Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My kor kor's birthday gift.

Hey guys. For the first time. Afif spend me my last birthday gift from him. It was an expensive dinner which made me love him even much more. Of course no one will beat my dearest bie bie but stil, coming from Afif, whom always no money, I didn't expect him to bring me there.
We went to Itallianies. And well, we over ordered, haha. But nevermind. He didnt mind. I was really proud at him just now. Went out, and he paid all the parking ticket (that is after I told him). He was willing to do so anyway. Well, I know how much it was, because thanks to him with his usual big mouth, he said it out but not on purpose. It was over RM100 ler if you guys are curious to know so much.
Nothing much happened. We just went out and play arcade. Nothing much. All I know that he made my day and for the first time, we never fought after for awhile. I love him so much today. More than words. Thanks for making today so special kor. Love ya lots. I wish he could stay like this forever.