Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19th November. Should I be okay? That's up to my heart to judge.

Hey guys. Something awful happened. Me and Afif are no longer friends. He and me fought in 1 Utama Nando's . As usual, we were fine at first. Until when he started to throw stuff at Jen, I got so pissed off and started to raise my voice but it wasn't a loud one. And then when he start to do stupid faces to me, I started punching the menu and he did i back. Until he called me 'fucking bitch' in a low voice but I heard it. And then I shouted at him asking him to repeat that so that Jen can hear. And he said that I'm testing his patients. I was like "Hah, I think I'm the one suppose to say that. I've been very patient with you for how long already ar? Hah!?" And then he said 'fine' and took off just like that. We met back at the arcade, but he just walk pass by us. I think this is really the end of our relationship.
If you guys wanna know, yes, I am hurt. This all just happened sudden. Now, no one is gonna teman me for my Lollita suit and all. I mean, we used to go out every Sat, either to KL or either Genting, Just the two of us. Now all of that are gone. Every sweet memories are gone. I just came back from drinking. I am really in an emotional breakdown. I have no idea who is even gonna read this. I just don't wanna care anything around me anymore. Afif was one hell experience that I do not want to face anymore. A lot of people has been telling me that he is a bad friend and he don't deserve me. I can see that, but I really can't just let him go until today which was really a sudden thing. I thought my goodbye's with him forever is gonna be a hug and a kiss at least but this relationship ended with a fight and a glance of his stupid yong sui face.
I just wish for one thing in his life right now. Good luck in everything and I wish him happiness. As far as I know, he won't be seeing me anymore. So, it is up to our collougues to take care of him now. He has not enough cash, they are gonna help him. I mean, I'm already done with him. Because that's what he chose. So, let it be. It is not like I can stop him from doing that. If you wanna know is it me who always hurting him? Then you all haven't hear side A of the story. If you guys straight away listen to Side B then you guys will not understand the whole damn situation.
I wish no one is gonna put the blame on me. Jen said it isn't my fault at all. Not because she is my friend but is because she knows what is right and wrong. Well, one thing for sure is, he just made a big mistake by walking off like that and act as if we're not there in the arcade. Well, good for him. I think it will be the best for him. Good luck Afif and goodbye. Good ridance. Ciao!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About me and Afif!

Hey guys. Again the same old thing. I didn't update for a very long time. Anyway, about the title up there. Me and Afif's relationship isn't going too well nowadays. He lie to me, he hurts me like hell. He also don't love me as much as he did lastime. Well, the only thing is that now he doesn't goes witih me to work.
Each time I try to tell him stuff, he don't wanna listen to me. Sometimes, it is just too hard to communicate witih him. I feel so far away from him now. Even so, that he comes back with me from work, but we still fight a lot especially in work at working hours.
The thing is, sometimes I feel that he is a shame being seen around me. He always looks happier with our collougues rather than me, Jen and my boyfriend. I know sometimes I do have to leave him but I can't.
Recently I met back Bryan and he told me to set myself a dateline so that I can forget Afif. I did. I set December 31st.After new year I was planning to leave Afif. As a new year, I need to start a new life. So that's why I set 31st December. Okay guys. I have to go now. See ya.