Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Brother Episode 14

June: What's up?
Jaron: Um..Nothing. Well, I don't wanna bother both of you. Bye.
Then he quickly went off. June and Halbert was thinking why did he went off so fast.
Jaron thinking: I knew it. She don't even like that ring. She feels is ridicolous. I shouldn't have followed Shika's advice to buy for her a ring. It's not even worth that money to buy for her something she don't even wanna wear it. She even feel that it is weird.
So he went home. When he reach home, he was so damn pissed off but he don't know who should he get pissed at. Shika, June, Halbert or himself.
Jaron thinking: I'm going insane. Really going insane.
Then suddenly, his handphone rang but it rang for awhile.
Jaron: Man, who is that?
He checked his phone and it was June. He called her back.
June: Hello.
Jaron: Hi. You called?
June: Erm..yeah. I wanna ask you something.
Jaron: What?
June: Firstly, are you okay?
Jaron: Of course I'm okay. Why?
June: I don't know. You just went off just now.
Jaron: I...erm...I had some important stuff that I have to do. And..why didn't you where the ring that I gave you?
June: Oh...that. Sorry. I didn't want to where that ring because I scared that Halbert will asked me a lot of questions.
Jaron: Why? It is nothing.
June: I know. But yesterday is my birthday. I don't want anything to go wrong.
Jaron: Alright, alright.
June: Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow okay? Um..didn't you go for practice?
Jaron thinking: Shit. I totally forgot.
Jaron: Damn. I forgot about it. Vance is going to kill me.
June: Whose that?
Jaron: My vocal leader. Some sort of the boss.
June: Wel, that's easy. Just tell him you are not feeling well.
Jaron: That's a total lie.
June: In order to save your ass, why not?
Jaron: Haha. You're so cute sometimes.
June: As usual. Everyone says that.
Then Jaron heard voices at the back from June's line.
June: Hold on for awhile.
Jaron: Okay.
Then she heard June talking to someone which he could not hear clearly and make out who was that. Then June came back.
June; Back.
Jaron: Who was that?
June: Oh. Halbert is here. Were going out soon.
Jaron: Wow. It is like almost everyday you guys go out.
June: Of course. He is my boyfriend, This is to show that we can grow stronger and love each other forever and always.
Jaron: WhAT? So whoever is your boyfriend got to see you everyday?
June; Not really but since I like it this way, why not?
Jaron: Okay. So, I guesss, I'll just talk to you some other time then.
June: Alright. Bye.
Jaron: Bye.
And they hang up.
Jaron thinking: Halbert is amazing. How? I can't compete with a guy like that. But..why am I even wanna to compare with him? June is just my sister. ARGH. This is getting confusing each day.
Back at Halbert and June, they were getting ready to go out. Thjey were at June's house.
June: Ready?
Halbert; Jaron?
June: Yeah.
Halbert: And? Was he jealous?
June: Oh come on. Don't start.
Halbert: What? I'm not starting anything.
June: Sigh. Come on. Let's go.
Halbert thinking: Why? June says it's fine. Means it is. I mean, June is mine now. So why am I so scared?
And they went. At night at that same day, Jaron was practicing his guitar. And then suddenly, his handphone rang for awhile. Another miss call from June. He called her back.
Jaron: Yes little sis?
June: Hi brother.
Jaron: What's up?
June:'s about Halbert.
Jaron thinking; Halbert?
Jaron: Okay. What's the problem?
June; His mum. She don't like us to be together.
Jaron: do you know this?
June: Well, he told me.
Jaron: Okay. So....what did Halbert do. But why the mother don't like you and him to be together?
June: She said that it won't work and me and him just aren't meant to be together. Not suitable.
Jaron: That's just stupid.As long as you love him and he love you. So what did Halbert suggest?
June: Halbert asked me to just ignore what the mum says. And go on. But..I just feel something bad is gonna happen one day.
Jaron: Oh come on. You think things so deep. Get a hold of yourselF.Everything is gona be fine.
June: Okay.
Jaron: Hey, tomorrow, I wanna go to 1utama. Wanna follow me?
June: Go there do what?
Jaron: I wanna go vheck out some cool guitar and of course not to forget the arcades there.
June: Ooo. I wanna go too.
Jaron: Sure. After college then.
June: Okay. Cool.
Then they hang up the phone. The next day, Halbert was picking June up from her house to go to college. Halbert realise there was a ring on her forth finger.
Halbert: Wow. Nice ring. Who gave it to you?
June: Jaron.
Halbert: Wow,it looks expensive.
June: I don't know. But, yeah it is nice.
Halbert: I didn;t even gave you any ring.
June: What? Are you jealous or something?
Halbert: No. Why should I be?
June: I have no idea too.
Halbert: Look, are you upset aboutmy mum and stuff?
June: No.
Halbert: Then why are you pciking up a fight?
June: I'm not even picking any fights. Why must you even think until like this?
Halbert: I didn't. The moment I just pick you up from your house, you were showing a sour face to me. And then when I try talking to you, you were like rasing up your voice.
June: Enough okay? Just drive. I don't want to be late for class.
Halbert: I'm not a driver you know?
June look at him and then she get off from his car and then went inside her house back.
Halbert thinking: Fine. I'll just go to college myself.
But before he go, he call her up.
June: What?
Halbert:Do you want to go to college or not?
June: I'll go college but I'm not going with you. Goodbye.
Then she put down the phone. Few seconds later, she heard Halbert's car drove off. She slide her curtain and can't believe that Halbert really drove off just like that. She shed a little tears for him.
June: Great. Now, how am I gonna go to college?
She think for awhile and then she called up...
June: Hello? Brother?
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Friday, January 26, 2007

Big Brother Episode 13

Ding Dong!!
June open up the door.
June: Wow, that was fast.
Jaron: Hehe. Well, I'm scared that you might be gone off already so I kind
June: Silly. You speeded didn't you?
Jaron: Um...
June playfully knock his head.
June: You will never ever do that again do you hear me?
Jaron: Okay.
Jaron smile. That is what he like about June. Always smilling and never often get serious when it comes to scolding him.
June: Come on in.
Jaron walk inside slowly and then turn to face her. After June close the door, she turn at her back and then she right in front of her was of course Jaron holding a small red box which looks like a ring box.
June: Is...that for me?
Jaron: Yeah.
Jaron thinking: See, I know I shouldn't have given her this present. This is so stupid.
Jaron: Why?
June: Nothing.
She took it.
June: Thanks.
Then she put in on the table.
Jaron: Um...aren't you gonna open it?
June Oh, yeah. I'll open it up later.
Jaron thinking: Later?
Jaron: Why not now?
June: Can't I open it later?
Jaron: No, I know since I'm here.
June: Okay. I'll open it now.
So she unwrap the present. And there it was. It was really a ring box. She open it and there is a ring.
June: A...ring.
Jaron thinking: Okay. That's a look of confusion on her face.
Jaron: No. I mean, I know what are you thinking but actually this ring is a symbol of our relationship as a bestfriend. You know?
June: Okay. But...why...why ring?
Jaron: Well, I thought maybe a ring is more meaningful.
June: Uh-huh.
Jaron: Um, if you don't like it I can buy another thing for you.
June: No...I like it. It's just weird. I feel kinda weird. All of a sudden you are giving me a ring.
Jaron: It's just a symbol. Nothing else.
June: Okay. are okay right?
Jaron: Huh?
June: Nothing. Just kinda feeling that you are not happy about something. You told me this afternoon. Still don't wanna talk about it?
Jaron: No. I'm fine. It's settled.
Jaron thinking: Man. I'm a total coward.
June: Alright then.
Jaron: Well, I think it is best if I better get going.
June: Yeah. Hlabert will be here any minute now.
Jaron: Um...okay. Happy advanced birthday. Another few more hours.
June: Yeah. I'm so excited. I wonder what is he planning.
Jaron: Must be something real wonderful.
June: Hopefully. But even if it isn't, that's fine. WHat matters is that he is there.
Jaron thinking: Oh My God. Why must she say something like that. I better get out of here.
Jaron; Okay. I shall be on my way.
June: Alright. Bye.
Jaron: Bye.
Then Jaron quickly went out of her house and went inside his car. He took a deep breath and started the engine and drove off. He could not think for a moment. All he know was what June had said had some effect on him and that's the reason why is he acting this way right now. Then later after that, Halbert came and they went out. Halbert took her to dinner, A vert fancy restaurant that June was dying to go to but didn't have the chance because she can't afford it. So Halbert took her there. And they ordered the food.
June: Oh Halbert. Thanks for bringing me here. I always wanted to try out this restaurant.
June look at Halbert. He was just starring at her.
June: What? Is there something on my face?
Halbert: No. I just want to keep quiet and hear what you have to say. look so pretty and cute when you talk.
June thinking: Oh my God. Why do he always know what are the right words to say?
June: Come on. Quit it. You are making me blush.
Halbert: I don't mind seeing you blush. It will add cuteness to your face. And I can't imagine me kissing you cute red puffy cheeks.
June laugh and smile at him.
June: Oh shut up.
June knew that Hlabert was the guy that she always dreamt off. No one has ever treated her that way as in treating her as if she is someone special to them. She has a lot of ex's but no one not even her so called big brother have treated the way Halbert did. And that's why ...
June thinking: I will not break up with Halbert.
June: Can I ask you something dear?
Halbert: What is it?
June: know all the things to do in a relationship. So why are all your ex girlfriend's always using you and breaking up with you?
Halbert: I don't know. Coz maybe I'm too soft.
June: Hehe. True you are. But..don't you worry bie. I won't. I truly love you.
Halbert: I can see that. And I truly love you too.
June smile.
June thinking: This is my best birthday celebration ever.
Back at Jaron's house, he just reach home and lye down on his bed. Starring at the ceiling for like about 5 minutes and then get up. He went and took a shower. Come out from the shower still can't get June out of his head. He put on his clothes and sit down on his chair. His handphone was just next to him. He wanted to call her and hear her voice or whatsoever reason that he don't even know.But he didn't.
Jaron: Argh. Just practice my guitar skills.
So he played his guitar and it did work. The next day in college, Jaron was driving to college alone. He look at the passenger seat and felt like something is not right. No one to talk to. No one to laugh with. No June. It was sooooo quiet. Boring like hell.
Jaron thinking: Man. Why? Why am I always thinking about June? Argh.
He reach college and park his car. He open his car door and he saw Halbert and June was walking.
Jaron: Oh. Hi.
June: Hey brother. We park our car just behind you.
Jaron: Really? I didn't noticed.
Halbert: You okay man? You look...terrible.
Jaron; Didn't sleep well that's all.
June: Why?
Jaron: Um...nothing. Was just practicing my guitar all night thar's all.
June: Oh please. Take care of yourself. If anything happens to you, I don't know what I'll do.
The moment she said that, the environment went quiet. Jaron quickly said...
Jaron: Oh please. I'm a strong person. Just this small thing won't get me sick. So...come on. Let's go.
So they went. At break time, Jaron didn't feel like going to lunch. If he goes to the cafeteria, he will just hurt himself by seeing Halbert and June there.
Jaron: But why? Why am I feeling this way?
Voice: Feel like what?
Jaron turn.
Jaron: Oh. Hi Shika.
Shika: So..did you gave her that ring?
Jaron: Yes I did and like I suspected. She felt awkward about it.
Shika: Did you tell her the reason?
Jaron: Yes I did. But still.
Shika: Come on. It's already over. Did she wear it today?
Jaron: I didn't really see.
Shika: Well, that's okay. I mean, she has already accepted it so...just quit worrying. Not going or lunch?
Jaron: Nah. Don't feel like it.
Shika: Oh. Okay. Then I'll see you after college during practice time.
Jaron: Okay.
And Shika went off. After college, Jaron was searching for June. He found her together with Halber walking hand in hand. He didn't bother and just rush there.
Jaron shout: Hey sis!
June: Huh?
He reach there and observe her hand. She didn't wear it.
Jaron thinking: SHe didn't wear the ring that I gave her.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

He is back and Jennifer is in my house.

Hi all. Jennifer is in my house now. She is staying in my house and sadly this is the last day that she is gonna stay over. Anyway, about Jimmy, which is my boyfriend, he came back yesterday and I was so damn freaking pissed at him when he was in Sarawak. He was busy back in Sarawak in I have no idea doing what.
On saturday, he was so rude to me. He was talking to me rudely and of course, that day I was already pissed at him earlier on and he somemore wanted to talk to me rudely. So on saturday when he called me up, I talked to him normally first and then when he was about to put down the phone, we noramlly say all those lovey dovey stuff but then that day, he just put down the phone. Not even a 'bye'. I called himm back up and tried to control my temper because I now I was already flaring up. And then we almost had an argument which we actually did have. And he said this to me 'I think it is best if we just end this now rather than I hurt your feelings even more'. And the moment he said that, I know that this guy is not my type anymore.
Then on that night after the home coming ceremony, I was really crying that terribly. And I needed someone there beside me. And that night, I suppose to go out with William. And he was the one comfort me and stuff like that. And he was the one calling me up and asked me how am I doing. Well, my boyfriend should be the one calling me instead of William am I right? Anyway screw that. Then I message my boyfriend to see what will he do if he knows I cried about the way he talked to me earleir this afternoon and I cried duting the ceremony.
So I did message him and then for 45 minutes later(which is sooooooooo damn freaking long) , he called back and guess what. he called me back and told me that he called me just to asked me about the souveiner he buoght for me in Sarawak. And I was sooooo pissed off again. Then I just went straight to the point and asked him isn't there any apology? And then only he apologise but not really in a sincere way but well, I can't expect much from this guy, since he is really a noob in love.
So I could not stand it and I asked Jennifer to help me. And she did. When she tayed at my house, she called him up yesterday and talked about it. And he called me back after talking to Jennifer and then when he called me up, I and him had an argument and I cried this time in front of him in the phone. And when I did that, he kept quiet and said he was sorry. This time he talked in a very serious voice and tone. And to tell you the truth, I really love that side of him when he is really serious.
And he said all those meaningful and touching sentence and I could not stand it and then I just cried out. Those are not sad tears. Those are tears of joy. Because I have never ever hear him say such things. His innder type of feelings and he just let it out lastnight. He still remembers what Jennifer told him and it is all in his mind now. So today, he had a progression and today suppose to meet him but then again, we didn't. Coz he got to go home early and he has no car. What a pity. I'm still loking forward for that souvenir. Well, I really wish that our relationship can go on for years and his freaking mom won't stand in the way. He told me he will fight for it. And he said this' I will fight until I win. I promise' .Somehow, I just can't believe that. Even I showed in front of him that I believed what he said, I don't really. Alright then. I think Jennifer is boring. So I guess I need to end it already. Ciao ciao and bye bye.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yay, good news. My boyfriend is not going there for a week. He is coming home on MONDAY! Weeeee~!!!And tomorrow, gonna visit my grandfather.
Today quite tired ler. Go and clean up and throw away stuff that dont want already. And tomorrow got a date with a guy name William. There, got a guy name William lastime who was interested in me for a few weeks and then he didn't like me already because I didn't gave him any sign but I did liked him a little and now we keep in touch again. Kinda scared to see him again.
But anyway, going out with him tomorrow and then don't know how things goes ler. See ler how. And if he has feelings on me again(which I don't think so he will), sorry. Too late already and shit I didn't tell my boyfriend about it yet. Well, he just have to find out by his own when he calls tomorrow.
Alright people. I gotta go already. Wanna go chat with Jennifer and then go and watch anime for awhile and then ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ. Ciao and nitez.

Big Brother Episode 12

At break time, Jaron wanted to apologise to June for beiung so rude earlier this afternoon. He went to the cafeteria. He saw June obviously with her boyfriend Halbert eating.
Jaron: Hey sis.
June look up.
June: Oh, hi. It's you. Finally came to your senses?
Jaron: I'm sorry. I'm just...not happy about something.
June: Not happy about what? Come on here. Sit down.
Jaron sit next to her.
June: What is it?
Jaron: Um...
Jaron wanted to tell her but then he realise that Halbert was just sitting there next to her on her the other side.
Jaron thinking: I couldn't.
June: What is it?
Jaron: Nothing. Just some personal problem of mine.
Juen: Well, I am always here for you. So come on..tell me.
Jaron thinking: I'm not evern so sure of myself. I mean, this is crazy. I don't know why am I even feeling this way. This is so stupid.
Jaron: I don't think I should tell you.
June: Oh, so now you are keeping secrets from me. So why do you even bother come looking for me?
Jaron: Please. I just wanna apologise on whAT I did this morning to you.
June: Okay. You did. So run along now.
Jaron: June.
June What? You already apologise.
Jaron: Sigh, I'l call you tonight okay?
June: Whatever. As you like.
Then she turn back to Halbert and put a fries into his mouth. Jaron saw that and was so disgusted by it. Shika came along when she saw them.
Shika: Hey all.
June turn and look up.
June: Oh. It's you.
Shika: Oh hi. I didn't see you. So, that's your boyfriend ha?
June: Yeap. We just started today.
Halbert: Hi. Please to meet you.
Jaron: Let's go Shika.
Jaron grab her hand and pull her with him.
Shika: Why? But..Um, ..okay. Bye June.
June wave at her.
Halbert: Hey dear?
June: Yes?
Halbert: He...don't look happy.
June: What? You mean Jaron?
Halbert: Yes. Jaron.
June: So?
Halbert: Don't you care about his feelings?
June: Of course I care. If I don't, then why do I even call him lastnight to talk about it?
Halbert: You did?
June: Of course I did. Don't be silly.
Halbert: Alright. Somehow I just feel that he hates me.
June: Nah. I know him. He don't hate people that easily. Come on. Don't talk about him anymore. Let's eat.
At Jaron and Shika.
Shika: Hey, Jaron. Stop it. You're hurting me.
Jaron let Shika go.
Jaron: I'm sorry.
Shika: What is wrong with you?
Jaron: Shika...I...I don't know. I feel this way. But I don't want me to feel this way?
Shika: Whoah. Hold on. What?
Jaron: I feel that...I love her. But I don't want to.
Shika: Love? Love...who? June?
Jaron: Seriously. I don't want to.
Shika: Well, if you don't want to, then you won't feel that feeling of love.
Jaron: I don't love her. It's just that when now she has a boyfriend, I feel that she won't be with me like oldtimes. But, I'm not jealous. I'm just scared that I'll lose her.
Shika: Are you sure you feel that way, or another type of way which is the jealous way.
Jaron: Shika, please. I won't find a girlfriend now. It's too early.
Shika: It's not. Come on. You are 21 years old.
Jaron: So? 21 years old doesn't mean that it is the time to get a girlfriend.
Shika: I'm not saying it is the time to get a girlfriend. I say, that it is not early. It is late. You should gain some experience.
Jaron: sIGH, whatever.
Shika: Okay. I'll drop it. The thing is, you shouldn't act that way just now. She and Halbert might get the wrong idea about you. That you love her.
Jaron: What?
Shika: I'm serious. So, nextime, don't act that way. Okay?
Jaron: Um...
Shika: AlrIght, settle. Come on. Break time is almost over. Let's go eat. Later, we'll starve.
At night, back at Jaron's house. He was looking at the present that he bought for June. Without any hesitation, he just call her up.
Jaron: Hello? Is that June?
June: Yes, it's me.
Jaron: Hi sis. This is your brother. Um, are you free now?
June: Um...I'm free now but later I'm not.
Jaron: You..going out with Halbert?
June: Yeah. You know. He wants to go out with me and countdown with me because of my birthday.
Jaron: Oh..Okay. Um, I wanna give you your present. Can I come now?
June: Sure. I'll wait for you.
Jaron: Okay. I come now.
So, he quickly grab his car keys and run downstairs. He start his engine and drove off
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Miss him like crazy la..HOW LA!!

Okay. Hi all. My boyfriend has gone to Sarawak already and then coming back next week. For a week! That's so damn looooooonnnnngggg. He said he will call me. Hopefully he keeps his promise ler. And something bad happened. My grandad passed away. The Lord has taken him away with him. And well, now I'm sooooo scared and worried about my dad. I know that he is sad.
My sister always asked me to be with my dad which I'm always with him even whem my grandad is here. What the heck is she talking? I'm always with my dad no matte what. She should correct that. She is the only one not in the house all the time. Sometimes, my sister really don't know what is she talking about.
Anyway, miss him like crazy. But since this thing happened, got things to do and quite busy until Jennifer come to my house. And she is staying here in my house to teman me. Hahaha, got plans already ler ready for the week. And tomorrow and friday planning to clear up all my stuff. Ahahaha. There, my aunty la. Soooooooo biisssiiiingggggg. Okay lA. Better go sleep liao. Ciao and nightz~!!

Big Brother Episode 11

June quickly call up Jaron.
June: Hey bro.
Jaron: Yes?
June: have a problem.
Jaron: What problem? Guys? Love? Financial? Family? Studies?
June: Can you just ssshhh for awhile?
Jaron: Okay, okay. Sorry. What is it?
June:'s about Halbert.
Jaron: What? He likes you?
June: How the hell do you know?
Jaron: I know the first time when I met him.
June: How do you know that?
Jaron: That's because I can read his mind. He is a guy isn't he?
June: So?
Jaron: So, nevermind. I just know.
June; Hmph. Show off.
Jaron: So, what's the problem?
June: I odn't know. He asked me to think about it. And...I don't know what to do.
Jaron: Well, it's up to you. I can't tell you what to do.
JuneL I don't know too that's why I want you to tell me.
Jaron: This is love June. It is not my decision. All I can ask you is...whether do you love him or not?
June: Love?
Jaron: Like?
June: don't know. I just feel like he is not my type that's all.
Jaron: Then the solution is easy. Don't need to be with him then.
June: But there's one thing I'm so sure of.
Jaron: WHta's that?
June: I'm happy being with him.
Jaron: Oh.
Jaron thinking: What the heck? Then just be with him. You already know the answer so why are you even asking me?
Jaron: Just try out with him then.
June: Try out?
Jaron: Yeah, if you think that he can make you happy, eventhough you guys have no same interest or eventhough he is not your type, just try out maybe a few weeks and see whether is he more your type or not.
June: Hmm...maybe you're right. I should give it a shot.
Jaron thinking: Am I even sure?
June: Yeah, I should.
Jaron: Um, you don't need to follow my opinion if you don't want to.
June: No, it's a good suggestion. Thank you brother.
Jaron: I, don't really mean it.
June: Um..okay.
Jaron thinking: Me and my big mouth.
June; So, alright, then. I'll try out with him then.
Jaron: Make sure he doesn't hurt you.
June: Well, you are there to be with me am I right?
Jaron: Yeah. Sure.
June; Alright then. Gotta go. Bye.
Jaron: Bye.
June: Hey.
Jaron: What?
June: You forgot something.
Jaron: What is it?
June: Argh, you are really useless man. Nevermind, I'll say it now but nextime, you say it.
Love you brother.
Jaron: Oh. Love you too little sis.
June: Goodnight.
Jaron: Goodnight.
Then they hang up. June lye down on her back.
June thinking: Okay. Tomorrow. Time to tell Halbert the good news.
The next day, Jaron was fetching June to college. She hop in the car. June saw Jaron's face a bit moody.
June thinking; WHat's wrong with him?
June: You okay?
Jaron: Never been better.
June: Oooooooookay. Telling lies again.
Jaron: Really, I'm fine.
June: Okay then.
Then she keep quiet. After that, both of them reach college. June saw Halbert with his group of friends again.
June: Well, wish me luck.
Jaron: Good luck.
With that, he slam his car door and lock it and just storm away.
June; Hey.
Jaron stop walking and turn.
Jaron: What?
June: DOn't what me. What was that for?
Jaron: What was what?
June: slamed your car door and just walk away. What has gotten into you?
Jaron: Nothing.
June: Don't you dare say nothing to me okay? There's something bothering you and it is either you spit it out or I'll just...
Jaron: Look, I don't wanna fight with you okay?
June: I don't want to fight with you too.
Jaron: Then don't bring up any fights.
June: I'm not..I'm just concerned about you because there's something bothering you and..
Jaron: You think you know everything about me odn't you? You don't. So stop thinking thatyou do.
June':What the fuck?
Jaron: Just, keep quiet. This will go on if we don't stop now.
June: Fine. I wanna go find Halbert now.
Jaron: Go. Bye,.
Thenhe just walk away.
June thinking: Crazy. Get so worked up for nothing.
Voice: Hi beautiful.
June turn and of couse Halbert is standing there.
June: OH. Hi.
Halbert: Jaron is not joining us?
June: I don't know. Something is wrong with him. I don't know what.
Halbert: So.,..did you think what I said?
June: Um...yeah....I...err...I don't think that you are my type Halbert.
Halbert: Oh..Okay. That's alright, I'll just...
June: Sssshhh.
June put her second finger on Halbert's lips.
June: I haven't finish yet. I...I don't think you are my type but...I would like to try out.
Hlabert: Try...
June: Dind't you said you don't mind trying too? You said that You don't even know your true feelings yet and don't mind trying out and..
Halbert hold her closer and said...
Halbert: Ssssh. You talk too much.
And they kiss.
Back at Jaron, he was halfway walking to his class.
Jaron thinking: What? Are they together already? Is he going to kiss her? Will he be holding her so near? I mean, what? Why am I even thinking about this? Why?Just forget it.
He almost wanted to go inside class when Shika appear from no where.
Shika: Hey.
Jaron: Hey.
Shika: Um, June's birthday is tomorrow right?
Jaron: Yeah.
Shika: So...excited? I mean, the present.
Jaron: Can I change?
Shika; What why?
Jaron; Well, I just don't think that this present is suitable for me to give her.
Shika: What? Oh come on. Don['t be silly.
Jaron: Look, she has a boyfriend.
Shika: She does? ut I thought you said she is single.
Jaron: WAS. She just have a boyfriend today.
Shika:So? Come on. Just give it to her. It doesn't mean anything.
Jaron: Sigh. Alright. I'll give her tonight.
Shika: Okay. See you tomorrow. There's no practice today.
Jaron: Okay.
Shika: SEE YA.
Jaron: See ya.
Then Shika went off.
Jaron thinking: I could not forgive myself. No. Never.
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Friday, January 05, 2007

Getting so intimate with my boyfriend.(16 sx) Lolz.

Hi everyone. Just came back watcing the wedding date show with my boyfriend. Suprisingly he didn'[t really complain much since he don't even like love stories at all. That is not what I'm excited. What I was excited was that..wel, the part when we went home.
Which is actually a few minutes ago. Um, we were talking normally in the car. And all the lovey dovey stuff that we do all the time is just up to french kiss. But today, something more wild and intimate happened which I love it. Because this shows that he loves me. I thought him something like when I cry, wipe away my tears with his thumb. That is one theory that I have experiment in my own experience so that's why I know. Okay, screw that. What I realy wanna say is that, I was kissing him. (I was on top of him) of course we were in the car doing those. And then after I stopped, he told me not to feel scared. Because he can control it, same as me but I somehow got turned on when he was kissing my neck.
And that time, if he didn't have stopped, maybe both of us will go out of control. But he was holding my back. Bare back. Something I could not imagine him doing it on me for a million years. Actually honestly speaking, even if he don't tell me how much he loves me, I can see it and feel it already. I don't need him to tell me. Tonight was just so intimate that it really freaked me out plus, it really made me enjoy going out with him. I'm gonna miss him when he is going to sarawak and imagine for a week. ROAR!
The msot times we are gonna upgrade is when we are going to genting and that will be more intimate but I will try my best not to gain out of control. One thing I love about this guy is, he will ask permission before he even does it. Doing all this things with him is nice. And refreshing. It is a total different experience with Herman. And hie french kissing today was realy wild and sexier. Imagine, he was teaching me now. Lol.
Well, he promised me that tommorow we are gonna have that moment again. Aww, I wish we are staying together always. Well, imagine that me and my boyfriend which is a newbie in love gets to sleep with his girlfriend on the bed . I'm his first somemore. Well, he really have a good relationship. I hope nothing goes wrong. Alright, now waiting for his call and I really am sleepy. Got to prepare for tomorrow's gathering at his house. He si pretty excited about it. My goodness. Wondering whether can I play my ff12 or not. Hehehe. Okay la. Ciao and nitez.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Big Brother Episode 10

Halbert and June was walking towards June's class. Both of them weren't talking. Then June realise that there's something bothering Halbert but what?
June: Um, is there anything wrong?
Halbert: Huh? Talking to me?
June: Err, yeah. Obviously.
Halbert: Um, nothing.
June: Come on. If there's anything, just spit it out okay?
Halbert: Nothing really.
June: I'm not going to ask again. This is the lastime I'm gonna ask. Is there anything wrong with you?
Halbert: No, there isn't. Now get going to your class.
June: Okay.
Halbert: Um, are you still following me home since now you and Jaron are all cool?
June: Of course. I'm not letting you off the hook.
Halbert: Yeah. Very funny. Anyway, I'll see you later then.
June: Okay.
Then Halbert when off. June was looking at him walk away.
June thinking: There's definitely something wrong with him but what?
After school Jaron was waiting for Medwin to show up at the exact same classroom where they usually have their band practice. While he was waiting, Shika came along.
ShikaL Hey.
Jaron: Hey.
Shika: Hmm, you look kinda of happy today.Anything good happened?
Jaron: Yeah, she forgive me.
Shika: You mean, your sister?
Jaron; Yeah.
Shika: Oh, that's great isn't it?
Jaron: Yeah. I'm so happy. I bet that this practice, Vance won't be mad at me.
Shika; I'm happy for you.
Shika thinking: Or am I just lieing?
Jaron: Thank you.
Shika; Um, I go inside first. Aren't you going to come in?
Jaron; Later. I want to wait for Medwin first.
Shika: Okay. See ya later.
Shika wanted to go in whwen Jaron said.
Jaron: Um, Shika?
Shika; Yes?
Shika thinking; Is he going to ask me out?
Jaron: Are you free after practice?
Shika thinking: I knew it. He is going to ask me out.
Shika: Why?
Jaron: Um, I want to ask you a favour.
Shika: Favour?
Jaron: Yeah, you see. My little sister's birthday is coming up so I was wondering whether could you, you know help me shop for her birthday present. I'm a guy. I don't know what girls like.
Shika: It doesn't depends on what girl likes. It depends on what she likes.
Jaron: Okay, but could you just help me? Please?
Shika: Yeah sure. I have nothing to do anyway.
Shika thinking: Spending time with Jaron. Why not?
Jaron: Great. Then I'll see you later.
Shika; Yeah. Later. See you inside.
At Halbert and June's side. Halbert was sending her home. Again, a moment of silent. June couldn not stand this feeling that she is having. Feeling so awkwardness so she said...
June: Alright, it's either you wanna tell me what the fuck is going on or I'm just gonna ask you to stop the car and I'll walk home.
Halbert: You really love to say bad words ha?
June: Huh? I..err. why? You don't like it?
Halbert: Nah. I say it too. But just that when a girl says that, I find it cute.
June: Hah? Cute?
Halbert: Yeah.
June: Alright, don't you dare to change topic now. What is bothering you?
Halbert: Nothing.
June: Halbert, come on. You're not good at lieing. I can see it directly in your face.
Halbert: Well, then that means you don't really study my face that well, all this while.
June: What? What the heck? Can you just tell me what is bothering you?
Halbert: All I can say is, that nothing is bothering me.
June: Argh. Fine. Suit yourself then. Here I am concerning and you are not doing your best to tell me what the heck is wrong with you. And now I have no idea what is running in your big brain now.
Halbert: Hey, come on. Are you mad or something?
June You're so damn right.I am.
Halbert: You don't need to feel that way June. I've already said what I'm feeling but you don't seem to believe it. So what else can I say?
June: Look, you wanna lie go ahead. Tell me when you're done.
Halbert thinking; How the heck does she even know what the hell am I feeling? I acted out pretty cool didn't I?
Then not long after that, they reach June's house. She open the door and said...
June: Call me later when you reach home.
Halbert: Yeah, sure.
June: Okay. Bye then.
Halbert THINKING: Just tell her dammit. She looks pretty upset.
Halbert:Alright. I'll tell you.
June: Tell me?
Halbert: Since you wanna know so much.
June: Oh yeah. Spit it out right now.
Halbert: Sigh, when you and Jaron were hugging back in colleg,e I felt something.
June: Something? What?
Halbert: I don't know.
June: Don't know? How come? You are the one feeling it.
Halbert: I'm not sure. So that's why...I don't wanan tell you yet.
June: Then just tell me. Come on.
Halbert: I don't want to.
June: Hmph, you're not even ready to tell me. Can't believe you're such a chicken. Tell me when you have the courage to...
Halbert: I like you. Happy?
June was just looking at him in disbelief. Halbert quickly face the other way.
Halbert: Sorry. I didn't want to tell you but you are like...forcing me to tell you so I just spit it out. I thought I was strong enought to keep it in my heart. Looks like I was wrong.
June still cannot say anything. Just sitting there and recall back what Halbert had just said.
Halbert: June? Please, just...
Hablert turn to face June and stop talking when he saw June's eyes full of tears.
Halbert thinking: Why is she crying? Was there something I said?
Halbert: Um, I'm sorry. I didn't know that will make you cry. I didn't meant to hurt you if I did.
June: No(Sniff). It is just that. No one has ever tell me the way like you do that they liked me. Not this way.
Halbert: it bad or good.
June: Of course it is good dummy.
Halbert: Oh...sorry.
June: I gotta go.
Halbert: Um, June..wait.
June stop.
Halbert: I...I just want you to know, eventhough my heart is unsure, I know one thing. I don;t mind giving both of us a try. To be a couple. I'm ready to move on. I'm not sure about you. But if you're not something to me, than why do I even felt jealousy just now? You made me alive June. Really.
June: I need to go .
Halbert: I know. But, will you give it a thought about it?
June; Yes. I will. Bye.
Halbert: Bye.
June get out of the car and close it behind her. She wuickly just went inside her house. She don't even wanna look at Halbert at all. She can't face him anymore. She went up to her room straight away and sit down on her bed facing the ground.
June thinking: What? What had just happened? Wasit even real?
June slap her face.
June thinking: Come on Juen snap out of it. It is a dream.
When she stop slapping herself, it was still the same.
June thinking: This is bad. This is really bad. This isn't a dream at all. It is real.
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Big Brother Episode 9

Halbert: Hello? Earth to June.
June: Huh? Oh, sorry.
Halbert: Something bothering you?
June: Nothing.
Halbert: Listen, I want to know. What happened? Did anything happened lastnight or this morning?
It was the next day in the morning where Halbert usually pick June up.
Jaron: Sigh, Jaron called me up. Lastnight.
Halbert: A-huh.
June: And, I screwed him.
Halbert: You what? Why?
June: I don't know. I just hate him a lot now.
Halbert: Ooookie. But, I think you should...give him a chance to explain.
June: Oh come on. He is just doesn't like you and I have no idea why.
Halbert: I know why.
June: Why?
Halbert: He...
June: Don't, don't you dare to say that he likes me.
Halbert: Alright, then you can forget about it.
June laugh. Not so long after that, they reach college. Habert and June saw Jaron standing at the entrance talking to Shika.
Halbert: Looks like he is waiting for you.
June: Nah. He is not waiting for me.
Halbert: How sure are you?
June: Then how sure are you that he is waiting for me?
Halbert: Trust me.
June: I'm not gonna go there. I'm gonna just walk past him.
And she did just walk past him. Jaron realise that. But he continue talking with Shika.
June thinking: That's weird. He didn't even call my name.
June turn to Halbert who was walking behind her.
June: Hey Halbert.
Halbert: Yes June?
June: He..It is just me or Jaron didn't call after me.
Halbert: About that.. Yeah, it's kinda weird too.
June thinking: Hmph, he is being very ego. He doesn't need me anymore. That must be it.
June: Seee, I told you. He is not waiting for me. He doesn't need me anymore.
Halbert: Well, you should blame yourself. You did screw him lastnight did you?
June: Thaty's because I'm mad.
Halbert: Well, maybe he gave up.
June: What? He gave up? What the? If that is his effort to ask for my apology, that means, I'm not even least important to him.
Halbert: Whoa, cool down girl. That's just my guess.
June shout: ARGH! I...I hate him so much! First, he made me angry by forgetting completely to send me home, secondly, he drag me to leave quickly when I'm with you and now he is not putting in any effort to even give a very very very sincere apology. What kind of big brother is he if he is acting thid way?! Hate him so much!
Halbert thinking: Ooookay.
Halbert: Hey, June. That is just my guessing. Maybe he will aplogise to you later on. Or mabe he didn't see you.
June: My ass. I saw him and I am 100% sure he saw me walking in the entrance with you just now. Argh, just forget about him. Thinking about him makes me aoooo damn bluddy fucking pissed off. Let's just go to my class now.
And off they went. And it was time to begin another day of college. June was not even paying any attention in the class. She was holding her phone.
June thinking; Should I send a message to him?
She think for awhile then..
June thinking: Why should I? I'm not gonna go soft on him now. Hmph.
Then after that break time. Hlabert and June was eating lunch together. On the other side, June saw Jaron with Shika and Jill together.
June: Look over there. That's what I call a pervert.
Hlabert: Huh? Pervert?
June: Yeah, one guy with two girls.
Halbert: And you call that a pervert?
June: Yeah. Nevermind that. Just go.
Halbert: You know, if you're not happy, you can just go there and give him a punch on the face.
June: I wish I could.
Halbert: Why not?
June: Coz I'm a girl. And...
Halbert: And?
June thinking: And I can't bare to even hurt him.
June: Nothing. Let's go.
At Jaron's side, he went lunch with Jill and Shika. Buying food. After that Jill left them and so left Jaron and Shika. He saw June and Halbert together.
Jaron: She's always with that guy.
Shika: Why? Are you jealous or something?
Jaron: No. I just don't want her to get hurt.
Shika: Why do you even she will get hurt?
Jaron: I don't know.
Jaron thinking; Maybe I am reaLLy jealous. But why?
Jaron: Shika?
Shika: Yeah?
Jaron: I'm sorry. But I really need to apologise to her right now. I feel like I can't bare to let her go just like that. I feel like if I don't do this, I will regret my whole entire life.
Shika Erm, okay.
Jaron: Sorry, looks like I can't eat with you today.
Shika: It's okay. I'll see you at practice then.
Jaron: How I wish she understands me like how you do.
Shika: Huh? Errr...
Shika blush.
Shika: I'm..I'm sure she does.
Jaron: Are you okay.Your face is getting redder.
Shika: I'm fine. Go ahead.
Jaron: Okay.
Then he went off.
Shika thinking: Oh my god. I almost feel like I wanna faint.
So he went after her calling her name.
Jaron shout: June! June! Wait!
Halbert: Huh? I think he is calling you now.
June turn and stop walking. Jaron keep up with them.
Jaron: June. I'm sorry. Please, I know you are so mad at me and I have no idea what I need to do to make you forgive me. Tell me.
June: I don't know. Why not you figure out yourself? Come on Halbert, let's go.
Jaron: I can't leave without you June.
Halbert and June stop walking.
June thinking: What?
Jaron thinking: What? What did I just say?
June turn to Jaron. His expression was shock so was hers.
June: You what?
Jaron: I...I said I can't live without you. But...I meant as a sister.
June: Oh.
Jaron walk closer to her. He hold her hand.
Jaron: Sis, please. I don't want us to be like this. Really. Each time, I go for band practice, my mind keeps on thinking about the both of us and I always questioning myself what I do wrong and I keep on thinking until it is really driving me insane.
June: I thought you have already given up on me.
Jaron: No. How can you even say that? I need you to talk to me.
June: Uh-huh.
Jaron: Um, So, will you forgive me?
June thinking: Should I?
Halbert: Just forgive him. He looks really sincere.
Jaron: I am. I really am.
June: Fine, just respect my friends and respect me. You do need me don't you?
Jaron: Yeah.
June: Okay. One more time, you make me angry, you're gonna get it from me and that time, this type of apology won't be accepted anymore.
Jaron smile and hug her. June response back his hug and Halbert can see that she is hugging him very tightly and he can see that there are tears coming out from her eyes.
June: Don't you dare do that anymore.
Jaron: I'm sorry. I won't do that anymore. I promise.
Obviously Halbert was standing there.
Halbert thinking: WHat is this I'm feeling? I am feeling happy for her. But..why am I..having this strange feeling? I'm feeling jealous. Feeling of jealousy?
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