Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why I can't trust Lollypop(Afif)

Hey Guys. Hmmm, how long has it been since I last drop by this page? Well, work is really crazy these days and I seriously don't even have time for myself.
I seriously do not understand humans. Like people say humans are the most dangerous creature on earth. Well, I do not want to believe it but at the end, yeah, it is true. Your own friend betray you just to save their ass in something is call cruel.
I have this so called pet brother name Afif. At the working place, people call him Lollypop. That is his nickname. I and him really loved each other like anything. SOmetimes even more then a brother and sister. I save his life by introducing to this company that we're working at. He is seriously a very caring person that time. And I decided to work with him since we are also working at the same shopping complex and I can tell you, he would do anything for me in order to see me smile. But I'm not writing this blog to say the good things 'cause all the good things that I wanna say, is all in the past. The present and future, the Afif I know is totally gone. There's no more the sweet, kind and gentle guy I once knew. Ain't that sad? I can tell you seriously, it suck bad time.
I just received a message saying that he is going to get transfered to another project using the 'Flash" software. Well, he is not even good at it. Just because he can't stand a person in his so called team and project that he is working on, he wants to transfer to another project that he is not even bloody good AT!! I know that people can learn. Not to say he never did try out. He did and our relationship screwed up. He slapped me, cause he can't take preasure and also he never spend time with me at all already because he could not keep up with it.
The other reason why he wants to be there because there's another guy name 'Ayon' pull him into animation and keep on spoon feeding him till Afif succeeds and I can tell you that's so wrong. How can you even spoon feed someone and make him to be smart when he is always clinging on to the same person. Sometimes I don't feel the people in the company sees my ability or either you can call it passion in trying new things. It's been 2 long years I've been trying so hard to get into that damn bloody position and I am not given even slight chance. Not even a single person is spoon feeding him. Like that bloody Afif who talks so big and get what he wants at the end.
I am really happy when Jennifer and Afif came up to work and yeah, finally all three of us are at the same floor but....that bloody guy just have to open his big damn mouth and show attitude 'lam pah' face to people..especially his leader, and get thrown and shift to another project and yeah, congrats to him, again he wanted what he wished for..and how did he do that? By opening his big mouth that's how. I thought he is excited about working with me and all but now I know, he is not even proud of it. Just because of one guy, he wants to change? That's what cowards will do. Run away from problems. I don't think I did that whenever I'm having problems in that company. Like what Jennifer always say. Put your chin up and stay strong. Afif says that he wants to go to Blizzard, Pixar, Disney and all those? Then he need to have an attitude adjustment and try to settle problems instead of running away. NoW I know he don't need me and that's how I don't trust him. And 2 years ago right until now, I really regreted asking him to work with him because it all end up as he is working for himself and getting what he wants but I'm getting trashed and not being appreciated. Fuck, I DO HAVE A DIPLOMA AND HE DOESN'T!! I tried so hard, and pay extra and gain knowledge by going through 3 years of hardship and when I work with him I get nothing. Lower salary and lower position!!! This sucks badly and I am so sure he wants to compete with Jen and me just by going to flash, not only to see Ayon but also wanna be better then me and Jen and that is to learn flash. The software he hate the most. Well, he can go die and kiss Ayon's ass for all I care if he think that Ayon is his God. Cause he made it so clear to me just now that in work I'm nothing to him only after work I mean something to him. But he don't know how I feel. From now onwards, he means pratically a total junk to me. Goodbye people! Thanks foir reading.