Saturday, September 29, 2007

My life in working.

Hi guys. Well, I know that deviantart is definitely not a safe place to talk about my personal stuff anymore. Considering where I work. I hope that THIS particular journal no one will talk about it. Listen is MY LIFE. DON'T YOU DARE GOSSIP. But still I wanna point out some stuff.I do respect one person which I really did think negative of him because HE acted cool in this whole thing. On the other hand, one particulaR guy acted so immature and I'm so dissapointed in that guy. Canyou even imagine, printing out my journal? Wow, would you even think that is a mature move? Look, my life is my life. Why are you such a busy body and printing it out all of a sudden. Wanna know who printed it out? Well, I already know who you are but I wouldn't wanna say out names would I? It will be the talk of the whole working place again.Like I said. It is not a safe place to talk anymore. No more privacy and yet, how the hell should I know that deviant art is where people are spying TOO!DAMMIT! Well, I feel soooooooooooooooo unprotective now. Luckily I do have other options which I'm not telling. Hahaha, because if I do, again....GOSSIPS! The guy which I said i respect, he did show some positive actions that day and I'm not gonna fully agre on it....I have to see when the days goes by. And people, please, get the hell out and let it be. Last I checked that this is a free country. I'm childish? Yeah, I wish I could be because like HELLLLLLLLOOOOO, whose the one acting childish? Me or you? Hahaha, I'm the one having fun laughing here with the comments you all gave. Um, well, now if THAT particular person wanna print it out, come on....Go ahead...nothing soooooooo harsh is in here. I wonder if they even know what I'm even talking about. But I'm sure they would.......coz they are smart....Hahaha....That whole week, was a week I totally won't ever and I tell you, I WILL never forget...A week, where I fould out who those guys really are. Look, to my REAL FRIENDS, I don['t wanna brag anymore. I just wanna stop right now.If I said too much, GOSSIPS AGAIN! Ahaha...get the picture my friends? So just end it here. And people who I'm talking about. You guys know la who you guys are if you guys are EVEN READING THIS HARMLESS journal of my working life. Sheeeeish! Ciao la you people and to my friends..I'll always love u!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Brother Episode 23

After college, Jaron went and find Shika. He found her.
Jaron: Hey Shika.
Shika; Hey. Ready to go?
Jaron: Actually..not really..I have to...
Then he saw June walking out of the exit gate.
Jaron: Um..just a moment.
Without waiting for Shika's reaction, he just went. He called June's name. June can't hear him. Then he called her name even louder.
June thinking: Is someone calling me?
She turn at the back and saw Jaron calling her. She face in front and walk faster. She didn't want to face him.
Jaron thinking: What the? I know that she saw me. Is she avoiding me?
Then he quickly ran to her. But she was already in her car and ready to drive off.
Jaron thinking: Looks like I have no choice.
Then when she move forward, Jaron stand right in front of her car. She emergency brake but she knock Jaron a little bit. Jaron fell.
June: Oh shit.
She quickly get out from her car.
June: Are you okay?
Jaron: Yeah. I'm fine.
June: What the hell are you thinking?
Jaron: I don't know. I called you but you didnt wanna stop.
Then Shika came.
Shika: Gasp! Jaron.
Then she quickly run to him and help him up.
Shika: June...what happened?
Jaron: It's not her fault. It was mine.
June: You're damn right it is. You shouldn't had just stand right in front of my car.
Shika: What?
Shika turn to Jaron.
Shika: You did that?
Jaron: Well...yeah...
Shika; Why?
Jaron: I have to tell her something. I shouted out her name, and I knew you saw me.
June: I saw you..but I have to rush home okay?
Jaron: Well, all this wouldn't happened if you had just stop and listen to me.
June: Well all of this wouldn't had happened if you hacn't promised her to go o----u.....
Thne June quickly close her mouth with her hand. Both Jaron and Shika look at her.
June: Look...I'm tired. And I'm sorry if I said anything. Shika...just take care of him. I'll see you guys. Bye.
Without waiting, she just drove off.
Shika: Can you drive?
Jaron: Do I have a choice?
Then both of them head towards his car. They headed of to mid valley. In between their journey, Shika begin talking...
Shika: June and your relationship just as a brother and a sister thing?
Jaron: Um..yeah...
Shika: Not more than that?
Jaron: Um..I don't think so. Why?
Shika: I don't know cause...I feel like she somehow loves a way.
Jaron: Of course she does? I love her too.
Shika; I know that love...I'm talking about another kind of love. Those like...example..couples?
Jaron: Aww..come on. That will never happen.
Shika: Well...don't you want to have a girlfriend? Someone who cares for you..Someone whom...
Jaron: Look...I get it. June told me all this Of course I want all of this but...
Shika: Jaron....
Jaron: ...but I and June are nothing....I don't even feel anything...
Shika: I'm not only talking about you and her...
Jaron: Then?
Shika: I'm referring to me.
Jaron shout: You!?
Shika; Wow. That's a ....big expression you showed there.
Jaron: Um..well..I...don't know what to say. You had a crushed on me? For how long?
Shika: Not that long. So you don't need to worry about anything at all.
Jaron: Shika..I...I love you too..As a friend...I just don't have that...feeling.
Shika: I know. I already know that without you telling me.
Jaron: Shika...don't worry. This won't be the lastime we'll be spending together.
Shika: I know.
Jaron: But...I'm glad you told me. Thank you.
Shika: And thank you for taking me out and for not freaking out.
Jaron: Hmm...ok.
Then they reach Mid Valley. At 8.00 p.m June was eating her dinner. She look at the time and it was 8.00 p.m
June thinking: Wondering what are they doing now. Watching movie I guess.
Then after he dinner, she miss called him. He call her back.
June: That's weird.
June: Hello?
Jaron: Yes? What's up?
June: Aren't you out with SHika?
Jaron: Yea...but she went home hours ago?
June: That fast?
Jaron: Um..we just went and hang out in Mid valley for like 2 hours? Around 2-3 hours like that.
June: Oh my God. That boring?
Jaron: I have something very important to ask you but first. I need you to come to my house on this saturday...
June: Sure. No problem. I'm curious what's this you wanna ask me.
Jaron: Alrigght. Then I'll see you. CIoa.
June: Ciao.
Then she put down the phone...
June thinking: I wonder what it is.
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