Thursday, October 19, 2006

Love Story Chapter 79

At break time, Kirsten was waiting for Zoey to finish putting her stuff into her bag.
Kirsten: Common Zoey. Quick.
Zoey: Can't you wait?
Kirsten thinking: What's with her?
Kirsten: Um, sorry if I'm rushing you. I just thought maybe you could you know, hurry up a bit so we can meet up with the guys soon.
Zoey thinking: There she goes again with her boyfriend here and there.
Zoey: If you wanna meet your Cal so much, why not you just go ahead without me.
Kirsten What's with you? I'm just saying...
Zoey: Kirstne, I don't want to fight with you.
Kirsten: I don't want to fight with you either. But I never start any fighting.
Zoey: Just go ahead without me. I'll meet you soon.
Kirsten: Okay. If you say so.
Then Kirsten went out of the class. She take one last look at Zoey then left.
Zoey thinking: What's with me? It's not her fault that Johnathan like her. I'm such a bitch.
At Kirsten she was almost reaching the cafeteria. She saw her beloved boyfriend of course and Johnathan.
Johnathan thinking: Hmmm, I wonder where is..Zoey.
Then Kirsten reach there.
Kirsten: Hi guys.
Johnathan & Cal: HI.
Johnathan: Um..where's Zoey?
Kirsten: I don't know. She was actually....I don't know. Something is wrong with her.
Johnathan; Huh?
Kirsten: Maybe you could go and comfort her. She is just not herself. Me and her almost fought just now.
Johnathan: Fought? Because of what?
Kirsten; I dont' know. She was so angry at me. All of a sudden.
Johnthan thinking: Oh no. It must be because I said that I like Kirsten instead of her.
Johnathan: Okay. I will go and comfot her. You guys go on ahead without me.
Cal: You sure?
Kirsten: Yeah, we can wait for you.
Johnathan: It's okay. You guys go on ahead first. Where is she?
Kirsten: I don't know about now but she was in the class just now.
Johnathan: Okay. See you guys.
Kirsten; Bye.
Then he left.
Cal: Is something going on between the both of them?
Kirsten: How should I know? Common, let's go and eat.
Then at Johnathan, he went to Zoeys class and she was there.
Johnathan: Hey.
Zoey: Huh?
Zoey turn.
Zoey: Oh. Hi.
Johnathan: Whatcha doing?
Zoey: Nothing.
Johnathan: Okay. If you're doing nothing, then why are you not joining us for lunch?
Zoey: I just don't feel like eating that's all.
Johnathan: Okay, you know what? I don't want because of what I said you are angry at Kirsten and..
Zoey: Her again. So you came all the way here just to tell me that?
Johnthan: Um...Not exactly. I came to know what's wrong with you.
Zoey: You know, how nice if you just don't say her name at all in front of me.
Johnathan: Zoey, I thought she was your bestfriend?
Zoey: She is. It's just....
Johnathan: I know. I know how you feel. But, I still can't believe you. Actually to tell you the truth, I wanted to be your boyfriend after I think it over. But seeing your attitude like that, I don't want too.
Then Johnathan wanted to walk away when Zoey grab his arm.
Zoey: I'm sorry. Can...we be together?
Johnathan and face her. Her face was red. Obivously, she was crying when he wanted to walk away.
Johnathan: I don't know. I'll tell you tomorrow.
Zoey: I'm so sorry. I didn't know. And I know thAT I'm being selfish. I'm so sorry. I want to be with you so much. And when you tell me that you like her, I....I just....well, sad.
Johnathan: You don't need to apologise anymore. Common, let's go join them eat lunch okay?
Zoey: Okay.
Zoey walk first then Johnathan said...
Johnathan: Zoey?
Zoey stop walking and turn to face him.
Zoey: Yes?
Johnathan; I will tell you tomorrow. I promise. I don't want to see you get hurt too.
Zoey smile and then she nodded her head. So they went on ahead. At the cafeteria, Cal and Kirsten saw them. Zoey apologise to Kirsten. Then after break time, Johnathan went back to his class.
Johnathan thinking: Hmm, I wonder did I heard Zoey a lot just now. Looking at her face make me feel so guilty. I thought Jamie is gonna be the last girl that I'm gonna have love problem with. Looks like this is gonna be another big issue for me.
After college, the four of them were walking out from the college when Melanie came running to them.
Melanie: Yoo hoo!
Four of them stop walking and turn.
Cal thinking: Oh no.
Johnathan thinking: Man. It's her.
Melanie reach them.
Melanie: Hi Cal. Hi Johnathan. Long time no see.
Johnathan thinking: That's because I don't want to see you.
Kirsten: Hi Melanie.
Zoey, Johnathan and Cal turn to Kirsten. They were shock.
Zoey, John & Cal: You know her?
Kirsten: (Giggle) Yeah. We met the other day.
Melanie: Yeah. Of course she knows me. I'm the most...
Kirsten: Err, Melanie Please don't start.
Melanie: Fine.
Cal: So, what's up?
Melanie: Nothing. Just thought you know, wanted to chat with you guys a little.
Johnathan: Don't you have your boyfriend to chat with?
Melanie: Oh, he's not here. His coming over to pick me up. So, while waiting for him, I have nothing else to do so...
Johnathan: What about your gang?
Kirsten: Gang?
Johnathan: Yeah, gang that....
Cal: Johnathan, I think that's enough.
Melanie: For your information, they have their own life now and some of them are at overseas. How about that?
Johnathan; Whatever. Lucky them.
Melanie; Oops., Gotta go. He's here. Bye.
Zoey, John, Cal & Kirsten: Bye.
After she left, Zoey ask Johnathan.
Zoey: You sounded like you hate her.
Johnathan: Don't ask me. Long story.
At that night, Zoey could not stop thinking about Johnathan. He wanted so much to be with him and not sure how to be with him when he likes Kirsten her own bestfriend. At Johnathan's side. He was thinking about Zoey too. He was thinking about Kirsten and Zoey at the same time. He don't know what to do. He pick up the phone and call up Cal.
Cal: Hello?
Johnathan: Hey dude.
CaL; Oh hi. What's up.
Johnathan; I got a problem.
Cal: What problem?
Johnathan: Girl problem obviously.
Cal: Okay. Whats it about?
Johnathan: You do know that I like your girlfriend do you?
Cal: Uh-huh.
Johnathan: Don't worry. I'm not asking you to break up. Zoey...well...she kinda...
Cal: Like you right?
Johnathan: Huh? You knew?
Cal: Of course. It was like the whole time I knew that she like you. I think she like you the second time she saw you or something.
Johnathan: And you didn't tell me?
Cal: Oh come on. Don't tell me that you didn't get the message?
Johnathan: Maybe I didn't. I was just too busy concetrating on Kirsten.
CaL: Look. If you are upset about me and Kirsten, I can...
Johnathan: Don't you ever break up with her. If not I won't forgive you.
Cal: Alright.
Johnathan: Do you think I should try out with Zoey?
Cal: That's up to you man. I can't say anything. It's all up to you.
Johnathan: I think I should.
Cal: Alright, then go call her up and tell her. I'm sure she will be very happy to hear that.
Johnathan: You know what, I think I have a better idea. I mean, I did hurt her. I should make her more than happy.
Cal: You know what? I wish I have your mind. You sure do know how to make a girl very happy. Anyway, Whatcha gonna do?
Johnathan: Oh, you'll know.
The next day, at Zoey and Kirsten they were walking to their class when there's this bouquet of flowers on Zoey's table.
Zoey: Is that a boquet of flowers on my desk?
Kirsten: Looks like it.
Zoey: Whose it from?
Then they went to the flowers.
Kirsten: Doesn't it have a card or something?
Zoey: I found the card.
She open it.
Card: Hey baby. I know you've been waiting so long for this day. And I know that I hurt you a lot of times. And this is how I'm gonna make it up to you. Meet me up in the park near out college after college. I'll be waiting near the fountain. I love you and I will try my best to love you. Love: Your dream guy.
Kirsten: Wow. Romantic.
Zoey: Who could possibly...
Kirsten: Does it matter? You will know after college.
Zoey: I only have eyes for Johnathan Kirsten. You know that.
Kirsten: Oh common. Johnathan is not even showing any sign. Now there another guy who loves you and sending you flowers.
Zoey: I don't know Kirsten.
Kirsten: Listen...if you are scared, then I'll go with you okay?
Zoey: Okay.
After college, Zoey and Kirsten went to the park to meet up with the mysterious person. They saw someone at the fountain.
Zoey: That's him. Okay. You wait here.
Kirsten: Okay.
Then Zoey went nearer. His back is facing Zoey.
Zoey:Excuse me, are you the one send me that flowers?
Then he turn. It was Johnathan.
Johnathan: You like it?
Zoey: Johnathan?
Kirsten thinking: Huh? Johnathan?
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I like my sister's friend.

I have a secret. I like my sister's friend name Alex and well, we are not to say close or not but I want to get closer to him. He agreed on taking me out this saturday to catch a movie. But then, he has a girl on his mind. Her name is Susan, one of my sister's friend also. I mean, like she is 20, same age as me. And all I know is that he likes girls with long and straight hair. He likes pretty and act cute type of girl. Which I am. Cancel the pretty part.
Like just now, I went out with him and my sister and again that name of Susan came up and he said that he like girls like her because she is cute coz she acts very blur. All the time when he say her name, it really pierce my heart. I don't even know who to tell this too. I mean, I love him so deeply which I can feel it. Like just now when I was sitting in one of my sister's friend's car, he was sitting beside me and I feel like cuddling up with him.
This doesn't mean that I actually already forget about Herman. The guy that I like is forcing me not to forget. He is so blur. I know that he has not even the slightest idea that I liked him. All he can think of is that girl Susan which I really hate to hear her name. I mean, my sister just had to say out her name. Sigh. If she didn't mention her name tonight, I would be happy the whole night but no, she just had to mention her name. And th most hurting part is when he said ' sigh, how mice if I got this type of girlriend. So blur and cute'. Maybe he not yet seen the real and cute me that's why. I don't know. I scared he just don't like the cute me. But everyone seems to like it in a friend way not the boyfriend type. Only Herman. That's why I love him so much. Sigh. Why that guy that I like can't get to like me? Man, why don't you even realise my cutenesss? Sigh. I'm so hurt.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Love Story Chapter 78

Johnathan: Yeah.
Zoey thinking: What?
Zoey can't say anything. The guy that she likes, has feelings for another girl and worst. That girl is her bestfriend.
Johnathan: Don't tell her okay?
Zoey: But...She already has...
Johnthan: A boyfriend. Yes, I know.
Zoey: So....
Johnathan: Look, I don't want to spoil their relationship. But you know, Cal always at the end will end up with the person I love. Example, like Jamie.
Zoey: Oh..I..I see.
Zoey thinking: This is just great. Kirsten thinks that Johnathan and me have a chance but instead he likes her? How did this even happened? I mean, I'm suppose to be the one with Johnathan. This is just so not fair. Kirsten can't have two guys.
Johnathan: Zoey?
Zoey: Huh?
Johnathan: You like me don't you?
Zoey: Huh? No. Who even told you that?
Johnathan: I don't know. I just got a feeling that Forget about it.
Zoey: Okay.
Zoey thinking: Man, I'm such an idiot. Why did I say no?
Then the door swing open. Kirsten came in.
Kirsten: Hi. Just got off the phone with Cal. So, what did you guys talk about?
Johnathan: Nothing much. I just asked Zoey how is she feeling.
Zoey: Yeah. Nothing much.
Kirsten thinking: What? With all my effort. Sigh.
Kirsten: Oh. Okay.
Then after that, Kirsten and Johnathan walk home to their house. On their way back...
Johnathan: Hey Kirsten.
Kirsten: Yeah?
Johnathan: Can I ask you a question?
Kirsten: Go ahead.
Johnathan: If all of a sudden, someone tells you that he likes you, will you accept?
Kirsten: You mean, when I'm still with Cal?
Johnathan: Yeah.
Kifrsten: Nope.
Johnathan: Okay, that's fast.
Kirsten: Well, I'm already with someone. Why would I want someone else? Besides, Cal is the guy I've been waiting for.
Johnathan thinking: I know. He's always the guy that every girl's been waiting for.
Kirsten: Why?
Johnathan: Nothing. Just asking. Just checking are you loyal to my friend.
Kirsten:Haha. I am for your information.
Then they went home. That night, Johnathan was lying down on his bed closing his eyes. He could not stop thinking about what Kirsten had just said and how hurt Zoey's expression was this afternoon.
Johnathan thinking: Maybe I should go with Zoey. I mean, Zoey likes me so much. I mean, why do I always love someone who don't love me back? Argh, I hate love life.
Back to college the next day. Melanie was happily walking to her classroom when she bump into Kirsten.
Kirsten: Oh. I'm so sorry.
Melanie: You really should get new pair of shoes girl.
Then Melanie look at Kirsten's face.
Melanie: Oh, I know you. You are that girl with Cal.
Kirsten: And you are?
Melanie: What? You never heard of me?
Kirsten: Um...I don't think so.
Melanie: I'm Melanie. The most and the one and only popular girl in college?
Kirsten: Um..okay.
Melanie: Ugh, this is just so embarassing. How come you never heard of me? You reminds me of her.
Kirsten: Her?
Melanie: You don't know her. Her name is Jamie. She is...
Kirsten: Oh, I know Jamie.
Melanie: Oh. Okay, you know what? You're a really one hell of a weird girl. How come you know someone who is already....up in heaven but don't know someone who is alive?
Kirsten: Maybe because Cal told me?
Melanie: Whatever. You know, I used to be Cal's ex- girlfriend before.
Kirsten: Really? What's he like?
Melanie: Oh yeah. I forgot. You are his girlfriend now. So you might wanna know a little more about him don't you?
Kirsten: Yes. Please?
Melanie: Look, all I caN tell you about him is...he is loyal Once his heart is devoted to you, he will be with you till the very end.
Kirsten: You mean, I won't stand a chance against Jamie?
Then Kirsten's face grew sad. Melanie realise that...then she quickly said...
Melanie: Look, I didn't say that. Just give him time. I'm sure one day, his heart will be for you. Only you.
Kirsten: You really think so?
Melanie: Trust me.
Kirsten: Okay. I gotta run to my class now. Thanks.
Melanie: No problem. Toodles.
Then Kirsten jsut quickly run down the hallways. Melanie look at her as she left.
Melanie thinking: I think. You can only trust my words 30% girl.
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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Love Story Chapter 77

On monday, Kirsten was looking forward to see Cal as usual and she wanna know whether Cal lover her for who she is. Not long after that, Kirsten saw Cal's car parking. She waited for him. Then later she went up to his car. Cal was just getting out for him his car.
Kirsten: Hi baby.
Cal: Hey.
Then they had a quick kiss on the lips.
Cal: Haha. You can't wait for me hah? I'll be going into college soon.
Kirsten: I just wanted to hold you now that's all and yeah, you're right. I can't wait.
Then both of them walk to the entrance of the college. Then when they reach there, Kirsten...
Kirsten: Um, baby, I've been thinking.
Cal: Yeah?
Kirsten: I've been thinking whether are you taking me a replacement of Jamie?
Cal look at her with one weird expression.
Kirsten: Um, don't get me wrong or anything like that. I...well, I just...
Cal: Are you scared now?
Kirsten: No. It's nothing like that. I just wanna know. And...I hope that you're not taking me as a replacement. Johnathan told me that I have the same personality with Jamie..So I was wondering.
Cal: Kirsten..I don't want to have this conversation okay?
Kirsten: Well, you can just tell me whether yes or no.
Cal: Maybe it's a yes. I don't know okay?
Kirsten: Yes? That means...
Cal: Kirsten, I...sigh. I'm trying...I'm really trying to get her out of my mind but if you keep on pushing me to do so, I can't and I might ending up vreaking up with you and I know you and me don't want that.
Kirsten: I don't want that.
Cal: Yeah. So do I.
Kirsten: But, I don't want to be a replacement too.
Then Cal kept quiet.
Cal: Baby, can we just...just drop this.
Kirsten: Yeah. Drop this.
Cal: I know that you're dissapointed but I did tell you that I might hurt you.
Kirsten: I'm sorry. Maybe I didn't know it would be this simple to get hurt.
Cal walk nearer to her and hug her.
Cal: I promise. We will settle it together.
At break time, Kirsten was walking to the cafeteria alone. Cal is waiting for her there. On the way to the cafeteria, she bump into Johnathan.
Johnathan: Hi Kirsten
KIrsten: Hi.
Johnathan: Gloomy again. Cal problem?
Kirsten: No. You're right. He does take me as a replacement of Jamie.
Johnathan: He does?
Kirsten: I don't know. I think he is just.... confused.
Johnathan: I see.
Kirsten: John?
Johnathan: Yeah?
Kirsten: Am I stupid to couple up with a guy that is gonna take forever to forget a girl he loves so much?
Johnathan: Kirsten. If you love him so much, you will not care of what he take you as. As long as you have him by your side.
Kirsten: I know. But at least love me for who I am not someone else.
Johnathan: I know how you feel.
Kirsten: You do?
Johnathan: Lastime, Jamie treats me as if I'm Cal. Just that, I didn't realise until the end.
Kirsten: That's...really sad.
Johnathan: Yeah. It is.
Then they reach at the cafeteria entrance.
Cal: Hey baby. Hi Johnathan.
Johnathan: Hi.
Cal: You all came together?
Kirsten: No. We bump into each other. It really is a small world.
Cal: Okay. Come on.
Johnathan: Where's Zoey?
Kirsten: Oh...she's not feeling well today. She has a fever so she didn't attend class.
Johnathan: Is she okay?
Kirsten: I don't know. I might visit her later. Wanna come?
Johnathan: Sure.
Kirsten: How about you baby?
Cal: Sorry, but I got things to do.
Kirsten: Okay.
Cal: I'll call you later.
Kirsten: Okay.
Cal: Come on. Let's go eat.
Then, after break and after college, Kirsten and Johnathan went to Zoey's house. They went upstairs wher Zoey is.
Kirsten: Hey girl. Guess whose here?
Then Johnathan came out from behind Kirsten. Zoey was so happy to see him.
Zoey: Hey guys.
Johnathan: Hi. How are you feeling?
Zoey: Feeling better. Especially seeing you here.
Then Johnathan kept quiet., Zoey realise that she was saying things that Johnathan will feel awkward.
Zoey: I's kind of a shock to know that you'll be here.
Johnathan: What's there to be shock about? You're sick so...I came to visit you.
Kirsten thinking: Maybe I should leave them alone a little while.
Kirsten: Um...John? I'm gonna go make a call to Cal. So you talk to her for awhile okay?
Johnathan: Hey, Kirsten.
Then Kirsten close the door. Johnathan turn back and face Zoey.
Zoey: Don't mind her. She's so into Cal.
Johnathan: Yeah. I can see that.
Zoey: Sooooooooooooooo, do you like anyone in college?
Johnathan: Not really...wait a minute. Actually....yeah I do.
Zoey thinking: He does?
Zoey: Who?
Johnathan: Must I tell you?
Zoey: Um...yeah...
Johnathan: Okay. But don't you tell her.
Zoey: Do I know her?
Johnathan: Yeah. Sure. You guys are bestfriends.
Zoey thinking: It can't be.
Zoey: You...You like...Kirsten?
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Love Story Chapter 76

Kirsten: What is it?
Cal: I just wanna know. What do you think about Johnathan?
Kirsten: Johnathan?
Cal: Yeah.
Kirsten: Um..he's okay.
Cal: Will he make a good boyfriend?
Kirsten: How am I suppose to know? And..why are you asking me all of a sudden?
Cal: Coz,....
Cal thinking: Should I tell her?
Kirsten: Baby?
Cal: Huh?
Kirsten: You were saying?
Cal: Oh...sorry. I forgotten what I wanna say.
Kirsten: O...okay....
Cal: Listen, I gotta go. My mom calling me.
Kirsten; Okay, I'll call you tonight.
Ca: Okay. Bye baby.
Kirsten: Bye baby. Wait..I love you.
Cal thinking: No one said that to me since Jamie.
Cal: I love you too.
Kirsten: Bye.
Cal: Bye.
Then they hang up the phone. Cal burried his head into his two palms.
Cal thinking: Man. I don't wanna hurt her and Johnathan.
The next day, it was saturday, he was suppose to go out with Kirsten. They went to a shopping mall to catch a movie. At Johnathan's side, he was so boring. Then he called up Kirsten. Kirsten's mom pick up the phone.
Kirsten's mom: Hello?
Johnathan: Oh. Hello. Is Kirsten home?
Kirsten's mom: Oh. Kirsten is not in. She went out with Cal. Whose on the line?
Johnathan: Oh. This is Johnathan.
Kirsten's mom: She's not in. I'll ask her to call you back once she get's home okay?
Johnathan; Okay. Thanks.
Then he hang up.
Johnathan thinking: Okay. Why am I even such a fool to think that she's free on a saturday afternoon when she has Cal as her boyfriend. Well, that only left one person.
Then Johnathan dial Zoey's number.
Johnathan: Hello? Is this Zoey? Hi Zoey. Are you free now?
Then after that, at Cal and Kirsten, they finish watching the movie already. So they went and grab something to eat. After an hour, Johnathan and Zoey was in the same shopping mall and Zoey...
Zoey: Hey. That's Kirsten and Cal.
Then Johnathan saw the direction where Zoey is pointing.
Johnathan: Yeah, that's them.
Seeing Kirsten putting her arm into Cal's arm is hurting him so much. And it also makes him remember about he and Jamie lastime. And seeing Cal putting his hand around Kirsten's waist is also hurting him a lot.
Johnathan: Let's just go.
Zoey: Oh come on. Let's go say hi to them.
Johnathan" You know what? I don't think that's a good idea.
Zoey:Don't be silly. Come on.
Then Zoey just drag him.
Johnathan: Hey. No. Hey...Zoey?
Then Zoey drag him until Kirsten saw her.
Kirsten: Hey....that's...Johnathan and Zoey. Oh my God.
Cal: What?
Kirsten: Hmmm, I didn't know that they are dating too.
Cal: They are?
Kirsten: I don't know. Don't you see that they are always together?
Cal thinking: That's true but....Johnathan don't like Zoey.
Zoey: Hey.
Kirsten: Hey. What are you doing here?
Zoey: Oh..nothing. Johnathan called me up and asked me whether am I free but I didn't know that we will meet you here.
Kirsten: I see. This is really a small world.
Then Kirsten turn to Johnathan.
Kirsten: Hi John.
Johnathan just smile at her and wave back. Johnathan turn to face Cal. Cal turn back and smile at him. Johnathan smile back.
Zoey: So...where are you guys going now?
Kirsten; Oh. Cal wants to go back. He's tired.
Zoey:'re going back to his house?
Kirsten: Looks like it.
Zoey: Oh my God.
Johnathan: Cal is bringing you back to his house?
Kirsten: Errr..yeah...Is there anything wrong?
Johnathan: No..not at all.
Kirsten: Okay...We'll see you around then...Bye..
Johnathan: Bye.
Kirsten and Cal: Bye.
Then Cal and Kirsten went away. Zoey look up at Johnathan..She realise that he was mad. With his expression.
Zoey: You okay?
Johnathan: Yeah I'm fine. Let's go.
At night when Cal fetch Kirsten home. They kissed and she went to her house.
Kirsten: Mom. I'm home.
Kirsten's mom: Oh. Honey. There's this guy called Johnathan, he called you this afternoon. I told him that you'll call him back.
Kirsten; Oh. I saw him just now.
Kirsten's mom: Oh. But if you didn't talk to him, you better call him back.
Kirsten: Yeah. Kinda think about it, I didn't really talk to him that much just now. Okay. Mom. Thanks.
Then Kirsten went up to her room and then take the cordless phone to her room. She dial up Johnathan's number.
Johnathan: Hello?
Kirsten: Hi Johnathan. You called me this afternoon right?
Johnathan: Err..yeah.
Kirsten: Is there anything important?
Johnathan: Actually, I called you up this afternoon coz I wanted to ask you out.
Kirsten: Oh...I'm so sorry. I was....
Johnathan: I know. Out with Cal.
Kirsten: saw me too. So..are you guys dating behind our backs or what?
Johnathan: What?
Kirsten: You and MY BESTFRIEND Zoey.
Johnathan: What? You're crazy.
Kirsten: Okay. Let me tell you a secret. My friend likes you.
Johnathan: What?
Kirsten: Yeah. And she likes you a lot. So...why not you try out with her?
Johnathan: Kirsten, you can't make me like someone just like that.
Kirsten: Why? Do you have someone else in your mind?
Johnathan: To tell you something honestly, I still think about Jamie everytime I see you and Cal together.
Kirsten: Huh? Why?
Johnathan: I don't know. Sometimes you just remind me of Jamie...Maybe because your personality is same as hers. I don't know.
Kirsten: Really?
Johnathan: Sometimes.
Kirsten: Do you think that Cal coupled up with me becayse my personality is the same as Jamie's?
Johnathan: Okay...I'll just keep quiet.
Kirsten: Oh come on tell me.
Johnathan: I don't know. I never asked him.
Kirsten: oH...
Johnathan: Let me tell you something. You told me that you won't get hurt and I got a feeling that Cal likes you for who you are.
Kirsten: Okay...Maybe I should ask him.
Johnathan: But all I can say is, give him time.
Kirsten: Okay. Anyway, I gotta go and take my shower now. I'll see you on monday.
Johnathan: Okay. Bye.
Kirsten: Bye.
Then they hang up.
Kirsten thinking: I need to know whether does Cal loves me for who I am.
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Love Story Chapter 75

After school,Johnathan was walking towards the entrance door.
Johnathan thinking: How could he do this to me? How could Cal even do this to me?
Johnathan: Man, I hate him.
Voice: Hate who?
Johnathan turned to his left and saw Kirsten with a concern look on her face.
Johnathan: Nothing. No one.
Kirsten: Well, I have a problem.
Johnathan: What problem? Your love lfie problem with Cal?
KIrsten: Actualy. Yes. That's the damn problem. You see, I don't know what has gotten into you. Why are you so mad that me and Cal are together?
Johnathan: I'm not mad.
Kirsten: Oh come on, I know you are. Is it because of Jamie? I mean, just like what Cal said. You asked him to have a partner in his life. Now I and him are together. Don't you think that I can change his life?
Johnathan:That's not the point Kirsten. I just don't want you to get hurt.
Kirsten: Uh huh. And how do you even know that I will get hurt?
Johnathan: Now, you got to do everything. You got to cure his heart. And you don't know him. If he ignores you or some sort, I'm sure one day you couldn't take it anymore and..
Kirsten: Alright. That's enough okay? He told me all of that before we coupled up. And we are gonna settle things together and that's not even a reason why you should be angry at the both of us. Take for example Zoey. Zoey is happy for both of us. If you are a true friend, then you will be happy. I dind't know that you are not a friend.
Kirsten wanted to walk away when Johnathan grab her arm.
Johnathan: Kirsten. Wait. Please don't do this.
Kirsten turn to him.
Johnathan: Seriously. I don't want you to get hurt.
Kirsten: Okay. Quit worying. I told you. I won't. Even if I will get hurt, I won't say it to you. I'm not that stupid.
Johnathan: No. If you have problems with Cal, just tell me okay?
Kirsten: You sure I can talk about my problems with Cal to you?
Johnathan: Yeah. Sure. No problem.
Kirsten: Okay.
Then they walk together to the entrance where Cal and Zoey are waiting. At home, in Johnathan's house, he was still angry at Cal and he his ownself, don't even know why.
Johnathan thinking: Why do I even need to be angry at Cal for? He didn't done anything to hurt me. Man, I'm nuts.
Then the phone rang. He pick up.
Johnathan: Hello?
Cal: Hey dude. It's me.
Johnathan: Oh hi.
Cal: Hah. You sound moody after you hear my voice.
Johnathan: What's up?
Cal: NothING,. JUst now in the car, you were so quiet and I know something is bothering you. So spit it out now.
Johnathan: That's just so like you right? Keep on thinking that you know so much things about people. You think that you know everything. If you're so perfect, why not you try telling me what I'm thinking now.
Cal: Johnathan, I didn't say that.
Johnathan: Yiou sounded like you are saying that sentence just indirectly.
Cal: Common. What's really bothering you.
Johnathan: You really wanna know?
Cal: Yes.
Johnathan: Why do you even wann know so much?
Cal: Because I care.
Johnathan: You should be carign about your girlfriend more than me. Because if you hurt her, I swear to God that I will kick your ass.
Then there were a pause for awhile.
Cal: Wait a minute. You like Kirsten?
Johnathan: Huh? No. Since when.
Cal: I don't know. It makes sense. I like Kirsten and you are angry.
Johnathan: No. Because she's my friend that's why.
Cal: Really?
Johnathan: You kjnow what? It doesn't matter because you don't give a damn. Do you?
Cal: You like her?
Johnathan: Yes. Yes. I like her and you always ending up getting the girl I like. All the time.
Cal: Johnathan, I didn't know that...
Johnathan: Yeah. Whatever. I gotta go. Just treat her right. Bye.
Then he hang up. Cal just hung up too. Then Cal dial up Kirstens number.
Kirsten: Hello?
Cal: Hi baby.
Kirsten: Oh hi baby. aNYTHING?
Cal: Yeah. I called up because there's something I need to tell you.
Set By
- Jessica Tan -

Sunday, October 01, 2006

29th September.

29th september- We saw each other for the last time.
30th September-We broke up(Me and Herman) Indirectly.
On the 29th of september is one of my favourite and best moments. I was able to see Herman for one Final time. But in my mind. I didn't want to believe it was the final time to be seeing him. I was so happy that he wanted to see me. He came and we talked a lot. And i hold his hand for after so long. And it felt like old times again. I really did't want to let him go. He held my hand so tght and as if he didn't want to let me go. I did the same thing. Our fingers crossed into each others. I kissed his hand and I lye down on his chest and he kissed my head and hold my cheek and stuff.
We talked and I told him I'm going to make his life become meaningful again. And I was so sure with the help of my friends, and me, he will get his life back. But I didn't know one thing. One thing that really hurts me. Is that his retarded family will kick him out that soon. That day when I saw him on 29th september, he was shivering and he lost his mind for 2 minutes. I didn't know what was wrong with him. I didn't even suspected that his family will just kick him out like that. And when I message his fucking brother on the 30th september, he told me that he don't know who is herman and told me that he kicked him out already. And that time, I know that I've lost Herman for the rest of my life.
I'm actually crying my heart out right now. Not knowing his condition right now. I don't know is he still out there with or without shelter. But all I can ever do now is just to hope that he is alright and there is someone out there will take care oF him. I failed to save his life. I didn't do anything and I really blame myself for doing that. My animation project, I wanted to do about his life and now I regreted not doing it. He deserve this. People out there should understand and deserve to know about his life. Even if it is the most embarassing moment or terrible thing to share, his life is full of drama and he can't handle it alone.
I know one day we will break up with me. But not in this way. I'm so hurt and I don't know why. Maybe because I failed to do what I want to do. I was so sure on saving his life. And to tell you guys out there. My life is so perfect when he was my boyfriend. I didn't know that he will be my boyfriend because he is a malay but then he is my perfect boyfriend I ever have. But now, he is gone far away and I don't know how am I going to recover. I just keep on remembering him. His image. It's hard to forget about all the thingsI did with him. All the places we go. I got to forget all of that. I need help.
All I really really want now is to see him again and hug him. I want to tell you that, "if this is really the last time I'll be seeing you, I just wanna tell you that, eventhough we can't be together, I will always remain in your heart and never will leave your heart forever" I use the word forever because he has shown me what is true love. Herman, I really miss you and I really hope you are doing fine. Even you can't hear me, but I really hope you are okay.
I'm really crying so terribly now. And I don't know what else to write. My heart is shattering into pieces. I don't know why this time, it hurts me a lot than my other ex's. Maybe because, he is the one person who treats me so nice and I felt for once I'm being loved. I've always think when will a guy will see me in such a special way. And he tried to show me his true love to me when I played with his heart the first time. Only when we watched the fireworks together, I love him so much and tat's when I love him with all my heart. I still remember, he hugged me from at the back at our working place and everyone saw. I missed all those moments. I really hate september. I hate it all. Why must he suffer all of this!? WHY!!!!!? HERMAN!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!PLEASE BE ALIVE AND STAY STRONG.!!!
On that night, I promised something to him. I told him that I can't do my final project and he told me please finish it up. He hold me and pull me closer to him and say to me. "Bie, please. Please don't do this. Please finish up your assignment. I know you can do it. You're a smart girl. Please, for me. Finish it up. Promise me" And I promise him. But, when he got kicked out from his house, I have no idea hwo am I going to concetrate. But then I remembered a promise is a promise. I will finish it up for him. And no matter what, I really want to change my story but it is too late. I wanna do something for him so on my presentation day, I'm gonna tell people why suddenly, I came up with the story of my life that I feeled love. And everything is because I love him.And he showed me. Herman , I really thank you(SOBBING).
Lastly a message to Herman:
Bie, I know and I thank you for the 9 months you took care of me. I appreciate it. Eventhough we can't be together. I will remember you in my heart. I will not erase your message in my hp and will keep all those sweet memories of you and me that we have spent together. I know if you are seeing me now I'm crying while typing this but please. Just let me cry. It's hard to let you go but I will let you go now without seeing you. But I will not and I mean it. I will not forget you. You are the best boyfriend I ever have even you are a malay it makes no difference because you're still a human. I love you Bie. Ialways love you. You know that. Let me cry out all the painess that I kept inside. I don't know how will I recover but I know that I will one day. And I know that this year I won't be seein with you fireworks bie. But I will always remember you. I promise you bie. I will. I'm sorry that I let you go on friday. I never did 4give myself 4 letting you go home on friday after you have shiver and all. I don't know why I still let you go. I'm so sorry. But bie, take care and get back your life. This is what I want you to promise me. Evwen it comes late but please, please get your life back if you're still around. I hope you can hear me.
I want to dedicate this song to Herman. Kiss-Because I'm a girl. Let me put the lyrics in english for you all.
Verse 1
It's impossible to know understand,
what's going through a guys heart.
You told me that you wanted me,
and now when I've given you everything,
you tell me you're leaving.
You told me that it's the first time,
you felt this way,
and said that I was special.
I believed you...and It was my happiness.
You should have told me that your feelings had faded.
I had no idea, and I continued to depend on you.
Although I say I hate you now.
I'll be missing you.
Because I'm a girl
to whom love is everything.
Verse 2
They said when you give a guy
all he wants,
he quickly gets bored.
And now I know,
that's the truth.
And although I tell myself,
I'll never be tricked by love again,
I fall in love and my heart
is broken again.
(Repeat Chorus)
then (Repeat verse 2)
Please don't break the hearts,
of a girl who'll do anything for you.
I didn't know that living this life
while being love would be so hard.
(Repeat Chorus)
Girl talking: Today we broke up. You told me to meet someone better than you, and be happy. You're just like all the other guys. What happened to when you told me that you loved me? Honestly I don't want you to be happy. WHat ma I going to do if you really forget about me? I'm in so much pain. More pain that I can bare. Because I'm still in love with you.
(Repeat Bridge and then Chorus)
Guy talking: There's someone I'm in love with. Although I can't be with her now, I'm still in love with her.
This song represents me and Herman can't be together. Please download the video if you all can. You alll want to download the music also go ahead...But I'm really like the girl. So much pain. I love you, miss you and never will forget you Herman.