Friday, January 15, 2010


Bluddy hell man. It is like so hard to find a job? Or am I just too suck that no one wants to hire me? I mean, seriously now. I'm like thinking. What the fuck am I good at? I'm not good in Admin jobs, I'm not good at drawing(its like the most thing that I love to do) and music is not moving me into anywhere. So, what the fuck am I good at?
I sometimes wondering, that is it just me or is it that they have enough people and they do not want to hire anymore? And as for the admin part, is it because I'm just not good enough for them because I graduated from an Art and design field. I'm like going for so many interviews, all are not even related to my field. And one never even called me up. I felt like finding job for admin is so hard. Phone calls keeps on coming in. I wasn't really getting serious into finding job that time but I think right now, I need to.
I'm like suffering from financial crisis. It's been like 6 months I haven't been to this shop call I-Socks in timessquare. I usually shop for my japanese stuff there and every month I usually go there to look for any new outfit but I can't because right now, it's just too much for me. And I can't even afford to go on a LRT to get to another destination because from what I see, putting out money like that I can even cry. And its really THAT BAD.
Look but excuse me, I DO NOT need people to take pity on me. Like I said, this journal is meant for anyone to read. I just need to express this out to, who knows there'll be people out there who might be a good listener.
So now, I'm really looking for an animation job that I can really depend on. And I can tell you this time, no matter how hard it is, I will stay focus and not rush things anymore. Even if things doesn't go my way, I will try to be patient. I learnt my mistake for not trusting anyone(not even good friends) in work. Politics are everywhere. DAMN you politics. EEEEISH!! Whoever in animation company, please hire me even if I'm not good enough I'll make myself useful. Argggghhhhh!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

The year 2010 and Happy New Year to everyone!!!Wee

Hi guys. First of all I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to everyone!! I went to Kl lastnight and Oh, i can tell you, it was so awesome. Although I did hurt myself when new years arrived. Those idiots throw their spraying cans all over the place until one hit my head. It is really painful but then again I get to see three set of fireworks. Nextime, I think I'm going to wear a metal helmet to protect me. Hahaha!
Well, Kl is really crazy. Ever heard of human traffic jams? We are always complaining that there's traffic all over the road. Well, instead of the road, lastnight at the place I went was not at the road but at the overhead bridge. I could not even catch my breath for a second. At that moment, I thought I was gonna faint for not having enough air to breath, but then again, i closed my nose and breath through my mouth. Well, that helped out a lot. When we reach at the other side(bukit bintang), we were like making our way through the wild crowd to get over to bukit bintang where there are less people around.Well we manage to get there and then we bought those glittering lights, and the snow spray and soon join in the crowd. Well, it was really awesome I could say plus wild. Fireworks, well as usual, great as always. But for me this years one was better because I could see two. The countdown was a bit off because there was like 2 clocks there. So it was like we counted twice? Hahaha, weird huh? Well, tell me about it. Anyway. yeah, it was wild, crazy and fun. To make a long story short. I really enjoyed this new years countdown. Oh well. See ya. Have to to gym tomorrow. Hahaha!