Sunday, December 31, 2006

Big Brother Episode 7

So, after college was over, June went out of college WITH Jaron.
Jaron: You said you wanna go where?
June: To Halbert's house.
Jaron: Erm, can I ask you why?
June: Coz he is sick. I wanna visit him. Can you fetch me?
Jaron: Um, and how are you going to come back?
June: Well, I'm just going to see him for awhile. But if you don't want to wait for me, it's fine. I can take a bus or taxi home.
Jaron: No, I didn't mean that way.
June:So, you are going to wait for me?
Jaron: Yeah.
June: Okay.
Then Jaron fetch her to Halbert's house. Halbert open up his door and of course was shock to see June and Jaron with her.
Halbert: Oh, you're here.
June: Yeah, how are you feeling?
June and Jaron went inside his house.
Halbert: I'm feeling a little better now.
June: Oh, okay. I was a bit worried.
Halbert: You were?
June: Yes. Of course I'll be worried. You are ny friend. All of a sudden you didn't show up this morning.
Halbert: Hmm, thanks.
June look at Halbert and first time she saw his smile.
Jaron: So, um, Halbert: Is June being a very noaught girl lately?
June hit him.
Halbert: (Giggle). Well, was a grea gkirl honestly speaking.
June: See. Great girl. Heard that?
Jaron: Well, he is just being nice.
Halbert: Well, honestly. She is.
Jaron thinking: Okay, this guy really is a very serious guy.
June: So...are you coming to college tomorrow?
Halbert: Why? Miss me?
June: Um, no. I'm just...well..asking...
Halbert: Just joking.
June: That isn't funny you know?
Halbert:ALRIGHT. soRRY
Jaron: I think we should better get going now.
June: That fast?
Jaron: I wanna go now.
Halbert: You can go if you want.
Jaron: Excuse me. I was the one fetch her here. So I have to send her home.
Halbert: Oh, that won't be a problem. I'll fetch her home.
June: You? You are sick.
Halbert: So? I still can drive right?
Jaron: No, it's okay if you just stay in bed.
June: Um...
Jaron grab June's hand and pull her.
June: Hey, brother.
Jaron: Let's go.
Halbert: Hey watch it. You are hurting her.
Jaron: No, I'm not.
June:You are.
Jaron ignore what she said and just pull her. And they were in Jaron's car. And he drove off.
June: What the hell is wrong with you?
Jaron: What?
June: just grab me and head off.
Jaron: I just got a bad feelingwith that Halbert guy.
June: What?
Jaron: Don't ask me why.
June: Halbert is a great guy okay? He is nice, kind and he happens to talk to me when you are not there.
Jaron: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
June: I can't belive you. How can you do that in front of my friend.
Jaron: Sorry, I just did.
June: Argh. I hate you.
Suddenly Jaron felt something struck his heart when June said that.
Jaron: You hate me?
June shout: Yes!
Jaron felt angry too when she said that.
Jaron shout: Fine! Then don't even asked me to fetch you anywhere and to college anymore!
June shout:Fine! Stop the car now!
Jaron shout: Don't be crazy!
June shout: I SAID STOP!
Then Jaron park at the side. June get out of the car and started to walk away.
Jaron shout: Get back in the car now!
June shout: Don't worry, you can straight away go back now!
Jaron: You let me fetch you home now.
June: Sorry, I don't want anyone I hate send me home.
Jaron was getting pissed off already and he straight away close his door and drove off.
Jaron thinking: Fine. If she wants to think like that, so be it.
Then at night, Halbert and June was talking on the phone.
Halbert: Oh my god. I felt like I was the one destroying you guys.
June: Nah, don't worry about it. I hate his bluddy attitude.
Halbert: So I guess, now I'm suppose to fetch you?
June: I don't mind if you wanna do that but..I can just find my own transport if you want.
Halbert: Well, why not you guys just forgive to each other and everything will be settle?
June: Why must I? He was the one pulling me out.
Hlbert: Okay okay.
June: Well, so are you going to fetch me?
Halbert: Sure. I will.
June: Alright then. Anyway, I think I better go now. It's late.
Halbert: Alright.
June: Bye.
Halbert: Wait June.
June: Yeah?
Halbert Um..thank you for coming to my house. And you know concerning me.
June: No problem.
Halbert: Okay. See ya tomorrow.
Then they hang up. June wenr on her bed smilling at herself. Eventhough she and Jaron fought, Halbert is sitll willing to be her friend after how Jaron has treated him back in his house.
June thinking: I don't need Jaron. Who says I need him? I'll show him that I can live without him.
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Friday, December 22, 2006

Big Brother Episode 6

In Jaron's class, he was not paying attention at all. He was thinking on a way to make June forgive him. He send her a message on the handphone half an hour ago and she didn't message him back yet.
Jaron thinking: Calm down. Maybe she is busy now. I mean, they are having class right now. Maybe she is busy. And I am also having class. There's no time to be thinking about this right now.
Class is over.
Jaron thinking: Finally. I can't take another minute. Time to find June.
Jaron wanted to go when someone grab his arm. It was Medwin.
Medwin: Where are you going man?
Jaron: I have to find June for awhile.
Medwin: Practice is gonna start any minute now.
Jaron: Yeah, I know. Just give me a few minutes. I'll be right back.
Medwin: Wait, you can find her later. Vance will be angry.
Jaron: Look, I don't care okay? All I know is, if I don't find her now, I will not and ever gonna forgive myself. Let me go please.
Medwin let Jaron go and Jaron quickly run down the hallway. Shika came after that standing next to Medwin.
Shika: Who was that Medwin?
Medwin: Jaron.
Shika: Where is he going? Aren't we having practice?
Medwin: Yeah, but there's something he needs to settle with his so called sister first if not, he will regret later on. Come on, let's just get in the class first.
Shika: Oh, okay.
Shika thinking: Wow, I didn't know that June was so important to him.
Back at Jaron, he keeps on running and he is running as fast as he can.
Jaron thinking: Please, say that you are still in class.
When he reach June's class, there was not a single person in the class.
Jaron thinking: Oh no. I'm too late.
Then Jaron quickly run to the entrance. Halfway there, he saw her with Halbert.
Jaron shout: June!
June: Is someone calling me?
Halbert turn.
Halbert: I think so. It's your brother.
June thinking: WHat?!
June: What does he want now?
Halbert: Should we wait?
June: No, Let's just keep on walking.
Halbert: You really hate him do you?
June: No, I don't hate him, it is just that the thing that he did to me yesterday was just inforgivable.
Halbert: Well, everyone makes mistakes.
June just ignore him. Then Jaron finally catch up with them. He grab her hand.
June: What the hell do you want?
Jaron: Let me explain.
June: Thanks, but no thanks. You already explained everything.
Jaron: Then why are you not forgiving me?
June: That's because your explanation are all bullshit. It's not even good enough for a reason why you can even forget about me.
Jaron: Listen, I was just...Alright, if apologising isn't good enough then...
Then Jaron box himself. June stop him.
June: Hey. Stop it.
Jaron: June, please, if you are still angry, then hit me, slap me torture me. Do whatever you want. I need you to forgive me.
June: Why?
Jaron: What do you mean why? It's because you're important.
June: I am?
Jaron: Of course.
June: Alright, alright. I'll forgive you. Just don't hit yourself anymore okay?
Jaron: You mean it?
June: Yes.
Jaron smile. And then he hug her. June never response back at first then slowly, she response to his hug. Then they pull away.
Jaron: I promise. I'll make it up to you.
June: Up to you. But, right now, I gotta go.
Jaron: Okay.
June: Bye.
Jaron: Bye.
Then June and Halbert went off. Jaron smile at himself. He was so glad everything is okay between him and June. So he quickly run back to his class where he suppose to have the band meeting. Back at June and Halbert, they were in Halbert's car.
Halbert: Um, may I tell you something?
June: Shoot it .
Halbert: You know guys like those, won't just come along you know?
June look at Halbert.
June: What are you talking about?
Halbert: I'm talking about your brother. You can't find a guy like that for a million years.
June: He is not my boyfriend.
Halbert: I know. But whoever is his girlfriend is sure lucky to have him as hers.
June: Why you say that?
Halbert: Well, I can see that whoever is important to him, he will try his best no matter what to settle it before he regrets. He will not even waste another minute.
June: Wow, how do you even know? Are you his clone or something?
Halbert: Ya, ya. Very funny June.
June: (Giggle), I'm serious. It's like you really know him.
Halbert: I just got this feeling okay? Where to now?
June: Anywhere.
Halbert: Anywhere? Hmnm, okay, my house then. Then we eat lunch and then to your house.
June: Alright. Let's go.
At that same day, at night, June was reading her novel. She felt sleepy. So she put her book on the table and wanted to sleep. The moment she close her eyes, she remembered what Halbert had told her this afternoon about Jaron. That whoever becomes his girlfriend is lucky.
June thinking: No. no. What am I thinking? Shika likes him. She'll be just perfect for him.
Then her handphone rang which make her jump up. She look at her handphone. It was Jaron calling.
June: Hello?
Jaron: Hey. Sorry to callyou up this late. I just wanna ask you something.
June: What is it big brother?
Jaron: Um, are you gong with me to college tomorrow, or your so called boyfriend Halbert is coming to pick you up?
June shout: What?! He is not my BOYFRIEND!
Jaron: Alright. Chill girl.
June: You are coming to pick me up.
Jaron: Alright.
Juen: Okay, and don't even dare to say anything about that again.
Jaron: Okay, okay.
June: oKAY, Bye.
Jaron: Um, sis?
June: What is it now?
Jaron: We're all cool right?
June smile and said.
June: Yeah. We're all cool.
Jaron smile and said...
Jaron: I'm glad. Okay then. Goodnight.
June: Goodnight. Bye.
Jaron: Bye.
Jaron was so happy and now he can sleep with nothing in his mind. The next day at college, Jaron went to June's house and June was walking towards his car. She hop in.
Jaron: Ready to go?
June: Yep.
Jaron" Alright, off we go.
Then they went off. In the car, June ask...
June: Um, brother?
Jaron: Yeah?
June: I got a person in college that I want you to know.
Jaron: Huh?
June: Don't worry. It's a girl. A very sweet girl.
Jaron: Double huh?
June: Oh stop that.
Jaron: I mean, seriously. Why all of a sudden?
June: Well, nothing. Just want you get to know more girls you know?
Jaron: Thank, but no thanks. I can find my own friends.
June: Oh, so are you saying that you don't appreciate whatever I wanna do for you?
Jaron: Not that. I appreciate but then, I just...well, not interested. I know what you're up to.
June: What? I'm not up to anything.
Jaron: Come on sis. I know how for how long?
June: Um, let me see. 3 years?
Jaron: Yeah. I know you too well.
June: Aw, come on. I just want to introduce you to her. I'm not asking you to date her or anything. Sheeeish.
Jaron: Wel'll just see about that later okay?
Then when they reach their college, June spotted Shika.
June thinking: Perfect.
Jaron parked his car. June came down and quicky drag Jaron to where Shika was standing.
Jaron: Hey, what's the hurry?
Shika saw them approaching her.
Shika thinking: Oh no. What is June doing?
June: Hi Shika. Brother this is...
Jaron: Hi SHika.
June shout: WHAT?!
June look at Shika and then to Jaron and to Shika again.
June: Y-you guys...know each other?
Jaron: Silly girl. Shika is my dancer for the performance we are gonna perform.
June I see
June thinking: Man, I'm such a fool.
Shika: (Giggle) You're so cute June.
June: Uh..hehe..thank you...
June thinking: I guess.
Jaron: Cute? Don't make me laugh. She's so silly. Silly girl.
June: Well, at least some people can see my real self unlike you who only see the negative side of me. Stupid.
Jaron: Now, don't get all mad.
June: Who says I am.
Jaron: So is this who you want me to meet?
Shika thinking: What? June wanted to introduce Jaron to me? What is she trying to do?
June: Yeah. But since you know her? I guess it's nothing anymore.
June thinking: This will make things a lot easier.
June: Well, I'm off.
Shika: Um...where are you going?
June: Going to see Halbert. You guys chat. Brother, I'll be seeing you for lunch okay?
Jaron: Sure thing.
June: Alright. Bye.
Jaron & Shika: Bye.
Jaron turn abck to Shika.
Jaron: is our off day huh?
Shika: Yeah. No practice.
Jaron: How is your dancing coming along?
Shika: Good. Yours?
Jaron: It's good too. By the way, have no idea why is she so excited about me meeting you.
Shika: She..she is?
Jaron: Yeah. Silly girl. Don't mind her. She's still young in mind.
Shika Hehe. I know. But sometimes I really love her. She looks so adorable like a small girl.
Jaron: Yeah, okay I think that's enough of complimenting her.
June was looking all over for Halbert but he was nowhere to be found. June saw some of his friends and she went and ask them and she was told that Halbert is terribly sick. June call his handphone. He pick up. He sound so weak.
June: Hello?
Halbert: June?
June: Yeah, it's me. You have a fever?
Halbert: Yeah. A high one.
June: What happened?
Halbert: I have no idea myself.
June: Do you mind if I come over after college?
Halbert: Sure I don't mind if you can even remember how to come to my house.
June: Sure I can. I'll give you a call later.
Halbert: Alright.
June: Okay. Bye.
Halbert: Bye.
Then they hang up.
Halbert thinking: Hmm, she is really a nice girl. Why am I having this strange feeling? What is this feeling anyway? Love?
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Big Brother Episode 5

After practice, Jaron went outside of the class with Shika.
Shika: Wow, I'm bushed.
Jaron: You want water?
Shika: Yeah.
Jaron: I'll go buy.
Shika: Okay.
Then Jaron went to the cafeteria to get it.
Shika thinking: Hmm, I wish this day never ends.
Then he came back with two bottles of mineral water.
Jaron: Here you go.
Shika: Thanks.
Jaron: Wow, that's some practice back there.
Jaron: You dance pretty well.
Shika: You too. I mean, play.
Jaron: Nah.
Shika: Anyway, i met your so called sister. June.
Jaron: Oh, you did?
Shika: Yeah. She is very friendly.
Jaron: She is isn't she?
Shika: Yeah.
Jaron: When did you guys met?
Shika: Oh, during the party.
Jaron: Oh...
Then suddenly Jaron remembered about this afternoon.
Jaron shout: Oh shoot!
Shika: What?
Jaron: Damn, I forgotten all about it.
Shika: Forgotten about what?
Jaron: I supposed to send her home after college but I never called her up an tell her that I can't make it.
Shika: Did she called you?
Jaron went and pick up his handphone.
Jaron: Oh, my handphone is off. I'm so sure she did called me.
Jaron on his phone and there's a message saying that he has 10 missed calls from June.
Jaron: Oh my god. She is gonna be so mad at me.
Shika: Well, you can explain it to her. I mean, she should understand right?
Jaron: You don't know her yet. I'm kind of someone important to her. Anyway, I better get going.
Shika:Go where?
Jaron: Go to her house and apologise.
Shika: What? Can't you just apologise through the phone?
Jaron: It's to show how sincere am I. I'll see you tomorrow.
Shika: Okay.
Then Jaron went onto his car and started his engine while calling June. June was on her house on her bed when her handphone rang. She picked it up.
June: What do you want?
Jaron: Don't hang up. I'm on my way to your house now.
June: What for?
Jaron: To apologise.
June: I don't need you to come all the way to my house okay? The fact is that you forgotten all about me.
Jaron: I know. I'm sorry. I was in a band meeting and I...well...
June: Completely forgot.
Jaron: June..(sigh), just..let me go to your house. I'll make it up to you. Give me five minutes.
June: No. I don't wanna talk to you right now. You are the last person whom I really don't wanna see.
Jaron: June, please...don't be like this.
June: Be like what? I'm like nothing to you am I? I'm just not important than your band members or band thingie that when everytime when it comes to your stuff, you will completely forget about me. Then who am I to you? Am I not even a tiny bit important, that you can just forget about me like that? Hah?
Jaron(Sigh), June.. I...
June: Forget it. Back then, Halbert asked me for a ride home but I remembered that I wanted to go back with you and I actually did want to spend sometime with you so I push away his offer. And something tells me that I was a fool to do that.
Jaron kept quiet and he knew he had hurt his own little sister so bad that he haven't hurt her like that before.
Jaron: June.
June: I'll just see you tomorrow.
Then she put down the phone. Jaron hang up to and really have no idea what a fool he is. The next day, Jaron went to June's house in the morning as usual to pick her up. She came out of her house. And instead of hoping into his car, she just openher front gate and walk away. Jaron came out from his car , run to her, grab her arm and said..
Jaron: Hey..Where are you going?
June: College.
Jaron: My car is that way.
June: Who says I'm going with you?
Jaron: What? June...Are you still angry at me? If you are..I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you I promise.
June turn to him and said...
June Do you know what I really hate about you? Is when you always want to make it up to me when you knew that you have done something bad to me. And all you can ever do is say that you're sorry.
Jaron: Then what do you want me to do?
June: I don't want you to do anything.
Jaron: Alright, you know what? You want to be mad at me, you go ahead. But I'm going to fetch you go to college.
Then Jaron grab her wrist.
June: Hey, Let go. I said let go of me. You're hurting me dammit.
Jaron: Then just follow me.
June: You let go of me right now.
Jaron let her go.
June: I can walk myself stupid.
Then June walk to his car. Jaron start his engine and drove. Both of them didn't talk. When they reach college, June was so glas to see Halbert talking with his bunch of friends. She quickly get down from the car without waiting for Jaron to talk and shutting off his engine. June quickly went to Halbert . Halbert notice her and turn to her.
Halbert: Hey.
June: Hey, Um..I need a favour.
Halbert: What is it?
June: Can you like fetch me home?
Halbert: Sure. No problem.
Then Jaron came to June.
Jaron: Sis..
June: What?
Jaron: So, I'll see you at lunch?
June: No, I wanna hang out with Halbert.
Jaron: Oh, okay. It's alright. I'll just wait for you after college at the entrance then.
June: You know what. It's okay. Halbert offered me a ride home. It should make your work be more easier. You can go home earlier too.
Jaron: What do you mean by that?
June: I don't mean anything. Really. But anyhow, maybe, I'll just see you tomorrow. Bye.
She turn to Halbert and said...
June: Come, let's go.
Jaron just look at both of them leave.
Jaron thinking: This is great. She is really mad at me just because I forgotten. Sigh, what am I gonna do now?
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Well, well, well. I went out with Jennifer yesterday plus William. And uh, well, he was nice...Of coz he should be nice to us girls. If he knows what is best for him. I can see that he likes girls who are gamers and stuff. Well, I'm not so sure whether does he like Jennifer or something but all I know that he really cares for her. Unlike my boyfriend. Nevermind that.
And then another things is um, I was soooooo shocked to know that Jennifer can't even stand a little bit of chilly. Hahaha. Well, I felt guilty yesterday because I didn't know she could not stand it. My bad. Well, we watched barnyard. Hahaha. Nice show but maybe because of me headache, I almost fell asleep until there's this person in front of the person sitting next to me shouted at him because he keeps on kicking his chair. I was awake after that incident. Hahaha. Yeah, I had fun yesterday. William is sooooooo rich and yeah, he talks a lot. And I mean aaa lllloooooooott!! Lol. It's not a bad thing. It is a good thing. Luckily the things that he talk are not lame unlike someone. Oops, I shouldn't have said that. Well, She wouldn't even gonna read this blog la. Lol. If you guys knows who am I talking about. Alright. Ciao!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Big Brother Episode 4

June was in Jaron's car . Jaron fetching her home. They were talking. Then June come up with a subject.
Jaron: Yes?
June: You..You're not serious about the you thing right?
Jaron: What love thing?
June: You know..about not having a girlfriend.
Jaron: Why?
June: I do't know. Why won't you wanna have a girlfriend? You are already 21 years old.
Jaron: So? 21 years old is still early to have a girlfriend you know?
June: No it isn't.
Jaron: Yes, it is. My mum says it is.
June: Well, come on. My friend who is 4 years younger than me already have a boyfriend. And she is 4 years younger.
Jaron: So?
June: Which means that she is 5 years younger than you. Isn't that even too young?
Jaron: That's her own problem to solve.
June: Oh come on. Will you listen to me? Love isn't a bad thing.
Jaron: Come on June. I mean, why would you even wanna have a girlfriend when it's not gonna give you anything buyt trouble.
June: What the hell are you talking about? Why are you even saying that it will give you trouble?
Jaron: Just look. I mean boyfriends and girlfriends. What good is there possibly comes out from this love thing?
June: And why couldn't it?
Jaron: Why would I want a girlfriend? I will waste my money, my time, and I have no freedom in making friends. I'm sure there'll be rules that I have to follow to make her feel happy. And I'm so sure I need to mix with the right kind of person that accepts her and stuff. What else is there to say? I might not even get to mix with girls. Like you.
June: You are only thinking on the bad side of it. Try looking at the bright side.
Jaron: There is not bright side.
June: Of course there is. Everything has a good side and bad side in it. Look, if you have a girlfriend, when you need help, there is always a 100% chance that she'll be there for you. And when you problems and you need someone to talk too, she is always there for you. She can even make decisions for you. She can and will make you happy. Trust me. She is the one person that you might wanna say after you have a bad day.
Jaron: I would wanna see my dog after having a bad day.
June: Aww, come on brother.
Jaron: Look, why are we even having this conversation?
June: Well, nothing, just wanna know and curious to know why you want to be a bachelor you know?
Jaron: I won't be a bachelor. I just think now is not the time yet.
June: Alright...but what if, someone approaches you and tell you that she loves you? What are you gonna say?
Jaron: I really don't know.
June: Aww come on. You are not gonna tell her you don't know right? That's even not answering her question.
Jaron: Well, probably I'll just stand there stun for awhile and then I will say 'oh, thank you'.
June: What? That is all?
Jaron: Yeah, what else you want me to say?
June: Do you have a girlfriend before?
Jaron: No.
June: Sigh, no wonder.
Jaron: What? I know you have tons.
June: I do not have tons. I just have a few. Still can count but I'm not telling you how much. But anyway, you just got to tell her your feelings. Not saying 'oh, thank you'. That's not gonna work.
Jaron: What? tell her tha I have no feelings towards her?
June: Yeah, but in a polite way. And let's say if you like her, try admiting to her before she admits to you.
Jaron: What? Are you trying to teach me now?
June: I'm teaching you for your own good okay?
Jaron: I don't need it because I won't be finding one now. So just quit talking about this topic.
June: B-But...
Jaron: No buts. Just ssssshhhhh.
June: Hmph. Fine.
Then after 20 minutes ride, June reach her place.
June: I'll see you tommorrow. Bye. Goodnight.
Jaron: Bye. Goodnight.
Then they hug. After that, June went out of the car and into her house. She went up to her bedroom and lye down on her bed. She keeps on remembering about Shika. Even she don't even understand why is it even bothering her.
June thinking: Maybe...maybe it's because I wanna make sure whether does she really loves him. This might be his first and I don't want anything wrong to happen.
The next day, June was waiting for Jaron at her doorstep and he arrived. She went in the car and they drove of to college. After when she reach, the stranger that she met at the party was standing at the entrance.
June: Hey look. It's him.
Jaron: Hmm nice. Him. What a nice name.
June: Oh, are you making fun of me?
Jaron: Not at all. Anyway, you go ahead, I have a meeting now so I can't talk much with you right now. But you have your 'him' to go talk to. I'll meet you at the entrance after college.
June: What? Aren't we eating lunch together?
Jaron: I'm not sure whether I will be able to make it for lunch. I'll see how it goes but mostly I won't have time to do that so..I'm sorry.
June: Oh...
A dissapointed expression was on Junes face. Jaron realise it.
Jaron: I'm sorry. Really. Why not asked that guy to go eat with you?
June: You do know that I rather have lunch with you rather than anyone else.
Jaron: I know. But I can't help it. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you okay? I promise.
June: Alright then.
Jaron: Okay. See ya.
June: See ya.
June look at him as he walk away. Then the stranger approach behind her.
Stranger: Hey.
June turn and smile at him.
June: Hi. By the way, I didn't catch your name.
Halbert: Halbert.
June: Oh. Halbert. Nice.
Halbert: Yours?
June: June.
Halbert: Funny. We don't know each others names. But we have talked several times.
June: Hmm, um, I'm wondering.
Halbert: Wondering what?
June: you wanna have lunch with me?
Halbert: Funny, but I was wanting to ask you the same question.
June: Haha, don't really mind right?
Halbert: Of course not.
June: You know, you're not so bad after all.
Halbert: Bad?
June: Yeah, I thought you were rude at first.
Halbert: Yeah. It is not suprise tome. Everyone thinks that way until when they get to know me.
Back at Jaron, he was walking to one of the classes for his band meeting. Then he found the class. He was about to open the door when the door open up. Shika come out from the door and she was stun for awhile when she saw Jaron.
Shika: (GASP) Jaron.
Jaron: are?
Shika: Uh, I'm Shika.
Jaron: What are you doing inside there? I haven't seen you around in our band meetins before. Shika: Oh, haven't you heard? They was discussing something about you guys performing and they need dancers this time so they asked for my help. I'm in charge of them. I didn't know that this was your band.
Jaron: Oh, yeah I heard about that dance thingie but I didn't know that it would be this fast. I better go in now.
Shika: Yeah, I was just going to the toilet.
Jaron: Oh okay.
Then Shika walk away.
Shika thinking: Oh my god. I was so near him just now. I can even smell his smell.
Then Jaron went in.
Medwin: It's about time dude.
Jaron: So when are we performing?
Albert: Next month
Jaron: Alright, so we need to start practicing right?
Vance: Yeah. After college we meet here and we practice.
Jaron: What? After college?
Vance:Is there a problem?
Jaron: Um...I didn't even bring my guitar.
Vance: I have one extra in my car. I'll go get it for you.
Jaron: Okay then.
Then lunch time, Halbert and June was happily eating at the same place. At the lake.
Halbert: Do you always eat with him here?
June: You mean Jaron?
Halbert: Is that his name?
June: Yeah. Yup. I always eat with him here.
Hlabert: You guys looks like a couple.
June shout: What!? We are not!
Halbert: Alright. I'm just saying.
June: He told me that to him, girlfriend is not important.
Halbert: Really?
June: I don't know. That's what he said.
Halbert: That's bulshit.
June: It is?
Halbert: You need love in this world. Just tell him that.
June:Oh. Okay.
Then after college, June was walking with Halbert to the entrance.
Halbert: Are you sure you don't want a ride home?
June: No, it's okay. Jaron says that he will fetch me home.
Halbert: Alright then. See you tomorrow.
June: Okay. Bye.
And he went off. June stand there waiting. She stand there waiting for 1 hour and still no sign of Jaron. She called up his handphone several times but his handphone was off.
June thinking: Something tells me that I should have just taken Halbert's offer just now.
And so, June walk back all the way from college to her house.
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Big Brother Episode 3

June: You''re that guy from this morning.
Stranger: Yeah. So?
June: Um...
Stranger: Anyway, I don't know you...So can you just leave me alone?
June thinking: Hmph. Not a very friendly person is he?
June: Look, I just came out here just to get some fresh air and I saw you here so I just thought you know...
That guy turn at her...
Stranger: You talk too much.
He wanted to walk away when June said...
June: Wait. Where are you going?
Stranger: I came out here just to get away from those noises. But I rather be inside there now than being outside with you.
June: Hey. What's that suppose to mean? You are being very rude do you know that? I helped you earlier this morning. At least a ' thank you '
Stranger: I didn't asked for your help.
June; I know you didn't. But at least I have a heart. Unlike you.
Then, that guy face suddenly grow pale when June said that...
June: Oh..I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings.
That guy look down on the ground. Looking more upset than before.
June thinking: Oh no. Did I said something?
June: Um..I'm really sorry. I didn't mean t-
Stranger: It's fine. I'm fine.
That guy turn to her and now June can see his face clearer rather than before his hair keeps on covering his face.
June: Um...are you okay?
Stranger: You know...I wanna ask you something.
June; What is it?
Stranger: Why do you even bother talking to me?
June: Um...for no reason. Do you need a reason to talk to people? I just wanna make friends that's all.
Stranger: That's weird because no one wanna make friends with me. Only Jill. Other people thinks I'm a bit weird.
June: (Giggle) Haha. Yeah, I thought you were weird too at the beginning.
That guy laugh with her.
Stranger: Thanks.
June: For what?
Stranger: It's been a long time I haven't smile.
June: Oh. Do you mind telling me why?
Stranger thinking: Hmm, well, why not? It won't hurt telling her. I mean, to make new friends, why not? I have nothing better to do now anyway.
The stranger went back to where she was and they sat down on a bench staring at stars.
Stranger: Well, 3 years ago. I..I have 3 ex's. But..the first one is not a real love. It was puppy love. Until...the 2nd one came. Me and her have been going out for about 2 years. Until suddenly one day she told me that she is engaged.
June: Oh...that's really sad.
Stranger: Then comes to the 3rd girl, she played with my feelings. She always borrows from me money and until now she never pays me back and she went off with another guy.
June: Wow, that's a bitch.
The stranger look at her in disbelief.
June: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that about your...
Stranger: I don't mind actually.
June: You don't?
Stranger; Well, I and her are nothing anymore. So I don't mind if you wanna call her names.
June: Okay.
Then a moment of quietness. The stranger look at her and June look at him. Then suddenly, Jaron came in breaking the silentness.
Jaron: There you are.
Jaron saw the stranger of course.
Jaron: I interupting something?
June thinking: A little.
June: Are you done talking to your people?
Jaron: My people? I don't refer them as that you knoW?
June: You don't ...
June stand up and walk to Jaron...
June: ...but i do.
June turn to the stranger and said...
June: Maybe I'll see you in college sometime soon?
Stranger: Yeah.Sure.
June: Bye. Come on brother.
Then June pull Jaron's hand. The stranger there still sitting there and smiling to himself. At Jaron and June, they were halfway walking when Jaron struggle so that his hand will fall...and he said...
Jaron: Alright. Who was that?
June: Oh shoot. I didn't get his name.
Jaron: What? You talked to him but you don't know his name? So nice of you to get to know people.
June; What? He was telling me something interesting until you came busting in.
Jaron: I was worried.
June: Oh you were? I didn't know you can even get worried about me.
Jaron: Okay. What are you trying to say?
June: What I'm saying is that when you're around with your group of people, you just leave me behind.
Jaron: I don't do that.
June: Yes, you do and don't you dare try to deny it.
Jaron: I dare to deny it because I don't do that sort of thing to you okay?
June: Sigh. Whatever. Can we like go home now?
Jaron: No. We just came.
June: Maybe party like this isn't just my type.
Jaron: Alright. We'll stay here for like 1 more hour okay?
June: Alright.
And so they did stay for 1 hour. They were hanging out at the bar there when Jill came and approach them.
Jill: Aww, come one,. You can't be real Jaron. Just sitting here drinking with her?
June: Why? Is that a problem?
Jill: You're damn right it is.
June: Well, just mind your own...
Jaron: June, I'll handle this.
Then June just look away.
Jaron: Okay, Jill, can you please, just don't approach us?
Jill: Why? This is my party. I can approach whoever I want to.
Jaron: Sigh..Jill...
Jill:Come on. Come to the dancing floor.
Jaron: Alright, just don't ind any trouble with my sister okay?
Jill: Alright. I won't wanna waste my time with her too.
Then June stick out her tounge at her.
Jaron: Um, June I...
June: Yeah..go go.
Jaron; It'll be just for a short while.
June: Take your time. We still have lots of time.
Then Jaron follow Jill to the dancing floor. Then it was like half an hour past and Jaron was still dancing. June was just sitting down there looking at him. There were girls with him too.
June thinking: A while my foot.
Then suddenly a girl approach June from behind.
Girl: Excuse me?
June turn and saw her.
June thinking: Do I know her? Is she talking to me? She looks so sweet.
June: Um, you talking to me?
Girl: Yeah..
June: Um..I don't think I know you.
Girl: You don't. Oh, I'm sorry. I should introduce myself. My name is Shika.
June: Oh..that sounds like a ...
Shika: Japanese name? Yeah, my parents name me a japanese name because I always love Japanese things.
June: Ooo, so what does your name means?
Shika: Oh...gentle dear.
June: Cool. That's so cool. I wish I could have a japanese name too.
Shika: Sure you can. You can just create one too.
JuneL Haha. It's alright. I am happy with my name.
Shika. Okay. Um, I actually wanna ask..Is Jaron really your brother?
JuneL Oh, no..We're just pet bro and sis.
Shika: Um..I don't really get you.
June: Meaning that he and me are just ' so called brothers and sisters '. We are not real brother and sisters at all.We are no related at all in blood. We are just close for 3 years now so we just call ourselves like that.
Shika: Oh. So I don't really need to get your approval.
June: Approval?
Shika; Huh, oh nothing.
June: Aww, come on tell me.
Shika: Promise me you won't tell anyone okay?
June: Promise.
Then Shika whispered something and June...
June shout: What?!
Shika; Shh.
June: Oops. Sorry.
Shika: Promise me you won't tell him at all okay? And don't tell anybody. Can I trust you?
June: Um...why don't you wanna tell him? It is a good thing.
Shika: No..please. Just don't.
June: Alright, alright. I won't. I'll just keep my mouth shut then.
June: What?
Shika: Nothing. You're just cute sometimes.
June: Really? Hmph, my brother never says I am.
Shika: I'm sure he doesn't need to tell you. He already thinks that you are cute deep down his heart.
June thinking: Hmm, why can I think like her. She really is a soft gentle dear just like her name.
Shika: Oh no. He's coming. I gotta go.
June: Hey no. Wait. This will be the best time to get to know him.
Shika: No. I'm just not ready. Sorry. Gotta go. Bye.
June: Hey. Shika.
Jaron: Shika? Who is Shika?
June turn.
June: Oh, finish dancing?
Jaron: Yeah and who is this Shika?
June: Oh. No one. A girl I just met.
Jaron: Uh-huh. You met a lot of people didn't you?
June: Yeah. Can we like go now?
Jaron: Yeah sure.
June thinking: Hmm, I don't understand why Shika would want me to keep it as a secret. Liking my brother is a good thing. Why is she so shy? Maybe I could help her.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Big Brother Episode 2

June: I'll see you later for lunch brother.
Jaron: Alright lil' sis.
Jaron turn and wanted to head back to class when Medwin was looking at him with one weird look.
Medwin: What's with that lil' sis word?
So Jaron and Medwin walk back to their class and Jaron told Medwin the whole story.
Medwin: I see. Say, now that you mentioned it, I feel like you and her should be a couple.
Jaron shout; What?! Are you crazy or something?!
Medwin: What? I'm completely normal.
Jaron: That's crazy. I will never love her. I mean, as a friend...
Medwin: Or a lil's sister am I right?
Jaron just roll his eyes.
Medwin: What's wrong? Why can't you love her?
Jaron: I don't know. Maybe it's because that I know her for so long and just treat her as a normal friend you know?
Medwin: You wouldn't know what is she thinking.
Jaron: What do you mean?
Medwin: Nothing. Just forget it.
And they reach their class. Kriiiinnggggg! It is break time. June was waiting for Jaron to come to her class. Later on, she saw Jaron waving from afar. She went there.
June: Wanna go now?
Jaron: Yeah. Come on.
June went and bought her food. Same as Jaron. Both of them went near a lake at their college.
June: Hmm, I'm thinking if we could be like this forever. You know, close forever.
Jaron: Of course we will. Why you asked?
June: I don't know. And I'm beginning to freak out sometimes when I see couples everywhere I go.
Jaron: Couples?
June: You know. Couples?
Jaron: Uh-huh. Of course I know. But, what's that got to do with us? Or you? Being scared and everything?
June: I'm scared if you will have a girlfriend, you will just ditch me aside.
Jaron: Haha. I told you I think a billion times before I won't wanna have a girlfriend now. I just want to concetrate on my carrier.
June:I know. I know you said that. But who knows? Human's change.
Jaron: Love, is not important for me. I mean, not at the moment.
A shock expression was on June's face.
June: Really?
Jaron: Well, yeah.
June: Oh..Oh I see.
Jaron: Why? You look shock.
June: COz I am.
Jaron: Why?
June: Nothing, Anyway, faster eat.
Jaron: Why? We still have like one more hour.
June: I know. But I want to go somewhere and buy college stuff. Buying at the college is so damn expensive.
Jaron: You're right. Okay.
After break, Jaron company June back to her class.
Jaron: Later , I will come over. So you just wait here okay?
June: Alright.
Jaron: Okay. Bye lil's sister.
June: Bye..big brother.
Then she went in her class. After college, like what Jaron said, to wait for him at her class, she waited. Suddenly, she heard someone fall down. She turn and saw that someone. Not knowing who it is but she just went there and help him.
June: Oh my god. Are you hurt?
Then June pick up all his books.
June: Here.
He just snatch the books from June.
Stranger: I don't need your help.
June: What? I'm just trying to h-...
Then he get up and said...
Stranger: Like I said.
Then he turn to June and said...
Stranger: I don't need your help.
Then he walk away. June was just staring at him.
June thinking: What's his problem. He kinda freak me out a little.
June was still staring at him when someone knock her head...
June: Ouch.
Then June look up and saw Jaron. She get up and ask...
June: What was that for?
Jaron: For waking you up.
June: What? You don't need to do that right? Damn you.
Jaron: Come one. I gotta go now. I don't wanna be late.
June: Be late? For what?
Jaron: Oh ya. Shoot. I forgot to tell you that I have a party tonight.
June: Again? Wow, they really love you don't they?
Jaron: Hehe. I don't know but anyway, why not you come along?
June: You want me to come?
Jaron: Sure. Why not? I'm not gonna let me lil' sis staying at home rotting right. You deserve to have some fun too.
June laugh.
June: Alright. I'll go.
Then at 7.30 p.m Jaron went to Junes' house to pick her up. She was wearing a mini- T and jeans.
Jaron: I thought you'll be wearing something know...nicer.
June: What? What's wrong with this?
Jaron: Nothing.
June: Aww, come on. This is the real me.
Jaron: I know.
June: Plus, this is my nicest and coolest mini-T.
Jaron: Yeah. I can see that. You never wear them before. It's brand new.
June grin at him. Not long after that they reach at Jill's place. It was so crowded.
Jill was greeting the guesses.
Jill: Oh, Hi Jaron. I thought you won't wanna come after you turn dowm my offer.
Jaron: I won't just chicken out just because I turn down that offer.
Jill: Oh...Haha. Just kidding. Anyway,...
Then Jill saw June. She never were close to June at all.
Jill: Oh..and...well, I didn't expect you to show up.
June: I didn't want to but then, my big brother here invited me. So I guess I'll just come since I have nothing to do at home. You don't mind...don't you? Jill?
Jill: Big brother?
June: Oh..haven't you heard? Me and him..We're like pet brothers and sisters now. Well, I guess people like you,,wouldn't even be bothered in what we are.
Jaron: Okay...I think that will be enough.
June: Yeah. I wouldn't want to spoil my mood since I just only arrived.
Then June went in first.
Jill: Why did you even bring her?
Jaron: Well, she is someone really important to me. Why cant I?
Jill: Argh, she is just gonna spoil the whole party.
Jaron: No, she will not. Trust me.
Jill: Fine. Run along now.
And Jaron went in. He saw June was at the bar. He went and sit next to her.
Jaron: Hey, that wasn't very nice.
June: So? I don't care. didn't liked her at all. Not even a single tiny bit and did you see the look on her face?
Jaron: I don't care whatever you think. Okay, just don't screw and mess everything up. I asked you to come here is because I know in the house, you have got nothing to do and you're rotting. So...please just behave yourself here.
June: Fine. I will. Sheeish.
Jaron: Alright. I'm gonna talk to those guys over there. You stay here.
June: Yes, big brother.
And so Jaron went.
June thinnking: I rather be in the house than to be here.
Then June couldn't stand those noisy music which is heavy rock. So she just went out from that place and went to the balcony. She saw someone standing at the balcony watching the stars. She decided to go talk to him.
June: hate heavy rock too?
The guy turn and saw her. His face was shocked. The moment June saw his face, she was shocked too.
June thinking: That...that guy. Is the guy from this morning that was being rude to me. Why is he here? Um...he must be kinda popular since he is in Jill's party.
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