Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bog Brother Episode 25

Shika: So? Is it true?
Jaron: Shika, I...
Shika; I hate you.
Then Shika just storm off.
Jamie: Um, did I say something wrong?
June just sigh. Then Jaron and June walk together to class.
Jaron: I feel sorry for her.
June: Yeah.
Jaron: But seriously, I don't have any feelings towards her. How am I going to love her like how I love you?
June: Huh? Love me?
Jaron: Oh..sorry. I shoudn't have said that.
June stop walking and turn to Jaron.
June: Jaron, until when you're gonna act like this?
Jaron: Like what?
June; Being single. You want to be with me. I know you want. But you are still delaying things here. I hate to have this feelings. This feeling that is been bothering me. I want to be with you.
Jaron: Sigh, June, I don't want to hurt you.
June: You won't. I promise. You won't.
Jaron: Okay, tell you what. I'm gonna take over my dad's business. I might need to travel here and there. Overseas and I wouldn't be able to see you at all. So....if you don't mind that, I will be so delightful to be with you.
June: Well, just promise me, you won't do it too often.
Jaronr: I can't promise you that but I will try.
June: Soo....are we official now?
Jaron: Yeah, sure thing.
So, that makes them a couple. At break time, June was walking towards Jaron's class when she saw Shika was talking with Jaron. Shika was all tearing.
June thinking: Oookay, this is not good.
June went there. Shika saw her and her face was angry when she saw June.
June: Hey. what's going on?
sHIKA: You, you stole him away.
June: Huh? What?
Jaron: Shika, stop it right now. I told you. It is nobody's fault. I and you are just not suitable.
Shika shouting: And she is suitable to you!?
Jaron: Shika, there are certain people who are suitable with each other okay? I just don't have that passion towards you.
Shika: What does she have that I don't have?
June: Shika, calm d-...
Then Shika slap June.
June shout: Aaahh!
Jaron shout: Shika! What the hell!!!? Get out of here.
Shika shouting: You shouting at me just because I slap he.........
Jaron: Get out from my sight now!!!
Shika crying and shouting: I hate you!!! (Sniff) (Sobbing)
Then she ran off. Jaron hold June's hand which is holding her cheek.
Jaron: Hey, are you okay? Come, let me see.
June: It's okay. I'm fine.
Jaron: She's terrible.
June: I don't blame her though.
Jaron: Come on. Let's go.
June Okay.
So they both went home together. 3 months had passed, and June and Jaron are still going strong until the 4th month, June and Jaron are always arguments and Jaron always missed out on their outings and don't call her on time. Not only that this started recently but when they first got together, it already happened. June was quite fed up with it. She could not take this stupid relationship anymore when they were already 6 months together. So one day, she wanted to break up with Jaron but she don't know how. And that night, Jaron called her up.
Jaron: Hey
June: Hey. Um, baby, there's something I need to tell you.
Jaron: What is it?
June: If, if..okay? If all of a sudden, I tell you that I wanna stop this relationship, what are you gonna do?
Jaron: Why are you asking me this? Do you want to stop?
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