Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Big Brother Episode 15

Not long after that Jaron came and pick June up. She came in Jaron's car looking all moody and stuff. Her face was red.
Jaron thinking; Obviously she just cried.
Jaron: You okay?
June: I'm fine. Just drive. We're gonna be late.
Jaron: Okay.
Jaron didn't wanna ask anything about what had happened. So he just kept quiet.
Not long after that they reach the college. June didn't went down the car yet. Instead she was just facing down.
Jaron: Um..we're here.
June: I know.
Jaron: Don't you wanna go down?
June: I don't feel like going.
Jaron: WHat you mean? I can't let you be in my car the whole day.
June: (Sniff)
Jaron thinking: Oh shit. Don't tell me she is gonna cry.
Jaron: Um...hey...You okay?
Then June put her head on Jaron's chest and cried.
June crying: I didn't know that we will end up fighting just because of a small thing?
Jaron: What actually happened? If you don't want to tell me it's okay.
Then June just kept quiet. Then not long after that they went down the car. Halbert was waiting for her at the entrance. She saw him of course. But she just walk past by him. Halbert called after her. He kept up with her. Then he grab her arm. She struggle but obviously Halbert is more stronger.
June: Let me go.
Halbert: June..I'm sorry.
June:You just drove off like that.
Halbert: I know. I wanted to turn back and pick you up but I knew who would you call up already.
Halbert look at Jaron one kind of look then back to June.
Halbert: June. Please. Forgive me. I swear. I swear that I won't do that again anymore.
June: I was just dissapointed on the way you acted.
Halbert: I won't do it anymore. I promise. I can't lose you.
June look at Halbert and then know that he is telling the truth. She smile and then hug him.
Jaron was looking at them. At that point he knew that June don't realise that he was there. So he just walk off leaving both of them hug them. Then he walk towards his class. He sat down on his chair and just think back about what had just happened.
Jaron thinking: Man, she don't even need me. Halbert is always there for her.
Then Jaron's teacher came in and begin teaching.
Jaron thinking: Another boring lesson.
KRRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNGGG!!! Break time. Jaron came out from his class. All of a sudden, someone slap his back. He turn. It was Shika.
Shika: Hey
Jaron: Hey.
Shika: What happened yesterday? You didn't came for practice.
Jaron: Yeah. I was not feeling well.
Jaron thinking: Man, I'm lieing.
Shika: Oh..So.....are u feeling okay now?
Jaron: Yeah.
Jaron thinking; That's because I'm not sick at all.
Shika: Oh. I'm glad. You made me worried.
Jaron: Oh. Did I? Sorry.
Shika: No biggie. Anyway, this coming saturday is the day of our performance. I'm so excited. Are you?
Jaron: No. That's because I wasn't practicing enough.
Shika: That's alright. Why not I and you meet up after school to practice?
Jaron: Hey, that's a great idea.
Jaron thinking: It will prevent me from thinking too much too.
Shika: Great. How about today? Is it okay?
Jaron: Sure.
Shika: Alright. See you then. Bye.
Then she left. Jaron saw her leave. Then he saw June from aar with Halbert.
Jaron thinking; Hmm. Maybe they settled their stuff already.
But then, Jaron can see from the way Halbert and June were talking, it wasn't a happy thing. Halbert was flinging his hand here and there. June was like grabbing his shirt.
Jaron thinking: Something is definitely not right.
Jaron went towards them.
Jaron: Hey.
Halbert and June saw him and then June let go of Halbert's shirt. Halbert then walk off.
Jaron: Hey Halbert. What's...
Then Halbert just walk past Jaron without saying anything. Jaron look at June. Then she cried. Jaron went to her and hug her.
Jaron: It's okay. I'm here. Anything just spill it out. Cry out. You can tell me later.
Then June response back and squeeze him back so tight. Later on, June told Jaron what happened.
Jaron: So....he want's to break up with you?
June: I couldn't get him. His mum took away his handphone. He said that I deserve someone better than him. Oh, brother. I feel so sad. I really love him.
Jaron: I know that.
June: So...what am I suppose to do now?
Jaron: Well, I really don't know. Because you know, I'm not very experienced in this kind of thing. Well, all I can say what he said.
June: What? You want me to break up with him?
Jaron: Well, if there's nothing left to do, what can you do?
June: Sigh...but...I can't lose him.
Jaron look at June. He knows that June will not break up with Hlabert because Halbert is the only guy who treated June as someone special that June had never experienced in her other ex's before.
Jaron: Alright. Listen to me. You don't need to break up with him. You meet up with him one day and then just talk things to him and everything will be fine.
June: You think so?
Jaron: Yes. Trust me.
June: Okay.
Then Jaron patted her head. June smile. After that, they went to their class. After college, Jaron met Shika and then they went and practice together.
Jaron: You are a good dancer.
Shika: You're a good musician too.
Jaron; Oh, stop pleasing me.
Shika: No, I really mean it.
Jaron: Okay, okay.
Shika: So, what about tomorrow? Wanna practice?
Jaron: Sure. We'll do it.
Shika: I heard something about June and Halbert that they wanna break up?
Jaron: Yeah. But I told June to settled it. Don't end it with break up.
Shika: Oh. What happened actually?
Then Jaron told everything to Shika.
Shika: I see. That's kind of sad.
Jaron: I know it is. But well, June is a big girl. She knows how to think.
Shika: Hopefully.
Jaron: Alright. Enough talking about this. Come on. Let's practice one more time and go home.
Shika thinking; Hmm, spending time with Jaron. This must be a dream.
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