Monday, September 08, 2008

Some stupid and fucking people..

Hi people. Never write in here so long. You guys wanna know what? Some people right, really don't treasure and think back what they have and don't appreciate things you did for them. There's this girl, (i WOULD SAY HER NAME ONE MORE TIME SHE POST HER STUPID BLOG AGAIN)she was my bestfriend for five years. And she is an anime freak. I repeat people, do not criticize ANY ANIME cartoons in front of her if not she will flare up. As I was saying. I teach her a lot of things, and introduce her THIS website and now I and her are enemies due to her stupid fucking attitude which I already had enougH.She writes about her life which is sucky and wanna kill herself and all those bloody bullshit. And sometimes about me. I mean, what the fuck? Bestfriends don't do tat. I mean, I bet until now, she has no bestfriend. No one even want's to be friends with her. Even her so called online friends meets her and me, they prefer me rather than her because she talks shits and she is pratically DUMB! OH MY GOD! I can't even believe it myself that I was even her bestfriends for five years. Hmm, maybe, I just feld pity towards her and that's all. You wanna know what type of results she have back in high school? I would love to tell the whole wide world man. I mean, just ONE MORE TIME she wanna complain out of her fucking pussy about things and people rather than herself, I would say her name plus telling all those stupid and silly things she does. Oh, when I was her friend, I did let her have friends, introduce my bestfriend to her and all of my friends can tell me that they don't understand what she is sayin because she fucking mumbles and she don't speak good english. Oh my god. I can't believe it. I hope she knows that this is consider a warning for her unless she is reallY TOO DUMB to even notice that I'm talking about her. FUCK U MAN, GO GET OUT OF MY LIFE AND BRAG ABOUT URE STUPID FAKE PITIFUl LIFE PROBLEM SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!