Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So many things happened

Hey all people out there whom had read my blog and followed my story for such a long time. Really appreciate that you guys are still interested in my daily life.
There's been so many things happened in my life this past few days and I seriously have no time to write and post anything up in my blog. So sorry for not updating you guys for quite sometime. Anyway, I'll just summarize what has happened to me this past few weeks. Ok, now where do I start? Hmmm...
Well, it all started out last tuesday. I was really stressed out because I'm working at 1utama in you guys know where, and they are paying me like shit. Thta's because I'm only working two days per week. And that's because THE SCHEDULE said so. Just because I can't work at night, and that's what I get. And the stupid bluddy boss is not giving me and reasonable explanation on why he is putting me in this sort of schedule. And ended up that my salary turns out to be not a salary at all. You kow how much? RM 300+. And that seriously sucks. That day I decided that I want to end my life just like that. And the other problem is my boyfriend. I didn't want to listen anything he said is because he never and will never understand how we normal people will be thinking because he has all the money. Even if he is having financial problems, I'm sure there will still be coming from his parents. Unlike me. He gave me advices but some reason, I just can't take his advice. I don't know why. I just felt like he has no right to give me advices in this sort of situation. And then, my big brother which is Afif, he gave me some advices and I followed his advice. And just because of that, my boyfriend thought that I have feelings for him and he wanted to break up with me just because he felt like he is useless and all.
I have no idea what is his problem. It is TRUE, that I didn't love him so much anymore at first. That is because of the way he treated me this past few months. I'm not very happy with it and I really hated the fact that I am actually his girlfriend to tell you guys frankly. I always think that I'm the most unluckiest girl. People do have feelings. Same goes foro me. I do have feelings and I'm actually fed up with his attitude treating me like a piece of shit. So that's why I got fed up, and never return his love anymore and as days goes by, he realise it. And when he loves me so much, and I never response back, he wants to break up with me. All I know is that, he really need to learn more stuff in relationship because his way sucks. And then what makes him change his mind was when I called him up on tuesday and told him that I wanna say goodbye. And he asked why and I said I wanna kill myself. And that makes him think that I actually still DO NEED him.
After that, that night itself, he came to my house and together with Afif, we went out and he gave me some money which I didn't want to accept it. After that, a miracle happened. Inspidea called me up. A company. They asked me to come to interview and I have a job as AN ANIMATOR!! Woo Hoo!!!~~ I was shocked. Very shocked actually. And then when that happened, I can see that my luck is about to change. The thing I know is that I have this job but not yet started. But whatever it is, I will try my best to work there as long as I could. It can even take as long as I live. This is what I've always wanted. To be an animator and now is here. I will not let this opportunity go to waste.
And then on thursday, my big brother and Herman on that same particular date and day, told me that they love me. Afif told me he loved me and Herman asked me to be his girl back. I was like thinking, what date is today? Both malay guys wants me?
But as faras I know, if Herman and Afif is a chinese, I will definitely and I will say it again, definitely choose one of them. To tell you guys honestly, I don't really want my boyfriend to spend me money. I just need him to care for me when I love him. Jimmy which is my boyfriend has taken me for granted during that time. So, Sorry la. Ok la, have to go. That's what actually happened ler. Anyway, ciao. Now working wor. I'll be starting work on 1st of August. Wish me luck.

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