Thursday, June 14, 2007

Big Brother episode 20

Friday afternoon. Jaron and June was alone at the computer lab. They didn't talk for quite awhile. Then Jaron asked her...
Jaron: Sis?
June: Yes?
Jaron: Um...
June: About what had just happened..are you....embarassed by it?
Jaron: Kinda.
June: Kinda? What's that suppose to mean? You don't like me to hug you? Is that it? If that's the case, you wouldn't even see me touching you anymore.
Jaron: No....I mean...well...
June: Shut up. You don't even care about me. All you care about is your pride.
Jaron: What? That's not it. I mean...
June: Fine, if it isn't then what is it?
Jaron: You know, I hate people keep on cutting me off.
June: What?
Jaron: I don't like it if you keep on cutting me off like that and sis. I'm not your so called boyfriend or some slave like when you need me, you come to me and all. I have enough.
June: Oh, so all this while you think that I'm treating you like some kind of slave. Is that it?
Jaron: Well, yeah..So what are you gonna do about it?
June: Argh. I can't believe you can even say something like this to me. I..I...
June shout: I hate you!
Then she went out of the computer lab.
Jaron shout: June! Wait!
Jaron went out of the computer lab to catch up with June but when he open the door, Shika was outside. He almost ran into her.
Shika: Um...hi.
Jaron: Oh..Shika. Sorry.
Shika: It's okay.
Jaron and Shika didn't say anything. Then...
Shika: Um, is everything alright between you and June?
Jaron: No.
Shika: I see. Well, then I guess I'll just talk to u some other time then.
Jaron: No. You can tell me now.
Shika: Are you sure it is a good time to be talking about it? Aren't you suppose to like catch up with June?
Jaron: Nevermind. I want her to cool down anyway.
Shika:Um...okay. I was just um....I wanted to actually remind you about tomorrow's performance. Is any of your friends coming?
Jaron: Why?
Shika: Coz we're like giving away free ticket passes to all of the members of the band to their friends. So that your friends don't need to pay but maximum only two are allowed for the free tickets.
Jaron: Okay. Um...
Jaron thinking: Man, now I have no idea does June even wants to come after what had just happened.
Jaron: Well, give me one. I want June to come.
Shika: Oh...okay. Anyone else?
Jaron: Just pass it to me. I'll try to find someone.
Shika: Okay. Great. I should get going to the other members.
Jaron: Okay.
Shika: Um....Jaron wait.
Jaron: Yeah?
Shika; Um...uh nevermind.
Jaron: Huh?
Shika; Forget about it. See you tomorrow and good luck.
Jaron: Yeah. You too.
Then Shika went off.
Shika thinking: Hmmm, I always can't get to talk to Jaron longer. And...June seems so important to him.
Back at Jaron. He was looking at the tickets.
Jaron thinking: Do I really want her to see me perform? But...I already promised her. Sigh.
At night, Jaron was playing his ps 2 and then his handphone received a miss call.
Jaron thinking: Oh...That must be her.
He quickly pause his game and see who it was and true enough. It was June. He quickly called her back.
June: Hello?
Jaron: Hey sis...I...
June: you just want to leave this whole thing in a mess is it?
Jaron: What? What thing?
June: What do you mean what thing? How could you be so blur?
Jaron: Oh..this afternoon thing?
June: Duh. What else?
Jaron: Well, I wanted you to cool down before I make it up to you.
June: Yeah. Until now? How many hours is that?
Jaron: And it looks like you haven't really cool down.
June: Of course not. I was waiting for your damn call. And you know what's worst? You didn't even chased after me.
Jaron: I did. I just got stalled by Shika. She had something to asked me so...
June: Oh..So now that another girl has something to asked you, you decided not to look for me is that it?
Jaron: Why are you even thinking like this? All the things you think are all negative.
June: Well, thanks to you, I've been thinking positive for the past few hours and thinking that you'll call me to make things better but didn't even make any effort. Argh.Are you like what? Stupid or something? (Sniff)
Jaron thinking: Sniff?
June sniffing: I hate you. Really really hate you.
Jaron: Then why are you even miss calling me if you hate me so much?
June: That's because I want to settle things with you. Argh!!!(Sniff)
Jaron: Sigh. Okay. Sis. I'm really sorry. I have no idea what has gotten into me. But anyway, I really hope that you're still coming to my performance tomorrow. I have free tickets. I did promised you for an outing after the performance right? So....well...I hope that it is still on. And, yes, I'm a total idiot for making you sad and all. I'm sorry. I know how much you're already hurt about Halbert's thing. Please, accept this so that I can make it up to you.
June: Fine(Sniff)
Jaron: I'll pick you up from your house tomorrow okay?
June: Yeah.
Jaron: Alright. Bye.
June: Bye.
Then the hang up. The next day, Jaron pick June up and they went off to their outing. After Jaron's performance, they straight away went to 'The Curve'. They walk around and then at night, they went to 'Hook Restaurant' and they eat there. After that, they went and watch a horror movie. June was scared and Jaron realise how terrified she was so he put his arms around hers. For some reason, June felt strange. After the show, they were walking to the parking lot.
June: Wow. I love that movie.
Jaron: Are you sure? You look scared.
June: Well of course I am. Weren't you?
Jaron: A little.
June: Well, usually when I watch any horror movies, I'll close my ears intead of my eyes.
Jaron: Why?
June: I don't know. Probably I wanna watch is happning but I need to cover somewhere. So I just cover my ears so that the song and the impact won't be that loud.
Jaron: I see. Well, it's getting late. Better take you home before your dad worries about you.
June: Nah. Don't worry about that. I usually don't go home too early.
Jaron: Too early? Is this early for you?
June: Well, it is only 11.00 p.m And come on. It is a saturday night. Hey...I know where I wanna go.
Jaron: Where?
June: You know, the fun fair that just opened near 1 utama? Can we go there? I haven't been inside before.
Jaron: Um....are you sure it's okay to like go home late?
June: Oh come on. Don't tell me that you always go home early?
Jaron:'s not me that is the problem. It is you. I'm just ....
June: Scared that my daddy will be mad at you. Is that it?
Jaron: Um...sort of.
June: Well, I told you that it will be fine means it is so stop whining. Let's go.
Jaron: Okay. Just don't blame me if anything happens.
So they went to the fun fair. Jaron paid the entrance fee. So they went inside.
June: Wow. There's so many things inside here.
Jaron: Yeah. But the entrance fee is quite costly.
June look at Jaron and gave him one kind of look.
Jaron: What?
Juen: Are you complaining that you have to spend me and all? I have money. I can pay you back if you want.
Jaron: No. That's not what I meant. It's just that they shouldn't charge us just to enter the fun fair.
June: Well, you just paid so stop bringing up the subject.
Then they walk and walk and then...
June: Hey brother. That's a ferris wheel right?
Jaron: Yeah. Why?
June: Can I ride it?
Jaron: Huh? Are you serious?
June: Why? You don't have enough money?
June: Then? What's the problem?
Jaron: Well, uh....isn't ferris wheel meant for couples?
June: Oh come on. Don't tell me that you're thinking like a small kid. Ferris wheels are meant everyone.
Jaron: Just kinda feel weird that you're gonna ride it with me.
June: I want to sit this. It's quite high and I have never sit anything that has an open view like this.
Jaron: Sure. If you wanna sit let's sit.
June: You serious?
Jaron: What? I thought that you are serious about it.
Juen: I was serious just for a moment there but then not anymore.
Jaron: Man, can you just please make up your mind up for once?
June: What?
Jaron: Okay, okay. Wait here.
Then not long after that, Jaron came back.
Jaron: Hey. I'm back. And I got it.
Juen saw it. He bought tickets to sit the ferris wheel.
June: Okay. You are serious about it.
Jaron: Well, since that you can't make decisions, I make decisions for you. Come on. Let's get on.
So they ride on it. And up they went. Amd when they are up, Jaron can see that June was quite scared.
June: Wow. Look at the view.
Jaron: This ferris wheel isn't that high yet. I've been to higher ones.
June: O-oh. R-Really?
Jaron look at June. She looks worried.
Jaron: You okay?
Jaron: Why?
June: I'm actually afraid of heights.
Jaron: What? But you were so eager to sit.
June: I know. I just wanna experience it.
Jaron: Come here. Sit next to me.
June: Okay.
So she did. And Jaron hug her. And they stayed that way for quite a long time.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big Brother Episode 19

It was Monday afternoon during lunch. Jaron was searching all over for June. She was nowhere to be found. So he called her up.
Jaron: Hello?
June: Hello
Jaron: Hey June. Wanna have lunch together? I'm waiting by the cafeteria.
June: I'm with my Alex and Jamie. At our usual place in the cafeteria. Come over.
Jaron: Okay.
Then Jaron walk to that usual place. He saw them alright. But when he got closer, he saw June was crying.
Jaron thinkning: What? What the heck?
Jaron sat down next to June.
Jaron: Hey...Wh..What happened here? June...why are you crying?
Then Jaron look at Alex.
Alex: What? Why are you looking at me? I didn't do anything.
Jamie: It is not him. Jaron, isn't it obvious why is she crying. I'm sure she told you.
Jaron thinking: Man, she can't go to class looking like this.
Jaron: Well, yeah, she did tell me but...
ThenJaron went and get some tissue to wipe her tears away.
Jaron: Here...please stop crying.
Alex: Yeah. Hey June, you shouldn't be sad all the time you know? You're a grown up girl already.
Jamie: Do you have to say that?
Alex: What? I'm saying the fact.
Jamie: Sheeeish.
Jaron: Let me handle this guys.
Jaron turn to Jamie and hold her and hug her straight. Jamie and Alex was stun and look at both at them.
Jaron: I know how hurting this must be for you June, but then again. It is not the end of the world. You must understand that he did that for a reason. I have no idea what am I suppose to do to make you feel better right now but all I know is that I'm very angry at Halbert now for just ditching you like that without leaving any message for you.
June sniffing: I knowhe did that for a reason....but..(sobbing)
Jaron: Okay. Don't say anymore...
June sniffing: No. I'm fine.(Sniff). It's just that....I don't even know where he is, what is he doing and whether is he fine? I don't even know whether is he alive or not. That is what I'm worried.
Jaron: I'm sure he's fine.
Then Jaron continue hugging June. Alex whisper to Jamie.
Alex whispering: How come she only response to Jaron and not us?
Jamie whispering: How the hell am I suppose to know?
Then at class, June was trying very hard to pay attention to her lecturer but when she does that, her eyes becomes wattery and will start crying. Even if she her brain is not thinking about him, her eyes will make her think about Halbert. Then the lecturer call her name to see her assignment. She went to her lecturer and said...
June: I'm sorry sir. I didn't get to finish the assignment.
Lecturer: That's fine. But, I still like to see your progression.
June: That's the problem. I didn't do any progression.
Lecturer: Then what have you been doing over the past weekend?
June: Um...well....
Lecturer: June, you know that we only have like 7 weeks more till the final presentation right?
June: Yes. I know. It's just...well...
Lecturer: No excuse. I'm going to see your progress next week. And I better be seeing more.
June: Okay.
Then June was even moodier now. She knows that it was her fault for not finishing it. After college, Jaron was waiting for her. He saw her.
Jaron: Hey sis.
June: Hi.
Jaron: Want a ride home?
June: Nah. That's fine. Don't you have practice today?
Jaron: Nope. Oh speaking of which, my performance is this coming Saturday. Are you free?
June: Not too sure. I have assignments to finish up...And...well....I don't feel like...
Jaron: Shhh. I hate when you say that.
June:Brother. You know how it is to me.
Jaron: Tell you what. Try finishing up your assignments and then I'll treat you to a dinner and a movie. How about that? Anything that you want to eat ans watch.
June: Wow. Really?
Jaron: Sure. That is if you finish up by this coming Friday. And we'll go on Saturday. I will do my performance which you're gonna watch and then after that we'll straight away go out on Saturday.
June: You mean like a date?
Jaron: Um...Sure if you put it like that.
June: Promise?
Jaron: Yea. Promimse.
June: Okay. I'll try finishing up as much as I could. Thanks brother.
Jaron: No problem.
Then, there's a ring from Shika.
Jaron: Sorry.
June: Sure. No problem.
Then Jaron pick up the phone.
Jaron: Hello? Oh hi Shika.
June thinking: Oh...Shika called him?
Jaron: What? Now? Um...sure. I'll be there right now. Right...sure. Alright.Bye.
Then Jaron put down the phone and turn to June.
Jaron: Hey sis. I.....
June: Have to go?
Jaron: Um....Shika called me up. And she said that we have like last minute practice.
June: Sure. No problem.
Jaron: Well, I was like hoping that we could like go to 1utama to play the arcade. But...ahh, nevermind.
June: There's always some other time.
Jaron: Yeah. Alright. Got to split. See ya.
June: See ya.
Then he went off. That night, Jaron was really worried about June so he called her up. And June pick up the phone.
June: Hello?
Jaron: Hey.
June: Um...did I miss called you?
Jaron: No. Why?
June: I don't know. Why are you calling me.
Jaron: Oh my God. Doesn't mean that you miss call me means that THAT is the only time I can get to call you right?
June: Oops. Sorry.
Jaron: I'm just calling to check on you that's all. is everything? Are you feeling a bit better?
June: I will be if that dinner and outing is still on.
Jaron: Of course it is still on. What? You think I'm that type of person who don't keep promises?
June: No. That's not what I meant.
Jaron: But, that's if only you finish your assignments. Okay?
June: Sure. I'm like actually almost done with the paper workS. Now, I'm gonna transfer all that to the computer.
Jaron: Oh. Serious? I thought you said you wouldn't be able to like finish the
June: Inking?
Jaron: Yeah.
June: Oh, don't worry about it. I settled that last night with the help of my dad and my friend.
Jaron: Ahh, I see.
June; So....looks like that plan is not gonna be canceled after all.
Jaron: Yeah, yeah. I know. I did it so that I could save your ass.
June: I told you I don't care. But...if you're willing to like take me out, why not?
Jaron: Alright, anyway, I have to go now. with you tomorrow in college okay?
June: Sure. Bye.
Jaron: Bye.
Then they hang up.
Jaron: Hmmm, such a silly girl.
The next day, Jaron was in the computer lab. He received a miss call from June. Then he called back.
Jaron: What is it sis?
June: Where are you?
Jaron: In computer lab. Lab 13.
June: I'll be there now.
Jaron: Now? But aren't you suppose to be in....
Then she hang up.
Jaron: Class? Nevermind.
Then not long after that, she came in.
Jaron: Hey aren't you suppose to be in...
Then straight away, she hug him. Luckily there's no one in the lab.
Jaron: Um....sis?
June: Shh. Please. Just let me hold you.
Jaron thinking: Hold me? But..why?
June: (Sniff). Brother?
Jaron: Um...yea?
June: Please....can you do me a favour?
Jaron: Sure....whatever it is, just tell me.
June: Can you help me to forget about Halbert?
Jaron thinking: What?
Jaron wanted to pull back from the hug but then June hold him tighter.
June: No. Don't. Don't pull back.
Jaron: Okay, okay. I won't. But June.....why all of a sudden?
June: I....I can't stand it anymore. Everytime when I'm alone in class, I always remember him and then I will start feeling sad and all. And then this will happen. I will cry.
Jaron: Sis. I will try. But..I really don't know how.
June: Please. Don't say that. Please say that you will help me.
Jaron: I will help you. But I won't promise you anything okay?
June: Okay.
Jaron: Um....can I like....pull back now?
June: Just a little longer.
Jaron: Okay.
Then they hug for quite a long time.
Jaron thinking: Hmmm, why am I feeling so uneasy?
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I wish I can just turn back time.

Hey all. I've been thinking lately. After all of the relationships that I've been through. Why can't I just have one steady boyfriend which really treat me like Herman. I'm not asking much. Just a guy that is a chinese and loves me like a prince love his princess. Just like that. Now, my relationship really sucks. I wish I hadn't been in love with this guy.
Whatever I did to change him, fail. That is because he never did take anything I say to him seriously. And what I mean by that is actually, well, whenever I go out with him, he knows what to do but when I'm not around with him, he always doesn't call on time. He can even sometimes forget to call me. Why can't he have this feeling like not calling me makes him sick? He said that he has been calling me everyday that he can never ever forget to call me. Just in time is a problem. But what is the problem? If you really do love me so much, calling me on time which is that time isn't a problem at all.
I really have run out of ideas to help him or to improve. Every single person I tried. I don't know what to do anymore. And that's why I wish Herman is a chinese and I'm with him again. I know that I and Herman has been in tough relationships but you know, I realy think that I deserve someone like Herman once more. I don't know but I know that this guy who I currently with right now, is never gonna be soulmate till the end. I'm saying this is because I've been thinking a lot. And I just can't take it anymore. I won't be breaking up with him but, I will just let time tell. Go with the flow is what people tells me. And I'm just going to enjoy my life and not gonna think about him anymore. I need friends and that's what I'm doing. I don't give a damn anymore. I wanna be strong. So God, please grant me this. If he is not gonna care less about me, then, I'm going to do the same until he fucking realise how important I am to him.
I've been waiting so much for his calls today and he didn't call me in time like what I said just now. So that's why I'm saying I'm fed up with him. I tried, Jennifer, Afif, my sister and me myself to try and talk to him to make him understand so much. Even his cousin brother I did tried. But I just don't think that he still gets the point. Where is he right now? He suppose to call me before 1.30 p.m and now is already 2.24 p.m What the fuck is he doing? I know he is in the airport and all. But I'm teeling you, if he really loves me, he will already call me once he reach the airport or whatsoever. But whatever it is, like I said, if he can't care less abou me, I don't give a shit also.
I had it with his fucking family too. I tried everything, and I'm very very pissed off with every single thing of him. I'm also pissed at his mum and his sister. Father, not yet because the father didn't do anything yet. But his sister and mum, yes I am very angry at both of them. At the meantime, I'm trying myself to control my anger and not to blurt any unnecassary(however you spell it), sentence. I respect him as much as it is already and his mum and sis never learn any manners of respect. I can see that. Anyway, I'm going out with Afif. My pet brother. So, I need to go get ready soon which I have no idea what the hell is that Big Brother doing. Always late wan....Stupid....Okay la. Ciao.