Sunday, February 28, 2010

Age are just numbers Episode 2

William:Hey Seiko. That show wasn't that nice wasn't it?
It was the next day. Seiko and William went out together to catch a movie.
Seiko: Yeah. Kinda sucks actually. I think the most suckiest part is when...
Seiko suddenly stop talking.William was shock. He was looking in the direction that Seiko was looking. It's Taruni.
Seiko: Come on William let's go the other way.
William: Come on man. Why are you so scared?
Seiko: I'm not scared. I just do not wanna...
Taruni: Hey Seiko.
Seiko thinking: Fuck. Too late.
Taruni went to him.
Taruni: Hi William.
William: Err....hi.
Taruni: So Seiko. Did you get my message?
Seiko: Yes.
Taruni: And?
Seiko: I don't think I'm coming
Taruni: Why?
Seiko: Cause I just don't want to.
Taruni:Why not? Please?
Seiko: Why?
Taruni: I don't want us to not being friends just because we broke up.
Seiko:That's not the case. I just don't wanna meet your friends there and all.
Taruni: You don't need to worry. I'll be there. Please?
Seiko: Well,...
Taruni: Please. I really really want you to be there.
Seiko:Oh, alright.
Taruni giggle
Taruni: Thanks. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.
Seiko just stare at her as she walks away. The next day, Seiko woke up from sleep.
Seiko thinking: Oh yeah, today's the hell day. Sigh.
Seiko went downstairs when his father called him.
Seiko's father: Hey son. Follow me go to Tropicana City Mall later. I have to get some stuff.
Seiko: Sure thing dad.
And so after lunch they went. They went and buy stuff and then they stop by at the cinema then Seiko's dad said...
Seiko's dad: Why not you start working son while waiting for your results.
Seiko: Work?
Seiko's dad: Yeah. Why not here?
Seiko: What? But dad...
Seiko' dad: No but's...
Without waiting for his answer, Seiko's dad just went to the cinema's counter and ask for an application form. The girl at the counter look at Seiko and Seiko just ignore her looks. And then he took the form and just started filling up his details. After qutie sometime, the girl at the counter took his form from Seiko. After going through it, she look at Seiko, smile at Seiko and said..
Girl: Alright, I'll pass this to my manager and they'll call you.
Seiko thinking: That's what they always says and they'll never call.
Seiko: Okay. Thanks.
Seiko's dad: Isn't it nice to work here?
Seiko: Dad?
Girl: Err, well you can say that. There's really not much things to do here. So we can just sit around and relax.
Seiko's dad: Thaty's actually a nice job isn't it Seiko?
Seiko: Um...I guess.
Girl thinking: Hmm, he's cute.
Seiko: Well, anyway, we better get going dad. Mom will be upset if we going home late for dinner won't she?
Seiko turn to the girl and said..
Seiko: ThaNKS. I'll be waiting.
The girl just smile and nodded. And so Seiko and the dad just walk away. Back the the counter, another girl came to the girl.
Girl B: Hey June. What's wrong with you?
June: No, I was just looking at that guy.
Girl B: Oh, you mean that new guy who came and ask for application?
June: Yeah.
Girl B: Yeah, he is so damn cute.
June: You like him Elly?
Elly show a shock expression.
Elly: What? Of course not.
She took the form and then went to the office. June just smiled. Back at Seiko, he was walking down the escelator when his phone rang. He look at it.
Seiko thinking: Unknown number?
Seiko: Hello?
The other line: Hello? Is this Seiko?
Seiko: Yeah, this is Seiko.
The other line: Hey Seiko. My name is Mr. Ken, can you come to work tomorrow? You applied for work right?
Seiko thinking: What? That was so fast.
Seiko: Shouldn't I go for interview first or something?
Mr. Ken: Yes, yes. Come for interview tomorrow and we can proceed then alright?
Seiko: Sure thing.
Mr, Ken: Okay, So i'll see you tomorrow at 2 p.m then. Bye.
Seiko: Bye.
Then he hang up.
Seiko's dad: You got the job?
Seiko: Well, I have to go for interview first tomorrow in order for them to proceed.
Seiko's dad: I see. Let's go.
Seiko thinking: I don't think I'll make it in the interview. I'm just gonna be relax. Now the other problem is, tomrrow is Taruni's birthday is tomorrow. Shit!

Age are just numbers Episode 2
Set by
- Jessica Tan -

Friday, February 26, 2010

Age are just numbers Episode 1

In a school where hot guys are playing basketball. After practice.
William: Hey Seiko.
Seiko: Yeah?
William: Time out.
Seiko: Oh...alright.
Seiko turn to his members.
Seiko:Time out guys. William needs a break.
Boy A: What? Come on, we only played for one and a half hour. The competition is not more than 3 more weeks.
Seiko: Oh, relax. I as your coach,what could possibly go wrong?
William: Everything?
Seiko: Yeah, yeah very funny.
Then a girl came to the basketball court. William saw her.
William: Hey Seiko. Your girlfriend is here.
Seiko turn to her. He smiled at her and showing her a sign to wait a minute. She nodded. Seiko turned to his team members and said...
Seiko: Be right back.
William: You can take your time.
Seiko: Yeah, like that would do you any good. Be right back.
Then he went to her.
Seiko: Hey Taruni.
Taruni: Hey.
Seiko observing her face.
Seiko thinking: She seems gloomy. I wonder whAt's up?
Seiko: So...what's up? Anything wrong?
Taruni: Seiko, I have to talk to you about something.
Seiko: Alright baby, anything. You, want to talk here?
Taruni: Yes, I don't mind anywhere but I have to be fast. My dad's waiting for me.
Seiko: Okay, well, we can find a spot..Let's see, where will...
Taruni: I wanna break up with you.
Seiko heard that...but he pretended not to and continue suggesting a place to stand.
Seiko: Hmm, that's a nice spot...Let's...
Taruni: Did you hear what I said?
Seiko: Let's go there Taruni.
Before Seiko can go, she grap his arm and said...
Taruni: I wanna break up with yoU, Seiko.
Seiko, stop...He turn to her with a sad plus confuse expression.
Seiko: Why? What did I do wrong that makes....
Taruni: Nothing. You didn't do anything to me.
Seiko: Then why...
Taruni: I'm sorrY. I can't lie to y0u anymore. I'm with..someone else.
Seiko, felt like thousand knives were stabbing through his heart.
Seiko: How could you?
Taruni: Well, you should blame yourself.
Seiko: Excuse me?
Taruni: You always can't go out with me.
Seiko: That's because we're all having an important exam. Now the exams are over we can go out as much as you like Taruni.
Taruni: Sorry. I'm already with him for two weeks.
Seiko: Two weeks? And you're telling it to me now?
Taruni: I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you earlier but I can't seem to find the right time and...
Seiko: That's enough. I heard enough. So...we are through ha?
Taruni: Yes.
Seiko: Fine...whatever.
Seiko wanted to go when she said...
Taruni: I'm having a birthday party this coming sat. I would love for you to come.
Seiko: I'll think about it. Bye.
Taruni was just staring at him as he left to the basketball court.
Taruni thinking: Seiko, I'm so sorry.
He reach the basketball court.
Seiko: BreAKs over. Let's practice.
Seiko shout: Now!
During the whole practice, Seiko could not concetrate much. He keeps on thinking about Taruni.
Seiko thinking: Why? I shouldn't. I and her are nothing. She's nothing. I shouldn't!!
Then something in the middle went wrong. The basketball ball hit Seiko's head.
Seiko shout: Ouch!!
Boy D: Sorry. You suppose to catch it.
William: Um, are you okay? You're not playing very well. I think we should stop here.
Seiko: Yeah, let's stop here.
Then everyone pack up.
William: What's wrong dude?
Seiko: Nothing.
William: Come on. Tell me.
Seiko: You really want to know?
William: Yes, I'm worried about you.
Seiko: That bitch Taruni, just dumped me for some guy.
William:, sorry.
Seiko: Well, no worries. I'll see you around.
He patted Williams back and just turn and walks off. At night, he keeps on thinking of whether or not should he go for Taruni's birthday party. Then suddenly his phone rang. It was just a message. He check his phone and it's from Taruni.
Taruni's message: Hey. I know you might still be hurt due to afternoons talk. I smsed you to tell you that I really want you to come to my birthday party. I need the confirmation latest by tomorrow so that I can prepare the food. Thanks and sorry for everything. Miss you.
Seiko: Miss you? You should miss your own boyfriend.
Then he buried his face on his pillow not knowing what to do.

End of Age are just numbers Episode 1
Set By
-Jessica Tan-

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This whole week!

Hi people. I finally found a job. And now, I feel so heavy hearted leaving my current working place . There's someone that I feel so hard to let go. Today I cried after hearing a news. More like after I found out the news.
And valentines day is around the corner. I do not have a date. My boyfriend rather ditch me and go and deal with his chinese new year stuffs. So now, I do not have a date, I'm leaving my job and gonna miss that person and all my other staffs there, and also this saturday, is my day and I do not have anyone to go out with!!!
I feel so pissed off at my boyfriend in a way for not knowing how to balance everything up. How can he just put valentines day aside. So what if valentines day is not big here? It still is big in my god damn heart!!! Well, fine if he don't want it then fine. Don't need to have it!!! He said he wants to celebrate it another day? Well, sorry, the mood isn't there anymore!
On Saturday, we always watched movie but then he told me that he can't go out after reunion dinner on saturday. So fine, I let him go...but on Sunday, it's valentines day and it's also the first day of CNY...I do not expect him to go out with me the whole day. Maybe just around 2 something? And then hang out till late night? He told me only dinner can. I was like wow? My date is just a dinner and nothing at all but just that!. So he said posponed it to another day.
So on that particular day itself I do not have a date. Hahaha. <---That's just a sacarstic laugh. I wish my CNY is soooooooooo happening so that I don't need to care about what am I gonna do on that day, and don't need to think too much.
Oh well, I just finish crying few minutes ago. I am really upset that's why. Anyway, I don't know what I'll do. Probably just sit and rot at home. I wish I was working. Rather to work then to sit at home do nothing! FUCK LA!!!
I hope my new job pays me off well and I can cope up with any hardships there. Hope people are nice there unlike my last company. Sigh. Praying hard for this. Bye bye! Going to my bed now and cry somemore. Somehow, my tears are not yet finished.