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Sacrifice Episode 46

Carl went to the flower shop the next day after finding out that it's actually Alex. He founf a parking and park his car there. He went in the shop. No one was there to greet. Then suddenly, Alex pop out from the back.
Alex: Welcome.
Carl: Thanks.
Then Alex continue doing her duty. Carl was observing her. A hurt expression was on his face for he can't see Alex not being able to see well and she's working there. Not to mention. She's just hurting herself more. When she actually could have a bright future ahead. Carl then walk nearer to her.
Carl: Alone today?
Alex: Um...yeah.
Alex was carrying one large box
Carl: Do you need help with that?
Alex: Oh don't worry. I can manage.
Carl: name is Tim. The other day I came in here. Remember?
Alex: Sorry. I don't usually remember my customers.
Carl thinking": That's because you can't see.
Carl: Okay. Um....this might sound weird's an invitation card. I'm gonna put it here on the table. Feel free to look at it.
Alex: Invitation? Invitation to what?
Carl: My wedding.
Alex: Huh? But you barely even know me.
Carl: That might be true right now. But I feel like I've known you more longer than you can ever imagine.
Alex thinking: What's this? Don't tell me.
Carl: So...I really do hope you can make it. It will mean something to me.
Alex: Um...okay.
Carl: May...may I know what's your name so I can write it down in the card.
Alex: Um....Kelly.
Carl thinking: Sigh...
Carl: Okay Kelly. I'll see ya again. Remember okay?
Alex: Okay.
Then Carl just went out from the flower shop. He stop walking once he was outside and look back at in. He knew he somehow gave her a hint. Then the next day, at the flower shop, Alex was working as usual with her other collouges. Then one of her collouges spotted the letter.
Worker: Kelly? Who the heck is Kelly?
Alex:'s just some guy invited me to his wedding. I simply just made up that name so he will stop bothering me.
Worker: Really?
Then the girl open the card. She was shock.
Worker: Um..this is weird.
Alex: WHAT?
Worker: He put on the envelope Kelly the invitation card, he put your real name. This guy knows you?
Alex thinking:'s really true. Carl was talking to me. And he call himself Tim too.
Alex: What's does it say?
Worker: It says: dear Miss Alex, you're invited to the wedding of Carl and Bridget on the 10th of August.
Alex: Carl?
Worker: You know him?
Alex: mates.
Worker: I see.
Alex: Come, let's get back to work.
Worker: Are you going?
Alex: No.
Then at Carl, he called up Lee.
Carl: It's really her.
Lee: Did she suspect anything?
Carl: I think by now, she will.
Lee: What do you mean?
Carl: I gave her an invitation card. Wedding invitation card. On the envelope, I wrote Kelly.
Lee: Kelly?
Carl: She gave me that name and said that her name is Kelly.
Lee: WOw, really?
Carl: But in the card inside itself, I wrote Alex.
Lee: really make her confuse.
Carl: She would know by now. Do you think she'll come?
Lee: I doubt that.
Carl: Sigh.
Lee: Why not, you just talk to her before your wedding day?
Carl: That is if she wanna see me.
Lee: Come on...she'll never know that you're out there waiting for her right?
Carl again knew it. Lee was right. Now she can't see. So he went to the flower shop after her working hours. When the shop closes, Carl came out from the car.
Carl: Hi Alex.
Alex was so stun. She slowly turn around.
Carl: It's me. Carl.
Alex: Carl?
Carl: Yes. How are you?
Alex: Um...I'm fine...I guess.
Carl: Can we have a talk?
Alex: Sure.
So they found a bench and sat down there.
Carl: Why did you do it?
Alex: I..
Carl: You know how worried I was?
Alex: I know.
Carl: I....dammit Alex..I really miss you like crazy.
Alex:I'm sorry. Maybe I'm just a chicken. I can't face you guys.
Carl: Anyway, that's the fact. My drawing really resembles you. But you're so much prettier in real life.
Alex: Hmm, get to see me.
Carl: Are...are you coming for my wedding?
Alex: No...sorry. Anyway, congratualtions on your wedding.
Carl: Congratulate me if I am getting married with you Alex. Not her.
Alex: But you do love her. So what's the difference?
Carl: don't understand?
Alex: Sorry....maybe I don't.
Carl touch her cheek, and then her neck and then patted her head. He put her hair behind her ear. He use his hands to push up her cheek to his lips. Slowly. Then thier lips were touching each other. They were slowly kissing each other. Then Alex push herself away.
Alex: No Carl. This is wrong. You already gonna marry.
Alex stand up and said...
Alex: I'm sorry.
Then she run away.
Carl shout: Alex! Alex wait!
But she has gone so far.
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Sacrifice Episode 45

Carl: Fourty eight, Forty nine, Fiffty.
It was a thursday afternoon when Carl's was in his office and he printed out 50 copies of Alex's face. He called up his driver and told him to come to his office to take the picture from him and post it up. After all that is done, he took his bag and went straight off to meet Bridget. He saw Bridget waiting for him. He pick her up and they went staight to the gown shop.
Bridget: Well, I'm suprise you're not late this time.
Carl: How can I be? You're my wife. And this is also important for the both of us. So...there's no reason why I should be late right?
Bridget smile. Then not long after that, they reach the place. Carl park his car. Then they both went in the shop. They registered, and pick out their gown. Bridget went and try out one gown and show it to Carl.
Bridget: How's this?
Carl: You look gorgeous.
Bridget: Seriously?
Carl: Yeah. Take this one.
Bridget: Ok. We will rent...
Carl: it.
Bridget: Buy it?
Carl: I want you to have it.
Bridget: But...isn't it gonna be costly?
Carl: Yeah...but I did hurt you.'s my gift to you.
Bridget smile and hug Carl.
Bridget thinking: How can I scold someone whose so sweet?
So Carl bought the dress for Bridget. They took a lot of photo shoot together. After the whole thing is finish, they went home. Bridget was so exhausted. So Carl also did the same but before he went home, he went to the supermarket. Then when he went to the drinks section, there was a girl there in front of him. She was blocking his way.
Carl thinking: Looks like she can't make up her mind what drink she would like.
Carl: Um...excuse me?
The girl was shock.
Girl: Huh?
Carl: Sorry...I didn't mean to scare you.
Girl: Oh..sorry.
Carl thinking: Hey, that's the girl that I met at the flower shop the other day. The one which was wearing sun spects. And she is still wearing it.
Carl: Oh, I know you. I was one of your customers that day. Can't you recognise me?
Girl: Oh, really? I can't remember.
Carl: Well, anyway, which drink would you like? I can take for you.
Girl: Um....just sprite will do.
Carl open the refridgerator and took one bottle of sprite and pass it to her.
Girl: Thanks. See you around.
When she was about to turn, she knock down the stack of bottles and she fall down.
Carl: Oh no.
The girls spects fell off from her face. Carl went there and help her up.
Carl: Hey..are you...
Carl thinking: What?
Girl: Sorry. I'm fine.
The girl just quickly get up, took the bottle, pay up and just went off. Carl was stun. He could not say anything. He was holding her sun spects still. He slowly get up...
Carl thinking: Did I see things? It was really her wasn't it? Alex?
Carl faster went back to his house. His heart pounding fast.
Carl thinking: She? Working as a florist? What?
Carl quickly called up Lee. Lee pick up the phone. Carl told Lee everything.
Lee: What? Seriously?
CARL:Yes. I know it was her.
Lee: Then I wanna go see her later.
Carl: Yeah, sure, go.
Lee: Okay.
The next day, Lee went to the florist shop at lunch time.
Workers: Welcome.
Lee just smile at the workers. He is also analysing one by one. At last, he spotted Alex.
Lee: Alex?
Lee went nearer to the counter.
Lee: Alex?
Alex then heard it. She stop doing whatever it is she's doing.
Lee:'s really you.
Alex: Lee?
Lee: Oh Alex.
Alex:'s really you.
She went to the supervisor. The supervisor let her have a lunch break. So she went to lunch with Lee.
Alex: did you know I was working here?
Lee: I didn't. Carl found out.
Alex: What? He knew? How did he know?
Lee: Alex, he was the one bump into you lastnight.
Alex: What? It was hime?
Lee: Yeah. Look, even fate wants you and him to be together. So why fight it?
Alex: I....
Lee: Alex, please...just give it a rest. He needs to talk to you. It's been two years. Are you happy now that he is gonna marry someone else?
Alex: Well...if he is happy.
Lee: You don't know that okay?
Alex: I...
Lee: Alex, I and you...we are both people that he trust most. He deserves to know everything. We've been keeping things long enough. I';m tired. I wanna tell him where are you now.
Alex: Sigh....Don't need to. I don't want him to know. He is not married yet. Please. I will meet him. I promise.
Lee: Promise?
Alex: Promise.
Then after that Alex went back to work. Lee called Carl up.
Lee: Yup. It's her.
Carl: Seriously?
Lee: Yeah. I told her that I will keep it as a secret. know what to do then.
Carl: Okay. Thanks buddy.
Lee: Carl?
Carl: Yeah?
Lee:Please, don't reveal yourself.
Carl: Don't worry. I won't. I know what to do.
Lee: Okay.
Then they hang up.
Lee thinking: Oh Alex, I'm sorry. I can't lie to him anymore.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 44

Carl was driving to Lee's house on that same day at night. He wanted to meet up with him for dinner to discuss about the marriage stuff. He finally reach Lee's house. Lee then came out from his house. He went inside Carl's car.
Lee: Wow. A brand new car?
Carl: Well, not really. Bought it a month ago.
Lee: Well, that's still new to me.
Carl: where to?
Lee: You decide.
Then Carl just took off after he thought about the place. They soon reach a restaurant with dim lights.
Lee: Wow, are you gay?
Carl: What are you saying?
Lee: This looks like a romantic place for couples.
Carl: Oh come on. Let's go.
Then they went in and order their food. So Carl was talking to Lee about the marriage plans and everything. After finish about that topic...
Carl: So..any news know?
Lee lied.
Carl: Sigh. Well, I just messaged her this morning.
Lee: Oh wow. Really? And?
Carl: Well, I already told her about my marriafe with Bridget. She sounds normal about it. But it was just through text messages. Not too sure how she really felt.
Lee: Yeah, I wonder too.
Carl: But anyway, she said she'll come and see me someday. I don't know how long will she even take to do that.
Lee: Are you mad at her?
Carl: Why should I be?
Lee: For leaving you?
Carl: For some reason, I know I should. Everyone's been asking me too, but I can't. I can't be mad with someone making me see things today can I?
Lee: Well, Alex, don't know that.
Carl; I just wanna see her again and talk to her. That's all. I wonder.
Lee: Well, you probably need to wait for her when she's ready I guess.
Carl: Yeah.
Lee: Can I ask you something Carl?
Carl: Shoot.
Lee: If I were to couple with Alex, I'm just saying okay? Will you be angry at me?
Carl: Um...well, maybe not. You still hasn't forgotten about her eh?
Lee: How am I suppose to? She's one unique and a brave girl I can see.
Carl: Not to mention. A cute girl.
Lee: Yeah.
They talked a lot.After that, it's time to go home. Carl send Lee back home first.And off to his house. As he park his car in his house, he saw a figure.
Carl thinking: Whose that?
Then he went nearer. The nearer he went to that figure, the clearer it's shown. It's...
Carl: Alex?
The girl turn. It wasn't Alex but it's Nicole.
Nicole: Wrong. It's Nicole.
Carl: Oh. What you're doing at this late night?
Nicole: I'm here to tell you something that you should've known a long time ago.
Carl: What?
Nicole: Alex was staying at Phil's house right after she did the operation with you. She was staying there for a year and shifted out. Now I do not know where she is. I'm so sorry that we kept it a secret from you.
Carl: WHAT?
Nicole: I know. I'm so so sorry.
Carl: Sigh, but you still don't know where she is now ha?
Nicole: Yeah.
Carl: So...what's the point on you telling me all this?
Nicole: I'm sorry. We were doing a favour for Alex... She didn't want you to know.
Carl: She's always like this.
Nicole: Well, I have to go now. Sorry again.
Carl: Don't worry about it.
Then Nicole just went off. Carl watch her as she left. He sigh to himself. He went into his house and into his bedroom. He lye down on his bed thinking what Nicole has just said. But then, his phone suddenly rang and he pick up the phone.
Carl: Hi honey.
Bridget: Are you that busy?
Carl: Huh?
Bridget: You're suppose to call me remember?
Carl: Oh. I;m so sorry.
Bridget: Somehow I'm thinking, do you really love me?
Carl: Hey honey. Don't you ever think like this okay?
Carl apologised and then they hang up. He and Bridget are going to search for Bridget's bride gown tomorrow together. But somehow, Carl really can't get his mind off her. He is suppose to get over her already since he is gonna get married to Bridget. He can't go on telling his fiance that his mind was some other girl that his fiance barely even met.
Carl thinking: I don't care.
Carl went to the drawer that he remembered he kept the drawing there. He took it.
Carl thinking: I'm gonna print out a lot of copies and distribute it to people.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hi all. It's quite and been awhile I haven't updated here! Woo hoooo!! Two!! Three animation companies called me up. And I'm only going for two interviews. Anyway, wish me luck guys. I think within the days before the interview, have to go and practice back. Sudah rusty leh. Hahahaha! Anyway, kinda weird all of a sudden there's like so many animation company called me up. Probably must be my experience. Hahahaha. Well, hopefully out of this two, I get to be in one. Hopefully everyone there not old. I really can't tahan liao. Here, in my recent company, too many old people. Hahaha, can't even have friends since they only talk nothing but chinese, chinese, chinese. Anyway, I have to go now...Update you guys nextime. Bye.

Sacrifice Episode 43

Lee went there. He look at his time.
Lee thinking: 10.28 p.m Still got 2 minutes more.
Voice: Hello Lee.
Lee turn. He can't believe his eyes. It's actually her.
Lee: Oh Alex.
He quickly went to her and hug her. Alex too reponse back. She can hear Lee sniffing.
Lee: I'm so glad. You know how much I missed you?
Alex close her eyes and said.
Alex: I know.
Then Lee pull back.
Lee: How are you? Did you eat well?
Alex: I'm fine Lee. Really. Doesn't mean I'm retard once I'm blind.
Lee: That's the exact same sentence Carl used.
Alex: Because it's true.
Lee: So...what's your plan now?
Alex: I'm actually working now.
Lee: Where?
Alex: I can't tell you.
Lee: Please Alex.
Alex: Like I said Lee. I'll come and find you when I have the time and when I'm ready.
Lee: When are you gonna see him?
Alex kept quiet for a moment.
Alex: I...don't know.
Lee: have a boyfriend now Alex?
Alex: No....
Lee: Let me be.
Alex: Huh?
Lee: I wanna take care of you.
Alex: But...Carl and you...
Lee: I don't care. All this while I do not have a girl because...I realise. I can't forget about you.
Alex: Lee..I still can't forget about Carl okay?
Lee: Alex, Lee already moved on with his life.
Alex: I know.
Lee:'re the one broke up with him.
Alex: Lee, I didn't break up with him to be with you okay?
Lee hold her hands.
Lee: Why? Why can't you accept me?
Alex: Unfortunately. I met him before you.
Then Lee's phone rang.
Lee: Hello?
Carl: Hey Lee. Where are you? I'm at your house now.
Lee quickly gave Alex a look.
Lee: Uh, I'm out right now.
Carl: Oh.
Lee: Anything important?
Carl: It's kind of important for me that is.
Lee: Okay...what's it about?
Carl: and Bridget are getting married.
Lee was shocked. He then look at Alex. Alex was just giving him a confuse look.
Lee: You're serious?
Carl: Yeah. I just propose to her.
Lee: Wow, um..congratulations.
Carl: Thanks man. I was actually hoping I can talk to you more about it. And asking you to be my bestman.
Lee: Sure. Anything for my bestfriend yeah?
Carl: Thanks
Lee: Yeah?
Carl: I miss her.
Carl: Yeah. If only I could tell her...I wanna tell her is her whom I want to get married to.
Lee: Oh.
Carl: Well, but...sadly to say. She's nowhere to be found right?
Lee: Right.
Carl: Okay....See ya tomorrow for dinner?
Lee: Yeah, sure.
Carl: Bye.
Lee: Bye.
Then they hang up. Lee then look at Alex.
Alex: Anything up?
Lee:Yes. He and Bridget getting married.
Alex was shocked too.
Alex: Hey, that's great.
Lee: Don't lie to me. You're hurt as he is.
Alex: He? But I thought...
Lee: He told me at last, it's actually you whom he wants to get married.
Lee: You're not even blind to begin with. Neither both of you.
Alex: Well, at last he found his maiden.
Lee: Oh God Alex. You know what? The maiden for him is the one standing right in front of me now.
Alex just kept quiet.
Lee: Sigh. Sorry. I have to head home. How you're going home?
Alex: Someone will come.
Lee: Okay. Goodnight.
Alex: Goodnight.
Then he just walk off. Alex was sobbing after Lee left. She never felt so hurt in her life.
The next day at work, Carl felt so alive. He knew that forever, he will be happy but....somehow, before he marry, he wanna see her first. Then, he took out his handphone and started texting the same number that he thought it would.
Carl's Text message:Hi Alex. It's been two years. I'm not sure is this still your number. But I'm just trying my luck. Um...I'm getting married with Bridget in 2 months time. And before I marry her, I wanna see you. AT LEAST once. Please. Feel free to text me back anytime...This is Carl by the way incase you have deleted my number.
Then Carl keep his phone. Not long after that, there's a response. Carl quickly took out his phone again...It's Alex's response.
Alex's text message: Hi. Yeah, I'm still here. Um...I will meet you. But not sure when. I'll get back to you again okay? Congratulations on your marriage. See ya sometime soon. Bye.
Carl then felt relieved that Alex is actually replying him. He then smile to himself.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 42

That night, he went back to his office and to the destination of the shooting will take place.
Carl: Ready? And Action.
Then the play continues on. Carl was just looking and then he spotted a mistake.
Carl: Cut.
He stand up and walk towards the actress.
Carl: It's like this. You have to lift up your hands and flap. As if you're really gonna hit him. And I need you to show much more anger rather than just gritting your teeth. Got it?
Actress: Yes.
Carl: Alright. Again...
Then Carl went to his chair.
Carl: Ready, and action.
SNAP! So the shooting goes on again. After 5 hours of non-stop shooting, everyone took a break. It was already 3.00 a.m in the morning. Then Carl check his phone. There were 13 miss calls from Bridget.
Carl thinking: Oh no. I totally forgotten to call her tonight. I'm such a dick.
Then one of the crew called him.
Crew B: Hey Carl. Ready to move on?
Carl shout: Yeah! Give me 5 minutes!
Carl then look at the time.
Carl thinking: What? It's already 3.05a.m? She is gonna kill me tomorrow.
So Carl message Bridget back to say he was so caught up in work until he didn't realise anything. And how much he wanted to go back right now to sleep. And he said he'll be seeing her tomorrow as he promised earlier and make her day. He keep his phone and continue shooting. After finish everything, they went back home. Carl reach back his house at 6.50 a.m and straight away sleep. He didn't went to his office for he is exhausted after the whole night of working like crazy. He woke up at 1.00p.m and then started to eat his lunch. He went back to office a little while to settle some stuffs and then suddenly, he look at the calender and remembered Bridget. He quicklt look at the time. It was already 5.30p.m. He quickly rush home and then went and get ready. He comb his hair, and wore smart. He dash out. On the way to Bridget's house, he pass by one flower shop.
Carl thinking: Hmm, maybe to make her happy, I should buy for her flowers.
Then he U-turn back and then head back to florist. He walk inside.
Workers: Welcome.
Carl just smile at them and continue his search of his flowers. The problem is, he don't know what girls likes. So he ask one of the worker.
Carl: Excuse me, could please tell me, is there any flowers, other than roses, that will make a girl forgive you and happy?
Worker: Hmmm...well, if personally, I think I will like roses myself.
Carl look at the worker.
Carl thinking: Why is she wearing sun spects? There's no sun here.
Carl: Um..okay, then can you please pack up for me a bouquet of roses?Red colour. Make it 25 roses.
Worker: Sure.
So the worker went and start doing what she has to do. Then Carl's handphone rang.
Carl: Hello? Oh hi Bridget?
Worker thinking: Bridget?
Carl: Yeah, I'm on my way. I told you. I'll make your day. Yeah. Okay... bye honey.
Then Carl put down the phone.
Worker: Here. It's done.
Carl: Wow, it's beautiful. Here's the money.
Worker: Thanks.
Carl took the flowers and head off. He reach Bridget's house 15 minutes later. As soon as Bridget came in the car, she was litted up by the big bouquet of roses.
Bridget: Oh honey.
Carl: Sorry for lastnight.
Bridget: You're forgiven.
Then they both french kissed in the car.
Carl: Come. Let's go to dinner.
Bridget: Surprise me.
Then they went. It was on top of the sea where they sell seafoods. It's in klang. After they have finished ordering, Carl went to Bridget and kneel down.
Bridget: Oh my god. Carl...what are you doing?
Carl: Bridget, my love. Will you marry me?
Bridget could do nothing. All she did was just nodded and gonna cry any moment. The guy that she like is actually proposing to her. Carl then insert the ring into her finger.
Carl: Now...we're official.
Bridget: Oh Carl.
She hug him. People around them clap their hands as well. Bridget could not believe that this day is actually happening. After that even has finish, Bridget went back to her house and Carl back to his house too. At Lee, he is still single, no girl yet. He is working as a sales executive. He was at home the next day at night watching some random show, when suddenly, his phone has a text message. He went and check.
Text message: Hi Lee. Can I meet you at 10.30p.m where we used to meet before I gotten blind? You know who is this.
Lee got up from his chair. HE Could not believe that the message is from Alex. He look at the time 10.00 p.m. Still got half an hour more. He replied back...
Lee's text message: Will be there.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 41

After college, Carl came back and lock himself in the room. He was crying. He could not believe that Alex is doing this to him. She was the one ask for the relationship. Now she was the one leaving him.
Carl crying: Alex, why...why!?
Carl just box the wall with his fists but still trembling. Lee tried to call Carl many times but he's phone is always off.
Lee thinking: I got no choice but to go to his house.
Lee went to his house. He went up to the door step and knock. Carl's mum came.
Lee: Can I see Carl?
Carl's mum: Um, Lee. I think this is not the best time. He doesn't wanna see anyone. He has been loocking himself up in his room for hours.
Lee: I know. I want to go check on him.
Carl's mum: Don't worry. I just only checked on him. He's fine.
Lee: Okay. Sorry to bother you.
Carl's mum: Well. I'm sorry that he's making you worry.
Lee: It's okay. He's my friend.
Carl's mum: Okay then.
Then Lee went off. At Carl, he was looking at his pictures and Nicole back then. And he is so stupid to not have a single picture with Alex before. Then he on back his phone. So many miss calls from Lee. And then got a miss call from Bridget. He call Bridget back.
Bridget: Hello?
Carl: Hi Bridget. Is me.
Carl and Bridget went out again together. Carl sat down with Bridget on a bench at the park.
Bridget: Anything wrong?
Carl: Sigh. Bridget. Do hanging out with me?
Bridget: Huh? Um...
Carl: Honestly.
Bridget look at Carl. All of a sudden, he's so serious.
Bridget: Well, I do like hanging out with you.
Carl: Are there any buts?
Bridget: Oh no.
Carl: Good. Now, if I were to say to you that I wanna have a relationship with you, will you accept me?
Bridget: What? But Carl, this is so sudden.
Carl: I know. It's okay if...
Bridget throw her hands around Carl.
Bridget: How do you know that I have a crush on you?
Carl thinking: Seriously?
Carl: I...don't know actually.
Bridget: Oh.
Then Bridget pull back gently.
Bridget: Then, are you serious? About me being your girl?
Carl: Yeah.
Bridget smile and hug Carl again. Carl knows that no matter what, he is going to be happy with that too. Will he? Several weeks have gone through, and everyone knows that Carl and Bridget are together. No one seems to be standing in their way. After that, 2 years have passed, Carl is now working as a director. He was sitting in his office answering his calls.
Carl: Yeah? Yeah, 10 minutes. Okay. Cool. Bye.
Then his phone rang again.
Carl: Hello? Oh hi honey. Yeah, I have work tonight baby. Okay, I promise tomorrow I'll make the most happening thing for you okay? Sure. Love you too. Bye.
After finish talking to Bridget, he packs his bags and getting ready to leave. After he finish packing, he left his office and meet clients. As you can see Carl now is very succesful. He then meet with his clients for awhile. After that, he went back to his house. He was so exhausted. He open up his tie and then suddenly, he saw the drawing that he made for Alex. The picture of her. He took it and then keep it in the drawer. Carl wanted to get rid of Alex's image. He is with Bridget now. And for more than 2 years he hasn't seen Alex nor even heard from her. So, he just gonna forget about her.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 40

Phil: You're serious?
Nicole: Yes.
It was a Saturday afternoon where Nicole met up with Phil and told Phil about Carl's new hanging out girlfriend.
Nicole: I just feel that it's not gonna be fair to Alex if she doesn't knows this and also it is not fair to Carl either.
Phil: I wanna help them. But... I don't know how.
Nicole: I don't think we should help at all. What if one of them hates us after that?
Phil: We're saving their relationship.
Nicole: Does..Alex even want this now?
Phil: What the heck are you even saying?
Nicole: I don't know. Looking at the situation, it feels like she doesn't want to save this relationship anymore.
Phil: Nicole, that's not true.
Nicole: Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
Phil: Sigh, I have to get back and tell her everything.
Nicole: Okay. Come on, we're gonna be late for our movie.
Nicole and Phil was out on a date and so they went to the movies. At Carl's side, again, he was hanging out with Bridget. They went to the movies too. At a distance, Phil and Nicole saw them.
Phil: that?
Nicole: Oh my god. It is. And..that's the girl?
Phil: This is not good.
After the movie, at Carl and Bridget.
Bridget: Wow, that show was really good don't you think?
Carl: Yeah.... I guess.
Bridget: Hmmm? What's wrong?
Carl: Sorry. I just remembered her.
Bridget: Alex?
Carl: Yeah...sorry.
Bridget: Seriously. You can't find her? No idea at all?
Carl: Yeah, no idea.
Bridget: She's quite mean leaving you like this pondering and hearbroken.
Carl: Well, she did donate her eyes to me. If she were to tell me, I would not agreed to it. So I think I know why she's not ready to see her yet.
Bridget: But, the drawing that you showed me, the picture of her, she's really pretty.
Carl: I don't even know if my drawing and her look alike. I just felt her fave and draw it.
Bridget: Felt?
Carl: Yeah, I can't see back then so, I used my imagination and my hands to touch her face and roughly figure out.
Bridget: Oh wow. That's super cool.
Carl: It is, but....I don't know if she really looks like that.
Bridget: You don't have a picture of her?
Carl: Nope. Only the drawing.
Bridget: Okay.
Carl: Well, forget about the past. Let's talk about you.
So Carl and Bridget talk for a long time. Their relationship are getting closer. Carl went back home and to his suprise, Lee was already at his house sitting at the couch.
Carl: Lee?
Carl's mum: He was here for quite sometime already.
Carl: Why didn't you call me?
Lee: Nah, wasn't important. Anyway, where have you been?
Carl: Been chilling.
Lee: With?
Carl: Um...with..Bridget.
Lee: A girl?
Carl: Yeah...why?
Lee: Um...just wondering...what? Have you gotten over Alex already?
Carl: Lee, she's just a friend. Nothing much more than that.
Lee: I'm hearing news.
Carl: What news?
Lee: You're always out with her.
Carl: Oh come on. Do you think it's even easy to forget about her?
Lee: Carl...
Carl: Look Lee, how long have I have to stand being this way? She's not calling, no nothing from her. I don't even know if she's still out there. If she cares, she will call...but no...Nothing from her.
Lee: Fine, if you think it's like this. Don't forget who was the one making you see today.
Then Lee just took of his jacket and went out of the door. Then at Phil, Phil told Alex what happened.
Alex: Oh.
Phil: Don't you wanna tell him now?
Alex: I think he should go for her.
Phil: What?
Alex: I don't think I want this relationship anymore.
Phil: Why?
Alex: I...seriously can't face him. Each time I think about it, it makes me shivers and it's because of me...I'm always delaying. Like when I say to myself I'm gonna see him today, I always change my mind.
Phil: Alex?
Alex: It's okay Phil. He has his own life. me write my last letter to them.
So Phil follow Alex to her room. And Alex told whatever it is that she wanna write to Carl and Lee. The next day, Lee open his locker and there it was another letter from Alex.
Alex's letter: Hi. I'm writting this letter is to Lee and my dear Carl. Carl, I heard that you found someone else. I'm so happy for you. Really. I feel like I and you is the end. The relationship with you and me just won't work out anymore. I donate that eye just to let you know, I'll always love you. And Lee, please, don't get mad at this. I don't know when will I be ready to see you all but I promise we will someday meet up again. I know what I'm writting now is so sudden. But....I really really, miss you guys too. Give me time. May Carl, you find happiness. Same for you too Lee. From: Alex.
Carl also read it. Tears were forming from his eyes. He could not believe it. Alex is dumping him? But he can't get mad because the eye still belongs to her.
Lee: Seriously?
Carl: Well, if she says its the end, its the end.
Lee: But Carl. This is just a letter.
Carl: Yeah, a letter from her!
Carl with anger just push Lee aside and jsut walk away. Lee was standing there, and once again he can't believe what is happening.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 39

Phil went home.
Phil: Home.
Alex: How's college?
Phil: Well, normal. As usual.
Alex: I see. Hmmm.
Phil: Alex?
Alex: Yeah?
Phil: something to ask you.
Alex: What is it?
Phil: really misses you. Nicole told me that. And is it okay to spill out everything now?
Alex: No. Please. Don't.
Phil: But.Alex, he...I think it is time for him to see you.
Alex: Not yet. I can't face it yet.
Phil: Sigh..why not?
Alex: I don't know. Phil, I'm blind, I left him, and lied to him. How will he even feel?
Phil: But can't hide from him forever.
Alex: I didn't say I will. I just need time.
Phil: I just wish you and him can make up. He really misses you. And if someone is like this, means they love you like anything. Probably he just wanna know that you're okay. You haven't even written letters to Lee or anyone of them. Of course their worried. Think about it.
Then Phil just left her. Alex went to her room and thought about it. Phil could be right. But somehow, she still refrain on seeing him. The next day, at college, lunch time, everyone was chatting normally. Lee tried to join in the conversation. Then Lee look at Carl who was just sitting there restlessly and not eating nor even looking at them. Lee hates to see him like this.
Lee: Hey. Are you okay?
Carl: I..I just have no apetite that's all.
Lee: Carl, you haven't eaten in days am I right? You look so pale.
Carl: I'm fine. Really.
Lee: Carl, sigh, I know why you're doing this but..please don't.
Carl: I'm fine. Don't worry okay? I'm gonna go to my class first.
TheN Carl get up. Lee just sigh. How is he gonna take care of Carl if Carl is gonna be like this?
At Carl, he was walking back to his class when he bumped a girl. Her books fell.
Carl: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Bridget: Oh, It's okay.
Carl helped her pick up her books.
Bridget:'re Carl right?
Carl: I know you?
Bridget: Names Bridget. I heard a lot bout you. And your eyes. Some girl donate it to you right?
Carl: That some girl is my girlfriend.
Bridget: Oh..I'm...I'm so sorry.
Carl: Don't worry about it.
Bridget: Hey, um....I'm very interested with your drawings. Can I and you have lunch together sometime? I would like to ask you some questions about your drawings.
Carl: Sure.
Bridget: Okay. Tomorrow okay?
Carl: Sure.
Then Bridget left. After college, Lee was waiting for Nicole outside her class. Finally she came out.
Lee: Nicole.
Nicole: What do you want?
Lee: Look, I know things are not going well between you and me. But I'm actually doing this for Carl.
Nicole: Okay...what?
Lee: not eating well, and doesn't have the energy to do anything. I'm worried. Can you talk to him?
Nicole: And what makes you think he'll listen to me?
Lee: You're his ex?
Nicole: And you're his bestfriend.
Lee: Look. It's not like I haven't tried.
Nicole: Then try harder.
Lee: Look, are you gonna help or not? That's all I'm asking. Yes or no?
Nicole rolled her eyes and just said...
Nicole: Fine.
Lee: Thanks.
Then Lee just went off. Nicole then went home and called up Carl.
Nicole: Hey Carl. Care to hang out?
Carl: I'm busy now.
Nicole: Busy? Doing what?
Carl: I'm with Bridget.
Nicole thinking: Bridget? Whose that?
Nicole: Bridget?
Carl: She's a new friend I just met. We're talking about art.
Nicole:'re fine now?
Carl: What makes you think I'm not? Bridget is keeping me occupied here, so...yeah, I guess it;s working.
Nicole:'re eating well and everything?
Carl: Yeah. What? Did Lee ask you to check on me?
Nicole: Not really but everyone is really worried about you...but since you're fine then it's okay.
Carl: I'm fine. Don't worry.
Nicole: Okay.
Then Nicole hang up the phone. Somehow she's got a feeling if Carl don't know where Alex is, he might go for another girl.
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Work, sad, breakdown, depression, failure.

Hey guys. It's finally been 3 months working here. The last month, I felt that I'm not really doing good in this company already. Probably and obviously duh, I'm not good in PAPER WORKS!!!Today I hate a meeting with my boss about my appraisal. And guess what? Yeah, they're gonna extend my month. One more month and see how is my performance. Well, I really don't understand this. Why am I not good at anything? All I know what I learn here is my typing skills getting damn good. That's what Jennifer also said.But anyhow, now, searching and searching like a mad dog for work. It's not to say I won't try my best staying in this company. I will try...but seriously, making them accepting me here is a little hard. I thought that I did the best I could. Did almost everything that they want me to do. I know that they can't accept my performances...but I really wanna suggest to them I'm an animation student, can't they try to excuse me a little? Sigh, I can learn but needs time like anything.But right now, I can see that there's no hope for me. The year of the tiger isn't really going well for me anyway. Which I thought it will. Yesterday also heard another thing from Afif saying that he is joining aircraft position. Military service which he applied 7 years ago and now finally they called him. And he has to go which means, if he happens to really be accepted, it is bye bye from my band and him and me too.Shuk also going away for studies. EVERYONE IS LEAVING!! Why can't I be like this? Seriously!!!I'm sick of this shit.I do good, nor I do bad, I'm still suck in this shit hole. I can't move forward...salary always around more than RM900 and lesser than RM2000. It can never go up even a RM100. I don't know why animation companies are so hard to get through to them.MAN!! I need toooooooooooooooooooooo finnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd worrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkk sssssssooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! And I like this guy which happens to turn me down on Sat which makes me sooooooooooo sad and I'm breaking down now. It may seems this guy will leave me in darkness for a few weeks. I love him so much but he doesn't show much interest. I HATE HIM DOING THIS TO ME!! And Afif, sometimes I wonder what does he treats me as? He wants to be my guy but...always gives excuses to me. And also yesterday when I was crying after he told me about the military stuff, I hugged him and as though I don't want to let him go. I just don't want another friend of mine go. I can't bare to let another one go just like that. I also love Afif but our stories are just so sad to even begin with. I and him been loving each other for 6 years...always denying but now we know it so clearly but he can't be with me because of financial and he is not capable yet.But anyhow, I wish I can get that dream guy of mine to accept me. My last move. If this won't work, then I can say, no more hope. Anyone who can help me find a full time in art industry, please do let me know. Thanks!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SOMEONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SAVEEEEEEEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 38

Days pass on and on. Nothing changed. Alex never send anymore letters to Lee. Lee someone wondering is Alex still alive out there. Carl is back at his house. Everything seems normal. But Alex is not there which makes everything still not normal.
Lee thinking: Alex, where are you?
Then after college, Lee called up Carl.
Carl: What's up Lee?
Lee: Um...what's your plan today?
Carl: Nothing. But.. I was planning to go to Alex's house and talk to her mum.
Lee: Her mum is scary man. I went to her house before. And..yeah.
Carl: Maybe the mum will listen to me.
Lee: Okay. Want me to come with you?
Carl: Yeah.
Lee: Okay, will be there. See ya soon.
Then they both hang up.
Carl thinking : I hope that the mother will listen.
Then they went when Lee reach Carl's house. Lee drove Carl. In the car...
Carl: Lee?
Lee: Yeah?
Carl: Do you think the mom will hear us out?
Lee: Not too sure.
Carl: You did pissed her off before right?
Lee: I didn't exactly pissed her off.
Carl: I got a feeling she hates me cause of Alex giving her eyes to me.
Lee: Well, that's not your fault.
Carl: I still can't face that fact.
Lee: I know. It's too sudden. I understand.
Then they reach Alex's house. Carl took a deep breath and open the door and walk towards the house door. He knock the door. He can hear footsteps coming nearer to the door. Carl took a deep breath then the door open.
Carl: Hi Aunty.
Alex's mum: What are you even doing here?
Carl: Aunty, me out. Please let me in.
Alex's mum: Why should I?
Carl: So you know how much I'm aching. I'm aching as much as you.
Alex's mum stall for a moment. And then she just left the door and went to her couch and sit down.
Carl thinking: Does that mean I can come in?
Then Carl came in followed by Lee. They both sit opposite the mum. Carl then begin talking.
Carl: Aunty, I know you're so hurt right now. So am I. I just wanted to know...where's Alex? I need to tell her she didn't need to go through all that and I want to be with her for the rest of my life like what she told me.
Alex's mum look at Carl with a face of amazement.
Alex' mum: You really think that hah? I won't tell you where she lives. I promise her that I won't tell anyone where she lives.
Carl: Aunty, you...have no much we miss her. Please. I....I really love her.
Alex's mum: Listen, I know that all of you are hurt. As much as I am. But if I already promised my daughter, I won't tell her anything.
Carl: So, no matter what, you won't?
Alex;s mum: Yes, I won't.
Carl: Okay. Sorry for wasting your time.
Then Carl get up same goes for Lee. Both of them then left the house. They went in the car. Lee was looking at Carl. He looks so disappointed and sad.
Lee: So...what now?
Carl: I don't know. Looks like...we will never find her.
Lee: Oh come on. We still can try and get some informations from college friends right?
Carl: I guess.
Lee thinking: But who? Somehow I feel like there's no hope at all.
Then Lee send Carl home.
Lee; You sure you're okay by yourself?
Carl: I can see Lee. No more retard.
Lee: I'm not calling you a retard.
Carl: Okay. See ya.
Then Carl went inside his house. He went to his art room. Then only he realise. The picture that he drew. The potrait of her. It was in his room. Which means, Alex was already planning this whole thing for quite sometime. Carl just hug that picture and start to cry. The next day, college day, Carl was at his locker, then someone tap his shoulder. It was Nicole.
Nicole: Oh my god. You really can see.
Carl: Yeah.
Nicole: Do you know...whose eyes are those?
Carl: Yeah. Lee told me.
Nicole: I....actually wanted to stop you because I don't want to see her hurt.
Carl: I undertstand.
Nicole: But I can't understand someone can love someone so much until sacrifice her eyes. You're really lucky.
Carl: Lucky? I don't feel I am. Where's she now?
Nicole just kept quiet.
Carl: I know you're just trying to cheer me up. Thanks.
Nicole: No problem.
Then Carl just walk off. After college, Nicole was waiting for Phil. Phil came to the entrance and they walk to the car. Nicole then said..
Nicole: Phil?
Phil:Yeah dear?
Nicole: it okay if I were to tell that Alex is staying at your place?
Phil: No. I don't want him to come and find Alex.
Nicole: He looks He really misses her.
Phil: Who wouldn't?
Nicole: You don't know that. Why not you ask her first?
Phil: Fine.
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