Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 26

Carl: What's this?
Nicole: Carl.....
Carl: really...her?
Nicole walk closer to him.
Nicole: Oh Carl...I'm so sorry.
Carl thinking: What?
Nicole: I'm sorry I left you just like that. I should have tell you.
Carl: Alex?
Alex: Yes?
Carl: What is she doing here?
Carl: You ask her to come here didn't you. Tell me the truth.
Alex: Yes I did.
Carl: Why?
Alex: I think you should know the truth and she has to know too.
Carl; Alex, why are you always going through the past? Please. Could you just...
Carl shout: Mind your own business and shut up!?
Nicole: Carl, don't. She was just trying to help.
Carl: No...for what? I have nothing to do with you anymore. Alex, you answer me, all this time, calling Nicole here just for you to have some info?
Alex: Carl, how could you say that? I'm doing this for you. I want you to get answers from her.
Carl: But you're not telling me.
Alex: I will. Later.
Carl: This is crazy. I can't take this anymore.
Carl just run away.
Alex shout: Carl! No! Wait! You'll get hurt!
Carl shout: Stay away!!
Nicole: Oh no.Is it my fault? Should we go after him? He might get hurt.
Nicole wanted to go after him but Alex grab her wrist.
Alex: No. He would not like to be treated like he is a retard.
Nicole: But...
Alex: Let him. He'll come back later.
Nicole listened to Alex. Then Nicole can hear sniffs coming from Alex.
Nicole: Alex?
Alex: Sorry. I shouldn't have troubled you into asking you to come here.
Nicole:'s okay. But...are you okay?
Alex: I am. Call Phil. I'm done already. I'm going home now.
Nicole: You need a lift?
Alex: No...I'm fine by myself. I drive.
Nicole: Okay. Take care.
Alex: You too.
Nicole: Um...Alex?
Alex: Yea?
Nicole: I hope you and Carl will make up.
Alex: I'm sure he'll come around.
Nicole: Okay.
Then Alex just turn away and walk down crying.
Alex thinking: I really am dumb. Why did I even come up with this? I should just mind my own business.
Then back at Carl, he was also crying. He don't know why is he getting so mad at Alex everytime she brings up about his past? Suddenly his phone rang. He picked up.
Carl: Hello?
Voice: Carl, is that you?
Carl thinking: This is not Alex.
Carl: Yes...who is this?
Voice: Nicole.
Carl: Nicole?
Nicole wanted to meet up with Carl. She said she will go to his house. Not long after that, she went to his house.
Carl: Hi.
Nicole: Hi.
Carl: PLease sit down.
Nicole: Okay.
So she sit down.
Nicole: Did you call up Alex yet?
Carl: No.
Nicole: Why?
Carl: I..I don't know.
Nicole: Carl, you have to learn. She is just doing this is because she feels like it is not fair for me to just leave you like this okay? She is doing you a favour.
Carl: I see. I know...but this is way too much.
Nicole: This shows that she really loves you.
Carl: Really?
Nicole: Of course.
Carl: I see.
Nicole: You need to apologise to her. Please make up with her.
Carl: I don't's just....I feel like I've been hurting her this past few days, I just don't know whether is she mad at me for being this way.
Nicole: Well, if you don't call her, things will be much worse. Okay?
Carl just nodded his head. After when Nicole left, he pick up the receiver and dial's Alex's number.
Carl: Hello?
Alex: Yes?
Carl: Sigh..Baby.I'm sorry.
Alex: You're always sorry Carl.
Carl: No....I mean it.
Alex: I know you do but...
Carl: Alex, please....I promise....I won't yell at you anymore okay?
Alex: Carl, do you know why am I doing this for you?
Carl: I know. I know cause you care...but baby...I wanna forget about the past. Not art. But about Nicole.
Alex: I'm sorry.
CarL: No....don't. I'm the one suppose to say I'm sorry baby. Can we make up? I don't wanna fight anymore.
Alex: You promise this will be the last?
Carl: You have my word.
Alex smile.
Alex: Okay.
Carl: Great. Thanks baby.
Alex: Love ya.
Carl: Love ya too.
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Sacrifice Episode 25

Carl was still drawing in his art room. Alex came inside. She didn't say anything. She walk slowly towards where Carl is. She squat down. She took a deep breath and said...
Alex: You weren't blind before?
Carl stop whatever he was doing. Then he continue back and didn't answer Alex's question.
Alex: Carl, I'm asking you a question. You're not blind before aren't you?
Carl: So what if I'm not. Those were the past.
Alex: Those were the past have eyes before. What happened?
Carl: I do not wanna talk about it.
Alex: Why? I am your girlfriend. I deserve to know your past. And..whose that girl in that picture?
Carl stand up and shouted.
Carl shout: Why are you goind through my stuffs!?
Alex shout: I wasn't!
Carl shout: Then why are you even questioning me ha!?
Alex shout: I went in your room because something fell off from the table. I just went and pick it up! But it happens to be your picture with her!
Carl just turn away and continue drawing.
Alex shout: Who is she!?
Carl shout: My ex okay!?
Alex then keep quiet. He was still keeping picture of his ex?
Alex: I see.
Carl: Sigh....why are we always fighting?
Alex: I don't know.
Carl: Alex, alright, sit down here.
Alex went and sit near Carl.
Carl: You really want to know?
Alex: Yes.
Carl: Okay. It's like this. Her name is Nicole. I wasn't blind before. I used to see every single thing and use to take it for granted. I was crazy into art when I had my eyes. Until Nicole ruined my life.
Alex: How?
Carl: Well, I and her had a fight. And...then she stormed off. She crossed the road...I didn't see the incoming car. So the car bang me and my face hit the wind screen...And...
Alex: Your eyes?
Carl: Yeah.
Alex: Oh my god.
Carl:'s what happened. The next thing I know was that I'm in the hospital and I'm blind. People said Nicole came and visited me....after I got discharged out, I can't contact her anymore. So I don't know where she went.
Alex: Till now?
Carl: Yeah.
Alex: you still love her?
Carl: Nah...that was the past.
Alex: Don't you think she felt sorry for you?
Carl: I don't know. Then since then, everyone starts to take pity on me which I really hate it. All of a sudden people treats me like I'm a fucking retard.
Alex: So that is why you hated when people like me giving you a helping hand hah?
Carl: Yeah.
Alex: I see. That explains everything.
Carl: Baby, I'm sorry that I never mentioned this to you before.
Alex: It's okay. Now I know.
Carl smiled and hug her.
Carl: You're so different from Nicole. You always forgives me. I really love you.
Alex: I love you too.
They hugged for a long time. After that they have dinner together and Alex went home. After she had her shower, she went online, and she saw Phil online. She click on Phil and saw a picture she and a girl that looks familiar.
Alex thinking: Oh my god! It's Nicole.
Alex quickly send a message to Phil.
Alex message: Is that your girlfriend?
Phil message: Yeah. We just become couples 3 days ago.
Alex message: Oh...that's Carl's ex.
Phil message: What!? Another girl? He is one hell of a guy.
Alex message: But that is his ex. So...its not such a big deal.
Phil message: I guess so.
Alex message: Um...Phil, can I see her tomorrow? Just wanna ask her something. You can come if you want to..although it's really suppose to be a girl talk.
Phil message: No worries, I'll tell her tomorrow then.
Alex message:, Phil?
Phil message: Yeah?
Alex message: Don't mention Carl's name to her.
Phil message: Okay.
Alex message: I'll see her tomorrow.
Then they went offline.
Alex thinking: Need to see her to tell her what happened.
Then she went to sleep. The next day after college, Phil met Alex at her locker.
Phil: Alex, ready?
Alex: Yeah.
So Phil led her to see Nicole. At the college entrance, Alex could see a nice figure at the college entrance.
Phil: Alex, this is Nicole, Baby, this IS Alex.
Nicole; Hi...Phil has told me lots about you.
Alex: Really? Thanks.
Phil: I'll leave you guys. I'll come back for you later okay baby?
Nicole: Okay.
Phil gave her a quick kiss on her cheek and then left.
Nicole: So..yeah..what's up?
Alex: Um...Nicole, I know this is a little weird and sudden but I'm sure you do know who is Carl right?
Nicole look like she has just seen a ghost.
Nicole: Whats up with him?
Alex: You know him?
Nicole: Yes.
Alex: And he happens to be your ex right?
Nicole: Get to the point.
Alex: Okay...I'm his girlfriend.
Nicole: Girlfriend? But I thought he is...
Alex: Blind? Yes he is.
Nicole kept quiet.
ALEX: Why didn't you see him later on.
Nicole: I...I can't accept the fact that he is blind and it's because of me...if I were not to cross that road, he might be able to see.It's all my fault that he is blind. Until now, I could not forgive him.
Alex: So..why didn't you tell him, instead of leaving him?
Nicole: I know..I was selfish.
Then at Carl,s he ask someone did they seen Alex and they pointed at the main entrance, when he was gonna reACH her heard the conversation. Alex and Nicole didn't know he was there because he was behind a wall.
Alex: Nicole, do you know how hurt he is now?
Carl thinking: Nicole? My Nicole?
Nicole: I know. But he has you right now right?
Alex: Yes..but sometimes without his eyes, he feels like he is useless.
Carl thinking: What? Why is Alex talking to Nicole. And worst...Meeting her up? Is it all planned?
Then he came out from the wall and said...
Carl: Nicole?
Nicole and Alex both turn at the same time.
Nicole: Carl?
Alex thinking: Oh no.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Really don't know what to say anymore!

Ever wondered why life sometimes is so tiring when you don't even do anything? Let me tell you something about myself.
I hate to work. Even when I was little, I never like studying. And I thought all this while I was good at nothing just drawing. But I thought being a drawer when I grow up is gonna be fun. No need to feel stress because cartoons are so colourful and back then, things which are colourful always makes me happy. When I went to college, I took animation course. Which my dad really really rejected me to took it but there's a promise that we made that made him keep his mouth shut.
Well, anyway, I met my current bestfriend there. She's an animation freak(she knows practically everything about animation). I thought she was cool. Really cool. Since we share the same knowledge and obviously I thought that I and her was at the same standard when I saw that actually she and me...well, she was way better. I look up to her. But from then till now, I realise something. Something which I think that I did think about her from lastime....but I always deny it.
I feel she has no life. Everyday in her life is only work work work. How could someone even live like this? I mean, normally when you just wanna find money, you work for money. Everyone works for money. But to her, she works for fucks. And seeing her stressing herself up and get panicked here and there, what's the hell is that for? You're just torturing yourself. And the other part is, you tend to push back every single day just to sit down and doing nothing but drawing? I mean, isn't she tired of doing that? Everyone will be tired doing that same old damn thing over again everyday.
I didn't exactly quitted animation...I do it once in a while. She loves to be called workaholic? Oh my god..Then she's crazy. No wonder she has not even one guy after her for so long. Recently was like only last year....for the whole years she has been living....only one?I really do not wana write this but seriously...WAKE UP LA! She's the same age as me and you wanna waste your days by doing and working like a dog?Well, seriously, I don't wanna be mean, I hate workaholics. I wanna have fun. I don't intend to skip whatever I have in mind just because of work. Even if I do so, I will scream! And I will curse and I'll dislike what or whoever it is who instructed me to do so.
She wants to work so much and die later and waste her time then be my guest. I had enough of her stupid working attitude as it is....Really got nothing to say anymore. As always, she only knows how to complain but....SHE DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO FIX IT!!! It's like been in the past 6 months I've been living with her like this and I could not stand it. I can say, she's crazier than before. Sorry, I HATE WORKAHOLICS!!!If you're a workaholic, don't come near me and stay away, unless you know how to balance it up!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 24

Carl was holding the object. He is trying his best to draw whatever he think it is.
Carl thinking: What's the object? Damn.
Alex was down there putting her hands together hopefully he can get to know at least what's the object.
Alex thinking: Come on baby. You can do it.
After a moment feeling it, Carl just thought what he thought it was. A basket with fruits in it. So he took his pencil, and draw at the art paper in front of him. ALMOST half of the crowd was watching Carl. Carl took a deep breath and started drawing. After a few hours, all the contestants are done. Then they put down their pencils.
MC: Alright....Looks like it's times up. Come back here half and hour later for the results. That would be all.
Carl went down the stairs and Alex straight away throw her arms around him.
Alex: You were great Carl. So great up there.
Carl:Thanks. I was so nervous.
Alex: I know. But you did well up there.
Carl: I did well as in appearance but...not too sure about my drawing. I wish I can see.
Alex: Let me test you. What was in front of you?
Carl: If I'm not mistaken, is it a basket with fruits in it?
Alex face lit up and hug him again.
Alex: That's exactly what it is. I'm so proud of you.
Carl: Thanks.
He hug her back tightly. So both of them walk together at the shopping mall. Half an hour later they went back to the hall. The MC was already there announcing whose is the winner.
MC: Okay, I know that everyone is waiting for this moment. Okay, we have 3 winners. The 3rd winner is....Lim Kooi Sen.
Everyone cheered. After the guy went up and received his gift, he went down.
MC: aLRIGHT, on to the next winnder. 2nd place is won by....Rachel Sam Lawrence.
And once again, eveyone cheered. Alex was squessing Carl's hand tightly.
Alex thinking: Come on.
MC: Alright, and finally, the last.....the moment you guys are waiting for. The winner for the art competition is.......Billy Thomas.
Everyone cheered. Alex was so shock. Her jaw drop. She look at Carl. Carl's face was also dissapointed. After everything was over, Alex look at Carl while walking back to the car.
Alex: least you took part.
Carl: I already told you. There's no point. I did not win anything.
Alex: Carl...
Carl: Let's just go home.
Alex nodded and drove off. After fetching him home, Carl didn't even say bye to her. He just came out from the car and went straight into his house. Alex knew how hurt he is. And the worst thing is that Alex was the one persuaded him to do it. Alex went back to her house and fall to bed. She feels like whatever she thought it's the best for him, it always turns out wrong.
Alex thinking: Am I hurting him?
The next day at college, Carl was hanging out with the others. Lee knows about that results and did not wanna question any other things more. Not long after that, Alex came by. Cark did not talk to any of them after she came. So all of them were chatting except for Alex and Carl. Alex could not stand the treatment that he is giving her.
Alex thinking: I don't think it is my fault.
Then Alex just turn and walk off. Lee realise that.
Lee: Hey..Alex...
Carl: What is it?
Lee: She just walk off.
Carl thinking: Really?
Lee: Is everything okay between you and her?
Carl: Not too sure.
Lee: Go talk to her man.
Lee's right, Carl himself is not sure why is he even acting like this. So he slowly turn and walk. Lee was following him. Back at Alex, she has no idea where she wanna go, so she walk back to her class where there's no one in the class now since class has not yet started. Tears was streaming down her face.
Alex thinking: Should I end this relationship?
Then someone came in. Lee....followed by Carl. Alex was shock that Carl was there.
Alex: What are you guys doing here?
Carl: I need to apologise to you. I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't give you this cold attitude. Sorry.
Alex: Carl, I think it is best if we end this relationship.
Carl and Lee was shock to hear that.
Carl: What? Why?
Alex:I....I'm just making things worst for you. I was the one said I will take care of you but it seems....I'm just hurting you.
Carl: Alex, you're not.
Alex: You're lieing. I am...
Lee: Alex, Carl says no. Don't do this to him. He really loves you.
Alex look at Carl's face.
Alex: Carl....I....I wanna do something for you.
Carl: Do me a favour...Do something for yourself first okay?
Alex started to burst out and thorw her arms around him sobbing.
Alex crying: Oh Carl....I'm so sorry.
Lee just left them after that. Somehow he knows that Carl and Alex will never leave each other. Even if one of them wants to leave, it's always a force thing. Nothing serious like any other couples out there. At lunch time, they were eating normally with the other people. Then after college, Carl and Alex went back to Carl's house. Carl was doing some art when Alex took a nap at his couch. After napping for 3 hours, Alex came to his art room.
Alex: Hey baby.
Carl:'re awake?
Alex: Yeah. I'm gonna go to the bathroom first.
Carl: Okay.
Then she went to the bathroom. Before she reach there, a room next to the bathroom, something falls off from the table. Alex went in that room and pick it up. But...the documents that drop off is actually pictures of him and his ex girlfriend. And when Alex look closely, his eyes...
Alex thinking: He's not blind before?
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 23

The next day at college. Lee saw Carl standing there all alone. He went there.
Lee: Hey.
Carl: Lee?
Lee: Yeah.
Carl: Sigh, Lee. I did something terrible.
Lee: Which is?
Carl: I...I had a terrible fight with Alex yesterday.
Lee: Art competition thingie?
Carl: Yeah. You know about it?
Lee: Of course. She went out with me yesterday.And she talk about it. Didn't see tell you also?
Carl: Well, I think she has no chance to tell me.
Lee: Why not?
Carl: She's right. All I ever do is being so protective and scolding her. While, she was trying her best to help me. I've been a total jerk.
Lee: Woah, slow down buddy.
Carl: Can't you believe it? I was still angry that she and you hang out.
Lee: Don't tell me you guys fought because of me?
Carl: Not entirely the whole situation was about you and her but about the art competition thingie too.
Lee: Man, that sucks.
Carl: I does sucks doesn't it?
Lee: Then you have to make up to her.
Carl: The thing is, that I don't know how.
Lee: Hmmm.
Carl: I wanna tell her that I love her and will take the art competition.
Lee: Hey, that's great news. You should tell her.
Carl: Yeah? How? Once she sees me, she turns away.
Lee: There's always a way. Don't forget. I'm here.
Then during lunch time, Lee was waiting for Alex at her locker. She saw Alex and Alex also saw Lee. He wved at her.
Alex: Hey Lee. Watcha doin here?
Lee: Wanna join us for lunch?
Alex: Us? You mean? Carl is coming along too?
Lee: No. He is not. Only me and the guys plus you if you wanna come.
Alex: Okay. I'll come.
Lee: Alright, come on lets go.
So Lee and Alex walk to the cafeteria. When she reach there, she saw Carl.
Alex: Lee. You lied to me?
Lee: Yeah.
Alex: What?
Then Alex wanted to walk away when Lee grab her hand.
Lee: Hey Alex, what's wrong? He is your boyfriend. I there's anything, you can always talk things out.
Alex: He doesn't wanna talk to me.
Carl: Alex, please...
Alex: No.
Carl: Look, I just wanna say that I'm the art competition.
Alex stop struggling.
Alex: Can you please repeat that?
Carl: I'm going to the art competition...I don't know whether do they allow me to feel it or not but I'll go.
Alex: You....thought it over?
Carl: Yes...and I'm not going just because you ask me's because I want this as well.
Alex smile.
Alex: finally.....realise.
Carl: I'm sorry. You were always the one right and I'm always scolding you for stupid reasons.
I'm so sorry.
Alex walk nearer to Carl and hug him. Everyone was watching. All of Carl's friends was watching.
Alex; I'm so happy. Thanks...for believing again.
Carl response baCk to her hug. So everything is back to normal again. No more fighting and all. So the days moves on like normal. Until the day of the competition, Alex escort Carl to the place to register.
Alex: Excuse me?
Alex: boyfriend wanna register for the art competition but....he is blind. But do you mind if he were to touch that object and draw it?
Security: problem.
Alex: Thank you so much.
Alex turn to Carl and said...
Alex: worries.
Carl: Hehehe..yeah.
As soon as Carl registered all his particulars, he went up the stage. He can hear the crowd so clearly.
Carl thinking: You can do this.
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Kelly Clarkson's concert was great but sadly there was no encore!!! ROAR!

Hey everyone. Yesterday, me and Jen went to watch Kelly Clarkson's concert. It was awesome. Crwods were cheering like usual and all. But what's the most disspointed thing is, there was no encore and also, the crowds didn't really cheer. I was this people all from where? From kampung ka?
I was quite dissappointed that no one did cheer for her to come back. I was sure hoping that she come out and sing her first singles which was 'a moment like this'.I thought she was saving if for the encore but no. She didn't sing it at all. I was like, what?
I feel Kelly Clarkson's concert was not really a big hit compare to those that I went before like MCR, Avril and The Click Five. Their merchandise was also cool. Kelly Clarkson's all I can say is that, her concert, the way she perform seriously rock the whole stadium but their merchandise and about singing to her happy birthday, did not happened...although some crowd on my right was actually trying to sing but Kelly can't hear. DUH! But the most saddest thing is the encore. Sigh..but still, I didn enjoyed the money didn't go to waste. Hahaha!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 22

Alex was in Carl's house day dreaming. She keeps on thinking about how to get an eye donater. Carl came by at Alex.
cARL: Hey honey, you're so quiet today.
Alex: Carl, are you sure you don't want to take part at the art competition?
Carl: Baby, sigh, we've gone through this.
Alex: I know but...I...
Carl: Alex, can you please...just drop it. I do not want you to get stress up in all of this and stuff. The more you do this, the more I'm getting pissed off.
Alex just kept quiet. She wanted to cry. All she wanted Carl to do was just to get up and draw again out there. She took her bag and leave. Carl heard the door close.
Carl: Alex?
No answer.
Carl thinking: Alex, sigh...I'm sorry,
Then Alex went out from Carl's house, into her car, start the engine and drove off. Tears was falling from her eyes.
Alex: I just want him to get back on his two feet. I don't want him to lose hope in art. All he ever do is just scold me whenever we talk about it.
But Alex was not paying attention on the road. There was an incoming lorry came and honk her. She quickly snapped out of it and swurled to the right but luckily she gain control but still was traumatised. She park her car at the side of the road trying to catch her breath.
Alex thinking: Oh my god. I almost died.
Then suddenly, her phone received a text message. It was from Lee.
Lee: Hey....are you free now? Care to have a drink with me?
Ales thought for awhile. She haven't been hanging out with Lee for quite sometime esepcially after that incident. And now, she really need someone she could talk to. She took her phone and text back.
Alex text: Sure thing. Where to meet?
Back at Carl, he was sitting in front of his desk. Feeling shitty, he really don't get the idea wht Alex wants him so much to get back into the art line. Although he is not gonna involve in the art field, he is still practicing drawing.
Carl thinking: Maybe I should call her?
At Lee and Alex, Alex told him everything.
Lee: Well, you gotta know Carl, if he thinks he is done for,he won't do anything about it. There's no point in pushing him doing things that he thinks that he can't do it.
Alex: But he doesn't know that.
Lee: Alex, I know you love him...but if you love him so much, I think you need to give him space.
Alex: I think I'm given him enough space already.
Lee: Oh well...
Alex: I'm going to the ladies.
Lee: Alright.
When Alex left, her phone was ringing. Her phone was on the table. Lee just ignore it. Then finally it stops. Then it ring again. Lee look at the handphone screen and it was actually Carl calling. So he pick up the phone.
Lee: Hello?
Carl thinking: What? Lee?
Lee: Hello? Carl is that you?
Then Carl slowly just put down the phone.
Lee: Hel-...what the?
Then Alex came back.
Alex: What's wrong?
Lee: Oh..I don't know. Carl called you but when I said hello, he didn't answer back.
Alex: He didn't say anything?
Lee: No.
Alex: Okay. That's weird.
Back at Carl, he was confuse.
Carl: Why is it....why is she with him?
That night, Alex went back to her house. She was so exhausted but she was happy that she get to hang out with Lee again as normal friends. After she took her shower, she pick up the phone to call up Carl.
Carl; Hello?
Alex: Hey.
Carl: Are you done dating with him?
Alex: Dating with him? Who?
Carl: You still wanna act?
Alex: You mean your bestfriend?
Carl: Well, he won't be my bestfriend if he is doing this quite often.
Alex: Doing what?
Carl: Asking you out.
Alex: now I can't go out with your guy friend?
Carl: Of course you can but at least you need to inform me.
Alex: You made me go out with him.
Carl: What the hell? How did I even did that? I did not mention even once. I never even mention his name.
Alex: You hurt me.
Carl: So?
Alex: So...that's the whole god damn reason why I went out with him.
Carl: Look, you have problems with me, you need to talk to me, not some other guy who happens to be my bestfriend.
Alex: And why not? He is your bestfriend. He knows you. So like I know you, he knows me, and he knows you, he can judge.
Carl: Judge? He knows me so well ha? What makes you think like this? Just because of the word call 'bestfriend' means he knows me? Does he know that I'm gonna come after him ha?
Alex: What has gotten into you? I don't know who the heck are you anymore. Why would you wanna get angry at your own bestfriend?
Carl: Cause he made me mad. He cross the line..Didn't you realise?
Alex: Look, call me up when you're all cool down, I do not wanna talk to you when you're like this.
Carl: Alex, don't you dare put down the phone on me.
Alex: Listen here moron, I almost died today okay? While I was driving home, I was tearing, thanks to you for not waking up that you have talent in art but don't wanna give the art competition a chance to try again. I was sad in that situation, and I was only trying to help that made you pissed off and I could not concetrate on the road. An incoming lorry nearly hit me and I could be a goner. So....I just need someone to comfort me. Either than someone who just only hurt me which is you. Coincidently, he text me, and I agreed on meeting him up. So, the nextime you wanna get angry at someone, get angry at your damn self.
Alex just slam down the phone without waiting any answer from Carl.
Carl thinking: Nice going moron. I just only hurt her again. Twice in one day.
Back at Alex side, she was wrapping herself up with her two arms and was sobbing. She could not believe that helping Carl to get back to his art line instead of making both of them feel better, they're hurting even more.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 21

Alex reach to where Carl was waiting for her.
Alex: Let's go.
So...they went off. The next day, normal collegeg day.
Boy A: Hey Alex. It kinda suprise me that you and Carl can get to be this long.
Carl: What's that suppose to mean?
Alex giggle: You're so mean.
Lee: Well, as far as I know, Alex will not leave him.
Boy D: How the hell do you even know that?
Lee: Um...well, let's just say I have my own predictions.
Boy C: Such a pity Alex. You're kinda cute. I would be the first one who will be going after you if you break up with Carl.
Carl: Well, sadly to say that you guys will not have a chance and wait longer.
After lunch, Alex do not have classes after lunch. So after saying bye to Carl, she went to the hospital. Carl don't know about that. She didn't tell him. So she followed the address that was written on the card. At last she found it. She took a deep breath and went inside and search for the person who is in charge. After that, the person who is in charge, ask her to go in her room.
Miss Lim: Please have a seat.
Alex: Thanks. Actually, doctor, have a boyfriend who happens to be blind. I was thinking is it okay if there's anyone...anyone at all who can donate an eye for him?
Miss Lim: I don't know about that.
Alex: Please. He really...really needs his eye. He is an art student. Without his eye, all his talents are wasted.
Miss Lim: You do love him a lot I can tell.
Alex: Of course.
Miss Lim: Actually there is one person.
Alex:Really? Who? Can I see this person?
Miss Lim: He is having leukemia. So...yeah...he is gonna pass away soon. So he said he don't mind giving his eye away for good use.
Alex: it save?
Miss Lim: Of course it is.
Alex: Okay. Um..can I see this person?
Miss Lim: want it?
Alex: I don't mind if he don't mind.
Miss Lim: I'll let you see him now.
Alex: So soon?
Miss Lim: Why not? The sooner the better.
Alex: Okay.
So Miss Lim lead Alex to the patients room. Miss Lim knock on the patients door and slowly open the door.
Miss Lim: Hi Daniel. How are you feeling?
Alex walk in and to her shockness, that guy was bold.
Alex thinking: Oh my god. So pityful.
Daniel: Better.
Then Daniel saw Alex.
Daniel: Who is she?
Miss Lim: Oh...she wants to see you.
Danniel: Do I know her?
Miss Lim: Don't think you know her...Alex..come here.
Alex slowly walk and stand in front of the bed.
Alex; Hi.
Miss Lim: I'll leave both of you.
Then Miss Lim close the door. Alex look back at Daniel.
Alex: Hi...Um..I heard that Miss Lim told me that you don't mind donating your eye?
Daniel: Oh..about that.
Alex: see..I have a boyfriend. And...he is really into art. But because he is blind, he tends to lose interest and this is very sad thing to see in him. I thuoght of doing a surgery on his eye to make him get up on his feet again.
Daniel: About donating my eye...well...I'm pretty scared to give away. Although..I know I'm dieing...but I still wanna see things around me.'re having second thoughts?
Daniel: Kinda
Alex:'s okay.
Daniel: Well, I wish you luck in finding one.
Alex: Thanks...and thanks for sparing your time.
Daniel: No problem.
Then Alex went out. She was dissapointed.
Alex thinking: Well, it looks like there's no luck for Carl.
When she was halfway back to her house, Carl called her up.
Alex: Yes baby?
Carl: Where are you? My class is over.
Alex: Okay. I'll come pick you up now.
Carl: Okay.
Then Alex went and pick up Carl. They went to Carl's house,
Carl: So...where did you go just now?
Alex: where.
She lied.
Alex: Just...driving around.
Carl: I see.
Alex thinking: Sigh, why am I even lieing to him? I feel like such a bad person now.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 20

So...the days go on as usual. College days....And Lee was starting to feel his heart for her is fading away slowly. One day after college, Carl walk home with Alex.
Carl: Hey Alex.
Alex: Yeah?
CarL:I'm almost done. With the picture. Remember?
Alex: Oh. Can I see it?
Carl: Of course you can. But..don't laugh at it okay?
Alex: Won't.
So they went to Carl's house. As soon as they reacH Carl's room inside, Carl took his sketchbook and pass it to Alex.
Alex thinking:'s the skecthbook that I gave him.
When she open it, all of it was her. He was only drawing her all this while. Then the last drawing was he hugging her. She smile and almost tear.
Carl: So...what do you think?
Alex: Are y ou kidding? Carl baby..this is...this is great. You're so good.
Carl: Does it even look like you?
Alex: Yes baby. It does.
Carl: Thank god.
Alex: Can I scan it and print it out? I want a copy.
Carl: Sure.
Alex: I still can't believe it. You don't know how I look like but just by touching me, you know the slightest idea and picture it in your mind. That's brilliant.
Carl: Man, baby, praise me too much.
Then they kiss again. The next day, Alex went to supermarket. She was shopping and she heard some random announcment at the supermarket hall. She just went and check it out.
MC: We will be having an art competition this sunday. Who interested please fill in this form and you're just steps away in winning RM30,000.
Alex thinking: RM30,000? Oh my god. That's a lot.
MC:All you have to do is just to draw an object that we're gonna put on that day in front here. Draw as creative as you can, and you will win that ammount of money. But that's the first price. There also consolation prizes. The brochures are at the information counter. Thank you.
Alex thinking: Hmm, Carl might be interested.
So Alex went and take the brochure. And went straight to Carl's house.
Alex: Carl?
Carl: Right here at the back.
Then Alex went to the back.
Alex: Hey baby. I got something I wanna show you.
Carl: What is it?
Then Alex said everything.
Carl: What? I'm not taking part.
Alex: Why not? Think about that money. You can even do an eye surgery on that.
Carl: Dear, an operation likes this? You need t find a donater who is willing to donate an eye to you.
Alex: Um...we can find a can ask the hospital to find for us.
Carl: No Alex. You even said it yourself. Draw something which is right in front of you. Do you think I can see what's the object?
Alex: Well, maybe we can tell the MC that you can't see and you just need to touch it and you'll be able to do it.
Carl: Alex, you're crazy. I can do that because I love you. I don't love that object.
Alex: Excuse me? You call me what? Crazy?
Carl: I don't mean that. I'm sorry.'m not joining. Thanks. I'm sorry for that.
Alex knows that it is impossible for Carl to join but he can always try. Then Alex just went to the hall and sit down. Not long after that Carl came out from the back and sit down next to her. They both weren't talking until Carl decided to start first.
Carl: Baby, I quitted art for a few months already. I can't see. It's useless. I know you want to help me but...sigh...
aLEX: Forget it.
Carl: Oh..Please don't be mad at me.
Alex turn to him and then kiss him on the cheek. Carl smile and he kiss her lips straight. The next day at college, Alex was gloomy. She came to college with a gloomy expression. Lee realise that and ask her.
Lee: Hey Alex. What's wrong?
Alex: Nothing.
Lee: Had a fight with your dear?
Alex: No...It's just I was just trying to help him get back on track in the art line...but he seems so reluctant on it.
Lee: Oh...maybe he doesn't want to live in the past anymore. Since he has you.
Alex: But's such a wonderful thing. It's his passion. How can he just throw away like this? I thought he was unique.
Lee: Oh come on. Just because of that? I'm sure he won't just throw away like that.
Alex: Sigh..Hopefully. Come on. Carl is there already.
Lee: Okay.
Then continue the next day. Alex was having a flu.
Carl: You better go and see the doctor after this.
Alex: Yeah....I will.
Carl: I'll company you.
Alex: No....I don't want you to get infected by me.
Carl: Alex, honey, I'm your boyfriend. Please let me do something.
Alex smile to herself. She feels so lucky having a boyfriend like this. Their relationship seems to be perfect.
Alex: Alright. You can come.
So after college, Alex and Carl went to the doctor. After the doctor examine her, she went to the counter to pay. Then she overheard the doctor went to the nurse and said...
Doctor: There's an eye donater. His name is...
Alex: Excuse me?
Doctor: Yes young lady? How may I help you?
Alex: Um...eye donater?
Doctor: You're looking for one?
Alex:'s for my boyfriend. He's blind. If there's anyone willing to donate their eyes, can you please let me know?
Doctor: You have to go to the hospital for further information. Maybe you can call this number.
The doctor give Alex a card.
Doctor: She's an eye specialist. She might know.
Alex: Oh...thank you so much.
Doctor: No problem. Take care of youself.
Alex: Thanks, I will.
After paying up, she walk to where Carl was. Holding the card near to her chest.
Alex thinking: I hope she can help.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sacrifice Episode 19

Alex was driving to Carl's house.
Alex thinking: Hmm, I feel like I should be fair to Lee. If he don't want me to say it out then I won't.
Not long after that, Alex reach Carl's house. She lock her car door and went in Carl's house. He rang the doorbell. Carl open the door.
Alex: Hey baby. It's me.
Carl: Alex?
Alex: Yeah.
Carl: I thought you said you wanna rest your mind?
Alex: Um....I'm not really sick. I thought I wanna see you. I really missed you.
Carl thinking: Is she for real?
Carl: Come in Alex.
Then Alex went inside his house.
Alex: Parent's not home?
Carl: Nope.
Alex: Okay.
Carl: Alex?
Alex: Hmm?
Carl: I wanna ask you something.
Alex: Go ahead.
Carl: That night, at that dinner, did Lee confess to you anything?
Alex thinking: Oh my god. Did Lee already told him?
Alex: Um...I....well...yeah...he did.
Carl: I see.
Alex: He already told you?
Carl: Yeah. And I....
Alex: You what?
Carl: I got pissed off like anything.
Alex: What? You guys are best buddies for so long. Don't make this situation ruins your friendship.
Carl: We didn't really end our relationship. I told him t give me time to settle down after all this shit.
Alex: know, I really shouldn't have met you.
Carl thinking: What is she saying?
Alex: Since I met you, you're not happy. Everything keeps on running through your mind. I'm sorry.
Carl touch her face.
Carl: Hey. Baby. It's okay.
Alex: I don't know how to mend this. I want to do something for both of you but I do not know how.
Carl: Alex, I don't expect you to do anything.
Alex: But I do not wanna see you and Lee ended up like this.
Carl: Alright. I'll talk to him tomorrow okay?
Alex: Promise?
Carl: Yes.
Alex smile.She push herself to Carl's lips and they start kissing. Carl was happy that Alex actually brought happiness to him. The next day at college, Alex was walking to the college entrance. Lee stop her when she was about to reach.
Lee: Hey.
Alex: Lee. Don't scare me like that.
Lee: Sorry.
Alex: I heard about it.
Lee: About?
Alex: About you and him? About you admitting that situation.
Lee: Yeah. He didn't take it lightly.
Alex: Trust me. I'm sure he will get over it. It's not like you fall for me and I fall for you. Right?
Lee: Right.
Alez:'re kinda cute I have to admit.
Lee: Don't start.
Alex: I'm not starting anything.
Then Alex saw Carl standing at the distance.
Alex: Well, let's go. He's waiting for us.
Lee nodded and followed Alex to where Carl was standing.
Alex; Hey Carl.
Carl: Hey.
Lee: Hi.
Carl was shocked. Is that Lee he was wondering.
Carl: Lee?
Lee: Yeah.
Carl: Oh..hi.
Alex whisper: Baby. You promised me.
Carl: Ahem....Lee?
Lee: Yeah?
Carl: I forgive you. not do that again.
Lee: You mean falling for your girl?
Carl: Yeah.
Lee: Then you should ask her not to wear sexy anymore.
Carl was giggling.
Alex: What? You want me to wear something nice am I right?
Then all of them laugh. Lee was happy that he and Carl are back to where they were.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bloody hell!!

Hey guys. I wanna quit this job and find another job. I think I just have about enough lieing to myself and people around here that I can do this job. Just like what Calvin said. If I want something, I can do it. That's what he said. So...I think I'll follow his advice and do something else. Something that I'm good at.
Now I think I'm gonna look back and see what I'm good at and start looking back to scratch one. Start applynig again. Who knows? Calvin might be right. I'm just lieing to myself. I'm just scared. I need to stand up one more time and look forward and look what is on the other side.
Calvin said I need to change to be divert. Change another way to think animation in another advance thing. So.....whether is it movies, cartoon, production, advertising, he wants me to take all that and put it in one ball that's called animation. So whatever it is...I will take animation as everything. Not only cartoons.
Come to think of it, he does makes sense after calming myself down and look back.Well, I'm so happy after hearing what Calvin said that I can just have anything I want. Just by knowing me for a few days, this guy can see right through in me...That I can do almost anything. I just need to put my heart and my mind to it. And he is right. Well, I guess, there's nothing much to say anymore. Just have to start looking for a job first...and then start applying. Thanks again Calvin!