt. Carl hold her hand.
Carl: Bridget. I'm, I'm so sorry. I...I know I'm such a jerk. Maybe more than a jerk. But I do not want you to suffer and I do not want you to be with me when I'm constantly thinking about someone else.
Bridget:It's Alex isn't it?
Carl: is.
Bridget: Okay...How could you do this to me?
Carl: I'm so sorry. It's just. I met her back recently and...she looks so pityful like me back then and I just thought since she gave me her eye, she needs part of them too. So I wanna be her eyes and I know she still loves me and...
Then Bridget gave a hard slap on Carl's cheek. Everyone saw that. Lee can just open his mouth.
Carl: Ouch. Well, I really deserve that.
Bridget shout: I hate you! I do not wanna see you after this!
Then she just run down the aisle feeling embarrase. Her family members all shouting names to Carl. Carl just look down. And he too walk off from the aisle. Lee went after him.
Lee shout: Carl!
Carl: What.
Lee: What was that all about huh?
Carl: I can't marry her.
Lee: And you knew about this and you still went through with it?
Carl: I want Alex to see how much I love her if she were here. But she isn't.
Carl continue walking.
Lee shouting: Where are you going!
Carl shouting: Find Alex!
Lee shouting: Whatsoever for!?
Carl shouting: To ask her hand in marriage!
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 47

Running so fast. Alex don't know and don't care if she's gonna bang anyone. She hid behind a back ally. She lean on the wall. But eventually, Carl cought up with her.
Carl: Alex.
Alex wanted to run again but this time Carl grab her hand and pull her to him.
Carl: No. I won't let you go this time.
Alex: Carl, this is wrong.
Carl: Listen. I know....I know is wrong. But listen to me. If you were to listen to me from the beginning, everyone will be happy. You, me, Lee. Everyone..Your mum too.
Alex: I'm just doing for your sake.
Carl: How many freaking times Alex I said, I don't need it. I don't need this eyes. It's you who needs 'em.
Alex: Carl, that's the past. Stop bringing it up. What's done it's done. Now, just go ahead with your wedding. And, let me go now.
Carl: No.
Alex: Carl, you don't understand. I do love you...up till now. I know you're gonna find a better gril after me and that';s why I left you. Everything is falling into place now. I just can't ignore what I have planned 2 years ago.
Carl: What? You planned this? You really don't wanna be with me?
Alex: I want too. But giving you away my eye is something without it, it's useless to be with you. I can't take care of you and I'm so sure you prefer someone else.
Carl: Alex, pleeeease. Stop assuming.
Alex: Whatever. The point here is. I'm not going for your wedding. And...congratulations. I love you Carl...but...sometimes, we have to let go and sacrifice things for your love ones.
Carl: Sigh.
Alex: Let's just go home okay? Can you fetch me home?
Carl: Yeah, sure.
Then Carl send her home, Alex was still in his car.
Alex: Thanks for the ride.
Carl: No problem.
Alex: I'll see you around.
Alex wanted to go when Carl just grab her, pull her to his face, lips touched and they were kissing. Alex wanted to pull back but Carl's grip was too strong. But at that moment, of struggling went to moment of romance for both of them. Alex didn't struggle anymore later on and response to it. After that, they both slowly pull back.
Carl's whisper: Sorry. I just wanna taste you...for one lastime.
Carl's face was down.
Carl: you. Alex.
Alex: I....feel the same way too.
Then they both hug each other.
Carl: My wedding is in two more days.
Alex: I know.
Carl: up.
Alex: I...I'll see.
They both hug for a long time. Then at last also, they went home. Carl reach his house and just flop down on his bed. Exhausted plus depression. He feels so awful. Not knowing what to do now. His wedding is in 2 more days. How can he now, feel so uncertain about this? Then the next day, he took an off day. Still lieing in bed the next morning. He woke up, and the first thing he saw obviously was his ceiling. And then he woke up. Looking at the table. He saw his engagement ring. Then he check his handphone and there it was. 15 miss calls from his future wife and he never even answer any of it.
Carl thinking: I'm really such a dick.
He called her back.
Carl: Hello?
Bridget: Honey, I've been like looking all over for you. Where have you been? You have not return any of my calls. Not even one.
Carl: Sorry. I....I was busy.
Bridget: Busy? Are you sick?
Carl: No...I'm fine.
Bridget: I call up your office and they said you're taking an offday.
Carl: Yeah, just wanna patch things up. You know, getting ready for our wedding tomorrow. Just wanna be fresh.
Brdiget: Really? For us?
Carl: Yeah.
Brdiget: Can you come see me later?
Carl: Yeah sure. Just call me when you're done.
Bridget: Okay. Love you.
Carl: you too.
Carl thinking: I guess.
Then they both hung up. Carl felt like he is in a major situation here.
Carl: has to be done tomorrow.
Set By
- Jessica Tan -

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Interview part 2!

Okay people. Tomorrow will be the day which will determined whether or not I'm gonna end my misery in this company which I'm currently working in. Actually, I like to work here...Only you know what? When there's not so much work, going and chatting online and also most importantly is, NO STAYING BACK!!! Getting out of here and going into animation line again is kinda scary now. After what happen to my previous company. Anyway, birthday is coming. Calvin is not coming. My dearest small brother Shuk also not coming. So many people whom I pray so hard to celebrate my birthday are not coming...which makes me so sad. Which makes my birthday isn't much of a big surpise anymore. After knowing those I feel why always have to be that way?Anyway, wish me luck in this. Kinda scary. Kinda scared and kinda feel that I won't get chosen. Somehow...I feel like this is really some sort of a coincidence. Tons of studio's are calling me for interview. But it's just an interview. It's not like I'm accepted or anything.Still I wish I can get a job as a director one day showing my audience who and what I'm really made of. Now trying my best to write my love story in a scripwriting format to go into another studio. So wish me luck guys!!