Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi guys. I took one week off from my workign place to chill out and think straight on is it actually the right job for me and all?
And now, I'm also beginning to think of another matter. FRIENDS!
Have any of you ever encountered friends that have been together with you for soooooooooo freaking long and then suddenly tell you that you're boring and seldom goes out with you. Okay, so maybe you're boring. Then you give them some time to break after that, they still don't want to spend time with you. Giving excuses and makes yourself like you're such a fool to even trust on what they are saying. But after that, you found out actually, they DO NOT WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU and sometimes when they are not free, or even when they;re sick and they tell you that they're sick, it is sooooo hard to believe them because they lied to you before.
Well, I have two friends are like that and sadly, this two friends are a very good friend of mine. One is my bestfriend and the other is my so called PET bro.
This bestfriend of mine started to become really really sucky when she have her first boyfriend. She started having guts to fight back withme, really loves and I really mean it, she loves spending lesser time with me and always giving excuses that I can't buy., Same goes with my pet brother. Sometimes I really wish that both of them should just go married each other, Even when four of us goes out, me, my bf, my pet bro and my bestfriend goes out, they all tend to talk so much in the cinema and talk so much to each other, I feel like WAT THE FUCK!? But sometimes when they are alone with me, they stabbed each other backs. I was like thinking, if they hate each other so much why they are still soooooooooooo close rather than me?
You know what? I'm getting sick and tired of their excuses already. I am soooooo done being so nice to them and treating as if they are something to me. I think I shouldn'T. I think I should justforget them a little until they realise I am not gonna call them or watsoever anymore. I'm getting sick with the atmosphere already with them. It's ugly and BORING! I hate them soooooooooo much. No more suffering. I don't even need it from them when I'm already so fucking sad with my working place. I don't need extra. FUCK MAN THIS PEOPLE!!