Sunday, April 15, 2007

Everything is back to normal again!

Hi all. I'm at work now. Curi-curi use the computer. Haha. Anyway, about William, he is okay now. Just came out from hospital and guess what, he told me again that he saw Amanda there and this time he said that he don't want to have anything to with her anymore. GOOD! Now, he is alright but he doesn't want to go out for a few months. Han, I don't believe he will do that la. He sady only. Like h e can do that.
So now, he is okay, me and my boyfriend is also okay. So well, everything is back to normal now. And good news is that William got back his car. Lol. But those bastards are still out there lurking around. Hmm, the police isi not doing a very good job though.
I have another problem actually. My personla probleM Is my sister. I really hate her like hell now. Everytime when she comes home from work, she will get mad and scowl me. Well, not for ono reason or what but she scowl me for some minor things and small things. Sometimes I really thinks that she has a mental problem. Even her bf says that. I don't know la. And now she is showing-off infront of me just because my dad bought for her a laptop. I mean, come on. I don't care about her stupid laptop because the computer in our house is way way much more better than her laptop. And I would really love to see her cry when her laptop having problems. Even the computer in our house, she's already facing problems. Don't need to mention laptop. Somemore she said I cannot touched it. Well, just because we had a fight yesterday she said that. So, fine. Who needs her laptop anyway? I don't need it. Like I just said up there. Our computer is better than hers.
And, really from now on, I 'm gonna remember what she said to me yesterday.I can garuntee that she will face problems later especially downoloading stuff that she wants. Ok, got customers. Got to go. Ciao.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Big Brother Episode 16

It was 4.30 p.m and Jaron and Shika just only finish practicing for the final time.
Shika: GoOD. I think that should do it. I think we just continue some other time. I'm kinda tired.
Jaron: Yeah. Sure.
Shika: Okay. See ya.
Jaron: Hey...Where you're going?
Shika: Home?
Jaron: How are you going home?
Shika: I don't know. Probably I'll just take a cab or bus or something.
Jaron: Oh come on. I'll give you a ride home.
Shika; Oh, no. I live quite far from here. I don't wanna trouble you.
Jaron: No. Seriously, you're not troubling me at all. Come on.
Shika think for awhile and then she said...
Shika: Okay.
Then she went in. And they took off. Not long after that, Jaron reach Shika's house.
Jaron: That wasn't so far.
Shika: Hmm, I thought it might be far for you.
Jaron: Oh come on. This distance? To me, it is nothing compare to where I live and all the time coming all the way down here to college. Now, that one, I called it far. But this is nothing. Seriously.
Shika:(Giggle). Okay. Whatever you say. Anyway, thanks for everything.
Jaron; Yeah. I should owe you too. Thanks for practicing with me.
Shika; No problem with that. I need the practice too to become more perfect.
Jaron smile and wave at her. She wave back and went to her house. When Jaron was about to leave, his handphone receive a miss call. He check his phone and it was June.
Jaron thinking: What now?
Jaron pick up his phone and dial her number and wait for her to pick up.
June: Hello?
Jaron: Hi sis.
June: Hi brother. Where are you now?
Jaron; Um, just going to go home. Why? You sound a bit dead.
June: That's because I wish I'm dead.
Jaron shout: How many times I told you not to talk about death!? Stop it!
June shout: I know! But I don't want to live!
Jaron: What happen? Can you please tell me?
June crying: I..I....
Then suddenly, June stop talking. Jaron heard that the phone suddenly drop with a louad bang.
Jaron shout: June!? June!?
Jaron hang up.
Jaron : Shit.
Then he quickly drove his car off to June's house. He reach her house. He tried to open her house door hopefully it was not lock and luckily for him it wasn't lock. He quickly dash in without waiting any moment.
Jaron shout: Jine!? June where are you!? Answer me!!!
He quickly went upstairs where June room is. He saw June's room and her door was half close and he can see June's leg on the floor and her hands.
Jaron thinking: Oh no.
Jaron shout: June!
Jaron push the door open and he was shocked. He saw Halbert there.
Jaron: Halbert. What? What have you done?
Halbert: I don't know. Honest. I didn't do anything. I saw so mnay miss calls on my phone and then I tried calling her but she didn't pick up so I quickly come here.
Jaron: What has gotten into you? She said she can't get you this few days.
Halbert: I know it is my fault. My parents. They forbid me to be with her. And they took my phone and all. I wanted to break up with her is because...
Jaron: There's no time to be explaining it to me now. We need to get her to the clinic or the hospital now.
Halbert: Alright. Come on.
Jaron thinking: Oh my God. June, why are you so stupid? Why did you do it?
Set By
- Jessica Tan -

Sunday, April 01, 2007

My life is so full of drama.

Hi guys. I know I haven't been writing a lot this few days coz of work. And now, currently working at 1utama. As a partime worker. Anyway, hmm, my baby is in Sarawak and kind of miss him soooooooooooo much. And then why I said that my life is so full of drama is because if what happened this few days. So many things. 2 guys are after me now. One is William and the other one is Jason. Jason is working at the same company with me before I got sacked.
Then William is my very best buddy that I have known for so long. Anyway, something very terrible happened lastnight to him and me. We went out and when he send me home, the moment I just close my house door, I heard him screaming and yup, you guessed it, 2 indian guys was in his car. He forgotten to lock his door. I tell you, the scream that he screamed I still can remember and it really scares me. So he went and reported to the police. I just can't do anything for him. All I know was that I am scared till now. I really wish my dear is here with me today but well, he is not here.
And then today this early morning, when William was about to go off, he wanted to kiss me on the lips, I didn't want too because I was too depressed and well, I know he should be more depressed than me but then, he didn't. But now, all I can see is that he is really upset and really scared until he didn't want to go back to the house so the mum send him to the hospital. Now he is in the hospital. I really pity him. He called me up from the hospital just now and told me not to worry about him and he asked me not to go out so often anymore. Even if I wanna go out, make sure I lock my car door and all. All I know is that, he should be the one taking care of himself. I wish he is okay. And when he wanted to hang up the phone, he said "love you". I was quite stun when he said that. Well, I know why he loved me because the whole night, I was with him. Not even a single one second that he was alone.
Anyway, I'm just got to wait for my dear to come back. I wish he comes back and I really want to see him so desperately. He called me up just now and this time, we talked really a lot and long time. He told me that he couldn't sleep and was really worried about me and all. He said that he wants to kill that robbery. Eventhough that I wasn't the victim ,he is really angry at those bastards. I hate indians. Anyway, I have to go liao. I really pray that William will be okay. Sigh, I will update more about Williams' problems later on. Something about this girl name Amanda. If I were to see her, I will really kill her with my own bare hands. Really hate her like hell. Okay, guys. Ciao!~