Friday, October 19, 2007


Hi all. Once again. I'm gonna blabber about afif's prent's Not to say that I'm gonna keep it as a secret..NO. No more secret...I gues I was right, remember when I said I and him and my boyfriend suppose to go out on monday right...Guess what, it didn't happen. Know why? Well, firstly, jimmy anD I went to his house. Father is there. And as usual, they were fighting and all. After all the fights, Jimmy went in because Afif insist Jimmy to knock some sense to his dad. Jimmy did but what a shame that THAT BLUDDY ASSHOLE, didn't wanna listen. Instead he called my boyfriend a liar. Heeellllooo, what is there to lie about? We told him everything that all he needs to know. He not only called my boyfriend a liar but said "I already framing Afif as a liar. Don't make me think that you and your friend over there is a liar" That friend is me la. So, my boyfriend was really pissed at him but as usual, my bf is always a patient guy so he kept his cool. After that, after all the fight went on and on, Afif said to us this sentence which I won't forget..."hey, you guys go first la. I meet you guys there later" us there...I was Then my boyfriend just said okay...And guess what he didn't showed up. How interesting. Oh well, I already suspected.
That was on monday. During on monday when I and my boyfriend was alone in the car around 5 something, Afif called up my boyfriend and said that he wants to run away and stay at our working place. (Not going to mention where.I kena once and I'm not gonna kena again) My boyfriend said if that's his decision then he will respect. On tuesday, Afif packed his bag and went to my house. H e said that he wanted to tun away for a week. But typical him..He didn't bring enough clothings. So he only stayed my house until wednesday night and thursday he went home. But on wednesday, his idiotic parents called him up through our working place. Asking him to come back. Oh sorry..not his parents...his mom. And his mom lied to him saying that his father went to outstation and even the small brother lied to him which I have no idea why he did that. Afif loves the small brother like anything and the small brother do this to him? Wow.....such a betrayer. Well, anyway, let's get back..So Afif believed in the small brother and then he went home.
He went home and told the mom that he wants to move out. He can't stay there anymore. And suddenly all of a sudden, he heard a door opening and who else if it isn't the dad? Yeah as usual ler fighting again. And he did not make it to stay overnight at my place and I fought with the dad through the phone. Even my bf flared up at the dad for the first time in my bf's life. Let's get more detail on what the dad said to me okay? As a very disciplin malay, are they even allowed to say FUCK YOU, to us? He calls me a bitch. And oh can I even forget this? Listen to this. His mom said this to Afif... "Eh Afif. Why is SHE so important to you ar? SHE LEND HER PUSSY TO YOU AR?" Wow..nice hor? I think someone really needs to go call Tanjung rambutan and put his parents there until they recover because I think they really have a mental problem.
And then righ, he never even let me and Jimmy to even see him. Yeah, I what? I lost hope in Afif many times. I still keep my cool and stand up. And yesterday when he came to work, he talked to me a lot and said he was sorry and nothing will keep him apart from me. But now....I'm already seeing it. And yesterday, his father and mom came to the working place..Calling the working place so many fucking times. I tell you, CAN'T THEY JUST LET HIM BE!? Whats up with this fucking family? And you know, Afif told me that he will be more rebelious towards his parent...I don't think so anymore. Right now, which is coming soon, all of us got function in our working place. He said that he'll come. He is coming and he suppose to because his list is already inside and he said he don't care but he is coming.You know what? He said that he'll be coming to my house wearing baju melayu...Now is already 10 something and he said he'll come at nine...Call up his hp cannot get....I think he is not making it to the function and you know what? I HATE HIM AND HIATE HIS WHOLE FAMILY...I'M THROUGH WITH HIM!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Afif and me.

Hi all. Wow, such a bluddy long time I haven't posted here...Hahaha, miss this place. Oh yeah, anyway, about Afif and me, he admitted that he loved me a lot and we all have been going out as a brother and sister only that's because I already have a boyfriend.
Sometimes, I really pity him. Espewcially his idotic parents. I mean like, how come they can't understand what is he going through? He has a an animator. Shouldn't they be happy instead of nagging at him all the fucking time? Well, it is true that Afif always spend time with me. So what? That doesn't mean that we are lovers. We just spend time with each other. And it is true that he loves me so much until he told me that I'm already part of his life. People's feelings, you can't do anything about it. You can't changed them. You can't even control them actually.
You know, his parents hates every single thing he does. I don't see how can he ever survive if his family is like this. And today is Hari Raya. And I and him fought just because of his grandmom. I know he misses his grandmom and all but don't need to tell me 3 days straight. I'm sick and tired of hearing that same old sentence over and over again. And he even told me that he hate his family but just now he told me that he only hate his parents. He don't hate his aunty, his grandmom and his brother. And plus his cousins(father's side). Anyway, he told me that he wanted to spend time with me tomorrow after his morning prayer. And he said that he wanted to go back early just now(which he suppose to), and cook for me. Tomorrow when he sees me he is gonna bring that food for me but after hearing me and Jimmy's conversation about I and him not spending time together already, he felt hurt. Well, how am I suppose to know? He was the one sending me emails and told me that he decided that he wanted to spend time with his family tomorrow what. Well, I can't get him on the phone right now and kinda worried. Tomorrow will try again. Have to stop here. I'll post more of my stories soon and also about my working life plus daily life. Ciao guys.